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By Anim8ormatt

5 years ago

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#2691 9 months ago

Hi Guys,

Quick question for the pros. I noticed my JD occasionally calls out "Rock" while adding points even tho there's no ball in play. I have a hunch it might be related to the drop targets, but I just can't seem find what triggers that callout with google searches and also searching Pinside. I could go in and start moving wires, but I would like to be a little more methodical about it. After playing, it goes away rather quickly, so I assume it might just be a switch that needs adjusted. No error dots, but I have not went into the diagnostic yet to test switches.

#2693 9 months ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

You sure its not saying “watch it” like you’re pulling tilt warnings? I can’t think of a quote in the game that says “rock” although I guess it could be something unused?

Hi Gun,

No, definitely not "Watch it". But it could be 'lock' or something else that sounds like it. I've wondered that myself if that was one of the reasons I couldn't find any info on the problem. One thing I might do is turn it on again, hoping is does it again, then manually start tripping switches until it goes away. I have a scope, USB logic analyzer, DVM - so I can fix whatever is wrong, just have to figure out where to start! Another thing would be to watch the score and see how much it increases - that might point me in the right direction. But the DMD is also busy with animations...so that might not pan out.

Now that I think about it and based on what I think was on the DMD...it might have been 'stop!' because I think JD fires a gun. Hmmm...

Thanks for your comment!

#2698 9 months ago

Thanks Guys, Going to investigate it further now. "Drock"...ha, I'll have to look it up. Besides this hiccup, JD has been one solid solid game for the past year. Running the latest code (L7?), no Deadworld mod - just the original ring w/the slots.

Will report back later...


#2701 9 months ago

Yep, after Jedi's (and others) comment...I'm rather certain it's Drock. Good call.

Took the glass off when it acted up after first turning on. Tried to manually get it to go away...which I did, but not certain when. Not the drop targets, not the "?" target, not any obvious roll-over switches or the captive balls...seemed to be around the back somewhere. But not sure due to the likeliness of going thru multi optos or switches. Will try again Monday.

MT45 - thank you for the link - I'll check that out. I'm rather interested figuring out the history of Dredd.

Thanks to all that chimed in, much appreciated!

#2704 9 months ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

If you’re hearing “drock” randomly it might be one of the rollover switches for the captive balls is stuck or flaky.

Will do guys (or gals).

Will see if I have time Mon. eve to sort it out. Will dig into diagnostics and see what is going on. But I think the best test is to start a game and try to note when the problem stops, or at least to narrow it down some.

I originally thought it might be related to the drop targets since I replaced a damaged target recently - doesn't appear to be an area of concern tho.

Thanks for all your inputs!

#2707 9 months ago

Got a DVM or a scope to start chasing down voltages (or lack of)?

#2710 9 months ago

altan likely knows more about JD than I, but I'll try to chime in and help.

Take a look at pages 3-20 to 3-22 of the manual, that shows the flipper circuitry. Try to note some of the voltages that power the flippers and the boards associated with the flippers - and check those. As altan sort of indirectly eluded to, J116, pin 2 supplies +12V to the boards. I think the +12V is supplied by either fuse F116 or maybe F115 (have to look that up). Check that fuse for certain.

How well can you follow a schematic?

Also, is the coin door shut when you try the flippers?

#2713 9 months ago

Considering +50V powers the flippers that would be a good place to check too.

Capture (resized).png

#2714 9 months ago

oops..you beat me to the punch!

Good deal, wolfman. JD is a great game, really enjoy it. I have a ColorDMD too, makes all the difference!

#2718 9 months ago

The ColorDMD really makes a significant diff, doesn't it? I think the monochromatic (aka single color) display makes it really hard to see what is going on and is hard on the eyes. The color display really is a game changer, IMHO - and they did a great job w/the software. Install it yourself next time. It's like a 10 min install. TOTAN to the left of it?

#2722 9 months ago
Quoted from bartron:

New Translight and plastic....

I don't think I've ever seen that translight, where did you find that?

#2726 9 months ago
Quoted from WolfManCat:

Yes, it indeed is TOTAN. Funny you mention that in your post. I just installed color DMD on it yesterday and wow! Same effect with JD, a real game changer. Also installed the treasure chest and genie eyes while I was at it.
And speaking of mods, I installed the 3D printed sniper tower mod on JD and love it. Has hand painted blood on the railing below, looks just like the tower shown in the sniper dmd animation.

I bet you hooked up the connector that went to J116!

The sniper tower...nice, I've seen that before. I'd like to print one myself, but obviously the individual wouldn't want to release the file.

#2732 9 months ago
Quoted from BertoDRINK1:

Hey guys quick question, does Dredd have a knocker in the head? I always thought mine was just missing and today I pulled one from a different parts cab and put it into the Dredd head but there is no where to plug it into.

Have to sort out where it's at, here is where it hooks up at..

Capture (resized).png

#2733 9 months ago

Found it. Back left corner of head.

Capture (resized).png

#2737 9 months ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

I appreciate the interest. I developed and make the Sniper Tower mod. Several imteractive window insert colors to choose from. Hand painted, wired, etc. (comes with paper instructions--takes just minutes to install) : https://pinside.com/pinball/market/shops/1104-medisinyl-mods/01354-interactive-judge-dredd-sniper-tower-mod-led

Hi Medi,

Would you be interested in selling an unpainted one?

#2750 9 months ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

I'm looking for the Eagle Topper - can anyone help me?


Here you go (state side tho) http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/03-8936

I've been looking for the Pursuit plastics, where did you find them?

1 week later
#2765 8 months ago
Quoted from ArcadiusMaximus:

JD is the first pin I vividly remember playing in middle school. After trying to join the club countless times and coming up short, I'm finally in! Picked it up a few weeks ago but did a full tear down. Polished the field, tumbled most mechs, rebuilt all the flippers, regrained all the ball guides, installed pinbits new ramp flaps, rebuilt the planet gear box, added dead world mod, fixed various items on the field, and added LEDs. This one is never leaving!

Congrats! Didn't know much about JD when I bought mine, but it looked intriguing. Only discovered the good rule set after playing. Glad we went for it. Can be a very challenging game at times but remains fun enough that a quick game can be enjoyable. And the price is still reasonable. Great artwork and the sound is excellent. It's a keeper. Should be rated higher than the 50ish range. As I mentioned in a prior post, and other people have also chimed in - the ColorDMD is a fantastic addition...really improves the game. Might want to look onto that.

3 weeks later
#2775 8 months ago
Quoted from bigballa69:

Was thinking about replacing all my rubbers on my Dredd as I have noticed that one of the rubbers behind the "JUDGE" drop targets has become a bit frayed...

Ditto here too. Almost to the point of breaking at the drop downs. I have a new rubber kit already. But I'm tempted to put in Titan's, which are synthetic - I think it is going to a royal PIA and and I only want to do it once.

I installed Titan Comps on the flippers and no doubt about - I enjoyed them much more. However, I do want to add the original rubber could have been well past their useful life. So likely not a good comparison. I actually got the Titan replace kit, but oops - yellow. Want a different color.

Really interested in the replies to you question.

#2777 8 months ago

Hey Soap,

The photobucket link appears broken.

#2783 8 months ago
Quoted from ChipScott:

Ok, wow...I knew I loved this game, but I just did a flipper re-build...first time mind you and did it on both lower flippers, also replaced the coil on the right lower...

Try some Titan Comp on those too! Made a huge difference on ours. Very responsive.

#2792 8 months ago
Quoted from ChipScott:

Made some new cards today...

Very nice...mind sharing with your brethren JD'ers?

#2797 7 months ago
Quoted from ChipScott:

Thanks. Happy to!
I create these cards on a Word Doc file. I have a pretty good color printer, so it came out with some pretty decent color and quality. I just remoce a chunk of excess paper and then fold the edges of the paper back to fit the picture (which is just about right size for the card, like you see in the pics). Ideally I like to eventually take them to an Office Store and get them laninated, and I'll probably do that later today.
I am happy to email this file to anyone interested. Just send me a PM.


PM sent!

2 months later
#2820 5 months ago

Very nice!

1 week later
#2822 5 months ago
Quoted from Mikonos:

Thanks mbwalker!
I´m working in a "Crew" card. It will be great! I´m using one of the Judge Drebd fonts!

Quick question. The links you provided look like a static screen shot. Is there a file to download?

4 months later
#2911 33 days ago

Just stuck a sub on mine...sounds nice!

I actually have 3 pins on one sub via a cheap mixer.

8_close (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#2937 13 days ago
Quoted from newtoit:

Put art blades from pinballpt on today.
[quoted image]

Nice, did the PF have to come out to install?

#2945 8 days ago
Quoted from underlord:

Just picked up a JD along with a DM for my ‘Superpin’ collection.
I’ve got a gold plated topper coming( old mustard one was long gone), alternate cab art and alternate translite.
Just ebay’d up a chrome crane mod.
Will be chrome plating the habitrails and not sure on trim. Would like the deadworld mod, I pm’d Dudah.
Any other ideas to take my girl to her next level?

ColorDMD, hook up a sub, art blades?

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