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DUNE Movie Hype DUNE Pinball Hype

By Pinstein

8 months ago

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    #30 8 months ago

    Walk without rhthym
    And you won't attract the worm

    d0f18e87-abbf-444e-9ff1-d14168222b0a_screenshot (resized).jpg

    #38 8 months ago

    I have been refraining from this thread because I am one of those dreaded bookers. But it looks like it’s ok. I have read the original trilogy at least a dozen times. And all the Frank Herbert books multiple times. I also have read all of Brian’s books twice. About a year ago I reread the entire series in chronological order. It’s a pretty good way to do it, you really get a feel of how the whole series fits together over time. I would recommend this way for those who are getting into it. This is a good reference to get them in order.

    That’s 18 novels plus some short stories. It’s massive, but great.

    For someone coming in cold I think it would it probably would be best to start with Dune and the next two. Those set the standard. But I think they are all good. It’s gets a bit heavy at times and maybe bogged a bit down here and there, but still, all great stuff.

    #43 8 months ago

    I look at is as two different things, not really directly compared to each other. In other words, the movie doesn’t have to be better than the book, or the book better than the movie. The question is, is it a good book? And is it a good movie?

    Book-based movies almost always take liberties or make changes for the book. Sometimes the question is, did they veer away to far and ruin the feel of the book? That’s something that’s always up for debate. Some would say, if the audience never read the book and they thought the movie was great, it’s a success. I’d have to agree with that. The Shining was a great movie. It did veer from the book in fairly big ways, and this is probably why King never liked it. But still the movie told a great story in the general spirit of the book. A great movie and a great book.

    But sometimes the changes are so great, it’s just hard to take, even if the movie was pretty good overall. An example of this is the first version of the a Girl with the a Dragon Tatoo. It was pretty good overall, until the end. The very last scene was a complete 180 turn from the book. Totally and completely opposite of what happened. Maybe it provided a nice tidy ending to the movie for non-readers, but it just completely ruined everything about the main character in every single possible way. It also had the effect of killing any future stories since the book sequels are all based on the continuing development of that character, much of it based on what happened to her at the very end of that first book. When I saw it, I couldn’t believe they did it.

    That’s basically how Lynch’s Dune movie was.

    The other problem is the scope of the story. It is extremely difficult to pack in the scope of these stories into a few hours of visual storytelling. For some reason I never could get through reading the LOTR books. The movies I thought were OK, but I didn’t really get them either, at first. Then we sat down and watched through the entire extended edition. I got it then. All that extra time to develop all the characters and sub stories made the difference.

    That type of effort would be the eternal dream for Dune. With the movie technology of today they can easily handle the parts that Lynch didn’t want to deal with. Excellent one on one martial arts fighting combined with epic LOTR style battle scenes, they can crank those out no problem. But it would take at least the effort of Jackson’s entire extended LOTR to do the Dune trilogy in the way it deserves. Something like that would be awesome. If they did it right, they could milk he franchise for a long series of money-making sequels and prequels, the stories are all there. I don’t know if it will really work though, as far as box office. The somewhat philosophical nature of much of the story is not as tidy as the Marvel heroes fighting mean bad guys who want to destroy the universe. Is it possible to find the balance between the general moviegoing audience and the Dune book nerds?

    4 weeks later
    #45 7 months ago

    All right Dune nerds, and non-nerds. We are getting closer. Still no trailer though. When the first trailer hits the hype will really begin. Most of the fan stuff on Youtube sucks.

    To juice things up, here is my brief analysis of the cast for the major characters. Read, then comment. OR fight!!

    Paul Atreides - Timothee Chalamat. Don't know him at all, judgement reserved. Not sure he looks like what I would think of Paul, but possibly will be OK. No way to tell for me right now.

    Lady Jessica - Rebecca Ferguson. Don't know her at all, judgment reserved. Seems to reasonably look the part.

    Duke Atreides - Oscar Isaac. Seems a bit young for the role. Should be OK I guess.

    Duncan Idaho - Jason Momoa. I think its good. Idaho is a huge major character throughout the entire Dune series so he is of big importance if it continues past one movie. He is a bad-ass, women love him, and has a bit of a sense of humor, but needs to be very introspective as well because of everything that happens to him. We'll see if Momoa can pull it off. I do like him but he has been given a lot of crap roles, like Aquaman.

    Gurney Halleck - Josh Brolin. That should work. Never seen Brolin do anything that wasn't great.

    Mentant Hawat - Stephen Henderson. Haven't seen his work, his look seems to fit the part.

    Baron Harkonnen - Stellan Skarsgard. He doesn't seem evil enough. He seems too old, he is a contemporary counterpart to Duke Atreides but there is a big age difference between him and Oscar Isaac. The Baron is a pretty important character if you continue the story onward through multiple books. At this point, I wonder about this one.

    Beast Rabban - Dave Bautista. Yes. If you read the books and you are reading about the beast, what is the image that pops into your head? Dave Bautista, that's what. Spot on.

    Stilgar - Javier Bardem. That's an interesting choice. I know him mainly from No Country For Old Men. He was creepy badass in that movie. I think of him as playing an evil person because of that which Stigar is not. But he is an excellent actor so this should work.

    Chani - Zendaya. Saw her in Spiderman movies. Should be good here.

    6 months later
    #51 49 days ago

    Based on the evidence so far, I can neither confirm nor deny that I like it.

    3 weeks later
    #67 23 days ago

    Well, gotta wait another year for the movie.

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