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Elvira's House of Horrors: Pre-Release Discussion Thread

By RobertWinter

4 years ago

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Post #23 copy of Elvira tweet about being at TPF2017 Posted by Mar (4 years ago)

Post #63 mnpinball comments on the speculation about Elvira 3 Posted by mnpinball (4 years ago)

Post #3843 What to check when you first receive Elvira Posted by jfh (1 year ago)

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#3049 1 year ago
Quoted from Vino:

Anyone considering cancelling a deposit based on stream shoot over a pm.
She looks as good as ever to me.

No. I bet it will be a good game. The house looks incredible. Ghostbusters, for example, ranks wayyyyy lower than monster trash. That game is pretty, but not fun at all. Ghostbusters should be a top 5 game. Munsters isn’t the best game I’ve ever played but I’m not sorry I got it. Elvira will be fun, I am sure

#3091 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Monster Bash is a bonafide classic, designed by a legend, coded by Lyman Sheats, that plays smooth as butter & is a perfect example of a perfect game.
Goatf*****s has the worst physical design ever seen in a pinball machine, designed by a convicted pedophile, just got a band-aid update after 3 years to try to make it slightly less horrible, and will always play like absolute trash. TOP 5!?!?!? OMFG.

Disagree. Owned almost ever game at one time or another, minus bing bang bar or whatever it’s called, for the day monster bash WAS good but can’t compare to the feel and ruleset of a modern Stern. That includes ghostbusters. Totally underrated. Beatles is even way better. To each their own I guess

#3093 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Since this isn’t the owners thread here and it’s more like the haters thread I gotta comment on Kman’s podcast about Elvira.
I listened to it while riding the bike and nearly fell off lmao at some of the ridiculous comments made
First of all happy bday and congrats on getting over 400 podcasts in. I remember talking to you about you thinking about doing one years ago. Keep it up
People gotta realize that love it or hate it the podcast is entertaining AND as such it caters to more of the hater, rage against the machine, whiner crowd.
That is why primarily Chris will win the Twipy again. Most people love to listen to negative entertaining BS. Look at the news today!
Have you ever heard Chris rail on a game he owns? Well it’s just one and it’s BM66. I own it too
He doesn’t like the Elvira theme, doesn’t get it, and despite being a “marketing guy” can’t figure out how the F Stern is able to sell out these games so fast.
It must be the myopic viewpoint that we are all suckers like he said and stupid for spending that kind of $$ on the game.
MANY of us believe Elvira will be BETTER than BM66 and it just an opinion based on PAST RESULTS and the fact that yes Lyman is a pinball god.
Can you just hear the crowd of 2500 cheering and screaming for Kman as he rails against the stupid 450 suckers for buying the game. LOL
Connect with hate man!
As for Elvira i paid $600 more than I did for my previous LE. So what? It’s in higher demand
The idea that Chris keeps throwing out there about how the community has to band together and demand more for the $$$ or Stern will never give it to us is STUPID on its face
Aside from acknowledging what’s coming in 2020 I’m quite sure that Stern wants to COMPETE, make money and stay in business for the long haul. Thus they will innovate and get better due to competition and the drive to dominate
Right now they are crushing it and will continue to crush it! Stern is NOT the one making me rethink my purchases, bottom line
It’s NOT based on some unrealistic “give me the magic” BS like Chris blew a nut over when he saw Wonka the first time.
Is that the “magic” Chris? LOL
Message to Stern, keep making FUN games, with great artwork, theme and fantastic integration and people like myself will keep buying and the HATE crowd will just be left wondering why and whining about it here and on his podcast.
Sorry buddy, gotta call you out on this one since you called me and the others out as “suckers”
As to price and value to people, don’t ever forget it all very relative and subjective. It’s a PERSONAL choice for everyone.
I look forward to our conversation when I receive these games and get a chance to dig in.
One last thought for all of you, think about Apple and why millions of people are upgrading their phones and the stock is about to hit an time high.
I can buy a much cheaper older version on the secondary market? Get it? Very few people want a restored TOM or TOTAN for the same $$$$. We want NEW F ing experiences and are willing to pay for it!!!!

Bought the premium. Can’t wait.

#3111 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I don’t believe you’ve ever owned or played “almost every game” if you think Goatf*****s “feels” better than any game made in the history of pinball. The airballs, the lane hops, the rattley shots that go stdm, the saucer that kicks stdm, the right ramp that never makes the curve on the Prem, the stupid manga slings that drop the ball down the middle, the flipper gap from hell....no other game feels like that. Monster Bash feels perfect when played. And that ruleset? Can’t hold a candle to anything made from the 90’s-2014.

Believe it. I be been doing this since Gorgar came out. Had my first games for my own use at a time when people thought owning a pinball machine was only for those people who are multi millionaires. Monster bash is okay but should not be top 5 in this day. I think gotlieb gladiator is more fun. Gotlieb games were built like no other. Whatever. I know many Williams engineers of the day that feel the same. Ghostbusters will be a high priced/demand game one day. You will see. Simpsons was called average and I doubled my money from huo purchase. To each their own.

#3112 1 year ago

Ghostbusters rules!!!!!

#3113 1 year ago

By the way, I had a hyperball when it came out.... do the math

#3114 1 year ago

What a disaster, more of a disaster than the Munsters topper

#3115 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Dude says it should be Top 5 and I’M the troll? I didn’t bring it up. Trolling starts with the Top 5 guy’s post.

Gaslighter. I am good. Good play isn’t relevant on a horribly designed game.

It’s so awesome when the ball hits Dracula’s feet and goes right down the middle. So let’s not talk about flawless games

#3116 1 year ago

I’m not a troll I just don’t like Pinball snobs .You guys are probably the same people that think Beatles is a disaster and I’m here to tell you more people play Beatles than any other game when they are side-by-side

#3125 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

False Equivalency. Hitting a moving target that sometimes sends the ball to a drain is normal.
Not normal:
Loops rattle to a drain.
Drop target airball over flippers to a drain.
Saucer lockout to a drain.
Inlane hops over to outlane for a drain.
Slings to a center drain (magna sling).
Pops exit to a drain 80% of the time.

That literally never happened. The B/W snobs at the time complained about the usual Stern things: low res cabinet & plastic art, the sound quality compared to WPC + WPC95, the loudness & feel of the flippers, and off the shelf toys....but as a game - design & code, it always had massive respect. The snobs loved it (and LOTR) despite their distaste of Stern.

Im not a snob. I was hyping & loving Stern games when the B/W snobs hated them. I was singing the praises of Iron Man when the collectors loathed it and marked it as the end off Stern. I’ve owned almost every Stern game, and still have 7. GB by the measure of the standards of design has issues. Even fans will acknowledge it, and they are valid reasons it’ll never be a Top 5 game.
Also Beatles sucks.

Beatles and suck should never be in the same sentence. The pin is good. Sorry it’s not super deep or ramp arama for you

#3126 1 year ago

Ghostbusters is better than boring monster trash and many other top ten games. Crazy

#3128 1 year ago

Look, allllll pins are good. Some better than others... I ve just seen it for myself. It’s pretty but not that much fun. Pinball is like music. To each there own.

#3129 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

TNA is one of my favorite games.
Your talent at insults is equal to to your taste in pins.

What’s your take on the new Elvira.

#3132 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I'd have to play it first, but on principal I don't believe in buying unfinished games, especially at $10k-$15k.
Based on the stream, it needs more Elvira callouts during gameplay...I'm sure those exist and just weren't implemented yet. Lyman always does phenomenal work, so I'm sure that it'll eventually be a very good game. I just wouldn't buy one until it gets to a more complete point.Agree.

#3138 1 year ago

I don’t care. It’s all good

#3148 1 year ago
Quoted from TheGunnett:

[quoted image]

I’m excited for this

#3227 1 year ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Played my LE today. I think everyone needs to calm.down trust me this game is gonna be great. The gameplay is early but great. It has early code but the core thats there is killer[quoted image][quoted image]

I like that you are positive. I have one coming. Can’t wait. Should I be excited?

#3343 1 year ago
Quoted from cjmjmm2006:

Played some games with my daughters. It's fun but I think it was set up too easy. I liked stacking the multiballs and the angles of the shots are different from most games. Need more time but first 5 games it's a winner to me.[quoted image]

Thank god. A positive post

#3345 1 year ago
Quoted from cjmjmm2006:

I have just glossed over some of what is being said. Everyone likes different things so I respect the opinions of those above me and I play the games to get my own perspective. The features are cool, and I'm sure the code will line this one up nicely. The shots are all fun and rewarding to hit. I will go back to Helicon during an off day, because I have access anytime and get a few games on while it's not so crowded. I report back. Thanks!Agree. Some are great games and some are good. I have an Elvira coming so I’m curious to read your posts. Sounds as though you aren’t over the top hyper critical. It seems that some people expect the game to do their laundry. I just want the game to be fun to play. I’m sure it will be. Thanks again

#3456 1 year ago
Quoted from T7:

My game shipped with .80, and then I upgraded to .83
Please note, I needed to do the upgrade via the "SD Card Image Install". The normal USB install won't work because the file size is too large for a FAT32 USB drive.

How do you do that?

#3459 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

You don’t need to. That was bad information. Follow the instructions on the code “readme”. It separates the files so they are compatible with fat32. This post details it:

Thanks Appreciate the response

#3550 1 year ago
Quoted from FtrMech:

I have been playing mt EHOH since it arrived Wednesday...lots to do and I really love it. I am thinking the shots are much easier than in my Munsters...I can easily back hand the Dead Head Crypt, the Front Door is a reasonable shot, as expected...I am experiencing rejects from the garage as well as a several SDTM returns on failed garage shots but it is an easy shot to make...regardless, this game is a lot of fun...can't wait for the next code update.

A lot of people are having issues with their game. This game sounds like a huge pain in the butt out of the box. I’m waiting on a premium but I don’t want to buy a headache. Do you think I should switch to a new game or is it really worth it.

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