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Earthshaker - does it have lasting power in a mid-sized collection?

By lukerp

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

Hey all,

At the moment, I have a line on a couple of Earthshakers, and the more I think about it, the more I think it might be a good idea to get one. I currently have a couple DMDs (Shadow, TSPP), a Pin*Bot, a Flash, and a couple of EMs. Neither of the machines I'm looking at are what I'd call "holy crap they're giving them away" games, but the prices aren't out to lunch, either, and I'd rather have a really good Sys 11 than a so-so DMD for the same price.

The question I have for anyone who wants to field it is whether the game has the legs to last in a medium-sized collection? I know the game isn't going to have the depth of either of the DMDs I have, but then again, I like playing pinball against people. If I have friends over, I can't really play TSPP against them; I'm no great player, but a decent ball will last five or ten minutes for me, and that's not fun for them. Is Earthshaker a game that's both interesting enough for me to play by myself, but easy enough for guests to hammer on when they're here? Just looking for people's opinions, keeping in mind the games I already have. Thanks in advance.


#2 7 years ago

Yes, not only lasting power in a mid sized, it is plain fun!

#3 7 years ago

I bought mine because of a decent price. Not sure I ever really played one prior to buying it.

Did a decent restoration on it, and now it's staying in my collection. It's also my almost 3 year old sons favorite game. He calls it "his" game right now.

Other than a non-working EM, it's the only non DMD game I have at the moment. It sits next to LOTR, WH20, Tommy, RFM (ok that isn't DMD either I guess).

Definitely an enjoyable game that will be in my collection for quite some time.

#4 7 years ago

Can't go wrong with Earthshaker. Great, fun game. Go get it!


#5 7 years ago
Quoted from lukerp:

Is Earthshaker a game that's both interesting enough for me to play by myself, but easy enough for guests to hammer on when they're here?

more so then some EM's typically have, but I find that TSPP is fun for me and others to pound away at. The hard part is "playing others" ...I find that its never that much fun (for them) to have a two player game with anyone who isn't a pinhead.. simply from the fact that you know the game, the tricks.. you can keep a ball from draining ..others cant.. (as well)

that was actually a bummer for me - what I normally do is just time my ball along with the other player ..let them play first then keep my ball alive for about the same time.. make a "ahh shit" when you drain... makes em feel like you arnt letting them win.

as for earthshaker.. I say its always worth while to own a pin.. if you buy smart you can sell for the same price you buy.. and its always worth while to own a new machine even for 2-3 months. I found that eathshaker is a little repetitive in the shots - but understand that I own(ed) 3 other Pat L. games in my garage at the same time I played this one - but I did find that the game play was too similar and to repetitive for my personal tastes - I felt the same way about TAF.

#6 7 years ago

Yes, except if you have Whirlwind already. These games are somewhat similar (as is Funhouse).

#7 7 years ago

Yes, it fits no matter what sized collection

#9 7 years ago

Without a doubt. Great pin!

#10 7 years ago

ES was my first pin - wish I still had it. Loads of fun and a great price too.

#11 7 years ago

Totally agree, love my ES, don't see myself getting rid of it for a long time if ever. It's "Bitchin!" XD

#12 7 years ago

I have a small collection (5 pins) and ES is not leaving!

#13 7 years ago

Hi Luke,

If it's system 11 games your after, Earth Shaker is good however I prefer Whirlwind for the Super Cellar Door/Mega Door Bonus feature. Kind of a mini wizard mode if you will which adds another level of depth to the game.

My nephew has ES and Taxi side by side and prefers Taxi between the two. He does like Earth Shaker but Taxi is his go-to game.

Just a couple of other options for you to consider. Go play the game if you can, that should give you a good idea of how it will hold up in your collection.


#14 7 years ago

Absolutely ES is a classic!

#15 7 years ago
Quoted from lukerp:

The question I have for anyone who wants to field it is whether the game has the legs to last in a medium-sized collection

I hope so, I have just brought one and am waiting for it to be delivered!

#16 7 years ago

One of my favorite backglasses, great art, decent play (though set it real tough IMHO for that "one more game factor). Let mine go a couple of years ago and kicking myself since.

#17 7 years ago

It's a great game and I think would be a keeper in a mid sized collection.

#18 7 years ago

It's still a tournament choice at Rod Olsen's events!

#19 7 years ago

Had one for about a year & it was OK. The only non DMD pin I have left is Mousin' Around & it's a better fit in my collection of 17. ES felt like a not so good backwards version of TAF. Same shots but reversed playfield.

#20 7 years ago

great game

#21 7 years ago

Hey all,

Thank you for the advice; general consensus seems to be it's a worthwhile game. I'll see what comes of the ones that are available. Cheers.


#22 7 years ago

Outside of all the other favorable comments...Earthshaker is a historic feat in technology!! It's the first game with a shaker motor!!!!! My most memorable pin as a child and the first in my collection!!

#23 7 years ago

It's nice to have when you just want to play pinball and not have to think too hard.

#24 7 years ago

I have room for maybe 7 and I've had 6 in there at one time. To me ES was great but not good enough to stay in my size collection. If I had tons of room to keep them in ES would have stayed.

Besides the shaker it almost came with the descending institute building but was cut due to budget. Now you can get that prototype mod.

1 week later
#25 7 years ago

I'm looking to sell off my Sorcerer at some point, and Earthshaker is my leading candidate to replace it; sure I'd like to have a Twilight Zone or an Addams Family, but those are a chunk of change and I can get an Earthshaker for a third of the price, probably.

#26 7 years ago

Bought it 2 years ago. Everyone enjoys playing it. A keeper.

#27 7 years ago

I'm on ES #2 in a 8+ pin layout.
Mid to larger size it works great.

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