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Eight Ball Deluxe Owner Club & Restorations Guests Welcome As Well

By Hellfire

6 years ago

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Post #1325 What happens when white is used as a base in paint Posted by KevinCPR (2 years ago)

Post #1331 Double screening on playfields Posted by KevinCPR (2 years ago)

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#258 4 years ago

did anybody replace his plastics with the plastics set that´s available from Marco and other shops currently?
I did and I noticed that the holes in the inlane plastics do not even closely fit the original holes....


They are also of slighly different shape as you can see in this picture (the old plastic on top of the new one):


My problem is now where exactly to drill the new holes without causing the ball hobble effect mentioned earlier in this thread. Should I drill the hole so that the top edge of the plastic aligns as closely as possible with the top edge of the old plastic?

1 month later
#267 4 years ago

This piece is the left plastic rail under the big your right plastic (left of the 8 ball target). It has not the exact shadow of the original plastic rail, though.

Quoted from MrBellMan:

EBD owners,
I am about finished with my EBD refurb, but ran into a little snag. I installed a new plastic set, but have one piece left over (see pic). When I removed everything, this piece was not there. Anyone know where it goes?
Rob Bell


4 months later
#375 4 years ago

Hey, these are nice, would you share the PDF or JPG or DOC or whatever?

8 months later
#692 3 years ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

Dumb question time
I am removing everything from the playfield of an EBD LE, and noticed this lamp
it is not the credit lamp and it has no insert above it
what is it for?


11 months later
#1257 2 years ago
Quoted from Gatecrasher:

If the switch is adjusted properly and the roll-over is freely moving you might need to replace the switch. When I restore and EBD I usually end-up replacing that switch with a new one. You need to have it adjusted properly and be in excellent working order. More so than any of the others.

That switch is giving me headaches, too.

Do you have a resource for that switch? What number would I have to look for? And should that switch have a cap on it?

3 months later
#1479 2 years ago

does anybody here happen to know what screws are needed to hold the switch stack to the bumper body?

#1483 2 years ago

Can somebody please share a picture of the rollover button switch? That switch is driving me crazy because it doesn´t seem strong enough to push the star back up every time. So maybe I´m missing something here.

And a picture of the 8-ball drop target assembly would be helpful, too. Mine looks like this:

P1050343 (resized).JPG

Guess I´m missing some kind of spring here.....

#1486 2 years ago
Quoted from Mk1Mod0:

Your spring looks rather.. stretched? Here's mine with target up and target down.

For your rollover, first check that the star portion is complete. That the knob on the bottom has not broken off? Also, check that the screws holding the switch down are tight and not loose. That would be your most likely cause. Also possible, the thing is jammed full of old wax and just needs a little cleaning.

aaah, that looks quite different. Happen to know what part# that spring has?

Re. the switch: the star is complete (and new) and the screws sit tight. Do you have a view from the side? Is there just the contact leaf or does it have a second leaf behind to kind of reinforce it?

3 months later
#1557 2 years ago

A question to the EE experts: is it factory that the blade switches under the rollovers aren´t protected with fishpaper? Or is that just missing on my EBD?

#1566 2 years ago

During my current restoration of a EBD I got kind of tired of looking at the schematics to find the color of a particular wire and where´s it´s supposed to go to so I created this "Tech Chart" that lists all coils, lamps and switches with their respective connectors, wires, transistors etc.
I checked everything thoroughly but there still might be errors in the document.

Maybe it´s of help to somebody else - otherwise just ignore.

If somebody wants to use the same format for another pinball of that era I´m happy to provide the editable docx format.

EBD TechChart.pdf

1 month later
#1617 2 years ago
Quoted from OwenKhan:

Hey guys,
Troubleshooting a EBD for a friend... The Solenoid for the out hole kicker wasn't ever wired up after a playfield restoration and I can't decipher the wiring diagram.
Could someone post some photos of their 1981 EBD out hole kickers wiring please? I check the photos in this thread and didn't see one... I know there are sposta be two diodes in there, so I'll pick those up, but wanted to be sure of the wiring before firing it up again,

This guy?

P1040555 (resized).JPG

2 months later
#1809 1 year ago

Anybody an idea where to get the EE lamp sockets from that were used in EBD? I checked Marco and a few other places but no success.
I believe I saw a thread here where somebody replaced all his sockets with new ones but I can´t find that anymore....

1 month later
#1849 1 year ago

there should be a plastic guide underneath the metal guide using the same bell posts

#1856 1 year ago
Quoted from Mathazar:

Aha! I guess I'll find out Wednesday - I ordered the complete EBD plastics set from CPR last week. It's hard to tell from CPR's pictures if the post is there on the underside....I hope sure it is. Thank you!

hate to disappoint you, but those posts won´t be part of the CPR set
And they are hard/impossible to find

9 months later
#2154 10 months ago
Quoted from pinballplusMN:

You probably have a shorted driver transistor on the auxilary lamp driver board for that lamp. You can look at the schematic yo find which one it is.

it´s Q2 if I have it correctly

8 months later
#2436 52 days ago

I have a problem with my #8 target under the plastic on the top right of the playfield. It sometimes falls without being hit probably from the vibration the bumpers are causing. Is that a known issue?
When I got the pin the target had this thin green rubberband attached to the target. I thought this was an ugly and unnecessary hack, maybe only there because the spring was worn out. But even with a brand new spring the target keeps falling without being hit.

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