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Dredd Owners Thread. Members Only!

By Anim8ormatt

7 years ago

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#166 6 years ago

Just found the thread. Dredd is my third pin and I've spent the past year restoring it including clear coating the playfield. Been playing it to death and loving it.

2 months later
#197 6 years ago
Quoted from dfsays:

I bought mine at Pinball at the Zoo in Kalamazoo, MI last year from a vendor there. He said he has them custom made by a gal up in Canada somewhere. Only place I've ever seen them and I paid a whopping $70 for the set.

I suspect this is where they originally came from, http://www.head-shots.ca/index_files/Page12348.htm. Although Judge Dredd is not on the web page I would suggest contacting them and ask.

#220 6 years ago
Quoted from ReallifePin:

Quick question for you LED'd Dredd Owners:
Do you just set the game not to dim?

I just set mine to not dim. Why do you want it to dim when it has LEDs?

#223 6 years ago
Quoted from ReallifePin:

When it dims in game, it's pretty cool. It's too bad they didn't just turn them off. Then LEDs wouldn't matter.

Yeah - I went through three translites before I found one that had minimal burn damage to it.

#226 6 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

What is everybody's opinion on the leg color for JD? The legs on mine, like many others are no longer in very good shape with the gold anodizing being worn off in many spots. Plating is just insanely expensive. Would it be better to just use regular chrome legs or get them powdercoated a shiny gold color?
I am not a fan of the red legs.

My JD legs had been replaced by a previous owner with some beat up chrome legs. So, I replaced mine with some new gold legs from Pinball Life (although looks like Terry doesn't seem to sell these anymore).

#229 6 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

Also, completely converting JD over to LED's is a daunting task considering I am up over 200 bulbs so far on my count.

My total is closer to around 187. I've attached my near final version of my LED plan based on using Cointaker LEDs. Would be interesting to find out what others have done or think. I should be finalising it over the coming weeks.


#233 6 years ago
Quoted from ReallifePin:

Would love to check it out, but I don't think it's really there.

Hmm - is there a limit on the size of pdf files or something. It uploaded but is just not appearing.

#240 6 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

All Dredd, all the time! 24-7.

Just the way it should be

#241 6 years ago
Quoted from dfsays:

I've always been happy with my decision to go with Cointaker Super Brights. The GI and PF kits are nice, but it came with all white LEDs for the back glass and I would've preferred color LEDs. They might have changed this now, but that's how it was a couple years ago when I bought the kit.

I actually prefer all white in the backbox. This preserves the colours of the original artwork. Coloured bulbs just don't appeal to me because they actually change the colouration of the artwork away from what the artist intended. Just my preference.

#243 6 years ago

Okay, apparently pdf file attachments are not supported yet so I have uploaded my LED plan to Dropbox (https://www.dropbox.com/s/i2o6tbx90nt2oxu/Judge%20Dredd%20Pinball%20-%20LEDs.pdf).

As stated before, this is not quite the final version but is around 98% there. Having now finished my 2 year shop job on JD I now need to see what I think of the LEDs I have installed and see if I want to change any.

Would be great to hear any comments/suggestions on the LED plan.

#246 6 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

Looks good but I personally use warm white instead of yellow and orange in inserts as it always looks better and brighter IMO. Yellow LED's are crap and always dim. I wish I would have had your layout sheet when i was doing mine last night
I was excited to get mine ordered until I looked at my cart and it was over $200

I hear what you're saying about the yellow and orange LEDs but to be honest I am actually pleasantly surprised how well they have turned out in JD. I have used Cointaker Supers and they look good and bright. The only disappointing ones are the large round "Build Up Chain Feature" inserts so I'll be changing those. Plus some of the flashers under the ramps may be better using the Super 13 but that's for testing another time....

2 weeks later
#263 6 years ago
Quoted from nosro:

Has anyone else noticed this:
Any multi-ball before achieving the Ultimate Challenge results in a normal 4-ball mode with a brief ball saver. However, once Ultimate Challenge is completed, starting a multi-ball results in an endless ball saver mode.
I'm not sure if this is a bug with L1AT, but it certainly doesn't seem like an opto problem. (I have never had an endless ball saver with any multiball prior to completing the Ultimate Challenge, but any multiball after UC has always resulted in an endless ball saver.)

The endless ball saver has happened twice that I have seen - both times my wife was playing and so I really don't know if the circumstances that initiated it were the same both times. The second time this happened my wife knocked me off the Grand Champion spot!!!! I also am on L1AT.

1 month later
#286 6 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Hey guys I'd like to know how other peoples left kickout works for both air raid and standard gameplay left kick outs. When I hit the air raid ramp I try and time the shot to hit the "U" or the "D" to destroy the missle. Should the kick out from rest in the left kickout lane hit these targets? Another error I have found in my game is during multiball sometimes, if I have multiple balls go in the left kick out they seem to get stuck in there until I drain my last ball in play and then it has to do the lost ball thing before it actually kicks the balls out. What could be causing that? Like it said it only does this in multiball. Thanks!

Go into switch test mode and ensure that the ball presence switch in the lane works. If not then you need to troubleshoot that. It also sounds like the solenoid kick is weak. Dismantle it and clean it up. May need a new coil sleeve. Also check to see if the right coil is installed. Mine work fine and it does indeed hit a couple of the dropdown targets when the ball is kicked out.

#288 6 years ago
Quoted from dudah:

I'm about to buy some LED's for my JD, was thinking CT or perhaps try out PinballBulbs. Does anybody know if JD ghosts? I have the Deadworld mod I'm yet to install but perhaps ghosting was patched on that ROM? Would like to avoid the premium of non-ghosting bulbs if possible...

I have edited this post to correct my earlier unintentional misstatement. I had not noticed ghosting on the machine but having now fired up the game and specifically looked for it there is indeed ghosting with my CT LEDs. I would state though that I really had not noticed this at all up until now and it doesn't really bother me. Note that I am running the L1AT roms that came with the Deadworld mod from Pinbits.

Post edited by ikrananka: Corrected.

1 month later
#361 5 years ago

I grew up in the UK and reading the 2000AD comic every week was a highlight for me as a kid. Judge Dredd was one of my favourite characters. So, I bought the machine based on my love of both pinball and the Judge Dredd character.

1 week later
#369 5 years ago
Quoted from StrangelovePhD:

What does the question mark target on the left hand side do?

The unofficial rule sheet details what the the question mark does for each "mission". Check it out at http://www.ipdb.org/rulesheets/1322/judgedre.htm

1 week later
#374 5 years ago
Quoted from Sly_Old_Devil:

Question for the JD crowd, had mine for a few weeks now and going to do a teardown and new cab decals etc (waiting for the Eagle to land as well - literally).
I noticed that the flipper button mech setup was different on the left side to the right side and luckily saw a post that explained that this was normal, before I newbed it here , so to my question; has anyone changed this setup so that they feel the same on both sides and what did you do to get it that way (mine feels way different, much stiffer on the left side)?

Mine had a similar problem when I first got it. I found that there were different interrupters on each of the flipper button opto boards. One had the newer plastic interrupter and the other the older style metal interrupter. There was so much more resistance when pressing the button with the metal interrupter compared to the one with the plastic one. In fact the plastic one had hardly any resistance to it. It really bugged me and I assumed that this was not how it was shipped and that one of the boards/interrupter assembly's had been changed at some point.

I'm sure there are cheaper solutions, but the one I chose was to replace both opto board assembly's with the new aftermarket boards from Great Lakes Modular (http://www.greatlakesmodular.com/) - Parts JD-RFB & WPC-UFB. I had a lot of problems getting them setup to work correctly but now I'm very happy. Equal and comfortable resistance on both sides that can be adjusted if necessary.

#378 5 years ago
Quoted from mwong168:

The reason why the left side has a different board from the right is because of the additional button on the side of the cab to fire off the left lane kicker. It was not changed and came from the factory this way.

What I meant was that one of the boards had the metal interrupter as in your picture while the other had a plastic interrupter. I know that the board on the left side of JD is unique. But was it that the left side always had a metal interrupter and the right-side a plastic one?

Quoted from mwong168:

I'm glad to hear that the GLM flipper boards are working out for you but personally I don't like how they feel. You might also want to find a way to secure that magnet in place because if it gets shifted around you flipper might not work properly.

I find that they feel fine and do not stand out as feeling particularly different to my other games. However, I did find that when flipping frantically the magnet would occasionally stick to the metal bracket around the shooter lane coils. This happened on both the left and right hand sides. So, I had to stick some cardboard over the magnets so that they couldn't get close enough to the metal brackets to stick. Having done that they now no longer stick, work great and have not needed any further adjustments in 6 months of play.

There is one lingering issue with them though. I find that when the shooter lane coils fire automatically during game play (e.g. when a ball enters the left shooter lane and it is not Air Raid mode) this triggers the flipper switch and the associated flippers lightly flip. This is clearly down to the coils magnetic field affecting the magnetically actuated flipper boards. I plan on installing some shielding to see if I can cut down/eliminate the problem.

#380 5 years ago
Quoted from Sly_Old_Devil:

So are the magnets on the GLM boards just for balance (weight and feel) and can move/stick when going mad so a dab of glue or something when satisfied with the magnet position could be in order?

The magnet on each board is located on the metal arm and are not for weight and feel. There are separate screws that can be repositioned to adjust the resistance felt when pressing the flipper buttons. The magnet sits on the outside of the metal arm and activates the switches on the actual circuit board. Adjusting the position of the magnet allows you to adjust the sensitivity of when the switches activate, i.e. how far in you have to push the flipper button before each flipper flips.

My problem was not with the magnets moving during game play. My problem stemmed from the fact that the magnets, on the outside of the metal arms, were very close to the shooter/kicker lanes coil bracket when the flipper button was fully depressed. When the flipper button was fully depressed and the coil was activated the coils magnetic field would pull the GLM magnet towards it and the GLM magnet would then stick to the coil's metal bracket. As I said above, putting a little cardboard over the GLM magnet now prevents this from occurring.

#395 5 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Sometimes I get an intermittent issue when battling the judges during multiball. The balls will drain but the machine gets confused & keeps kicking them back into play. It's annoying & makes multiball go on longer than it should. Eventually it corrects itself. I'm sure its related to the deadworld mod & losing track of the balls in play. The opto board in the trough is new. But as I said, it only happens occasionally.
I love my Dredd & would never consider removing the deadworld mod, even if the L1-AT ROM isn't perfect.

This happens to me occasionally as well and I too have a new trough opto board (GLM).

#396 5 years ago
Quoted from Soapman:

This only happens to me when I turn the machine off, than turn back on later, than the machine goes nuts looking for them. I just clear them out before I shut down.

This is different to the behaviour on my machine. When I turn on my machine, and balls are sitting locked in Deadworld, nothing happens. However, when I press the start button the machine recognises that the trough is not full and starts to unload Deadworld. Once that is completed, and all balls are in the trough, I have to press the start button again to get a game going. Rom is L1-AT.

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