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Eight Ball Deluxe Owner Club & Restorations Guests Welcome As Well

By Hellfire

6 years ago

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Post #1324 Explanation of paints used for screen printing Posted by KevinCPR (3 years ago)

Post #1325 What happens when white is used as a base in paint Posted by KevinCPR (3 years ago)

Post #1331 Double screening on playfields Posted by KevinCPR (3 years ago)

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#1960 1 year ago

Hey guys. Joined the club yesterday with a project machine. I’m so excited to get started. Brought home a good example of an early production game with white caps. Playfield is a bit worn but not horrible. Backglass has some peeling paint. The game is completely disassembled. The cabinet is empty except the powered board and transformer. It came with a bin full of parts. Looks like everything is there. More importantly the package included a new CPR Playfield and shay backglass. Cabinet and head are decent. At some point will likely strip and paint them but the initial phase will be to clean everything up and restore all the guts, swap the Playfield , get it running and then play the hell out of it for a while. Thanks pinsider Cheddar for everything!

A few pics. You can see the side of the head where someone added some cream paint over the original. A little ME and alcohol pulls that up without disturbing the paint underneath.

54BEA540-A00F-44C4-A733-4442B9BF54A4 (resized).jpeg8BC87A54-C768-4D85-B43F-E83888B845B4 (resized).jpegB4F70655-E1E4-4685-BF3F-B2DCE63C0934 (resized).jpegD3E0F28E-0401-47FC-8C34-13BC69428560 (resized).jpegDE5D8F13-28B5-41BB-B2B4-EBE6C30D9AF1 (resized).jpeg

#1961 1 year ago

And coin door restoration starts the process.


C0F67F98-5F3F-4C10-B7FD-6EF4B9F27DB6 (resized).jpeg
#1963 1 year ago
Quoted from Mathazar:

Welcome to the club! Have you thought about starting a new thread and documenting your rebuild/restoration process? I know a lot of folks (myself included) love watching other people's work. Great for learning and getting new ideas.

Thank thank you Mathazar. I thought about it but I was thinking there are plenty of similar threads and I’m just a home hobbyist average guy. I would like to do a thread so maybe your encouragement we’ll get me to do it.


#1965 1 year ago
Quoted from Mathazar:

I'm just a home hobbyist as well....been a player for 40+ years, but didn't buy my first pin until this time last year (EBD). A few months later, I bought a NIB Star Trek Pro Vault. The next month, I bought a Black Knight. Over the summer, I started doing my own maintenance on the old solid states (I have an electronics background early in my career) and I got enough courage to buy not one project Mata Hari last month, but two. Neither worked and picked them up for a few hundred each. Goal is to restore one for keeps and get the other to a working player's condition and flip. I'm by far no pro, but I'm starting to document my journey on the keeper Mata Hari - will be putting up a dedicated thread on that soon. I'm going to get it working 100% first (almost there), then do a topside tear down for a hard top install, and then put it all back with new plastics and a tasteful LED conversion. After I play with that for a while, I'm going to tear everything out again and get it down to a naked cabinet and backbox and have a local guy repair the wood and repaint (that's out of my comfort zone). While the cabinet is out for paint, I'll tumble the smaller steel pieces for a nice shine and try to revive the bigger pieces by hand. Then it's re-assembly and hopefully a permanent place in my game room lineup.
Good luck with reviving your EBD, Dave!

Thank you Kris. Sounds like you are in full bore too. You ate the first chip and within months had the whole bag. . I think you have a good handle on things. I look forward the seeing your threads.

I took your suggestion and started a new thread to document the work..


#1967 1 year ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Does anyone know what paint types/colors are needed for the playfield? I am thinking about touching up some of mine.
[quoted image]

I think your pf is better then mine.


#1973 1 year ago
Quoted from yfz450:

calipindave, Nice Star Lube/Sizer. I have 3 of them! Been casting my own for a very long time.

Ha yes yfz450. I saw that in the pic and wondered if anybody would know what it was. That’s my other main hobby. My brother and I are active Cowboy Shooters. (As well as target and some trap). I cast for everything we shoot.


#1975 1 year ago
Quoted from yfz450:

Must be getting hard to get lead in that state of yours? I've been hording many years, sitting on well over 1500lbs of ww ingots, should last me awhile.

Yeah. Impossible....been casting forever and have saved up for a rainy day.


1 month later
#2049 1 year ago

Hey guys. Can somebody post a couple of close up pictures of the three flippers mechs showing the switch stacks as well as the wire color and placement. Mine are a bit jacked up and I’d like to see some clean original stuff.



#2071 1 year ago

Coin switches are definitely something to focus on. Given that somebody made a change to that area (good bad or indifferent) it would be a good idea to disconnect them from the circuit to eliminate that possibility.


#2088 1 year ago
Quoted from vec-tor:

Note: On Bally Aux lamp boards it is best to add more ground wires to the board...
The one ground wire from factory is a bad design flaw.


I am not at home now, but I can see schematics show J1 pins 13, 14, and 15 are all ground. Pins 13 and 14 are unused. J3 shows 5, 6, 19, and 20 are all ground and none of them are "used." Based on this I see your comments about one wire for ground on J1, pin 15.

Schematics show all these pins tied together, I assume by the board traces. I also remember noting that a board trace in the upper right hand corner passes under the mounting screw.

Last night I checked and the board mounting bracket is not grounded so the mounting doesn't add to the ground circuit.

What did you guys do to add more ground....?

I can see running a ground braid to under the mounting bracket and thus giving the traces that path?

Otherwise, run some wires (one to J1 and 2 to J3?) to the unused pins and then back into the harness to a common ground location or the braid?


#2090 1 year ago
Quoted from vec-tor:

Back in the day I used green braided wire and some solder lugs and add them to the Aux lamp board
bracket and screwed the other end into the main back box ground shield.
1) I also tied all the lamp ground traces on the Main lamp board and rewired the wire
-- harness with extra wires that went to the empty ground connectors from the
-- Main lamp board to the Aux lamp board.
Note: The Main lamp board has empty trace pads that I would solder together
-- in order to have available more grounding options.
-- Plus I would add a second bridge rectifier to the bottom power supply and have heavy
-- jumper wires that would be soldered to the lamp bridge rectifier.
-- ( it made the games hold up when out on rout ).

Interesting. Definitely sounds like great redundant routes. I did something similar using ground braid screwed into the aux board bracket and across to the hinge screw and back box ground shield.

I will also look into adding more ground routes for the main lamp board.


#2092 1 year ago
Quoted from frenchmarky:

What was goofy is I added a ground wire from the head to the aux bracket because it looked like the board screw holes grounded to that bracket. Then I checked and still no continuity between them. Turned out only ONE hole actually does ground to the bracket, and on mine that one hole’s trace was too worn off to make contact! So I just bumped that hole up with a little solder.

Sounds like adding an additional ground path to the aux bracket is the smart thing to do.


#2107 1 year ago

Duplicate post to my dedicated restoration thread but I figured I would add it here also.

Here we go... first time I tried to fire it up was when I noticed I was missing u9 and u11. It took about 10 days to get those and on boot up found that u8 was bad. I ordered the nvram replacement and that arrived today..

Installed and... we have life. ! There are still things to sort out but we are where we need to be. The volume pot seems to be flaky but the audio is strong and clear. The are little gremlins here and there but I have managed to play a bunch of full games on it...

Another one is brought back from the dead...

One of the displays was bad and I pulled it. I swapped it in the place of another, reflowed the header pins put it in and they both work fine.


#2109 1 year ago
Quoted from Lovef2k:

Nice job Dave. The first EBD I had also had a bad 5101 chip. Anyway, I noticed when the ball hit the flippers, it made a the side drain sound effect. Check the outlane switches for adjustment.

I didn’t notice that. (So excited it makes any noises). The underside of the pf is high on my list. I have new one to swap in so I hope to sort out most of that stuff then. I have a feeling that there are some bad and misaligned switches.


#2111 1 year ago

Does this help?


EE593D2F-EFF3-4EE5-9195-7342E638553D (resized).jpeg
#2114 1 year ago

One more. Always better to get a couple of angles.


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