Early Extra Ball Games

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#1 9 months ago

Hey there,

I'm working through early games, and doing so by reading schematics. Spot-Lite, Circus, Stars, and Palm Beach (at least) all seem to give random chance at awarding a step on the extra ball unit while searching on each red button coin.

Is this correct?

In some circumstances, it seems to pay to put in your money in the coin-up phase rather than after you've been playing, as you'll also have a chance at the spotted numbers or etc.

Spotted numbers do impact the number of rivets that can award the extra balls, so I guess it's a trade-off.

I'm just curious since I have never played a real game of the above: how frequently does it actually step the extra ball unit when doing your initial coin?


#2 9 months ago

Although I wasn't looking for this variation I DID noticed never being awarded on the 1st coin with a spot lit on the ones I played (which was not every of spot-em table - but quite a few).
In general they all seemed a bit more stingy with extra balls - more so than the favored magic screen games.
Now that's just my observation ... Your milage may vary.

#3 9 months ago

My experience with United bingos has been just the opposite Steve. All of my United's are very liberal with Extra Balls. I have been told by a few old bingo operators that they would not route United's for that very reason. The majority of the United's I have seen are in nice condition still. They did not see much street use. I have not played the games mentioned by Nick for many years though.
Maybe Butch will chime in here.

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