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Elvira's House of Horrors: The Official Thread

By RobertWinter

3 years ago

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Post #23 copy of Elvira tweet about being at TPF2017 Posted by Mar (3 years ago)

Post #63 mnpinball comments on the speculation about Elvira 3 Posted by mnpinball (3 years ago)

Post #3843 What to check when you first receive Elvira Posted by jfh (73 days ago)

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#394 1 year ago

True, but I would rather wait and see my game grow in code every few months to finish up as one of the best around instead.

1 month later
#416 1 year ago

G Gomez just confirmed at TPF... still scheduled at Stern. Status: playfield done, waiting for software

4 months later
#458 1 year ago

With the rumours being deadpool - munsters - beatles

Is this game still on the radar for end 2018-early 2019?

1 year later
#1760 4 months ago

Hard to believe that vuk shoots into the trunk.
It looks like the trunk will just go up to catch balls from the ramp.
And I don't see how the house serves the ramps? Maybe the loops.

#2214 4 months ago

Machine looks great and I love Elvira (even in Europe here), but no pro is probably making me going to skip this one.
And I want to fully see that the game is completed and balanced on software level.

1 week later
#2745 3 months ago

I miss
'more elvira'
'lightshows ' --> didn't see a single one
a better match animation
more callouts
better integration between the two voices
end of ball bonus count
mode end totals
deadheads are boring
and my biggest problem is to play the old horror movies scenes without seeing elvira poping up below in a text balloon style commenting how bad the movie scene is/was

I expected more but it's better for my savings

#2789 3 months ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

My first impressions

+ For early prototype beta code, the light show is already a spectacle, especially with the house (exterior lighting changes, window color differentiation, etc.)
+ Freaking Elvira introduces each mode, cmon. LCD layout is good and animations, for the most part, are looking nice, which is becoming a norm for Stern.

Early prototype beta code --> There should be no such thing never again as early beta code. If the game is released it should have solid code reaching 1.0. Period
Did you count the nr of lightshows? I did, and except for some house lighting and some flashers I didn't count one good plfd light animation. Even attract mode is basic one animation with some flashers copying the scared stiff effect and some plfd lamps.

The little introduction on every mode she does is too little for the game to hold interest. It's like 10 videoclips in total? The game should have had more, and if not, they should have covered that part with animated elvira faces + her speech --> if feel they totally missed the good concept of a fun elvira game.

You can say whatever you want and that good effort was done, but for this amount of money, they better have it done correct.

#2880 3 months ago
Quoted from pascal-pinball:

You mean the introduction video’s by the movies?
There are 26 movies in the game and there is more than one introduction video for each movie so there will be more than 10 clips
And please no Elvira animations !! The real stuff please.

But no 26 haunts, Stream said only 6 haunts.

1 week later
#3453 3 months ago

We had the game last friday for our Belgian Open Pinball... but it got stuck at customs... to be picked up on monday

So a big show,a lot of people, all newest games... and an Elvira stuck at the airport.

Otherwise it would have been streamed.

#3554 3 months ago

I think the machine lacks too much for me at this moment, so a very easy pass for me.
They should learn to release games with a solid ruleset from the start. If not you get situations where you should hope for years that the game will get it's updates, soundquotes, light effects, etc.. and games are eventually finished but then maybe in a bad unbalanced way because some things were added in a late stadium.
Or the risk it will be the next munsters regarding code depth.

Really a mistake by Stern to have this dev and release pattern cause I had looked forward to this machine a lot.
JP is not finished either but seems to have a better base in it and you can see where they are going to within a short timeframe

#3562 3 months ago

Lyman is able to pull of the best games, has done it and will do it again, there's no doubt in that... but will it happen within an exceptable timeframe?

I owned B66 and it's at 90%/95%. Its's been like this for quite a while and it's current state bothers me... unbalanced and no final wizard mode.. You can 'beat' the machine it's seperate wizard modes quite fast and the scoring is unbalanced once you have the right combos running. Which takes away a lot of the fun of all the other games you have on the machine.
'But there is so much else in the game regarding content'.. yes there is... but at 8K there should!

What I'm just trying to say is that a game should have a clear vision where it will go to from the start. Look at the star wars, iron maiden releases. Very descent very defined.
JP feels the same way even at this stage where wizard modes are not there.

A game not having bonus count, no attract mode, no lightshows, no HS table for special modes, etc... it just missed the first impression and not only with me but a lot of people and wallets will have to recover from that first blow.

So yes, I vote with my wallet today, and I'm hoping the game will be a deep as .. and blast to play.

#3568 3 months ago

Tx T7 for the detailed list. And yes that seems enough for a deep ruleset.
The game just feels far from finished at this point, and that's something they should avoid at any time in the future.

I thought with the aerosmith, kiss, ghostbusters, got updates now done. Descent releases of star wars, iron maiden, deadpool, ..
That every release from now on would be quite 1.0...

#3579 3 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Really? You are a LOT better pinball player than me. LOL. You can get through all of the villains 3 deep levels and the 3 mini wizard modes "quite fast"?
I'm really impressed

No no, I mean: play one game and focus on the easier minor villains and then you can choose quite fast one of the 3 wizard modes... there is no such thing as a fourth wizard mode (like end of the line in metallica) where you have to play all of them in one game.
I'm not playing all of them in one game, but I mostly get one of them in each game.. So after like 20 games you have seen all the wizard modes.
So no final wizard mode present is what is missing for me.. Even if it was only the objective to play/beat each minor villain and one of each major villains. This is what I mean with no predefined path in development. And current state of B66 that there is no real thing to finally beat the game. And scoring the huge billions as a result of having the correct things combined (freeze, bookworm, tuts and some pfd shot multipliers) overpowers everything else.

Where SW, GOT, DP, JP seem to have that from the start and every aspect in the game contributes to reaching the final mode (like star wars: tie fighters, modes, boba fett, lightsaber, ...)

Don't worry I enjoy MET, TWD a lot and have started LMS a nr of times but haven't beaten it.

I justed wanted to say: It will most probably be a good game in the end, but at this point, I'm really holding back to see where it will evolve to so I don't have the feelling like I did with B66.
And the game just screams for lightshows and some choreo at multiball start

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