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Elvira's House of Horrors: The Official Thread

By RobertWinter

3 years ago

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#2306 4 months ago

So, does Stern have a corner on the Yellow Flipper market? Seems there are some other color choices that would better complement the playfield colors.

#2370 4 months ago

Zach at Flip-in-Out had one left Yesterday...but that was yesterday.

#2498 4 months ago

Agreed, drop targets also show achievement progression better during game play. I remember drop targets were a big selling point on Tron LE vs the non-drops on the Pro when I bought my LE.

#2532 4 months ago

..."Jump and Jive? Works for me.

#2534 4 months ago

I couldn't agree more...pretty much the reason I/we upgrade our sound systems.

#3046 3 months ago

Absolutely. If you watch the stream, Lyman stated that the code was linear and minimized for the purpose of the stream, that there is far more to the production code. Perhaps Dead-Flip should have put a disclaimer about the code upfront...that this code is not representative of the current production code.

#3110 3 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Jack did say that more than once during the stream.

Agreed but based on many comments here, it seems few heard it and are making premature decisions about what level of code will be installed when EHOH releases.

#3117 3 months ago
Quoted from Mar:

I'm looking forward to receiving my LE which lands in Australia in early December.
I mentioned to my wife that I'll sell Scared Stiff when the new Elvira game arrives, because I don't really need two Elvira games. But she said no. So that settles that one... A pair it is!

...and oh, what a "Pair".

#3124 3 months ago
Quoted from whitey:

Is the price of an LE really $10,000 ?

Around there...after you add in taxes depending on where you buy...

#3160 3 months ago

Cool idea, Elvira on her couch as a topper speaking insults and innuendo to the player...kind of like the Raven on Munsters.

#3255 3 months ago

All LEs or just yours?

#3285 3 months ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

You thought he meant ALL 400 LE's ship Monday?LOL...I was asking if LEs in general starting shipping Monday or if he heard from his distributor that "His/Hers" was shipping Monday...

#3427 3 months ago
Quoted from DefDumBlindKid:

Delivery company just called, 3lvira will be here tomorrow early afternoon.

Yep, same here...may have to take the day off!

#3460 3 months ago

Got my LE, absolutely beautiful machine...only played about 6 games on it so far...I have to say I like it! Odd, it has no real attract mode yet so the playfield looks dark when not in gameplay...just red jackpot inserts and dome flashers.
20191009_164254 (resized).jpg

#3463 3 months ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

I like seeing the pictures, but everyone who posts about receiving their LE should report their game number and advise if their game has any clearcoat pooling (or chipping) around the slingshot posts (or other areas). The more games we hear about without any pooling issues the more it will look like Stern has fixed the problem on new production going forward. So if you've already received your LE, what number did you get and how is the clear around the posts?

Mine is LE# 106. I played a few more games on it...loving it more and more...not seeing any issues at all with the playfield.

#3471 3 months ago
Quoted from DefDumBlindKid:

Mine also has no attract mode

I spoke to Pablo at Stern and he believes that the lack of attract mode will be addressed as the code develops...I thought mine was broke.

#3474 3 months ago
Quoted from DefDumBlindKid:

I’m sure it will be included in the update. The game just shipped...

New code .83 has no affect on attract mode...

#3477 3 months ago

Concerning the playfield...comparing it to my Munsters LE they look completely different. Munsters is an overall smooth whereas E3 actually has some texture to in as if a different type of bonding or application process was used...you can see outlines of each graphic on the playfield. Definitely something different going on...maybe the playfield issues were addressed.

#3491 3 months ago
Quoted from DefDumBlindKid:

Is everybodies hounted house roof still inactive ? Mine does not move or light.

Yep, same with mine...

#3495 3 months ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

I thought I saw it spinning in the dead flip reveal? How could that feature be missing then?

Yep, it did during the Stream...trying to showcase features no doubt and then maybe pulled it for whatever reason...I am not concerned, the machine is certainly playable/enjoyable as is. I believe it is just a matter of time before we see updated code...IMO, this machine has plenty of potential and we are only scratching the surface...absolutely no regrets.

#3543 3 months ago

I have been playing mt EHOH since it arrived Wednesday...lots to do and I really love it. I am thinking the shots are much easier than in my Munsters...I can easily back hand the Dead Head Crypt, the Front Door is a reasonable shot, as expected...I am experiencing rejects from the garage as well as a several SDTM returns on failed garage shots but it is an easy shot to make...regardless, this game is a lot of fun...can't wait for the next code update.

#3551 3 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

What do owners think of the sound? In the streams I’ve seen it sounds very repetitive/ monotonous. Is that just my imagination?

The sound as is, is very good...errie music as you would expect given the theme, campy music during some modes...it can only get better. The call outs are sparse but enough to keep you entertained..."hey, Elvira, look, I have junk in the trunk!"...but you know more are coming. The foundation of this machine is solid...when finished this pinball machine will be awsome.

#3552 3 months ago
Quoted from Sebastian88:

A lot of people are having issues with their game. This game sounds like a huge pain in the butt out of the box. I’m waiting on a premium but I don’t want to buy a headache. Do you think I should switch to a new game or is it really worth it.

From what I have been reading, most people seem to be having issues with code update...I didn't experience that...I simply downloaded the code from the Stern website to my Desktop...when I opened the destination it was already unzipped into the 4 load files...I transfered them to a jump-drive (make sure you have a large enough jump drive) and updated EHOH as typical using the USB port in the head...no issues. Other than that, the machine is performing as expected given the immature code...still playable and a great deal of fun...they did remove the swim rings that occurred during pop-bumper scoring. To answer your question, if you like the theme, I would hold fast and stick with EHOH as I believe this machine will evolve into an amazing game...if you can't wait and want a new machine, I suppose there is always Jurassic Park...not a theme for me but I have heard great things about that game.

#3583 3 months ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

I think they bash him enough here on Pinside. You want to be able to bash him in the game also?

Where would the hobby be without Gary Stern?

#3587 3 months ago
Quoted from SmallyBells:

I can be funny, doesn’t have to be mean. I meant it a decent tone. I understand they’ll only go so far.

I was simply making an observation, not trying to sound insulting...Gary Stern gets a lot of Flak out here but if you stop to consider his contributions to the hobby...or better, remove him all together where would we be...?

#3592 3 months ago

So, are there any prospective "mods" in the works out there yet for this machine?...there is a big gaping space in the right corner behind the Pop-Bumpers...
20191017_083800 (resized).jpg

#3608 3 months ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

I feel the same way about the current backglass. I think its too busy. So Im making this alternate backglass for mine.[quoted image]

I like it...now add a bit more game-related detail to it plus some "mirroring" and it would be perfect.

#3613 3 months ago
Quoted from ultimategameroom:

I asked this question last week and got some up votes but no one answered my question.
Anyone know or have an opinion ?[quoted image]

I would think that given the cabinets are pretty much standard between the 2 titles, if you wanted to add those to a premium you shouldn't have any problems...also, they would fit the theme.

#3620 3 months ago

So, I am noticing, with .84 istalled, at the end of a game the music doesn't stop....just keeps repeating.

#3623 3 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

Yeah. It's been going non-stop. LOL

Well...progress is progress. Seems like something Dennis Hopper said in Waterworld.

#3629 3 months ago
Quoted from PoppyCock:

If you haven't gotten one yet do yourself a favor and save your cash! I got to spend some time on elvira yesterday. Wow, feel bad for anyone who spent the money on this snooze fest. One munsters was enough and now this, ugh!

To each their own...I am loving mine and looking forward to future updates. This Machine is great and will evolve into AWSOME!

#3639 3 months ago
Quoted from fuseholder:

(Posted in Owners club)
Played last night at the expo. Stunning in person, light show on the house with the modes is awesome. It’s a easy shooter compared to other games like Jurassic Park. Nonetheless, very rewarding from the distance to all of the shots to the back of the playfield, it just works. I found the game to be a blast to play. I want to get one. I have no doubt the code will be on par with Lyman.
My only criticism, I did not like was the floating dead heads. I love the intro announcement to them and how they are. I just feel they should be to the side in the picture frame, taunting you with their animation and call outs.

Hmmm, I like the floating heads...reminds me that I have an objective to complete...they tend to taunt you...but then, I like the pool floats/inner tubes as well...

#3665 3 months ago
Quoted from wayinla:

It wasn't mentioned on the video if the design team used as a reference the house briefly shown in the intro of Elvira's Movie Macabre series. Looks pretty similar. Sorry for the blurry pic - screen grab off of YouTube.[quoted image]

That's the Carson House in California...absolutely beautiful old Victorian...if not thee most beautiful Victorian...still stands.

#3667 3 months ago
Quoted from TronGuy:

Up in Eureka? I used to live there. I visit there twice a year. (at least). That whole area is fantastic!
Hey on a side note, I am not a pinball expert. I think I've heard guys mention 3 elvira pins.
Aren't there:
Elvira and the party monsters
Scared Stiff
Monster Bash
House of Horrors?

Monster Bash isn't an Elvira pinball machine but rather a tribute to classic monsters.

#3683 3 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Yes, it looks like a little graveyard with tombstones

A graveyard mod of sorts would work well with this machine, maybe something up in the empty right corner, reminiscent of the skull pile on SS?

#3695 3 months ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

I think most sane people don't get LEs as well... But, I've never been known for my sanity.

...seems we share a similar affliction.

1 week later
#3781 85 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

As designed. If I understood him correctly, a Stern tech at Expo told me they could be adjusted. Some are worried that may damage the glare prevention coating on the LE glass but that coating is on the top side of the glass, not the bottom.

Hmmm...if you take the glass out for cleaning, how do you know which is the top and bottom?

#3803 84 days ago
Quoted from robertmee:

The LE I played in the operator's shop that's not even been put on route yet, was already showing dimpling. I'm going with a playfield protector on my Prem from day 1.

Who has, is selling the playfield protectors currently?

#3815 84 days ago
Quoted from robertmee:

20% off too the next few days. Will start shipping next week.

Thanks! I certainly appreciate it...

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