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Eight Ball Deluxe Owner Club & Restorations Guests Welcome As Well

By Hellfire

6 years ago

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#2326 46 days ago

Hello 8BD world! I am brand new here and the proud new owner of an 8BD. Picked it up over the summer and it actually plays pretty well for being close to 40 years old. The game would cut out after about 8 games and just die while in mid game. Found some time to work on it and decided to start changing out the boards. Started with MPU, Solenoid, and Light Board. Ordered from Marco (but really All Tek) and it did not fix the problem. Still happy to change out the boards as they were terrible looking. Not afraid to put some money into this game. After a little more digging and some help (over the phone) from Dave at All Tek (really cool guy) the power board inside was FUBAR. Just put the board in today and now "All Systems Go". Next step is to switch over to LED lights which I have in hand now.

Question 1: Do other 8BD owners like the switch over to LED'S?
Question 2: What has been the life of the newer boards so far? Any major Issues?
Question 3: Since I am not sure if the boards were original that came with it do they hold any value? Should I have them redone for originality reasons
Question 4:Does anyone have a copy of the original owners manual I could purchase, get a copy of somehow?
Would love to be able to set the dip switches 1-32 in the right order. A pic of the right order would be awesome

Thanks! DigitalJB
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#2337 44 days ago
Quoted from Lovef2k:If you are going to switch to LED bulbs, keep in mind that this era of Bally games has #555 lamp sockets. I have restored 3 EBD games and from my experience, the plastic bases on the LED lamps are not very compatible or user friendly with the LED lamp base. It takes a lot of effort to seat them in the sockets and sometimes the connections are flaky. If your game has the lamp board pcb's under the playfield, then it won't be as difficult. Also when switching to LED's you will see the lamps flicker or strobe. The reason for this is that the LED lamp doesn't draw enough current as the original 555 lamp and this causes switching issues on the lamp driver board, mostly all Bally and Sterns from late 70's to early 80's will do this. Luckily there solutions for this. The easiest is changing the original lamp driver and aux lamp driver to Alltek. They have a built in fix for this by running a jumper wire to the switched lamp bus wire.
Also make sure you get the correct manual for your game. Although very similar, there are slight differences in wiring and colors of the wires between the 81 version and the LE. Not sure about the Bally-Midway version though.
One way to tell if a board is original to the game is to match serial numbers from boards to the cabinet. This isn't always 100% because arcades back in the day may have had more than one particular game and sometimes the heads would get mixed up.

Thanks for the advice as I got a chance today to start changing out the 555's. I tackled the back box first and I did notice that the fit was a little tighter with the LED'S. My solution was to take a small flat head and just wiggle the socket inside a little and they fit perfectly. The appearance is definitely different compared to the old bulbs. I spent a little time working on the Playfield lights but didn't get too far. That's going to be a little more of a show so I was wondering if I should remove the Playfield to make this easier? Also, does it make sense to change the LED'S on the Playfield if I have plans to get the Playfield redone? I would do the Playfield now but they are hard to come by these days. Recently saw one on EBAY go for $1525.00

#2338 44 days ago
Quoted from pacman11:

Yeah what’s the trick to getting LEDs to fit in these sockets without breaking the plastic socket? I have 555 comets frosted LEDs and they just don’t fit. Does someone sell thinner LEDs to fit this older game? I’ll buy the altek led board if I can get LEDs to fit.

Pacman, just take a small flathead and barely open (pry) the female end inside the light bulb socket. Takes a little extra time but saves time in the long run.

#2339 44 days ago
Quoted from Mathazar:

Welcome! EBD is by far my favorite machine...it'll never leave my gameroom.
I did switch to LEDs. I didn't go super bright and left it tasteful. I really like the look of the inserts with the LEDS.
I have an Alltek lamp board in mine and a Rottendog rectifier board....so far so good after 1.5 years. I used an Alltek MPU in it for the first few months while I repaired the original MPU, then put the original MPU back in once it was working. I now use the Alltek in my other Bally pins when I'm troubleshooting stuff. The original boards do hold value - do a search on eBay and you can see how much working and non-working ones sell for (provided there is no battery corrosion damage).
You can get the owner's manual here (PDF): https://www.ipdb.org/search.pl?any=eight+ball+deluxe&search=Search+Database&searchtype=quick#762
Have fun!

Thanks for the helpful info and the link for the owners manual. I checked the boards and I didn't see any serial numbers that match my machine. I am going to just shelf the old boards for a rainy day for now. The new All Tek boards are working perfectly so I am very happy so far. Next up will be the Playfield. Any suggestions where to get a new one? Recently bid on one but it went for $1525 on EBAY. Crazy!!!

#2340 44 days ago
Quoted from phillyfan64:

Some more custom cards by Mr_Tantrum. He customized the text for me. Great job. Thanks.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

How could I get a set of those cards?

1 week later
#2345 34 days ago
Quoted from iluvak9:

Strange Tech Issue Occurring During Lamp Test...
I had my 1981 8BD near 100% working, but there was one or two feature lights acting up.

I am a newbie here and have been working on my 81 EBD a lot lately and have switched out all the boards with All Tek and have had good success so far. I am not familiar with the Weebly boards you put in but it sounds like it could be in the settings of the board. The previous owner did some kind of hack to the Aux light board on my 8BD and it is next on my list. I have the new board and will be installing soon. The game itself is working perfectly and I am a little nervous to mess with it right now since it's doing well. Double check all your connections first and hopefully you will find the problem.

My 8BD has 4 lights out on Playfield 3 near drop targets (The first three stripe balls) and then on the left ramp the extra ball lamp is out. Any suggestions on how to pinpoint the break???? Could it possibly be the hack from the previous owner on the aux light board?


#2346 34 days ago

My 8BD has 4 lights out on Playfield, 3 near drop targets (The first three stripe balls) and then on the left ramp the extra ball lamp is out. Any suggestions on how to pinpoint the break???? There is a pretty ugly hack at the aux light board where they wire nutted 3 wires and then soldered across the three connections on pins that hook into board. Could it possibly be the hack from the previous owner on the aux light board? How could I get a new pin connector that would plug into board? I have a new aux board but need to fix hack before I install it.


1 week later
#2357 25 days ago

Left Lane Rollover not working. Will score with a light rollover, will not score every time. Found snowflake falling apart so ordered and changed. Still no go, ordered actual insert assembly. Any advice on how to change insert? Also, switch is old but looks like it can be cleaned. Is there supposed to be a piece of white plastic on actually switch assembly for snowflake to hit?


#2359 25 days ago

Thanks for the info as always!

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