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Eight Ball Deluxe Owner Club & Restorations Guests Welcome As Well

By Hellfire

6 years ago

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#52 5 years ago
Quoted from Gatecrasher:

Here's what it takes to properly rebuild linear flippers from a 34 year old pinball machine. It might cost a little to do it right but it's worth it:

My guess is if you are having problems with the flipper sticking in the up position, you need to look at the coil sleeve, the plunger, the nylon bushing and the plunger stop. Another thing to look at is binding on the nylon bushing or if the bracket is cocked or bent. It sounds like something pretty-simple to me. I think I've had a problem like that once but was able to eliminate it after proper diagnosis.
I'm pretty anal about having all of my pins working 100% right down to every bulb.
If these flippers were as unreliable as they have been for you, EBD wouldn't have lasted a week on location because they got the crap played out of them back then.
I ought to know. As a kid in 1981 I fed EBD more quarters than I ever fed any other pinball machine.

This about makes me cry. Why would you put linear flippers back in. I put the older style plungers, links and paw and then go with the plastic lighter flipper. Though linear flippers work when they get hot and alittle wear boy are they sluggish. I can tell every time I am playing a game with these flippers especially alittle lower voltage like at a show. Painful....

All the collectors in the DFW area always ask me why do my classic Bally's play so well especially my 81's. I tell them outside of the full restoration its all about getting rid of the linear flipper.

I know we have debated this til the dogs come home but....painful.

1 year later
#347 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

It's just not for me is all. I think it's very well done, I dig the typography and the layout with the rope frames. I just don't dig the Marlboro Man / cowboy vibe personally. It wouldn't stop me from owning it, it's a great game, and I love early Bally SS a lot. Right now I have Fathom (on loan), Flash Gordon, Mystic, and Fireball II.
At some point Fathom will go home, and I'll probably try and trade my Fireball II for another Bally when something comes up. EBD is definitely on the list to go in one of those slots if I get a chance. But I'm not sure I'd pay a lot for a collector quality one for instance, because the theme doesn't make it worth it to me.
My favorite solid state Bally is Flash Gordon. IMHO it's the "Iron Man" of the era. Hard and fast, keeps you coming back for more. Mine's in decent condition, but not a looker. Backglass is great though, that's important. But man, it plays great.
Have any of you EBD people tried Cliffy's tweaked ball guides? I'm not sure how they are for EBD, he said they worked, but on Flash Gordon they're really nice. Smooths out that ball hop transition. Might not be "purist original", but I love the way it plays and feels.
Anything 1980 Bally is cool to me really. Not a hater!

I would love a retheme on the glass and get rid of "Chet". He needs to go. As for the game; a must for any Solid State collection but defnitely not in my top 10. I do like playing it every now and then though.

#349 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

That's cause you are spoiled by all those classic Sterns in your lineup.

Well I have a few Classic Stern's i.e. Stern JUNK and some SS Bally's....

#360 4 years ago
Quoted from Gatecrasher:

I remember in 1981 when EBD first came out. It was an instant hit. The group of guys I used to hang out with as a teen and I would play pinball almost every day. I can't count the number of quarters I blew on pinball in the late 70s / early 80s. Back then every mall had at least one huge arcade. Some had more than one. Every bowling alley also had a generous assortment of pinball machines.
By that time though, Space Invaders and PacMan were coming out too and the video games were signaling the end of pinball as we knew it. My friends and I were hard-core pinball fanatics though and spent the vast majority of our quarters on pinball. We used to drive miles out of our way just to go to a certain bowling alley or arcade that had Eight Ball Deluxe. It was without a doubt the most-popular pinball machine back then and I can't think of any machine since that has matched that level of enthusiasm. I remember one sitting right next to a Fathom and guys would be lined-up slapping quarters on the playfield glass of the EBD while Fathom sat there with cobwebs hanging off it.
Then a few years later we had a decent arcade in the student union at college. What was the most-popular pin there? It was an EBD Limited Edition except by then the price had changed from 5 balls for 25 cents to 3 balls for 50 cents. We still played the crap out of it almost every night (whenever we weren't either binge-drinking and/or chasing women).
We used to call the original 1981 edition of EBD "The Bad Guy Machine" because of ghoulish-looking character on the sides of the backbox.
We called the 1985 "Classic Edition" from Bally/Midway "The Nice Guy Machine" because of the nicer-looking guy on the sides of the backbox with a wedding band on his hand.
We really didn't have a name for the Limited Edition version. It was always looked at as kind of an oddball but it's still just as good of a player.

No question about that. I worked for an arcade company back in high school during this period. We had probably 15 of them between 4 locations. I moved the games and counted the money between our locations so yea. I get it. I also picked up plenty of them at the distributor. We placed these by the front door along with Meteor, Black Knight. But us players always gravited to the locations where the classic stern's were. Which we did not have many of the lower production ones. I do remember the day when they brought in (At another competitor) Quicksilver and Seawitch. Just awesome. Our Fathom's / Medusa's never got played. Though we played Fathom quite a bit. I remember alot of the games and there we plenty that got alot of attention. There are so many great ones from this time. I remember lines to play Space Invaders, Black Hole and Paragon when they came out. Crazy....Even Lost World got love. LOL!!

2 months later
#411 4 years ago
Quoted from Gatecrasher:

It was the best year as far as I'm concerned. There's never been a better one. All the 1981 releases were great.
It's just a shame it also signaled the end for Bally largely due to the rise of video games. Not too long afterwards we started to see the decline of the arcades. But for a couple years it was pure heaven if you were into pinball. Every mall had at least one major arcade (sometimes more than one). Every bowling alley also had a generous selection of pins. The east coast boardwalks all had tons of pinball machines and arcades as well as all the amusement parks. Not a whole lot of people I knew back then had them in their houses though.
I used to blow every cent I had on pinball and hang out in the arcades all the time.

You are right on that. 1980 to 1985 was amazing. Video and Pinball everywhere. I worked in an arcade, I helped build arcades, I spoke to the factory workers, visited distributors, delievered games to the arcades, we played all the time, games everywhere, I had my 69 Cutlass convertible and drove my 1000 Katana up and down "O" street. Those were great times.

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