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Eight Ball Deluxe Owner Club & Restorations Guests Welcome As Well

By Hellfire

6 years ago

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#270 4 years ago

I'm in with an '81 vintage EBD that we've had for a good 20 years now. Just stumbled on to the club here. I do have a quick question regarding lamps. Wondering if any of you have swapped in LED's for your GI lighting and how it went. Had NO IDEA there were as many choices for PF LED's as there are. My first guess (broad swipe) would be for one of the 'warm' frosted types but I've never seen them installed. Figured I would pick up a few and just experiment. Thoughts? Prior experience?

#274 4 years ago

Tnx for the info guys. MrB, a sweet EBD you've got there. Do you remember which LED bulbs you used?


#277 4 years ago

Looks really nice. I think I've swapped out my last 555 incandescent !

#278 4 years ago

chuckwurt, i'm putting together the shopping list here. what bulbs do you have under the pop bumpers (they look great!) ? tnx again..

#280 4 years ago

Tnx again Chuck.. Your machine is nicely decked out. I've been thinking about making the switch to LED's; had no idea everybody beat me there !! As you know, a couple of the EBD bulbs can be a nuisance to get to and wouldn't mind one last change out for life of the machine. I looked at the Alltek Universal light board and looks good for our EBD and Fathom. Think that's a go as well. Thanks again man and cheers...

#281 4 years ago

Mr B, Did you use the same warm frosted bulb throughout ??

#285 4 years ago

Hey dothedoo and indypinhead. Tnx for the info. How's about a quick pic of your EBD ?

#287 4 years ago

very nice job on the xenon. was that a cpr pf swap? it's completely sold me on the LED swap. did these require a new lamp board? i see some folks going with the alltek lamp board or jumping the sockets w/ a small value resistor to prevent flicker. i would get a new board if necessary but if i could make it all work without one so much the better. tnx for sharing man...

#289 4 years ago

So if you swap your Bally lamp board to a Universal Alltek unit or use Hans' adapters, are all EBD lamps covered/ controlled ? Do you need to swap out the auxiliary lamp board as well ?

#292 4 years ago

Got it. I think I'm going to pick up an Alltek board and just get to experimenting. I saw that somebody mentioned that that was half the fun of it and I think I can buy into that...

Have an unrelated question here. Given the pool theme, I thought it would be cool to have a white ball aka cue ball. Has anyone made available a "cue ball" pinball? I've seen brief mentions of such a beastie but no leads on where to come by one. Ideas guys ??

#298 4 years ago

The 8-ball is cool indeed and I swear that I've seen a cue-ball offered by Marco in the past. Can't find it now though. Sent them a quick email on it. Will have to check out that shooter rod CW. Also sounds neat...

#299 4 years ago

Is this the power ball you guys are talking about? Why doesn't anyone like them?

9 months later
#548 3 years ago

I check the CPR site every 6 months or so just to see if they will serve the clamoring masses with another EBD pf run. Am I reading this right? Are they cutting new boards?? And if they are, did I miss out (again)??!! Possible aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh.....

#551 3 years ago

Well, looks like I'm pulling out the touch-up paints...

#552 3 years ago

You guys can't see it but I'm hissin' and spittin'.... How many did they run??

#555 3 years ago

xTBK, you don't have to offer twice !! I'll take it. I thank you. My aging EBD thanks you. Will PM you...

1 week later
#562 3 years ago

Congrats and welcome !!

#570 3 years ago

Anyone have a handy list of rubber bands needed to fully outfit an EBD?? Thanks...

#572 3 years ago

tnx Chuck. much appreciated !

#578 3 years ago

Hey guys. Got a nasty hum on the EBD audio. Odd thing is that it comes and goes (usually some baseline buzz actually). I'm guessing that it's the PS caps or possibly a bad rectifier. Is this where you guys would start looking ?? Tnx...

#580 3 years ago

tnx BK. The pot is definitely dirty but doesnt seem to source the hum. Will jump on the caps first. Are you aware of any replacement kits? Maybe Steve Young offers something? Tnx again..

#582 3 years ago

Anybody know where to score the big caps (C26,C23) on the EBD voltage regulator module? They are 160 MFD,350V and 11700MFD,20v respectively. Tnx..

1 week later
#605 3 years ago

Hey guys. Couple of questions. The "C" rollover is no longer registering on my machine. Burnished the contacts, checked the gap and tried a jumper across the contacts w/ no joy. Seems like it might be closer to the brain. Ideas? Second, lesser concerning problem is some lifting and flaking of the black paint along one edge of the back glass. Is it cool to carefully remove the flaked portion and repaint? What paint? Thanks as always...

#608 3 years ago

Tnx TBK but no joy. Reseated J2 (actually all of the molex connectors) and still not picking up the hit. Has been working fine and the "B,C,D" all functional. There's a diode on the "C" playfield assembly. Any chance that was blown? (I thought they were fairly hardy components). Other ideas? Thanks as always..

#609 3 years ago

Tnx for the idea dtd. There is a drop target, the "E" target and the L thumper on that chain and they're all functional. Hope this isn't one of those hair-pullers..

#611 3 years ago

Tnx dtd. You were spot on! Broken wire in the door cable. Fixed...

#619 3 years ago
Quoted from dothedoo:

Even though those switches are functional there still could be a broken wire. The wires are daisy-chained from switch to switch. Let's say the left bumper has a broken wire. The bumper could still work, but the next switch in the chain won't.
Since only one switch isn't working it could be the first switch in the row or the last switch in the column, relative to signal flow. Unfortunately, the schematics don't necessarily show the switches "in order" in their rows and columns, so you'll have to check each switch in the row and each switch in the column for which the "C" is the intersection.
Looking at the schematics, the row switches are the second "E" and left bumper (as you stated), as well as the 6 ball/14 ball drop target and credit button. The column switches are "A", "B", "D", all three coin slots and the slam tilt.
I would inspect the coin door first as that is the most likely place to have a broken wire.

I spoke too soon. While there was a loose wire in the cab door, it did not link to the "C" rollover. Did self-test and it shows a 'stuck' contact at the 4x drop target. Seems like a separate issue. Will tackle that and still looking for ideas on trouble-shooting the "C"... Ideas boys?

#622 3 years ago

Will do. Difficult to follow wires in cables and even more so at the head of the PF. Just not a lot of space to poke your noggin. Is it bad form to flip the playfield in place and support it on a sheet of stiff ply (the cable harness at the head looks plenty long enough to accommodate this).. Easier access would make wire inspection/ signal tracing a damn sight easier ; )

#627 3 years ago

Will try jumping the diode first. If no joy there, will explore these good ideas on fully accessing the PF underguts and commence to tracing wires. Thanks for all of the pointers...

2 months later
#769 3 years ago

Hey guys. I'm taking a few minutes to re-rubber the EBD and am finding a few of the posts to be pretty wobbly once the old rings are removed. What's the best practice approach to fixing these? We used to fill the holes w/ plastic wood or sawdust/ Elmer's combo then redrill. Any better ways ? Tnx..

2 weeks later
#814 3 years ago

Well guys, the EBD has finally developed a nasty problem that I believe has to be localized to the power supply. I get a nasty 60 Hz hum on the audio that waxes/ wanes. Every few minutes, it crescendos and the machine resets. Not sure where to start. Have some replacements for the big caps in the PS and will swap those out. Any other ideas?

1 week later
#829 3 years ago
Quoted from mbd:

I'm pretty sure (I am away from home so cannot check schematics at the moment) that the squawk & talk board gets its power for the sound from the GI supply (AC) so you'll need to replace (at least) the bigger caps on the squawk & talk as well. But you should definitely upgrade the PS by replacing old caps etc and verify that the AC ripple on the 5VDC supply is nominal.

I replaced the 2 big caps on the PS and that resolved the hum completely. Tnx..

#830 3 years ago

Finally getting around to rebuilding the upper flip mech on our EBD as it's grown steadily weaker over the years. Wow, ton of wear on the pawl/ nylon bushing. Bit surprised the thing was working at all. I don't need a rebuild kit as most of the parts have found their way into the junk box over the years. That said, was looking at the parts lists for the more popular kits available and they all include a spring washer. I have no such thing on any of the flips in our current roster (EBD, Fathom, Centaur). What the hey? Where does it install? What does it do? Do I really need one and why? Tnx as always...

#832 3 years ago

Tnx M. There is certainly plenty of slop in this mech and at this stage of wear I'm sure its multi-factorial including lack of a spring washer. I can see where this would definitely tighten things up for the better. Ordering 'em now... Tnx again...

#833 3 years ago

For years we just played the hell out of our games and enjoyed them. Nothing ever seemed to malfunction. These puppies getting old now I guess and seems like I'm finding something that needs tending daily.. The black paint on the lowest aspect of the backglass is flaking off in alarmingly large chunks (Antartica, I feel your pain..) Seems like I've seen something about sealing the glass with something called Triple Thick. Thing is, I'd like to fill the missing black back in before sealing. Can this be done? How to? Brush on acrylic, careful spray after masking, other ?? Tnx as always guys..

#835 3 years ago

Just finished my first ever flipper rebuild. WOW !! Gonna have to learn how to play this *new* game all over again. Thanks maestro for cluing me into the spring washers. Definitely locks the coil down. Now onto that Triple-Thick...

3 weeks later
#842 3 years ago

Couple of questions guys. Anybody powder-coated their legs? Approximate cost? If not powder-coat, does the old standy-by Rustoleum do a decent job? Tnx as always..

#845 3 years ago

Thanks for the ideas guys. Who knows how many times these tired legs have been taken off/ put on. Accumulated their share of dings. The local custom coating shop will sandblast and powder coat for $12 per and that will virtually eliminate the issue (forever..) Next question: would like to polish the leg attachment bolts. Have a tumbler but need suggestions on media. Type and where to procure? Tnx as always...

#847 3 years ago

Thanks. Found walnut shell grit at the pet store (reptile bedding of all things). Gonna give that a go w/ bit of the Turtle Wax metal polish. It's definitely a low cost solution (if it works). Will report the results here..

#848 3 years ago

Reporting back. The inexpensive walnut grit (reptile bedding) works great. Ended up putting 2 cups along w/ 5cc or so of Brasso and the hardware has a mirror surface after 6 hours. Sometimes the cheap solution plays..

1 week later
#857 3 years ago

Any tips on polishing up the coin door? Our EBD door has a few light scratches but that's about it. Will a cotton buffing wheel on the workbench grinder do the trick? Which polishing compounds seem to work the best? Tnx as always...

#860 3 years ago

Tnx TBK. Looks like there are several Flitz products available. To which are you referring?

#862 3 years ago

Tnx as always TBK. WAY COOL 8-ball plunger knob. Gotta have one. Where did you come by that gem?

#876 3 years ago

The cabinet front on our EBD has taken its share of abuse over the years w/ assorted holes (drilled for ? reason), dings and gouges. Have removed hardware, filled divots and sanded. Now looking to repaint and could use some direction. Spray vs brush? Paint that closely matches the EBD black? Tnx as always..

#879 3 years ago

Tnx TBK. Will shoot a pic or two after work today. Right now, just looking to spiff up the front-most portion of the cabinet. The graphics on the cabinet sides are in good shape with only the occasional small ding (1-2mm). The Flitz works well; the door positively shines! Ordering the custom shooter rod today as well. Went with powder coating the legs; they look fairly bullet proof now. I don't think this particular machine has looked this good for > decade..

#880 3 years ago

Here's the EBD front before some TLC. A number of scrapes, gouges, random holes etc. Fully striped down now and took the opportunity to shine up the coin door and surrounding trim. The black here certainly does not look factory and is sort of a flat - semigloss. The side graphics have plenty of black that look more glossy. Will look at both the semi and full gloss enamels then. Tnx again for the much valued help..

EBD front before (resized).jpg

#882 3 years ago

Tnx Chris. Moving right along w/ the project. Paint tonite. Interesting thing happening here. I literally held off on any refurb/resto work for years thinking that undertaking it w/ good outcome was somehow beyond me. Now I see that a bit of elbow grease (and tapping the collective experience here) can in fact yield a much better than expected outcome. I'm finding that I'm looking to dive in ever deeper. That said, the T molding on the front of my machine has obviously fended off a number of traumas. Is that material hard to come by, remove, replace?? Tnx again as always...

#885 3 years ago

Tnx HPR! Any hints and tips on the removal?

#887 3 years ago

Yep, you were right. Started by lifting one edge w/ flat screwdriver and slowly pulled w/ no mishaps. Nice work on the graphic. Use a stencil or are you free-handing?

#894 3 years ago

Used a Rustoleum semi-gloss black for the front and it looks good. Unfortunately, seems to scratch VERY easily. Assuming that a clear coat will help protect here. Got a can of Triple Thick hanging around. Would work here?

front after paint (resized).jpg

#897 3 years ago

Tnx TBK. I think the Matte finish will go well here. Gettin' close.. (we miss playing..)

#917 3 years ago

VERY nice indeed..

1 month later
#957 2 years ago

Need to replace the plastic ball guides. Is there anyone offering plastic repro's or better still metal ?? Tnx guys..

plastic ball guide (resized).jpg

#960 2 years ago

Cliffy's offers Williams spec ball return guides but I don't see Bally (unless I'm just missing them). Is anyone offering the laser-cut lexan guides commercially??

#974 2 years ago

Getting ready to tackle the paint flaking on the lower edge of our backglass. Wondering if I can just triple-thick the problem areas or do I need to do the entire backglass (necessitating masking) ? Also looking for the hints/ tips on repainting that area that has flaked. It is entirely black within the affected area so will need black of course but wondering about a silver overcoat ? Tnx as always..

1 week later
#1015 2 years ago

Just replaced cracked plastic lane guides with metal replacements. They look fine and don't really change the lighting that much (bulbs positioned beneath the plastics did trans-illuminate somewhat) but I'm finding that they change play. Didn't see this coming... Specifically, balls entering the lane from either direction move quite briskly along the metal rail. The plastic must give a bit and de-accelerate the ball. All that said, I'd like to switch back to plastic. Is anyone offering a poly replacement?

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