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Eight Ball Deluxe Owner Club & Restorations Guests Welcome As Well

By Hellfire

6 years ago

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Post #1325 What happens when white is used as a base in paint Posted by KevinCPR (2 years ago)

Post #1331 Double screening on playfields Posted by KevinCPR (2 years ago)

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#180 5 years ago

Add me to the group.

I picked up an eight ball deluxe LE about a month ago.

I wish I could do a shop job on it, but the playfield is absolutely shot.

I'd love to find find a nicer machine and/or reproduction playfield some day. I really regret selling the nice 8BD I had. Lesson learned.

1 month later
#225 4 years ago

Add me to the club.

I'm in the middle of shopping out my LE.

Pretty decent playfield, had to do a few minor touch-ups.

Getting ready to take the Treasure Cove polishing kit to the playfield mylar.

Hope to have it back together in the next week or so.

I still have to design/machine playfield plastic protectors.

#228 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Treasure Cove polishing kit eh? I bet that would be the stuff I would need to use on my overlay. I have just been using novus 1 so far. Wasn't really sure what was best to use.

I've never tried the Treasure Cove kit on an overlay...but it does do a number on stock mylar.

#232 4 years ago

Those look good.

I'm ordering a set.

#234 4 years ago

I wish someone, other that Twisted, made stencil kits for the LE.

My LE is completely stripped at the moment. All of the electro-mechanical assemblies have been disassembled/cleaned. LOTS of new parts.

All new boards, (Alltek) except for the squawk and talk, but I've replaced all the caps and the board works good.

Getting ready to take the Treasure Cove polishing kit to it.

Just wish I could find some good stencils.

#236 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I also wanted to follow up with a way better picture of my LE backglass with LED strips in it. This is what is actually looks like in person. Hard to take accurate pics of how LEDs look in a game. Highly recommend doing this. It does create glare if you are playing with the lights off. If you are playing in a well lit room it is not an issue though.

Where do you connect the LED's to get power?

1 week later
#248 4 years ago
Quoted from Vinnie50:

One is that the sounds seem to work, but i dont hear the voice portion "Stop talking....shoot the 8 ball" etc.

Get the squawk and talk rebuild kit from great plains electronics...


#249 4 years ago

Just finished the shop job on my 8 Ball Deluxe LE.

A few pics...

(Notice the custom made playfield plastic protectors)

Dsc_1068.jpg Dsc_1066.jpg DSC_1065.JPG DSC_1054.JPG DSC_1055.JPG DSC_1056.JPG DSC_1057.JPG DSC_1058.JPG DSC_1059.JPG DSC_1060.JPG DSC_1061.JPG DSC_1062.JPG DSC_1064.JPG
#251 4 years ago

Yeah, those Cliffy ball guides are great!!!

I almost left out the most important pic...

#253 4 years ago

Thanks dothedoo

I have exactly 146 hours into it. I still want to paint the cabinet, one of these days.

#254 4 years ago
Quoted from Windsor:

My Naked LE! No going back now.

I've stripped it down and the resto has started. I'm going to concentrate on the cabinet first. It has a couple extra holes near the coin door that need filling. There is also the common, fiber board damage along the bottom back.

There were a few scrapes that were touched up over the years that will need addressing.

After pulling off the stainless side protectors, I was amazed at the amount of fade on the gold.

When I referred to this as a higher end resto, all I was referring to was I was going to spend the money to get things done right...by professionals. The cabinet will be prepped and sprayed by a pro. I still need to match the gold. It is very unusual, and I'm not sure if its actually a gold or a green/yellow.

I have no illusion of this being a quick restoration. Especially relying on others to tackle some of the work. I still need to make another playfield rotisserie before I can dig into that part of it.

Here's some pics of my starting point.

Can't wait to see what the cabinet looks like when finshed.

Where did you buy the stencils you plan on using?

I'm wanting to re-do the cabinet on my LE soon.

2 weeks later
#259 4 years ago

I ran into the same problem w/ a new set of plastics I bought from BAA

I sent a message complaining about it.

They immediately sent me out the correct plastics.

I'd suggest going with the metal version that Cliffy has.

That's what I installed. They look/work great.

1 month later
#265 4 years ago

That piece goes into the trash.

#269 4 years ago

Wish I could afford that playfield...but, at the moment, I'm practically broke when it comes to pinball funds.

2 weeks later
#284 4 years ago

I put the Comet warm retro whites in the GI...looks great.

On the white inserts, I used the cointaker cool whites. I used a few different color cointaker retro style in the colored inserts.

2 months later
#325 4 years ago

Wish I had something you'd be interested in.

That looks like a sweet 8BDLX

1 week later
#371 4 years ago
Quoted from bintzknocker:

Thanks for the info gatecrasher. Very insightful!

GateCrasher knows his 8 ball deluxe.

Helped me out a bunch on my restore.

2 months later
#389 4 years ago

On the 3rd release, Bally/Midway cheapened out....made the cabinets out of particle board instead of plywood.

The backbox artwork on the original is better too.

#393 4 years ago

Even though the LE doesn't seem to get much love...I kinda like it.

Just wish someone could provide cabinet scans to pinball pimp so we can get some quality stencils made.

#396 4 years ago

No-one has ever made decals, as far as I know.

2 months later
#447 4 years ago

Is that the correct apron?

The original was white, the LE and "classic" version has the Bally/Midway apron.

#455 4 years ago
Quoted from DeanS:

Mine is a 'classic' I believe and it set up for 3 balls per play. Was that normal or can it be changed to 5 balls?

You can change it to 5 ball by changing the dip switch settings

1 week later
#479 3 years ago

CPR is taking pre-orders on 8 ball deluxe playfields!!!

Life IS good!!!

Thanks CPR!!!

#486 3 years ago

It's there...scroll down

#495 3 years ago


That didn't take long.

I'm glad I decided to order that 2nd PF now.

3 weeks later
#535 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Ditch it and just do LED strips. Rock pinball made me a custom setup. Really cheap and easy to set up.

Where are you hooking up the LED strips to get power?

#538 3 years ago

I actually thought about designing/machining a new lamp board for the backbox, using the staple-type #44 sockets. I just don't think there would be much demand for it to justify all the upfront work.

The LED strips is a much easier way to light the backglass. I agree...3 strips look much better than 2. Warm white is the better choice as well. I use warm whites to bring out the reds, oranges, yellows. I like the cool whites to bring out the blues and greens.

#540 3 years ago

Anything is better than the fluorescent light.

1 month later
#614 3 years ago

I'll take it, if it's still available

1 week later
#633 3 years ago

What I did was this...

I took a small file and filed away most of the flange. I kept a pair of calipers around in order to file each stand-off approximately the same diameter. Tou might have to enlarge the holes in the plastics just a smidgen as well.

#636 3 years ago

Great idea GateCrasher

I'll have to do that on my 2nd 8BD restore.

#637 3 years ago

I used my soldering tip insterted into the flange side to remove the bell stand-offs from the old plastics. Worked real good.

#640 3 years ago
Quoted from Gatecrasher:

Yeah it doesn't take much heat to easily remove them.
I usually squeeze the flanges straight and then throw them in my vibratory polisher to clean them up nice.

Thanks to the parts you make for the old Ballys, my 8BD pins are going to look great, when finished.

Keep up the good work...much appreciated.

#641 3 years ago

I designed/machined plastic protectors for 8 Ball Deluxe.

I wonder if there'd be much interest in them.

they came out nice.

#643 3 years ago

It might take me a little while before I can get around to a production run. I'm working on several pin "mods".

I'll see what I can possibly dop to make this happen.

#652 3 years ago
Quoted from MrBellMan:

No one better IMHO!

He really helped me out on my 1st 8BD restore.

1 week later
#666 3 years ago

Gatecrasher...what is the typical playfield pitch on 8BD?

I have stock legs on my LE. The steepest I can get is 5 degrees.

3 weeks later
#683 3 years ago

How fast do you need them?

I might be able to help you out.

1 week later
#708 3 years ago

It's not used on 8 ball deluxe.

Both sets of new plastics I received had that pice included.

It's not used...pitch it

#711 3 years ago
Quoted from kilmarnock1350:

Weird... thanks for the head's up. Funny thing is one of the pieces that IS used was not included in the kit. Working with pinball heaven to sort that out. As well as the inlane plastics holes drilled incorrectly.

I had the same problem when I bought both of my plastic sets from BAA a while back. They sent me the missing plastics for free though.

#714 3 years ago


How can some people be SO stupid.

Looks like a nice machine.

1 week later
#733 3 years ago
Quoted from kilmarnock1350:

For those with LEDs, Did you install Alltek boards in both lamp driver AND auxiliary lamp driver boards?

I have both in my 8BD

9 months later
#1177 2 years ago

I'd suggest replacing all of the capacitors on the squawk & Talk. That will probably fix your no sound issue.

1 month later
#1273 2 years ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

Received word that my playfield is ready to ship and paid for it today. Based on the pics on their website, looks white, not cream colored, for those wondering.

I made my payment yesterday...for 2 playfields.

1 week later
#1300 2 years ago

Both of my playfields arrived today.

#1327 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing that info Kevin.

As always, you guys did a "killer job" in doing these playfields.

Can't wait to see my TAF and Diner playfields I have on order.

1 month later
#1419 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballTilt:

So I'm working through the issues on this le of mine and whoever owned this previously liked to splice wires and cover with electrical tape. Sometimes I can't figure out where the wires originally went to, so I may be asking for some pictures, if someone could help it would be appreciated.
What is the purpose of the solenoids on the side drop bank? It appears they cause the drop to be knocked down by the solenoid, but why? Is this built in to the gameplay somehow? I'm attaching a picture. It appears the coil locked on at some point and the guy 'fixed' it by cutting the wires.

Yes, these coils will drop individual drop targets...

Say for instance, player one has 1, 3 and 5 dropped player 2 has 10 and 12 dropped. The machine remembers this, to when player 1 is back up to play, 1, 3, and 5 will drop, prior to game play.

1 month later
#1508 2 years ago

I installed the retro LEDs.

They look great.

4 months later
#1640 2 years ago
Quoted from orangegsx:

Anyone have an extra one of these plastic peices they would get rid of? Doesn't have to be new. Just something to get me by until cpr releases another run and I do a restore. Thanks.

Planetary has the plastics...


1 month later
#1761 1 year ago
Quoted from SteveO:

What are Eight Ball Deluxe's going for these days? I am going to look at one that is from the original run (not an LE) with a backglass that swings out. Backglass and playfield are nice, new displays and new drop targets, works 100%. Cabinet is good to fair, black powdercoating on rails and coin door.

Keep in mind that the '84 run have cabinebts that are made of particle board, not plywood.

#1763 1 year ago
Quoted from Bohdi:

And it's not stenciled. Don't think you can find decals for the '84 either. I've never seen them available anyways

I've never seen them either.

I wish someone would make stencils for the EBD LE

#1766 1 year ago
Quoted from jj44114:

His stencils are garbage.

That's what I had heard.

#1780 1 year ago
Quoted from gorgar007:

Are EBD lamps mostly #555? Are there any flashers?

no flashers

2 months later
#1827 1 year ago
Quoted from scampcamp:

Just received the new arch (apron) and shooter gauge from Merf's Pins. These are very well made. I am very happy with everything. Great customer service. Answered all my emails promptly.
I hope they do many other titles.

Received mine today too....WOW.....

It's gorgeous!

Can't wait to get my TAF apron....

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