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Elvira's House of Horrors: The Official Thread

By RobertWinter

3 years ago

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#1260 4 months ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

No interactive back box is a huge let down. Yes, I understand it was already done with SS but that’s what makes that game so awesome/different. It didn’t have to be a spider wheel but something that interacts with the game similarly would have been nice. No new innovation and a weak playfield layout is a huge disappointment for me. I’d much rather get an original SS or remake someday.

IMO there will be a "Spider Wheel" on the LCD - so the toy will still exist, but not in mechanical form.
The instruction sticker for the Action button includes a "Stop Hand of Fate Wheel" feature - which sounds a lot like a Spider Wheel.

#1268 4 months ago

The Haunted House toy in this game could be totally awesome - even better than the JP2 Dino!

Fan layouts can be great (a majority of the top rated games are fans) - it all comes down to the rules and code: and this game has LFS.
The game will likely have lots of Elvira Video Clips from across her career and possibly old B-Movie clips.

Other "Fan Layout" games coded by Lyman...
- Metallica
- BM66
- MM
- MB

Considering the above list, that E3 will be joining - odds are pretty good this game could be awesome

Maybe someone else could chime in with a list of "Bad" fan layouts coded by Lyman???

#1297 4 months ago
Quoted from Jackalwere:

the "36-28-36" measurements

Not to be too picky, but it's 36-24-36

#1307 4 months ago
Quoted from rai:

Who is designer and who will be on code?

Designer: Dennis Nordman
Software: Lyman Sheats

#1871 4 months ago
Quoted from GravitaR:

Important question is the game going to use the same level of video content that BM66 does? If so how long will that content take to actually be in the game and used. BM66 is still being updated / patched which is at 1.0.3 and was released in 2016.

Earlier posts indicated there are clips from 40 old horror movies in the game, along with video of Elvira from her show(s). There's probably also video from her 2 Elvira movies. The 40 movies comment seemed to come from Stern to their distributors. The movies are depicted/represented in much of the art on the game. I'm pretty sure "Night of the Living Dead" is one of the films.

Additionally, there are the CGI animations of the Haunted House and more that you can see in the teaser video - which look pretty awesome .

#1873 4 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

I was hoping it would all be custom video like JP2, would love all the lcd content to be animated and drawn by or under Greg’s direction!

I think you're going to get both in Elvira - Custom Animated like JP2 (see the teaser video), and Elvira and Horror Movie clips - at specific points in game play.

#1876 4 months ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

Everybody seems to be forgetting the most important piece of the puzzle that Batman was a Joe-Kamin-Kapow production with Stern with a special anniversary release, Elvira is a Stern licensed game.

So what does this mean?

#1965 4 months ago

There is a longer video on YouTube...

#2261 4 months ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

Trunk Kicker: What's the Objective?
I noticed in the features video that one can enable the Junk-in-the-Trunk diverter on the left ramp that drops the ball into a catapult-like kicker. The outlet for that kicker appears to direct the ball up and right, into the pops. My question would be, why all the work just to kick your ball into the pops when you could accomplish the same thing with your left flipper?

It's most likely a ball lock.
When a ball is diverted into the trunk, it will be held until the player starts X Multiball and then it gets kicked out.

#2449 4 months ago
Quoted from rai:

I'm not sure that I see the value of the up kicker shooting across the PF and the trunk lock is OK but I could see having a pro without this and I wouldn't miss it. meh.

It's a fun little timed shooting - The 36-24-36 target lights will probably strobe up and down, and you have to time your shot to hit the target that the VUK cannon is aimed at. Same thing NGG does from the left side kicker.

#2793 4 months ago

IMO they modified the code to have linear modes for the stream because they didn't want to reveal too much of the game. By doing this, we only saw 3 modes, which made it feel repetitive and lacking in variety. But think about it... there are 26 Haunt Modes in the game - 9X what we were allowed to see!

- You get to pick which Haunt Mode you want to play throughout the game - it's NOT linear
- 26 Haunt Modes - each will have an Elvira intro, and callouts specific to that mode
- Lyman is the master at making modes that are interesting and fun (not all the same feel)
- 6 Multiballs + Wizard Modes!
- The Gar-Goil issue was 1 switch that needed adjusting - not a big deal
- DeadHeads - there are 12, but we only saw 3 - maybe they will adjust so they aren't so large (when not speaking)
- Pool Inner Tubes - based on feedback, they could adjust (smaller would be better)

I think the game looks awesome, but it's obviously on a tight time schedule. Lyman and Mike look like they're working around the clock! Pinsiders should stop thinking they've had 2 years of development. Stern likely shelved the project until things aligned for it to be scheduled.

#2796 4 months ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

The little introduction on every mode she does is too little for the game to hold interest. It's like 10 videoclips in total?

There are 26 House Haunt modes - so 26 clips minimum. There will definitely be more clips for Wizard Modes and ?

#2800 4 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

That's great. Has it been confirmed that there are 26 House Haunt modes?

Yes - 26 Haunts, and it looks like a wizard mode after 13, and another after 26

#2801 4 months ago
Quoted from yancy:

Looks like it shoots smooth and easy, maybe a bit too easy for great players. No dangerous, tight or close shots that I can see. Accurate shooters will be on this thing all day, like BM66. I hope tourney directors are all stocked up on lightning flippers. And don't forget to pull those outlane posts.

It looks like it has a lot of flow, and Lyman said it was a longer player. But on the stream nobody really got that far, and Lyman and Mike are both excellent players.

#2804 4 months ago
Quoted from thewool:

I think it looks cool, I'm just not sure of the main concept...
so every room is haunted, and the haunting takes the form of a movie being played - have I got that right? Or do you watch a movie and the deadheads are the things doing the haunting?

Each room in the house is haunted by a Movie Monster that Elvira made fun of on her show. They are haunting her house because she ridiculed them. You are helpling Elvira clear the ghouls/rooms 1 at a time (each Haunt mode). As you are clearing that Movie Monster, you are watching progressing scenes from that monsters movie (sort of a summary of the movie). If you beat the mode, you see the monster get destroyed - in the stream you could see this when they beat the Werewolf of Washington mode. Within the game, this equates to the monster being sent back into their movie. I also read that after you reach some level (probably a Wizard mode), they show you a recap of the Movie you created -> which is probably the monsters you faced in the sequence you battled them.

The Dead Heads are more of a separate story line versus the Haunt modes. There are 12 different dead heads, and I'm sure there are rewards for defeating them. Maybe awards at different counts, and probably a wizard mode for defeating all 12 in a game (a complete guess).

#2838 4 months ago
Quoted from BasementFacts:

Isn’t the point of a reveal to sell the game? If they didn’t want to show too much, they can just play a bit and drain on purpose. My less naive opinion is the code is unfinished for selecting your haunt, and the game is shipping with (not many) linear haunts as shown in the reveal. I can almost guarantee they lost more potential buyers than gained with this reveal.

Lyman said they switched the game to be linear for the stream - my opinion is not naive LOL. I'm sure the game isn't completely finished, and they have a schedule to get it out before Halloween - which makes sense big time for this title. They also don't want to show everything. It was 100x better than the Batman reveal and look at how BM66 turned out.

#2885 4 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Are you sure on that? I got the gist from the video the 20+films are used as follows:
-6 main haunt modes
-Another haunt mode room you need a hidden key to get access. It is a hodgepodge of scenes (haunts) from the other films that there wasn’t enough to craft a full dedicated haunt mode around.
-3 Garage multiballs around theme: zombies, women, and creatures.
-there will likely be a few more around basement and attic.

EDIT - NOPE - I was wrong it is 6 Haunts

#2899 4 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Same here.
The whole thing looked boring to me. Shots were all the same - same distance from the flippers, same angle, same width, same shots on each side, same boring ramps on each side. The ball might do something different once you make the shot, but it’s still the same shot. And there’s literally nothing else to shoot for.
Can code fix a boring layout? Maybe. Lyman’s the man if it can. Definitely one to sit out and see.

Sorry, but you are an extremely bad judge of playfield layout. This game has the same layout as MM and AFM - do you think those games are boring layouts?

#2901 4 months ago

Sorry all, I re-watched the stream and Lyman said 6 Haunt Modes, not 26.
So the early reports said 40 movies, when released they listed 26 movies by name, and there are 6 Haunt Modes for 6 of the movies.

#2931 4 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

AFM yes, MM less so. At least MM has trolls, the catapault shot and the Maidens Tower to break it up a bit. And the ramps on MM make Ehoh look like The Pin.

I said 3lvira had the same *layout* as MM -> meaning the shot lanes are in the same positions, not that it's exactly the same. The only thing you listed that is different layout wise on MM is the catapult shot, which 3lvira does have 3 targets in the same position (by the Trunk).

#2956 4 months ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Seems like a missed opportunity. Should be called Elvira’s B Movie Marathon. I mean, who cares about these movies?
Elvira seems reduced to the role of an Anchor Woman/Tour Guide. The game needs to revolve around HER, not a bunch of movies no ones seen and no one cares about.
The whole “theme” just lacks charm and wit. And those movies...yikes.
The game is pretty, shot’s look fun, there’s some cool things on the playfield. Musics OK. And you know Lyman will kill it.
But the interaction with Elvira is stilted and seems forced. A waste of talent, sex appeal and opportunity.

Have you ever watched any of her Horror Movie shows???
You are really DEAD wrong LOL

They matched the game to Elvira perfectly. She's hosted these types of movies - and specifically THESE movies on her TV shows her entire career! And she always makes fun of them. That's who Elvira is - the premier Horror Movie Hostess. In this game, the ghouls she's made fun of are getting her back. It's a great way to add a ton of variety into the game, and also a lot of Elvira.

#2960 4 months ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Yes, I watched her show occasionally as a kid, when I’d stumble upon it, because she was sexy and funny. I didn’t watch the movies, because I don’t like B horror movies. And Elvira’s acting here, or whatever you want to call it (her schtick, her routine) is no where near as SEXY and campy and humorous and intelligent as her rap was on the TV show. Or on Scared Stiff for that matter. This is my opinion, YMMV.
She looks a little bored to me. Maybe if the writing or jokes were more inspired it would go over better. I have to agree with Kaneda on this one. The theme integration is a total miss.
Enjoy the B Movies, if that’s your thing.

Many of these B Movies do suck - that's actually kind of the point of Elvira's shtick. The thing is you aren't watching some slow, drawn out B (or C or D) movie while playing the game. You just see a few choice clips that highlight the monster and the funny/camp of the movie that Elvira would make fun of. You are only getting the small slice of Elvira's Show that is the most entertaining. As far as the humor goes, we've all only seen a small sample of what's in the game - we really haven't seen or heard enough to know how good the jokes are yet.

#2977 4 months ago
Quoted from DonnyC:

perfectly? really? clearly you will think differently after you play. probably didn't even buy one. SS is Elvira not this garbage.

Dude - relax! Seems like you've gotten yourself all upset, because you want SS 2 and this isn't it - and you didn't like the limited info you got from the stream. IMO there is much more to the game that we haven't seen in the stream, and it's probably at a low code version at this point, but when it's done it will be great. I'm probably a much bigger fan of Elvira then you are, and the theme integration does fit her character perfectly. We'll just have to wait and see when it's done and people HAVE ACTUALLY SEEN AND PLAYED IT - LOL.

BTW: I am going to get one, and I have faith in the team: Dennis, Greg, Lyman, Tim and Cassandra!

#2985 4 months ago
Quoted from BasementFacts:

Stern: Give us $8-15 grand.
Us: It doesn't look finished.
Fanboys: Wait and see! Stern are gods among men!

Not saying anyone is a god (you should check out the GhostBusters update for that ), but how have Lymans recent games turned out...
- AC/DC, Tron, IM, MET, TWD, BM66

Many of his games weren't completely finished on launch ->> But how did they turn out, in your opinion?

#3063 4 months ago
Quoted from robertmee:

How was the BM66 stream in comparison? Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. My expectation is that EHoH will traverse the same blueprint as BM66 and end up as a phenomenal game.

Batman 66 was revealed at Expo (and streamed). But they did not play the game at all, only turned it on. It wasn't until much later that there was a game play reveal. So in comparison, Elvira 3 is much further along than BM66 was.

Stern has been pretty consistent lately with games that are not completely done at reveal. Jurassic Park is awesome, but doesn't have 3 or more wizard modes in it yet. Dead Pool had many changes done after reveal, and now people are loving it. JJP POTC took years after reveal to be available to buy, and didn't have all of its code/modes done after shipping (still doesn't). Bottom line - ALL the great games that people are loving from Stern OR JJP are not done at reveal - it's just how it is lately with ALL of the manufacturers (same for Spooky, not sure about AP - but most likely).

Pinball is a niche market and that's just how it is currently. If we all stopped buying games unless they were completely finished (not gonna happen), our beloved pinball companies might adjust or might go out of business. IMO you can't compare this niche industry to larger bigger businesses - it is what it is - and it's pretty much been that way since we as a consumer base have been asking/demanding more and more in these games. The rulesets are massive compared to previous decades. In the 2000's primarily Simpsons and LOTR had the massive rulesets, but in the last 5 years we have been getting that level of rules (or more) in a lot of games, plus now we have full video.

#3151 3 months ago

The game is haunted LOL - Check out the shoes/feet, but no body on top...

elvira_box (resized).png
#3240 3 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Good call! I was playing a Game of Thrones premium today on location and couldn't help but to think how much more is in that game compared to Elvira and yet all Elvira models cost significantly more. Same can be said for Ghostbusters premium / LE compared to Elivra.
I think Elivra looks great and I'm sure it will have incredible code. However, at some point these high prices need be backed up by what is included on the playfield.

The Haunted House in Elvira looks like a better toy than anything on GoT Premium IMO. I have a GoT (great game), but the Pro has nothing (battering ram, 4 drops and a spinner), and the Premium adds the upper playfield. Elvira has a giant friggin' haunted house, a Crypt and 4 Gar-Goil toys and I'm sure a ton more video assets on a video screen! As well as 1 drop and a spinner - so GoT does have 3 more drops and a battering ram LOL.

#3286 3 months ago
Quoted from thewool:

Slightly off-topic but there are some HQ 32 Khz wav callouts from SS on this page, Elvira sounds amazing as does the guy:
Shows you that all of these original recordings are sitting in a vault somewhere. Would love to hear a remastered version of the game sounds, with the quality of music from the trailer along with HQ callouts. Now that I would pay money for...

You should buy a PinSound, and with a bit of editing...

#3298 3 months ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

Makes me wonder. For such a "Premium" Pin. Why didnt they film a promo for this pin?

They did - go to Stern's website

#3433 3 months ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

Apparently this is the initial code that the games are currently shipping with.

My game shipped with .80, and then I upgraded to .83

Please note, I needed to do the upgrade via the "SD Card Image Install". The normal USB install won't work because the file size is too large for a FAT32 USB drive.

EDIT - The USB Drive will work, you just need to unzip on the PC first, and copy the 4 files inside the zip into the root directory of the USB drive.

#3434 3 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

I know originally we heard no topper, then I heard there will be a topper so has anyone heard anything about a topper yet or is Elvira missing out on topper action?

There is a topper included with the Signature Edition (info from my distributor), but I don't know what it looks like or if it will be available to purchase for the other models.

#3518 3 months ago

Not sure if this will make a difference, but this works for me...

  • Download file onto a primary hardrive (C or D drive typically)
  • Use 7-Zip (not Windows) to unzip the file into a folder
  • Delete all files off my 16GB FAT32 USB thumb drive
  • Copy the unzipped files to the root drive of the empty USB thumb drive
  • == Update the Game with the USB drive (power off -> insert drive -> boot game) ==

A couple things to note:
- I trust 7-Zip more than other unzip tools
- I only download and unzip on a primary hard drive, and then copy to the USB drive
--- basically avoid doing operations on the USB Drive - only copy the files onto it when they are ready
- Keep the USB drive empty, other than the update files

#3555 3 months ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:JP is not finished either but seems to have a better base in it and you can see where they are going to within a short timeframe

I own both, and Elvira has a great base also. You are making the mistake of basing your opinion on top of the opinions of many people that haven't even played the game yet. I'm sure the schedule/timing was squeezed to get Elvira out for Expo/Halloween, but the base is very solid.

Given your nervousness, you should pass until you get a chance to actually play the game - or at least get opinions from people that HAVE played it.

#3556 3 months ago
Quoted from Sebastian88:

A lot of people are having issues with their game. This game sounds like a huge pain in the butt out of the box. I’m waiting on a premium but I don’t want to buy a headache. Do you think I should switch to a new game or is it really worth it.

There are not a lot of people having issues - other than difficulty applying the code update.

From the 2 Elvira threads...
- The code is early, so there are some things not done/finished (just like every game LOL, including JP2)
- 2 or 3 people had issues, that sound like a switch needing adjustment, or an alignment issue - to be expected IMO

NOTE: Code updating is frequently an issue, but everyone always gets it done eventually

#3563 3 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

Yeah, the simple rule set worked so well for Stern with Munsters ...

Elvira has a ton of stuff in it ruleset wise...

- Junk In The Trunk Awards
- Junk in the Trunk Multiball (2-Ball)
- Phone a Fiend Mini-Wizard Multiball
- Wild Women Multiball
- Add-a-Zombie Multiball
- Attic Attack Multiball
- Gappa Battle (mini-wizard mode) -> if you beat Gappa, you get to play Gappa Multiball
- 6 Haunts modes, plus additional bonus Haunt modes
--- each haunt mode has it's own special rules - in Lyman fashion
- House Party Multiball after playing 3 haunts
- Attic Party Multiball after playing all 6 haunts
- Hand of Fate wheel -> when completed there is a bonus Mode (Mini-Wizard?)
- 12 Dead Heads (Crypt Cleaner) -> Super Head Shot -> Mini-Wizard for beating all 12 Dead Heads???
- Directors Cut Wizard Mode - available after beating 4 Haunt modes
- Gar-Goils Gone Wild mode
- Drive Me Crazy (loops mode)
- Un-Happy Hour (ramps mode)
- Trailer Trash mode

That's at least 8 multiballs, and at least 4 Wizard modes.
It's ridiculous that people keep speculating that the ruleset is simple/light IMO.

#3565 3 months ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

Are there really 12 Dead Heads? That's awesome! I've only seen 3 so far!

The other 9 aren't in the game yet LOL

#3596 3 months ago

New Elvira Code .84...

V0.84.0 - Oct. 16, 2019

- Added sounds for the start of Junk In The Trunk multiball.
- Added game over display effect.
- Inhibited trunk lock speech if lock was not lit.
- Removed duplicate speech for shooting the house ramp to advance to light
the next haunt.
- Added sounds for Junk In The Trunk lit and Junk In The Trunk ball
- Dimmed the playfield lamps for skill shot. This makes the skill shot
lights stand out a bit more.
- Fixed a bug in the HauntOMeter where if a shot was made during Teenagers
From Outer Space or The Werewolf of Washington during the grace period
and the HauntOMeter was not on the display, the game would crash.
- Added video for Hand Of Fate lit. Cleaned up text.
- Changed double trouble so the lit lanes cannot be stacked.
- Double trouble lights the lane based on the last target bank that was
completed. Left Bank=Left Return Lane, Right Bank=Right Return Lane.
- Added animations for lighting Double Trouble.
- Added a mechanism to allow the HauntOMeter to play when the display for
the award terminates.
- Added animations, sounds, and text/instructions for Gargoyles Gone Wild.
Cleaned up scoring.
- Added light shows for starting a haunt.
- Fixed torgo "I'll get the luggage" video and speech.
- Added sounds and text for Shoot Again.
- Fixed a problem that would cause the game to reset during the final
(turret) haunt.
- Changed Happy Hour music so it starts with an intro.
- Added additional sounds and speech to The Werewolf of Washington haunt.
- Fixed a problem during video playback where it was possible for a blank
frame to be rendered between successive video clips.
- Added additional sounds and speech to The Night of the Living Dead
- Drop target is left down during multiball.
- Added full Elvira video outros to haunt completions.
- Added additional stock music for The Night of the Living Dead haunt.
- Added Jar Head (deadhead) to the Deadhead Family Crypt.
- Added a light show for Crypt Phase start.
- Added some Elvira popups. These are videos with speech that show up
during gameplay.
- Added additional sounds and speech to the Teenagers From Outer Space

#3641 3 months ago

Elvira at Pinball Expo...

IMG_1463 (resized).JPG
#3648 3 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

It's irritating that they took out the classic Nordman style ramps (the prototypes had a whitewater-style dip on the left ramp). I also liked that the chest was called Elvira's "dusty old box" in the prototypes. Shame they changed it...

I prefer "Junk in the Trunk" by far, plus they have a whole comedic schtick about the "Junk" voiced by Tim K.

Maybe an ambitious modder will make an alternate left ramp with the dips, like the original design. It seems pretty feasible, and it would only need to be the first half of the ramp, as the trunk makes a clean break.

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