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Eight Ball lights don't work

By KeithJFro

15 days ago

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    #1 15 days ago

    Hi I have a 1977 eight ball pinball machine

    I was playing it and then all of the sudden the main back glass lights do not work

    And the main playfield lights do not work including the three bumpers lights

    Everything else works, the balls racked in the middle of the playfield lights work, the target lights work, the scoring lights work.

    Even the lights on the numbers 1 2 3 and 4 for each player on the back glass work.

    Plays fine.

    I'm a beginner when it comes to trying to fix this stuff so any help would be appreciated

    Thank you...

    #2 15 days ago

    Those are all on the GI circuit together. Check the fuses on the rectifier board, it's possible the fuse has just blown. The connectors also like to burn up from all the current the GI draws

    #3 15 days ago

    Like I said it's all foreign to me trying to fix this thing so any help you could give me I would really appreciate it

    Where is that board I know it's in where the back glass is but which one is it?

    #4 15 days ago

    It has to be the fuses because now and I'm trying to fix it I can't even get through a ball and just blacks out and it turns on, blacks out then it turns on blacks out and turns on

    #5 15 days ago

    If the GI lights are going out and then coming back on, it's not the fuse. Most likely a burnt connection at the rectifier board. It located in the head, bottom right corner. You'll see six fuses. 5th from the rear is the 20 amp GI lamp fuse. Look at the plastic housing holding the wires top row, rear. Is it a consistent color (usually beige if never replaced)? Commonly there will be burnt marks visible. If so, the connector and pins need replaced.

    #7 15 days ago
    Quoted from KeithJFro:

    It has to be the fuses because now and I'm trying to fix it I can't even get through a ball and just blacks out and it turns on, blacks out then it turns on blacks out and turns on

    You mean the lights are turning off and on while you play? But you can still play fine, the game continues flipping and scoring?

    #8 15 days ago
    Quoted from zacaj:

    You mean the lights are turning off and on while you play? But you can still play fine, the game continues flipping and scoring?

    If the game is re-setting, like it was turned off then back on, it's a whole different set of potential issues.

    #9 15 days ago

    I could be playing, and then the game just acts like I turned it off and then back on

    I had this issue before, and then I had a guy come out and look at it and he replaced all the burnt-out bulbs and it stopped doing it.

    #10 15 days ago

    Before the blackout started, the GI lights were out

    I was just playing and they went out, never flickered off and on they were just out.

    But everything else worked fine.

    #11 15 days ago

    Beginning Pinball Repair:
    Read before working on a pinball or a pinball circuit board!


    #12 15 days ago

    Keith -

    Remove the backglass. Look on toward the bottom on the right hand side - you should see a circuit board with three connectors and a bunch of fuses. Most likely, you will see that some of the connectors are brown/black, indicating they are burned. Those connectors and pins on the rectifier board will need to be replaced.

    The machine is resetting, likely due to the 5 volts dropping too low. With the GI out, and the machine resetting, the usual culprit is the rectifier board I am pointing you to. If in doubt, take a picture and post it so we can see it.

    While you're behind the backglass, take a look at the MPU (On the upper left) and see how the battery looks. If you have green stuff or fuzz on/around it, you have another issue coming up. (Battery corrosion) Again, if in doubt, post a picture.

    #13 15 days ago

    Thanks Bill and everybody

    I will probably do that sometime today when I get home

    I've waited 20 years to own this machine along with original Playboy and I finally got them

    I have a feeling I'll be restoring this eight ball machine like an old car LOL

    Playboy on the other hand is damn near flawless

    #14 15 days ago

    Screen shot of the lights out before the blackout started.

    That's not an in play shot, but all the target lights work except for the small green light on the top right in the "merry go round" because there is no bulb in it. But I do know the circuit does work when there is a bulb that works in it.

    The bumpers in the middle of the playfield, and all the regular lights do not work and neither does the lights across the top of the back glass for the Eight Ball banner

    Working lights on the back glass below...

    The same player shoots again, numbers one through four on each player next to the score, ball in play, high score to date, the round numbers 1 through 4 on the bottom left. GAME OVER.

    The high score is saved when the machine is off.

    20191106_223604_001_1 (resized).png
    #15 15 days ago

    Keith -

    I was talking about pictures of the different circuit boards behind the backglass.

    #16 15 days ago

    Oh I know.

    Those were taken last night I haven't had a chance to get home yet to do anymore today

    #17 14 days ago

    More than likely you have burned connectors and pins on rectifier board by transformer.

    #18 13 days ago

    How much does it cost to get fixed?

    I have a short video of the blackout but can't post it here I don't think.

    #19 13 days ago
    Quoted from KeithJFro:

    I have a short video

    You have to link a youtube video here.

    #20 13 days ago

    Make sure to turn the power off before you poke around on the Rectifier board.

    I had similar issues after I bought my Eight Ball and had to not only replace the burnt connectors but also had to install a new Rectifier board (with help from Pinsiders) because it had pins that were burnt as bad as the wafer connectors. Flawless now and my all time favorite Pin.

    #21 13 days ago

    This should be the blackout video

    #22 11 days ago

    Open the backbox and make a video of the boards and the connectors starting with the rectifier board on the transformer. Hold the camera steady and long so we can get a good look.

    1 week later
    #23 2 days ago

    Hi everybody

    The machines are up and running, he repinned the connectors on the top right board.

    On the right side

    Working fine now.

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