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Elvira's House of Horrors: Pre-Release Discussion Thread

By RobertWinter

3 years ago

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Post #23 copy of Elvira tweet about being at TPF2017 Posted by Mar (3 years ago)

Post #63 mnpinball comments on the speculation about Elvira 3 Posted by mnpinball (3 years ago)

Post #3843 What to check when you first receive Elvira Posted by jfh (11 months ago)

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#2726 1 year ago
Quoted from Bencollins:

I’ve been trolling this site for years. At least 7 or 8. I’ve always wanted a pinball machine. I finally said screw it im getting one. So I got Batman 66 2 months back nib. Great game. Love it. Games are expensive. I just wanted some feed back about a game that’s got 2800 plays. Like what kinda mechanical problems are prone to that title. Some people who post on here are just ridiculous. Why even post “this looks lame” or what ever you people post. I’ve kept my mouth shut on this site for years. Tonight was the first time I ever posted anything. And I probably won’t say anything for another few years. Learn when to shut up!!! And let other people have fun.

It is unfortunate that some people are so curt. Pay no mind to them.

Now to answer your question: Elvira is a game that will only get better over time and will maintain it’s value. Hobbit won’t get any better than it is now and unless you like lots of Multi Balls, would be best avoided. Unless you’re really into the Hobbit series of course. There is not a lot of ball interaction with toys on that machine and is still puzzling why it is even a wide body. Also, JJP games have numerous mechanical problems you need to be concerned about to be honest. 2800 plays versus a new game? Take the new game everytime. It has a warranty for one.

Elvira has a better game flow and more toys that interact with the ball. Hobbit does not have any really outstanding ball interaction or toys and have plunged 30% or more in value. Elvira will or should maintain near what you pay for it, within $500 or so, because Lyman will increase the desirability of the machine through code. It shoots well, with plenty to hit and the campiness of the theme is right on target with Elvira. Even the graphics fit the campy motif of Elvira. Some say the graphics look to be from the 80’s or 90’s, but Elvira is from that same era, so they’re right on target again. Art is always subjective and what has been done so far, will only get better as the code advances.

#2894 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I hear ya there. Stern offers near instant gratification with how fast they can ship games. At these prices though I've become much more selective with buying NIB games. Elvira looks cool but considering the price of the LE I rather wait until next year when JJP releases Toy Story.

You never stop shilling JJP in a Stern’re worse than the guy that always bashes Hobbit. It is getting really old by now. Stay in JJP threads, because Stern does not sell anything you’re interested in buying. We get it by now, you own JJP stock and don’t want to see it keep going down...

#2986 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Did you see the posts I made in this thread and others praising the game and that I'm interested buying an Elivra premium? Guess not. I also own a Ghostbusters premium that I bought new, and have purchased several other Sterns NIB in the past. If you can't stand any criticism towards Stern I suggest you go to club threads. This is a general game thread where critical comments can freely be posted. I've also been critical of JJP many times in multiple threads.
You come across as Pinsides new #1 Stern fanboy. Any criticism against them and here you come to their aid. It's been old. You may want to stick to club threads where critical comments that get you so fired up won't be posted. In this thread its perfectly fine to discuss both pros and cons of the game.

But you my friend are avoiding the point. If you were just discussing the pros and cons of the Stern game without always making what looks like a nice comment about a Stern game and then subtly slam it, followed by a sales plug for JJP: “I’m waiting and spending my money next year with JJP on ToyStory a better game instead of Elvira.” Why all the fanboy troll comments about JJP in a Stern thread??? You always do this and that gets old. You want to do that in JJP threads then fine.

#3006 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Guys, I gotta say, i have a new pinball machine and its been in my house for 3 years.
The GB code update created an entirely new pinball machine.
Should we thank Dwight and Stern after 3 years? I have no idea but the game now is so great. I've been playing it all night.
Munsters can be updated?
Gotta give credit where credit is due. Despite all the negative BS, some of which is warranted, Stern pinball still creates some amazing pinball.

Congrats GB owners! Yes, Munsters needs some of the same treatment that GB has received. Needs a ton more show content to energize the basis of where it’s currently. Would be a darn (as Herman would say) shame if Stern didn’t do that.

#3009 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Toy Story is happening, but with Pat doing it, the bigger concern should be that his design innovation is clearly running on empty. Wonka was a total zero for design innovation, which was ironic for a THEME about imagination. I love Toy Story, but I'm really concerned about another cookie-cutter plug-in-the-features-from-past-hits-and-call-it-good Lawlor game. I know Jack is just happy to have snagged him, but he really needs to challenge him to kick it up a notch instead of retreating to the safety of prior design features.
But that's it for Toy Story. I know this is an Elvira thread...

You hit it right on the nail, no innovation on WW. A good shooter, but that’s it, nothing more. Elvira appears to be not only a good shooter, but has nice amount of toys. Now just wish it would have had a couple of interesting wire-forms that Dennis is famous for doing on his other games. But it has spades of other fun stuff and love the B-movie content.

#3015 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

I wouldn’t say no innovation on ww. The wonkavision, the spinning gobstopper, the lighted wonka sign, which is interactive, and a screen that gives a ton of info. Elvira at the premium, le and sle levels has what? A spinning turret? jjp did better with the house in woz where the witches feet come out.
Stern should have put a better crate in this game (and jjp should have put a better factory) and they should have put something that holds the flashers, like the claws in SS. I have an Elvira premium on order, but after seeing the stream, even I’m having second thoughts. I’ll reserve judgement and a decision whether to cancel after seeing it at expo. With the exception of Munsters, stern has had a very good run with dp, maiden and jp, this one I’m just not sure about. Code can save a game, if happened with hobbit and bm66, both of which are pretty bare, but it took years to get there.

If the ball doesn’t interact with a toy, like gobbstopper, wonkavision, lighted wonka sign, spinning house with feet coming out, do they even count??? The trouble I have with items on a PF that the ball doesn’t even touch, they’re not real toys. They are just mods. I’d rather buy your mods for a whole lot less money and install them myself.

On Elvira, the ball touches and interacts directly with the toys as they change state. That is what pinball is all about. Otherwise, spinning items or lights that the ball does not directly interact with are not real toys, with zero kinetic feel for the game. They just look nice, that’s it. Elvira does a much better job of kinetic satisfaction IMO, because the toys and the ball are actually connected in a fun way. Just like MM castle changes state or BM66 crane’s ball interacts with the players steel ball. Interactive toys have tons more satisfaction, than spinning, lighted, non interactive decorations like your example of WW or WOZ. Exception is the flying monkey that picks up the ball, now that is cool or POTC cannon, that is wow, as it flies over and hits the other ship.

#3020 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

What are the good amount of interactive toys then in Elvira by your definition? The up / down ramp doesn't count then, nor the spinning top on the house, heck not even the bash target. So what's left, gargoyles? Those shouldn't count either then as the ball only hits stationary targets in front of them. Guess theres no interactive toys? Lol.
What you are failing to realize is even items that don't directly interact with the ball add to a games world under glass. Many of those items still light up, move, interact with game modes, and are critical to making a game fun. Even non moving items such as detailed 3D molds are critical to a games world under glass. Adding a bunch of cheesy 3D printed mods or gaudy action figures isn't the same thing. 3D printed mods and action figures don't interact with game code either. Please let me know when you can replicate the detail of the Wonka Vision toy, and all of the code integration it has with the camera and game.

You’re kidding right??? Nothing that does not interact with the ball is critical. The world under glass can do without decorations. What directly interacts with the ball is the only thing that matters in pinball. Everything else is just decoration. WW is full of nice decorations that do not interact with the ball. Elvira is loaded with toys that interact with the ball. Come on get real. I don’t need to point them all out, you can see them. Lol, youre using wonkavision as an example? It does nothing with the ball nor is it critical to the game in anyway. What does popping your face on a screen do? Nothing and becomes tiresome after the first few times. No one wants their mug on the screen while they’re trying to enjoy pinball. I’m sure you’re joking again or realize what you’re saying makes little sense, but only has entertainment value. So thanks for that.

#3038 1 year ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

There’s a freaking flipper on the spinning house in Woz, and you loop the ball around the house. Doesn’t get much more interactive than that.
Not to mention the other upper playfield with full sized flipper and knock open doors + loop. And a bashable witch that moves up and down. And a crystal ball with video.
Have you ever even seen a Woz? Or a Dialed In? How about video in line drop targets, among other things? Not just interactive but innovation.
Stern makes fine, fun games. But stay in your depth. They can’t touch JJP for innovation.

Thank you for making another point so well, referring to the upper right WOZ flipper more appropriately; naming it a “freaking flipper”. Freak is correct: what does the upper right ”freak” flipper do with the ball in WOZ? It just circles around ad nauseam. It does absolutely nothing with the house. Zero point to just flipping it around and around the house. Never touches the house and becomes very monotonous. On Elvira the ball hits for example the crypt and it changes state time to time: it has a reason being there for the ball, not just a decoration like your WOZ or WW examples. There are other ball interactive examples on Elvira I don’t need to list here.

You point to the WOZ witch that just pops up and down: again the ball never touches the witch. There is almost no innovation there. In WOZ the ball is mainly shot straight up the middle, so much so, they had to put a post in the middle of the drain to help stop the tons of STDMs. Could go on about the geometry shot mess on that table. WOZ geometry is just plain poor. WW geometry is much better, even though it lacks any real ball interactive innovation. But this is an Elvira thread, so let’s continue this discussion if you and Panzer would like to via PM. Let’s not hijack the Elvira thread with all your JJP talk. Just PM me please.

(The post by Vireland right above this post makes many of my same points.)

#3084 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Yes, you hijacked the thread with your bizarre passive aggressive behavior due to not being able to handle any criticism against Stern. This is a general game thread. Comparisons between other games and companies will be normal. Elvira LE is nearly $10k, yes $10k, so at that high price again comparisons between other similarly priced games is normal. To not question anything regarding features, toys, quality, etc for the price isn't the way this works. The same thing happens in general game threads for games made by other companies.
Questioning any of the items above doesn't mean that a game sucks. Many of us agree today's NIB games look like fun but also question what we are getting for that price. A critical discussion about that topic is not only normal but also warranted. If you don't like that type of discussion I recommend sticking with club threads.

This is a Stern discussion thread about Elvira, it appears you need reminding (read the title of this thread, not a general game thread discussion as you suggest). What is completely passive aggressively bizarre is: you use Stern threads as a stage to constantly pimp JJP and you know it, that is why you won’t let off on me, because I call you on it. Now you get your up votes by complaining about the price, which we all think is way too high. Only bizarre behavior is your insistence in always making this about JJP. No complaints from me if you’ll leave this a discussion about Elvira. You just can’t take any criticism about anything JJP when compared in a discussion. Take your JJP game promotions to other JJP threads, as many have already requested you to do. This is not a general game thread, again read the title pal. No one cares if positive or negative features about Stern or high prices about Elvira are discussed here. It is when you constantly bombard us with your annoying anything JJP is better, that is hijacking this thread and you know it. If you have some issue you wish to discuss with me personally, take it to PM, instead of constantly airing it here. Grow up my twelve year old acting friend! Lol

#3089 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Since this isn’t the owners thread here and it’s more like the haters thread I gotta comment on Kman’s podcast about Elvira.
I listened to it while riding the bike and nearly fell off lmao at some of the ridiculous comments made
First of all happy bday and congrats on getting over 400 podcasts in. I remember talking to you about you thinking about doing one years ago. Keep it up
People gotta realize that love it or hate it the podcast is entertaining AND as such it caters to more of the hater, rage against the machine, whiner crowd.
That is why primarily Chris will win the Twipy again. Most people love to listen to negative entertaining BS. Look at the news today!
Have you ever heard Chris rail on a game he owns? Well it’s just one and it’s BM66. I own it too
He doesn’t like the Elvira theme, doesn’t get it, and despite being a “marketing guy” can’t figure out how the F Stern is able to sell out these games so fast.
It must be the myopic viewpoint that we are all suckers like he said and stupid for spending that kind of $$ on the game.
MANY of us believe Elvira will be BETTER than BM66 and it just an opinion based on PAST RESULTS and the fact that yes Lyman is a pinball god.
Can you just hear the crowd of 2500 cheering and screaming for Kman as he rails against the stupid 450 suckers for buying the game. LOL
Connect with hate man!
As for Elvira i paid $600 more than I did for my previous LE. So what? It’s in higher demand
The idea that Chris keeps throwing out there about how the community has to band together and demand more for the $$$ or Stern will never give it to us is STUPID on its face
Aside from acknowledging what’s coming in 2020 I’m quite sure that Stern wants to COMPETE, make money and stay in business for the long haul
Right now they are crushing it and will continue to crush it!
It’s NOT based on some unrealistic “give me the magic” BS like Chris blew a nut over when he saw Wonka the first time.
Is that the “magic” Chris? LOL
Message to Stern, keep making FUN games, with great artwork, theme and fantastic integration and people like myself will keep buying and the HATE crowd will just be left wondering why and whining about it here and on his podcast.
Sorry buddy, gotta call you out on this one.
As to price and value to people, don’t ever forget it all very relative and subjective.
I look forward to our conversation when I receive these games and get a chance to dig in.
One last thought for all of you, think about Apple and why millions of people are upgrading their phones and the stock is about to hit an time high.
I can buy a much cheaper older version on the secondary market? Get it? Very few people want a restored TOM or TOTAN for the same $$$$

Your post is on the “money”, lol. Like listening to Chris, but he really went on an all out rage on Elvira MSRP. Agree with him that pricing is too high for what is being offered, but the Lyman factor will make this game a real winner in the end. All those B movie fun moments, captured within a great story line, about Elvira trying to sell the house of horrors to finance her new movie. Can’t create a more fun story line than that. And having Elvira appear within the game is so cool. Hope this is a trend Stern might do with other titles. Stern is crushing it in some areas. Now if they would only include more interesting return wireforms, instead of plastic. We all know it is a software show in progress, but the bones of it is quite campy fun now.

#3092 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

While so much of pinball is subjective and personal opinion, there is one glaring OBJECTIVE FACT.
And that is that Stern sold out almost instantly 450 Elviras
The BM66 outrage was like an all out war against Stern by comparison on pricing and how they did it. Yet, BM66 is one pin that has held its value as well as any. Just a small minor factor but true
I didn’t see the need to get the SE for me, but I did on the LE and thrilled with my decision after watching the stream.
Because we know what’s coming down the road, another objective FACT

That is the compelling point about LE/SLE pricing. Truly limited to 400 (more than 500 LE’s is not limited) LE’s on a good title/theme hold their value. BM66LE/SLE has held value, even though original asking price was quite high. But think the exclusive Bat topper had something to do with that as well. Think Stern should have included an exclusive Elvira topper too and maybe it’s the lack of things like that causing Chris to complain at high pricing.

#3095 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

No doubt about the topper and the fact that there are 240 LEs versus 400
I wouldn’t expect Elvira to hold value as well except, she has a worldwide appeal and the campiness and B movieS with her call outs and intros will make it awesome
The Adam West card is cool, so is the topper, but Elvira herself in the game is another level
To make fun of the B movies and not recognize the same corny flavor of Batman and Munsters is ridiculous

Right on about campy fun titles like Batman and Munsters being similar in scope to Elvira. The new Munsters topper integrated into game play is an amazing addition to the game from what my friends tell me. Maybe Stern also has a topper planned for Elvira coming down the pike. Stern’s propensity to integrate toppers into part of the game play, is going to be a killer add on for them and us.

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