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Dredd Owners Thread. Members Only!

By Anim8ormatt

6 years ago

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#2423 1 year ago

Hello all. I am a proud owner of a Judge Dredd. I've always loved this game ever since I was a kid. I love the layout, I love the theme, I love the music.

I was able to pick up this machine that was a bit beat up a few years ago, and every now and then do a little something to it. All in all, I have restored the Playfield best I could (wasn't too terribly bad to start with), cleaned and polished all the metal habitrails, touched up paint to the cabinet (looked originally like it it been through a meat grinder), painted the original legs (they originally looked like a horror movie with more oxidation than I've ever seen), full LED upgrade to the Playfield inserts and under some plastics, and LED to the back of the inner cabinet, and behind the back box. I think she is looking pretty sweet!!
I would love to share some pics of how she is looking these days.





#2425 1 year ago
Quoted from Arcadefan:

I'm joining, the music is awsome for this machine as well as the gameplay!

This is an absolutely fantastic game. Never gets old. Soundtrack is absolutely great. Really gets you all jazzed up. Shots are cool. I would recommend finding a reputable company that has gone through it and cleaned it up and tested it, and then put money down and bring her home!!

1 month later
#2481 1 year ago

Hey everyone. I know I have seen it in the thread before, but I just can't find it. I've got what I believe is a simple problem that is not necessarily unique to my Judge Dredd.
Well, all in all everything seems to be working fine, but when I turn the machine on everything resets to factory settings. I have to go into the settings and set it to free play every single time. Also, all previous high scores get reset starting at that game.
Is this a battery problem in the back box? If I remember from the earlier thread, this is a easy fix, I just can't remember what the exact fix is. Can someone explain the fix to me, Maybe with a picture as well? Thanks everybody in advance!!!!!

#2483 1 year ago
Quoted from ArcadiusMaximus:

Replace the batteries.

Thanks for your reply. Do you know what battery is preferred for this game? Is there a preferred process to changing out a battery on a 93 Bally? Silly question, I'm sure. Never had to change a battery on a game before. Thx

#2485 1 year ago
Quoted from jimbeam42:

Any AA battery would do, you need three of them. Change them out frequently so they don't leak if they are still on the board. I would get a remote battery pack and Mount it to the side of the cabinet away from the board. Normally the swap is done with the game on so setting/scores aren't lost. Too late though in your case.

Thanks guys. Took a look in the backbox. Looks like the batteries are connected via wire off to the side from the CPU board, not directly fixed to board itself. Replaced with Energizer AA batteries. Reset to free play, turned machine off and on and setting saved. Nice! Funny, after all the technical things that get discussed, this time, it's just a AA battery change! Haha. Thanks again y'all, all is well with the JD world again.

3 weeks later
#2558 1 year ago
Quoted from Drewblood419:

Got my inside cab art installed yesterday it's coming right along

Looks great. The blue wireforms are really neat. I like how you matched them with blue rubbers on your flippers. How did you go about coloring the wireforms? Nice topper too. Did you get that from PPS? I bet that sniper mod that's out there with blue glow behind the window would look good on your game too.

2 weeks later
#2576 1 year ago
Quoted from Parzival:

My JD is coming next week. Stadium lights (external power) and colorDMD (LCD) here waiting to go in. Machine looks to be in great shape, gold powder coated. Bought it from Top Score Gameroom out of Missouri.
Has anyone ever used any LED strips around/behind the topper? All my machines have toppers that light up, and I don't want to leave JD out
Color changing LED strips are cheap, just curious if anyone else has tried it?

I put LED strips behind the backbox and threaded the remaining portion of strip through the back box to sit hidden under the backbox and in the back of the Playfield to light up the back of the pf, which is admittingly quite dark. The strip came with a remote to turn on/off and change colors, etc. When I play and forget to turn them on, I'm having fun no doubt, but then when I remember to turn them on I always say, wow, that looks so much better! Haha


2 months later
#2742 10 months ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Work in progress....

Those yellow legs are going to looks great.
This game is a ton of fun and never gets old, in my opinion. You have a great collection, and I think this is an awesome addition. Not only is it fun to play and looks great too, but you get some great rocking sounds and music that will keep you pumped up! I love the JD sounds and music!

#2759 10 months ago
Quoted from PinRob:

Another cover option

Let me ask a group question. Something I've never really thought about, and for whatever reason I'm starting to notice it more...
I see people using these dust covers. I've never used a dust cover on any of my machines. I can't say that I notice a lot of dust in general on my machines, or anything major that's stood out to me...maybe the machines get played a lot and that's why, im not sure. I bet there's dust on top of the cabinet head though But in general, what are peoples specific reasons or feelings on using dust covers?

#2764 9 months ago
Quoted from ArcadiusMaximus:

JD is the first pin I vividly remember playing in middle school. After trying to join the club countless times and coming up short, I'm finally in! Picked it up a few weeks ago but did a full tear down. Polished the field, tumbled most mechs, rebuilt all the flippers, regrained all the ball guides, installed pinbits new ramp flaps, rebuilt the planet gear box, added dead world mod, fixed various items on the field, and added LEDs. This one is never leaving!

I never get tired of this game.
Congrats! Pics look great.

3 weeks later
#2781 8 months ago

Ok, wow...I knew I loved this game, but I just did a flipper re-build...first time mind you and did it on both lower flippers, also replaced the coil on the right lower...rebuild went well, no issues and did this on my JD, tonight....holy shit...hitting ramps like no one's business....hit all modes and did Ultimate Challenge, put up a GC score and had a blast...THIS is what I'm talking about!!!
Flipper re-build, CHECK!

#2784 8 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Try some Titan Comp on those too! Made a huge difference on ours. Very responsive.

I also have put Titan rubbers on both the upper and lower flippers. They are great! I agree, very responsive.

#2786 8 months ago

Looks amazing man. Nice work!

Any chance you or anyone else have any old plastics sitting around and trying to offload?
I'm in need of the long right side plastic that the 3 meltdown towers sit on, as well the long left one that enters into the left kickback lane.

#2787 8 months ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Well... sad to say that, in the end, negotiations failed (what a f***ing long "couple" of months, huh?), so I've got a few extra beautiful new JD parts lying here in search of a new home (pin)!

Man, AlexSMendes, I wish you were still on pinside...id love to snag those spare plastics...

#2790 8 months ago
Quoted from Soapman:

ChipScott. I think I have the one that the tower mounts to. I'll check on the others tonight. At work now. Ya it sucks but they have free beer.

Awesome if you do! Let me know
Thanks for your response!

#2791 8 months ago

Made some new cards today...


#2794 8 months ago
Quoted from Soapman:

ChipScott this is what I have.

Thanks for checking Soapman, really appreciate it! I'll PM you. That is one of the pieces I'm hunting for.

#2795 8 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Very nice...mind sharing with your brethren JD'ers?

Thanks. Happy to!
I create these cards on a Word Doc file. I have a pretty good color printer, so it came out with some pretty decent color and quality. I just remoce a chunk of excess paper and then fold the edges of the paper back to fit the picture (which is just about right size for the card, like you see in the pics). Ideally I like to eventually take them to an Office Store and get them laninated, and I'll probably do that later today.

I am happy to email this file to anyone interested. Just send me a PM.

#2800 8 months ago

Just installed the interactive JD Sniper mod from Medisinyl. Took 2 minutes to install and it looks aaammmazing!!!
Thanks Greg!!!

#2803 8 months ago

Lotta trouble, lotta crime...
So added a little ACTION in Mega City!


#2804 8 months ago

I love adding mods to games, but I try not to clutter them up...Im a believer that less is more...BUT, in this instance it's a badass comic-based game with crazy characters, so I figured this may be the game to add some figurines and simulate some Dredd-based battles. I found someone selling a complete Mega City set from the early 90's, the figures stand about 2-2.5" tall, and I went ahead and did it.
I kept them on the sides so there's no visual interference of the ball during gameplay, and during gameplay they don't stand out, which I like. But it's a newer world under glass now with added action, and characters...and while I know theres some who don't care for this kind of mod addition, for me, in this case, i'm really digging on it!!!

4 months later
#2862 4 months ago

sniper shoots people, gets shot... and splatters on the ground... if you know the button trick a dog will come out and pee on him, lol.

Ive not heard of that button trick! Sounds awesome.
Do you know what the button trick is to get that dog out on sniper mode??

#2863 4 months ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

sniper shoots people, gets shot and splatters on the ground...if you know the button trick a dog will come out and pee on him, lol.

That button trick sounds awesome. I've not heard of that!!
Do you know what the button trick is to get that dog out on the sniper mode??!!

#2871 4 months ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

When you beat sniper mode by hitting the sniper shot twice hold in both fire buttons before the sniper splatters.

I hit sniper shot twice for the kill, immediately hit the 2 red launch buttons simultaneouly and sure enough!! Dog came right on out and peed on him! Hahaha.
Awesome! Thanks again for that info!

3 weeks later
#2887 3 months ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

Just a heads up that the Sniper Tower mod is on sale for the first time. Down to $69.99 until Sunday night. May be a bit of a delay on shipping as I've sold out of the ones I had parts on hand for, but it shouldn't be too long of a wait. Thanks again to the those that have supported this mod over the last year

+1!!! This mod is awesome.
I installed this mod earlier this year with orange sniper light. I couldn't imagine the game without it now. Looks perfect. Easy install. Badass addition.
Thanks again medisinyl !!

1 month later
#2907 62 days ago
Quoted from ThatOneDude:

I was picking up a freebie EM last week at a junkyard, and a customer saw me moving the game. He came up and asked if I bought pinballs. Said he had a pair of Judge Dredd machines that he was selling.
So, a few days later, I'm in the club.
[quoted image][quoted image]

It's really such an awesome and addictive game, you're gonna love it. Congrats!

#2908 62 days ago
Quoted from Boat:

transprtr4u was shopping out my game the last few weeks. Got it home and setup, amazing game. This one is staying for a while!!
[quoted image]

Congrats! Looks sweet.

#2909 62 days ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Looking for some custom cards for Judge Dredd, anyone have printable copy? Thanks

PM me your email and I'd be happy to send you some cards I made for mine.

#2912 61 days ago
Quoted from pinmister:

I am really digging this game, the flow and layout are epic! I am babysitting JD for a friend of mine and I want to try and get it fixed up for him. Having an issue with a bad motor/gear box for Deadworld. I know Marco used to sell replacements? Anyone know who does rebuilds on enclosed Deadworld motor assembly? Thanks in advance

Fortunately I have not yet had any issues with the deadworld motor assembly, thus I have not had to take it down and investigate or I would make comment. However, I know somewhere embedded in this thread are a few people that have made repairs on that. You may want to look through this thread and reach out to them. I'm sure you can find a assistant you looking for! Keep us posted on the restoration of the game!

1 week later
#2924 47 days ago
Quoted from adol75:

I'm really considering buying one, they are on the affordable side and are packed with modes, features, and cool things to do. My problem is all I remember from playing Dredd a decade ago was the music, a short loop that kept playing which was getting on my nerves at some points.
Are my memory correct ? Or is there more than one BGM in this game ?

You right that there is one main musical rock jam (its a good one, IMO, and I have not tired of it, for me), but that said, there is different music and sounds assigned to each of the modes (of which there are multiple) that kick on once initiated, so that adds a lot of audio variation throughout the game.

IIf you are thinking about picking one up, IMO you cant go wrong with this one. For me, i think this game is awesome. 4 flippers, 3 ramps (2 from lower flippers and 1 from upper flipper), inner and outer loop shots, subway (behind drops)>wireform, VUK (sniper tower)>wireform, 5 bank drop targets, captive ball shot, big spinning disc with magnetic crane, 8 main modes (i think), 4 mb "modes" (1 for each of the deadworld demons...and actually 5mb if you include the Blackout Mode) ...add to that some pretty funny audio and DMD clips and you got yourself one hell of a game that super fun and very addictive!!!
...i don't think ill ever get rid of mine.

#2932 44 days ago
Quoted from BertoDRINK1:

I did mine with the red drops on the outside and the yellow in the middle, I think it makes it pop better and easier to see what you are trying to hit.
[quoted image]

That looks awesome! Very cool idea.

1 week later
#2950 33 days ago
Quoted from underlord:

Just picked up a JD along with a DM for my ‘Superpin’ collection.
I’ve got a gold plated topper coming( old mustard one was long gone), alternate cab art and alternate translite.
Just ebay’d up a chrome crane mod.
Will be chrome plating the habitrails and not sure on trim. Would like the deadworld mod, I pm’d Dudah.
Any other ideas to take my girl to her next level?

Would score a sniper tower mod. Easy install, well constructed and looks awesome, IMO. Fella that makes them delivers it fast to you with your choice of color and follows this thread ( medisinyl ).
Other than that, some side blade art from Pingraffix, and with the above, sounds like you'll have a hell of a game!

3 weeks later
#2979 10 days ago
Quoted from trumpy:

im in.all the way from Europe to aus .I should of left that side door open on way home . have just put leds and supabands (as usual) .should be finishing my mousin' around , but I just cant stop playing dredd . THAT IS THE LAW
[quoted image][quoted image]

Awesome. Congrats!
Take some pics once you get that Color DMD up and running!

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