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DumbAss test and reproduction PCBs

By DumbAss

7 months ago

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    #51 36 days ago

    Thanks for all the interest. I'm a little surprised at the amount of interest (considering most of these boards are available from other manufacturers and merchants). As a reminder ... I'm doing this for me (I like to learn new things) for the purposes of having a bench test rig that's more compact and supports multiple systems.

    <TL:DR> - just scroll to the pictures if you want a summary.

    If / when I get to the point of releasing these ... words of warning.

    1) The boards will likely not be cheaper than the other commercially available products. These boards use the original components and there are more of them than re-engineered boards as well as using more robust parts (such as Littelfuse fuse holders rather than fuse clips). Using original components provides the greatest level of compatibility.

    2) If I do decide to go with an option for kits (with components) it will not supply any of the more difficult or rare components that are hard to find. I source these from merchants in China (often via eBay) and there's risk that the components are either counterfeit or knock-offs. I can't accept the risk of warranting these components. Perhaps I might decide to provide them without warranty to people that are having trouble finding them.

    3) Following on from that it's unlikely I'll provide kits because I don't want to warrant any of the components I provide (plus the hassle of sorting and bagging separate single components). Merchants you buy parts from can provide that warranty. I may decide to provide an option WITHOUT any warranty on the components. Sorry. I'm not a professional business - just a guy who enjoys the hobby where perhaps other people can benefit from what I've done by sharing these boards.

    4) I might consider providing fully populated boards (for those that aren't adventurous with building their own) but again ... these won't be cheap. It's a lot of (manual) labor to build these. PCB manufacturing companies can wave solder which is much faster. I don't have those facilities. If anyone really wants one of these I could be persuaded to build one (when finally ready). These would come with complete components (as well as rare components) - a fully plug-and-play solution.

    With that aside ... I've been working on testing the boards and getting them working focusing on the displays for the moment. I have success for all the System 11, Data East and WPC alphanumeric displays. The majority of the master display logic works but there are some minor errors that will need correcting and the WPC board is more screwed up than I thought (nothing I couldn't fix by re-wiring with prototype boards).

    I know I have a friend who likes the traditional orange (or amber) but I'm kind of liking the white. I acquired a few different (common) colors to see how things turn out in actual machines. If people are interested in the displays I will provide the LED components as they aren't easily available (I had to make a reasonably sized minimum order quantity to get the components).

    The following works (pictures below) - tested on the bench. Also tested was the RJ-45 data and power connectors and they work. The setup shown below is where the master display board is directly attached to the slave display panel (as would be used in an actual machine).

    Williams System 11 (discrete 7x2/7x2/2x2) - High Speed to Pinbot. I'm going to try the setup in my Laser War at some stage but I expect it will work. I have every reason to believe it will. Note the status on the smaller lower panels. I checked it works with the discrete displays.

    Williams System 11 (panel 7x2/7x2) - F-14 Tomcat to Swords of Fury. Unfortunately the double panel is NOT correctly placed for the 7x2/7x2 arrangement in an actual machine. I will need to make a (new) specific double panel for use in an actual machine. I need one for me as I have a Big Guns that doesn't have a display.

    Williams System 11B/C (panel 16x2) - Taxi to Riverboard Gambler. I tested the jackpot display with Police Force and it works (no picture).

    Williams WPC-89 - Fun House and The Machine.

    I currently have no plans to make side-by-side panels that are used in Bally branded machines (such as Elvira). I don't have any of these machines.

    I have plenty of other things to work through so it will be a while before any of these will be ready.


    #52 36 days ago

    Will take a white display for my BOP The Machine if possible.
    Mine is dying and it looks way better in white for this title I believe!

    #53 36 days ago

    Nice work. I would be interested in a WPC 89 Sound Board and BOM. Bare board for me. I will source parts and populate.
    I really like the idea of the socket for the ADSP-2105 on the DCS Sound Board.
    (I think that red looks cool, too)

    #54 35 days ago

    As a tech who is doing more and more board repairs, I am VERY interested in a multi system test rig

    #55 35 days ago

    Interested in tester board for field service

    #56 35 days ago

    Too cool. Where exactly do you get PCB boards made anyway?

    2 weeks later
    #57 16 days ago
    Quoted from DGMartin:

    Too cool. Where exactly do you get PCB boards made anyway?

    Just type "PCB fabrication" into your search engine. There are many options available.

    #58 16 days ago

    Brief (haha - it seems I don't know what the word brief means) update.

    I have a local friend who took a bunch of the boards and he's going to populate them and see what happens. I always want someone else to do it because I think in a rather weird way from most people. Might be interested in other experiences populating boards but I'm waiting for the initial feedback.

    I also need to stress and field test the boards after any issues get resolved on my bench. "It works on the bench" is not an adequate excuse for failure in the field (I am always reminded of people I used to work with say "it works on my machine" as an excuse to not bother debugging a software failure).

    I've worked through the boards, isolated and corrected (most of) the issues. I've also added some additional features (or re-wired things for correction) so these new revisions will need testing on the bench.

    - Discrete displays (High Speed / Pinbot). The master and discrete boards work. Tested in my Laser War. This will be field tested in a Pinbot.

    - Quad display (Swords of Fury). The master board works. The panel layout is incorrect (display does not line up) so I need to layout a new board specifically for these machines.

    - Double display (Black Knight 2000 / The Simpsons). The master board works but the option selection does not. The panel display connector for the jackpot (Taxi / Police Force) is not correct (off by one error). I have one built and configured for Data East so this will be field tested in a The Simpsons.

    - WPC-89 sound board works in games that have a single EPROM in U18 or 1Mb EPROMs in U14/U15. Games that have larger EPROMs (such as 4Mb EPROMs in U14/15 = Twilight Zone) have some errors. I haven't looked at this ... yet. The board worked fine in my Gilligan's Island and Terminator 2. It tested fine on the bench with The Addams Family.

    - Interconnect board. This tested fine in my Police Force. This (along with an Auxiliary Power board that is currently in the machine) will be tested in a Pool Sharks.

    I am planning for some more family time in December / January so I'm focusing on trying to get these revisions and corrections verified before then. With them verified the stress (field) test will run its course over the holiday season. When I'm back to working on stuff in the new year I'll check the results of the field test. I have a bunch of other boards that are waiting but if I have them made then I'll just increase my workload and distraction level. I still need to resolve the System 11 CPU and WPC-89 sound board. During free time in the holiday season I'll try to work on some documentation for BOMs and population.

    1 week later
    #59 5 days ago

    I'm definitely interested in WPC test boards.

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