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Elvira's House of Horrors: The Official Thread

By RobertWinter

2 years ago

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#430 1 year ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

G Gomez just confirmed at TPF... still scheduled at Stern. Status: playfield done, waiting for software

11 coders

Ahhh, the good life

Al (resized).jpeg

#431 1 year ago

C'mon team Stern

Kick some ass, or go home !

grv (resized).jpg

4 months later
#500 1 year ago

Can't wait for this one !

I enjoyed the interview with Dennis on H2H ,

May be my next Stern LE

I am wishing for a playfield photo leak

Sorry if I missed it, who's on art ?

#509 1 year ago

So... some speculation says Q1 2019

Design Nordman - Eddy
Lead Code Sheats ? + others
Art Freres
Audio ?

winning combination !

Added bonus of Cassandra callouts, guessing we will have other character callouts as well

Really hanging to see playfield layout and the 3 toys !

LCD integration should be awesome !

I'm now gonna pass on MBr and wait for this

#518 1 year ago

Dear Stern

Please have Elvira 3 ready by March 2019

I don't want to end up like this guy !

el 3 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#561 1 year ago

I am thinking 1 package only would be fine,

Would be great we won't have to fork out the big bucks for an LE

Hope its called Elvira 3 Mistress of the Dark. Has stunning art, cool toys and brilliant humor.

Can't wait, Saving for this title now.

3 weeks later
8 months later
#708 4 months ago
Quoted from unigroove:

Let's hope they will keep in the double entendres. But it's 2019. . . Some people might be offended by that. . .

Yes, The problem the SJW's will be all over this.

Oh nooo, boobies

2019 not allowed to express anything

Greg does some nice art and he has a big call too live up to on this one.

if Franchi was allowed to have go at the art he would have the balls to make Cassandra super sexy and amazing.

The art will need to be exceptional on E3

Layout, code and display should be awesome !

over 2 years in development with incredible team, E3 is gonna win 2020 game of the year

1 month later
#715 3 months ago

Very much looking forward to E3

JD has a nice Whitewood

Dunno about that crack though
ww (resized).JPG

#740 89 days ago

There is no speculation

Elvira 3 is practically done.

Thank you Robert Winter for you input, guidance and patience.

This will be a very special title for many.

Expecting Elvira 3 ( Please be Mistress of the Dark ) to be announced soon.

I am fascinated that Dennis was lead for Elvira's new design. so complex the state of affairs going to DR. And wishing Dennis and team well always !

So curious who took over final design after Dennis ? and (was there any major changes) ?

Super excited to see who is on code and final polish.

I think Tanio may do E3 justice with killer Code

And Greg will be amazing with Art

So complete package ? Yes

I am so on the hype train with this one 3 years and counting, Has to be gold !

Can't wait !


I realise some say Lyman on code,
but I would like to think that there is concerted and progressive team work with code for E3 as good team work can make Elvira 3 Shine

1 month later
#799 50 days ago

I have the new title reserved

Cannot wait !

Some trivia


elv (resized).jpg
#800 48 days ago

Also thank you Robert for your amazing Scared Stiff page.
So awesome.


I love the detail and all the cool easter egg info.

I really hope the Stern team can bring cool and fun hidden treasures to Elvira 3.

Maybe I was not looking properly...... but anyone know the names of all the dancing Boogymen ?
They were named after designers, team members ?

20190831_190015 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#905 36 days ago
bca_eatpm_2008_04_12_01 (resized).jpg
#1147 35 days ago

No more yellow apron cards

Awesome, I'm in

#1160 35 days ago

Well it's gonna have Gappa the Trifibian Monster, Ha Ha Wow.


Gappa (resized).jpg
#1843 32 days ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Arent any of you NIB buyers worried about playfield issues?

I am on list and concerned
If my LE pf has pooling i would want nothing less than a brand new playfield.
I will be requesting something in writing from my distro to cover this

#2203 31 days ago

I have been informed that games are close to shipping.
Hence playfields were already made a while ago. So unless I get confirmation that pooling problem was fixed and guaranteed, I might be out
I so want the pin but with the extreme price bump and playfield risk im having 2nd thoughts.
I wish Stern would stand up and say something regarding the most key component of any pinball

#2210 31 days ago
Quoted from dgpinball:

Big fan of EATPM and SS, have had them both for many years, will never leave, so I was intrigued when I heard they were going to do another one, (although I wish it wasn't Stern doing it). I respect both Dennis and Greg very much, but have to say I'm disappointed by the backglass art, and by the pretty standard playfield layout, really looks like a rehashed MM/AFM from that standpoint. Playfield art is quite good, (man that's a lot of inserts!!) and I'm pleased that they are bringing back the male voice from SS. The key point with this game will be does it capture the mood and magic of the first 2 games, they are a certain kind of silly fun that is crucial to the games success!!
No point really commenting of the pricing model, I hate it, I think we all should hate it, but judging by the number of people in this thread who have already ordered at nearly $10K, (for us Canadians it'll be just south of $15K ) they have no reason to change it until one of these flops big time!!

Both Dennis and Greg are both Champions of Pinball design and art.
I have the utmost respect for both of these gentlemen.
I too fell into the trap of pre judging the art, please excuse me Greg. I can barely comprehend how much effort that you have put into Elvira 3.

None of us should judge anything about this title until it is seen up front and played.

The price model is disappointing. The game is being touted as a "Studio Production" hence the extra cost.
The LE price I was quoted here exceeds what I expected by 1.5K AU.
This will be a very tough call for me personally now.

Watching closely with anticipation and possible heart break of letting this one go.

Damn, I need to harden the F up !

Please Stern
Step up and comment

#2211 31 days ago
Quoted from extendo:

Stern will not fix a PF than has pooling, please stop and think about that.
The AUD pricing is very high you will also need to consider what about this game that makes it $15,500 other that the massive tits on the Translite mate.

Thanks Extendo ,
It's not about boobies.
I love the theme and can see the potential knowing Lyman is on code

#2215 31 days ago
Quoted from swinks:

I also think the Aussie Distributor is going hard with his mark up as well which is not helping

Yeah mate agree
Thanks for the calc's
I dunno if i can swallow this pill

#2424 29 days ago

The Deadflip stream in a few days will Exceed the Hype
Then just sit back a bit and let Lyman and coding/LCD graphics team do their thing
3lvira may possibly outclass BM66

#2551 26 days ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Really? It almost 10k and its nothing super special about it imo... then throw in all the playfield issues everyone is worried about and im not surprised they are still available. Also 400 is still a lot of pins.

Perhaps only 200 for the States ?

A ton of work has gone into 3lvira one for well over 2 years now.
With a winning combination team.

Dennis Nordman Design
Greg Freres Art
Lyman Sheats Code
Jerry Thompson Sound
Tom Kopera Mechanical engineer

As well as many unsung hero's working behind the scenes with teams ( coders, designers, engineering, graphics artists and so on ) all to make Elvira 3 a monster classic.
Also noticed on spec sheet Tim Kitzrow from EATPM and "The Mistress of the Dark" Cassandra Peterson for voice overs , so cool

HD display and Audio upgrade, man what other hype do you need

My guess is LE's will be well and truly spoken for after tomorrows Twitch stream with JD

#2557 26 days ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

Tom Kopera is the mechanical engineer on this one.

Thank you

#3003 23 days ago

After watching the stream and thinking about it overnight it was with sorrow that I cancelled my LE

The game looks beautiful in video, Thanks Jack Danger for another super cool stream !
I have no doubt the finish will be stunning in real life.

I really like the shot layout and the features. The playfield looks awesome and is certainly a great shooter, Dennis and Greg did a superb job, and I am so happy that subways are back

I know that Lyman will make this a masterpiece with some very cool wizard modes and the best possible code.

The stream shows that the game is in its infancy with code and integration and that the B grade movie concept/storyboard has been developed and appears sound.

The deal breaker for me was audio and video did not grab me or want to engage my emotions at all. I know it will get better 10 fold with more movies and scenes to be integrated but the clips and audio left me feeling flat instead of excited. I understand there is a lot more to come but the way it's delivered now is not for me.
I prefer more dark overtones and hardcore action......... I would like to expand on that but the direction of the audio/video is done and I would be wasting my time.

I wish I had some constructive criticism to add, but I'm left feeling deflated.
So with a heavy heart I'm out of the club, for now anyway

I know that I may regret my decision later with only 32 LE's ( only 2 left ) coming to Australia as I've been pumped and wanting this title for sooooo long.

For those who are in I wish you well and know that if you have a little patience this game will super deep and deliver lots of fun.

Have a great weekend Pinsiders !

#3102 21 days ago
Quoted from Vino:

I was distracted by the guy on the stream walking around with a little notebook taking notes while others played. Probably has barely touched the paint brush yet.
I never get tired of the master doing his work.

Yeah Lyman is awesome
He goes above and beyond

#3172 19 days ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

Yes, but there has been no innuendos as of yet... And very little of Elvira's sarcasm.
Please note... I'm in for an LE. But, again. They better put more of the Hostest with the mostest into this pin.

Yeah that's what put me off
Seems too PG sunshine and lollipops lol
I wanted darker feel with the hostess giving us an adult style commentary

#3219 17 days ago

Man your Elvira does look awesome !

Yellow apron card on an LE,
( I know such a trivial thing that can be easily fixed, but seriously ?? )

C'mon Stern These are collectors machines How about something special ?

Ripped off !

#3256 17 days ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Guys im pretty picky if you look at my collection i think i have good tatse. This game is rock solid and could become one of my favorites. Im making a laser cut air ball deflector ill keep you guys posted i think stern could take awhile. This game is worth the wait guys. Also i put pinstadiums in its not a debate if you need them or what ever im just saying. It let me switch some of the GI out from white to purple. I thought it was dumb the night sky behind the house had white lights. Now its much more mood setting. If you dont have pinstadiums it could make the game kinda dark. I got the beta code from lyman today looks like we are on .86[quoted image]

Sorry, why do you need to make an airball deflector ?
Far out
Im glad im not on the LE guinea pig list.

#3283 16 days ago
Quoted from andrewket:

The video reminds me just how annoying simple the ramps are on e3.

I have a feeling Dennis had something special, My guess is Stern has to dull it down for the usual reasons

Please guys, don't take my feedback as negative, I love 3lvira and may get one at some stage.
I sincerely apologize for feeling let down with this release and maybe I was expecting too much.

Looking at the super cool SS promo vid, Selling my amazing SS now is my biggest regret other than selling my awesome TZ.

Don't fret 3lvira will no doubt be super cool.

#3388 14 days ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

This is a Elvira thread please let’s respect the fans, owners and potential owners of those pins and allow them to dive into this topic without further political banter. Any political discourse beyond this point will result in being banned from the thread.

Yes the 2 + pages of BS is such a shame ;(
It would be very much appreciated if moderators could clean up this thread please.

#3481 11 days ago

LE numbers are cool if you are into it
I know collectors that reserve matching numbers
I like to reserve specific year numbers relevant to the theme in one way or another.
I understand this sounds corny but I like it.
Wonder who will end up with number xx I had reserved

Hope all your games are awesome !

#3484 10 days ago
Quoted from screaminr:

As far as I'm aware numbers don't actually equal the exact order in which they are made

Yes, This is correct

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