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E-Bay Pin prices (fair or inflated)

By Bigbill55

8 years ago

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    #1 8 years ago

    Are E-Bay pinball machine prices fair/reasonable? I'm buying a TFTC next week in great shape with the topper, for $1375.00. I look on E-Bay, and you can't find them for under $2500.00 I was watching a topper for the machine, and that went for $133.01
    Just wondering if E-Bay pricing is in line with the real world.


    #2 8 years ago

    Ebay ASKING prices are not realistic at all, eBay SALES figures are very realistic. Here is a link to compiled sales data:


    A quick glance at that chart will tell you whether you are getting a fair deal on your next pin purchase.

    On a related note, I have TFTC, $1375 is in the range of fair and it's a GREAT game. I would pull the trigger on that one

    #3 8 years ago

    I've got a TFTC also... Had it since 98 and wouldn't get rid of it for anything!!!! Rock solid and never breaks... If you've never played it, you'll love it!!!! IMHO it's yet another way underrated game due to it being a DE.. The only DE game that gets any credit is GNR,which I have also.. To me TFTC blows GNR out of the water!!!!

    #4 8 years ago

    I sold one machine on eBay and got pretty much the book value for it. Generally speaking, most people tend to ask much higher than book value. I think it's due mostly to the places that sell their "shopped" machines on eBay asking higher than normal rates (fair for a proffesionally shopped machine with waranty etc...). But then average Joe-Blow goes on and thinks his garage POS is worth that much and asks $1500 for a machine I wouldn't give $150 for.

    Seems like everyone wants to put "Buy it now" only, or starting bid of "$2300" with a Buy it Now for "$2350" ???


    I believe in start the bid low and let the buyer drive the price to what it's worth. If I realy want to sell it, I'll take what the market demands.


    #5 8 years ago

    It's a auction house. If someone has the money to spend it will sell no matter the price.

    Edit: Depends on the machine.

    #6 8 years ago

    Ebay has been both a positive and negative influence on the world of selling. It has ruined some markets but has boosted others and opened the door to more domestic and international trade. I guess you just have take the idea with a grain of salt. I know I use Ebay for all kinds of stuff, but I do hate the idea of people thinking because a pin is listed for a price that is what it is worth or going to sell for. There are a few companies out there who list their pins extremely high and that skews the thinking of an every day Joe Blow.
    I do appreciate the info "jitney", I use the Bostonpinball to gather realistic stats.

    #7 8 years ago

    An FYI, this site uses the Boston Pinball eBay data but makes it searchable, quicker, and much easier to use.


    An RGP member put it together (with permission from Boston Pinball). Unfortunately, I can't remember who it was.

    #8 8 years ago

    Thanx stangbat, that is much easier. I had printed the info from BostonPinball but this site makes searching the information better and easier to read. Thanx.

    #9 8 years ago

    Great site stangbat. Very helpful info

    2 months later
    #11 8 years ago

    I am astounded that I spent years (well, months maybe) trying to find all of these great data/sales sites and I come on here for a month a more than double everything I had found on my own. Thanks to all of my great Pinside pals.

    #12 8 years ago

    Thanks stangbat, boston pinball is a great resource but was so hard to use.

    #13 8 years ago

    Pinpedia is great place to check too. Not only does it give a price range, but you can check past ebay auction results as well.

    #14 8 years ago
    Quoted from GoneFishinLvMsg:

    Pinpedia is great place to check too. Not only does it give a price range, but you can check past ebay auction results as well.

    I just checked out that site. It's a good one. thanks.

    #15 8 years ago

    I just don't understand this one:

    ebay.com link

    You can buy a brand new Rottendog board for $150, plus maybe another $30 for the ROM, ASIC and CPU. Are "original" boards worth that much more to collectors? I'd rather have a board with brand new components over one that's 20 years old.

    #16 8 years ago

    My problem with eBay is the whole sight unseen factor. Once I saw a listing for two JD's and two Dr. Who machines from a guy near me. I sent him a mail to call me, if he minded if I came by to take a look before placing a bid. He had 4 of each game, and was just trying to part them to get one of each working, and selling the other's to get cash to replace the MPU and power driver boards that were missing from every game.

    Based off the pics online, this would have been a disaster. You really could not see how much damage had been done to these pins. Rottendog replacements looked around $450 for the two boards just to get the game to boot, and who knows what you'd have been in for then. I threw a number at him for the two Dr. Who's, but said you're already getting more on eBay, so go for it.

    I imagine the winning bids would also have to pay to have them shipped, and I bet they weren't happy unless they were just looking for several parts that hopefully would still work.

    I'm so glad I went by there.

    #17 8 years ago
    Quoted from VT8man:

    My problem with eBay is the whole sight unseen factor ...

    The problem is that there are just too many greedy people out there that will resort to unscrupulous tactics in order to sell their stuff. They may not outright lie, but you can be sure they will omit very important details that could possibly turn off a potential buyer. For this reason, I refuse to make a large purchase on eBay unless I know for a fact that the seller is honorable. For example, if someone like Mike from GAP has a pin on eBay, you know they are properly representing the machine. The same goes for a high-end outfit like TC or HEP. These guys all have reputations to uphold, and it won't take long for people to stop trusting them if they start screwing people.

    #18 8 years ago

    VT8, my DW was one of those. You made a wise decision. I used an extra MPU board that I have and I still have more into that game than it would have cost to buy the decent one in Northern VA that popped up on craigslist a couple days later. The display board was also shot and it needed a new mpf motor/gearbox. The Fliptronics II board had a problem with the hold circuit on the upper flipper. I "fixed" that by swapping it out with the Fliptronics II board from my FT, which has no upper flippers. At least I didn't pay to have it shipped.

    Live and learn I guess. I had fun bringing that neglected and abused pin back to life at least. There is some satisfaction in saving this piece of history from the spare parts bin.

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