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#1415 2 years ago

Hey JD fans. Might be joining your club!

I've caught up on about half of this thread so far.

It appears that almost all the unique JD parts are hard to find. Is that true? For example, looking at the usual sources I find no repro ramps.

Other than the typical "check out the crane" and look for cracked ramps, anything else to pay particular attention?

Thanks guys.

3 weeks later
#1433 2 years ago

Hello! Just joined the club. Getting to know my JD. I have't played one that, I say, was in perfect condition. So here's my first question about the crane. Is it normal for it to go back and forth between dead world and the drop location when there is no ball there? During one of my (very few) play tests I've seen it moving. Now, separately, I did get a ball into dead world and the crane did remove it (although it felt like it could have moved the ball a bit more to the left (away from dead world). But separate from this, is it normal for the crane to just move back and forth?

... Altan

#1434 2 years ago
Quoted from altan:

Hello! Just joined the club. Getting to know my JD. I have't played one that, I say, was in perfect condition. So here's my first question about the crane. Is it normal for it to go back and forth between dead world and the drop location when there is no ball there? During one of my (very few) play tests I've seen it moving. Now, separately, I did get a ball into dead world and the crane did remove it (although it felt like it could have moved the ball a bit more to the left (away from dead world). But separate from this, is it normal for the crane to just move back and forth?
... Altan

Maybe it was doing that because the ball that went into dead world didn't get pulled out of dead world and into the left orbit area but rather kind of rolled down the left side of dead world? Causing the crane to keep trying (thinking the ball was there?).

#1444 2 years ago

Just getting to know my JD... and noticed that at the very back of the bottom of the playfield (meaning farthest away while you are playing), there is a connector that isn't connected to anything.

I recall my old WCS94 had a random connector that wasn't connected. Is this the case with JD also? Or should it be connected to something...

See pic. Connector is in center bottom of pic. Sorry it's not the best pic.IMG_7314_-_Version_2_(resized).jpg

UPDATE: Found the answer elsewhere on Pinside. It's normal for this connector to just hang there...

#1445 2 years ago

Anyone know what size hex key is needed for the #8-32 set screw on the crane?

It's a pain to see there and none of the keys I'm using seem to fit.


#1447 2 years ago
Quoted from ryandimx:

Anyone one know where I can order the Asic, CPU and ROM? Ready to get this thing running.

Marco claims to have the ASIC and CPU. You can order the ROM from pinballroms.com and several other places.

#1449 2 years ago

Search for 6809. I see both the 6809P and 6809E show up. Unfortunately I don't know which one you need, but suspect a search will bring it up

#1451 2 years ago

Art, welcome!

Just joined myself on Sunday.

... Altan

#1459 2 years ago

This is causing trouble with unwanted multiball and other oldies! Can you see it?IMG_7336_(resized).jpg

#1461 2 years ago
Quoted from PinRob:

Get the GLM boards...

Good to know if it was trashed. In my case, I'll buy a 270 Ohm 2 Watt resistor and fix it for 50 cents

#1464 2 years ago

Can someone help me understand how to get a jackpot? I'm certain I have an opto or switch out, but I'm not sure where to look.

After starting multiball, I understand there are 4 jackpots (Mortis, Fire, Fear and Death). But where do you shoot to collect the jackpot?

The rules I'm looking at aren't clear. Is it the left ramp? Or is it the more center ramp with the label "jackpot" on it? Or perhaps something else?

Thank you.

#1475 2 years ago
Quoted from phillymadison:

When you get MB you first shoot the left ramp (the biggest ramp that goes all the way around) once you do that you have to shoot the ball down the middle of the drop targets (subway) that's how you get a jackpot. Do it 4 times to beat each Judge.
The voice call outs tell you to actually do that. So make sure there's nothing wrong with your volume or something.
The ramp that says Jackpot is for Black out mode. That's the 2 ball MB mode where most of the lights goes out. If you hit that ramp during that mode it awards the blackout jackpot.

Thanks for the info.

I certainly could hear the "shoot the left ramp", but then I would never get a jackpot.

The playfield is confusing here. After shooting the left ramp, the game says something about "shoot the jackpot". But it's not clear WHERE the jackpot shot is! I understand now that it's the center drop target shot. However, it's worth nothing that just to the right of Deadworld is a ramp that says jackpot.

Anyway, turns out the first switch inside the center subway (behind the center drop target) wasn't registering. I hadn't noticed any negative from this bad switch (other than I couldn't get a jackpot). I suspect it had some other impact I'll eventually realize.

#1479 2 years ago

I knew JD had great flow. What I didn't realize until I got it home was how intense it is!

It never stop! Some pins you hit a target, watches nice animation, and the ball comes back. Not with Dredd!

While there are very nice animations, the ball doesn't stop for you to watch them! Even when multi ball starts and the crane is grabbing the 3rd ball (production l7 rom), the balls come flying before the crane is done.

#1486 2 years ago
Quoted from BENETNATH:

I'm quite happy as i finally manager to get a NOS eagle original, the green mustard one!


We are both lucky. I managed to track down a (repo) eagle topper for a reasonable price... Should be here on Friday.

#1488 2 years ago
Quoted from Mancave:

Know of another one floating around???

Sorry. I was lucky to find this one...

#1491 2 years ago
Quoted from BioBa:

I am also amazed that JD is not a top rated pin.

Well, it is in the top 50 on pinside. That's not bad.

But it's certainly true that people don't treat it as if it's in the top 50. [Insert "it's a $1400 game (in 2013 dollars)" comment, with sarcasm]

Frankly, I don't think a lot of people seem them that much. I fell in love with it when I played it, but it look a long time to ever play one.

#1492 2 years ago

Any hooked a sub up to Dredd?

Good match or not much difference?

#1498 2 years ago

Yeah! Look what arrived today!


And no, it's not on a Judge Dredd at the moment.

#1500 2 years ago

Anyone build/make their own topper mount for the topper that isn't "filled"?

I went to Home Depot just now and they didn't have any L brackets that would fit. At least none that I found.

In a perfect world I'd like a L-bracket that has a small "base" and a taller other side (vertical). And on this vertical aspect it would be nice if there was a slot running down the middle so I could put a screw anywhere. The ones I found that 1 or 2 screw holes in fixed (and wrong) places.

If I had a drill press I could easily fix that...

#1503 2 years ago

New topic... Supergame.

How many balls are in play initially? You launch the first and then?

Rules on the web say one additional ball is launched.

I get 2 additional balls launched.

I don't have strange extra balls during regular game.

I'm running l7 and would appreciate input from other owners.

#1505 2 years ago
Quoted from phillymadison:

Super game starts you with 2 balls and a random Supergame mode. During the mode if you can hit all the drop targets you get a 6 ball multiball. After you lose all but one ball it turns into a regular game again.
If you have 3 balls at the start of Supergame then something is wrong.

Thanks. Can you tell me what rom version you have?

#1512 2 years ago

Thanks Volgon (and phillymadison)
Just to be extremely thorough, is there anyone out there running L7? I'd appreciate hearing how many balls are launched with L7 and Supergame.
I've spent the last 2 hours looking into this and nothing seems wrong... (not that I haven't missed something)
1) I've filed down the trough to make it super smooth
2) Cleaned the opts on the trough
3) verified the the shooter lane switch
4) Watched the trough and verified no balls are stuck
5) banged on the playfield at various times and switches don't toggle
So just as a sanity check, I'd like to get verification on L7 Supergame behavior.
... Altan

Added over 3 years ago: Update: Turned out it was a ball trough opto issue.

#1514 2 years ago
Quoted from cynric:

L7 here. Supergame launches 2 balls, and an additional 4 if you hit all drop targets. Just as with the older versions..
You might want to check the trough plugs if the optos are doing fine, had some trouble with loosening connectors on mine.

Thanks! It was a big stretch to believe l7 changed something.., but wanted to triple check.

Again, thanks.

#1519 2 years ago
Quoted from Volgon:

I have L7; Supergame launches two balls. It did the same when I had L6.

Thanks. Earlier today I found a problem with the "up" / "jam" ball trough opto which was causing the problem. Now I get Supergame with 2 balls

#1525 2 years ago
Quoted from toeskneez:

Hi Mancave, thanks for that pic. Thats not the one I mean, since posting I have found out it is actually a plastic that is missing, and it goes around the subway hole. Looking at your pic, you might not have it either! It has something like the words "Cursed Earth" on a sign to the left of the subway entrance.

Here ya go (for reference)


FWIW, it's a bit basic, but I've started populating the Judge Dredd page on my site


... Altan

#1527 2 years ago


JD is much harder now that I've fixed my ball trough. I didn't realize it wasn't operating correctly regular game.

With the messed up ball trough, it would fire 1 ball at game start. But after hitting the J-U-D-G-E targets, and then the left ramp, and finally the subway for jackpot... All you needed to do to start the next multiball was shot the left ramp!

Now I need to spell JUDGE again...

It's really interesting how these switch issues cause the game to play differently in unexpected ways.

BTW, the "Yikes" just means surprise. It's better this way!

#1533 2 years ago

I did a $2.50 Eagle mounting solution. Hope it inspires someone. I didn't see a need to also mount the upper Eagle support.


I've got a decent amount of Judge Dredd stuff I've done on my site now (http://www.aaarpinball.com/JudgeDredd/JD.htm)

... Altan

#1536 2 years ago
Quoted from wizard_mode:

my JD does not have the cutouts in the back box face for the topper feet. strange. anyone know the history there?

Interesting. Perhaps you have a cabinet (or head) from another game that someone put new decals on? Are they original?

#1542 2 years ago
Quoted from dudah:

Was lucky to find an eagle topper 2 years ago when I bought mine. Wish it was the chromed one, but happy to have one. I painted it with gold glitter and it turned out nice!

Thanks for sharing! Looks nice.

I was considering painting mine gold, but a little concerned that the Eagle is quite hard to find now and it might be better to leave it alone rather than risk some failure.

The gold glitter approach was a smart choice since it probably can go one with a little less care (don't that that the wrong way!).

... Altan

#1543 2 years ago

I decided to purchase the Pinbits Deadworld mod and give it a try.

I'll let you know what I think...

It's too bad you need to fall back to L1 to support this. I realize the release notes don't claim much changed between L1 and L7, but I'm guessing they didn't list everything that changed.

Still, not having balls circle Deadworld seems to diminish Deadworld so much!

#1548 2 years ago
Quoted from altan:

I decided to purchase the Pinbits Deadworld mod and give it a try.
I'll let you know what I think...
It's too bad you need to fall back to L1 to support this. I realize the release notes don't claim much changed between L1 and L7, but I'm guessing they didn't list everything that changed.
Still, not having balls circle Deadworld seems to diminish Deadworld so much!

Ok... Got the mod (or "reversion to original")... installed it...

I immediately saw the impact of "it requires the game to be fully working". Game ended up shooting a bunch of balls into the shooter lane. This was after the crane didn't fully pull a ball out but rather the ball rolled down (and didn't trigger the opto).

Good news is my game was working perfectly before... I just need to readjust the crane / deadworld since I replaced the deadworld piece.

... Altan

#1549 2 years ago

(Failed attempt to get Pinside to display a gif)

#1554 2 years ago
Quoted from wizard_mode:

how do i tell what build number my jd is? am i looking at the correct numbers?

Never heard of a Bally/Williams build numbers...

Playfields were built separately than cabinets...

#1556 2 years ago
Quoted from wizard_mode:

Ok my machine seems to have a different color scheme on cabinet coin door panel (no red in the lettering and blue gloves instead of green). Maybe this is fade though? See pic. But also, mine does not have the cutouts for the topper feet. So I was thinking maybe it is an early build?

I'd guess the color diff is because of fade. Red goes away often.

As for your backbox, anything is possible --- maybe Bally/Williams made a batch without the notches.

You might try posting outside of this thread. I've found that many JD owners don't read this thread.

#1558 2 years ago
Quoted from Mancave:

I'm really thinking that's because the backbox on your machine is off another machine. I have not heard of any different head unit's being used for this machine before and if you look on the IPDB there is also no mention of that. If you consider the fact that the backbox on a widebody machine is exactly the same size as any regular size machine, yours could be off anything!

Agree (I suggested this earlier too). But it would mean someone reapplied decals. Are the decals in really good shape compared to the rest of the game?

#1561 2 years ago

Looking for a little input regarding how the drop targets should work when spelling Judge.

It seems most of the time, if you hit a target out of order then the target will drop and not change the flashing light. Then, if you hit the correct target, it's possible you end up with a flashing light for a target that is already down.

Is this normal? Or should the game pop up all the targets in this case?

When this happens, you can shoot the center subway (assuming the drop target in front is down) to light the letter.

In case this isn't clear, here is a specific example.

JUDGE are all up. J is flashing.
I hit the U target. It goes down.
J is still flashing
I now hit the J target. It goes down.
U is now flashing but it is already down.

at this point I need to hit the D target so it goes down
and then shoot the ball into the subway, which now lights the D target

I'm hopeful this is normal behavior. However, I wasn't able to find anyone stating the correct behavior... hence this post.


... Altan

#1564 2 years ago
Quoted from Soapman:

Yes this normal. If the J is flashing and you hit the "UDGE" they will drop. J will only count if you hit J or enter subway. If you hit the J and all others are down than they reset. The same for all letters. If you have one letter up and all are down and hit subway, the one flashing will be counted and move to the next.
I think I explained it right. Beer and pin 400 miles away

Thanks. Matches what I described and I'm seeing. No weird behavior.

.. Altan

#1570 2 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

I have no idea when it started, but my ball crane no longer picks up balls (at all, not even a little). Anyone have any ideas on what I should be checking out?

First, remember the crane magnet doesn't work with coin door open.

I'd check its connector hasn't come off under the playfield.

Also run solenoid test for magnet and see if it will pick up anything.

... Altan

#1576 2 years ago
Quoted from beardorew:

Wondering if anyone else has run into this…If I'm in multiball and cradling the left flipper and a ball goes into the left launch lane when the coil fires to autolaunch the ball out my left flipper will pulse and will sometimes completely drop. Is this normal or do i have something odd happening?

I'll try this later when I'm by my machine, but I'm doubtful it's normal.

Does it happen if you hold the left flipper and just bang hard on the left side of the cabinet?

I'm wondering if your flipper opto mech is a little funky and, since it's so close to the solenoid that fires the left auto launch, might cause it to briefly toggle.

#1578 2 years ago

Yeah! I seem to have my Deadworld working well! Just ran 50+ balls through the "unload glebe test" and all worked 100% (lifted and got dropped through the exit optos!).

I'll run another 50 tomorrow...

#1587 2 years ago
Quoted from mwong168:

Just installed these original inside decals tonight which I ordered from hassanchop few weeks ago here:

How well do they survive opening the playfield?

1 week later
#1599 2 years ago
Quoted from deeplennon1:

... One concern is the pics appear to be of the game running in track mode however the JUDGE drop targets are in the down position, I think they are normally up? ...

Targets do not pop up during attract, so this isn't a warning sign.

I did notice it is missing the Police plastics that cover the left and right ramps.

1 week later
#1612 2 years ago

Why not get one from pinbits? They sell a kit for around $60... I installed in the past month, pretty straightforward.

... Altan

#1615 2 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Going to try to flame polish the ramps while I'm at it.

I've had excellent results with flame polishing.

However, I've not done it with my Dredd because the ramps are really hard to replace (if something goes wrong) I'm a Scaredy–cat in this situation.

Show pics!

1 week later
#1634 2 years ago
Quoted from BENETNATH:

Hurry up !!
ebay.com link » Bally Judge Dredd Pinball Machine Eagle Topper Rare

"Full size 2D Topper for the Judge Dredd pinball machine" ???

1 month later
#1717 2 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

When multiball starts in a standard game, is it supposed to be 3 ball or 5 ball? I'm having an issue where when multiball starts (after getting my third lock) two new balls are fired out along with the 3 dropping from deadworld. The problem is that once two have drained, it ends the multiball, even though I still have 3 balls in play. This causes a ton of issues once it happens (basically it tries to keep those extra two balls in play, which doesn't work at all). I have no idea when it started happening, but it's the last bug I have to work out of my JD to get it 100%.
I have brand new ball trough boards in, and I checked the switches, those are triggering fine and descending correctly as a ball drops into the trough, so it's not a trough issue.
The switch that the crane drops the ball through is working properly.
As far as I know every switch is working correctly.
Could this be some kind of code issue?

Regular game is 4 ball. Supergame is 6 ball.

If you don't play Supergame occasionally, the game thinks the trough i bad and misbehaves. This might have been fixed in L7 but if you have the deadworld mod, you need to be aware of it.

What ROM are you using? Deadworld mod or something else?

If you search back, I had a multiball issue that was related to an opto somewhere. I cannot recall off the top of my head.

Don't think it's a code issue. In my experience, JD doesn't always tell you when switches aren't working correctly (as in my opto problem)...

I'd start debugging by...

1) Turn the game off, then back on to get it into a good state
2) Play Supergame just to ensure the game knows the trough is ok
3) Turn the game off, the back on to go back to a known state
4) Start a game but trigger everything carefully by hand. Roll the ball to activate the specific targets required. Verify they are activating.

Does the game shoot out too many balls?

This isn't a perfect approach, but it allows you to more carefully watch and see if the game is reacting as expected in a more controlled situation.

Also, just because you replaced the trough doesn't mean it's working. The connectors can be troublesome. In my case, I found the "jam" opto on the trough wasn't working well as well as the connectors themselves. When testing the trough, I didn't test the jam opto initially. I believe it will cause the problem you are describing, so suggest taking a look.

... Altan

2 months later
#2004 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballcarl:

Hello all, I just purchased Judge Dredd and love it! It did not have the eagle topper so I found one and purchased one from planetary pinball, but I do not have the bolts/screws to mount bracket on top of pinball machine? I could not find anything in the original manual...Anyone have any info on what was used to mount this? Thanks for any help.

I realize there is no index on this thread, so it's hard to find. But there are some posts on the topic.

Regardless, you can see what I did here...


(scroll down...)

... Altan

#2018 2 years ago

Because of luck and generosity of another pinball collector... Look at this NOS beauty...

IMG_8359 (resized).jpg
IMG_8360 (resized).jpg
IMG_8361 (resized).jpg

... Altan

1 week later
#2022 2 years ago

Made a gameplay video of my Judge Dreed w/Deadworld mod. Realized after the fact it was filmed in 720p. Oh well.

Not amazing gameplay, but does show a lot of the pin. Hopefully it will be useful for someone that wants to see some JD gameplay...

... Altan

(Ok, there is an impressive pinball dead stop just 15 seconds into the video...)

1 week later
#2036 2 years ago

Be careful when putting that board back on. There is slack and you can end up mounting it so one of the Opto is rubbing the round plastic.

This creates black dust. Perhaps previously it was mounted and rubbing.

It's hard to get a good look at opto 62 and see if it's rubbing.

#2043 2 years ago

Once mustard green, now beautiful "pure gold" (a la rust-oleum universal). Huge improvement. Six light coats later...

IMG_8469 (resized).JPG

... Altan

4 months later
#2238 1 year ago
Quoted from Bond_Gadget_007:

I'm not a Dredd owner but I am a fan of this pin. So let me understand, the Deadworld mod has been out how many years and everyone is just now realizing it doesn't work like it should?

Deadworld mod works fine. Been running it for a year. But as is always stated, your machine needs to be 100%. The game doesn't deal with problematic optos well at all. I did have some odd behavior until I get everything working 101% (http://www.aaarpinball.com/JudgeDredd/JD.htm)

I cannot explain why some people have trouble. I'd guess that they have intermittent problems that are hard to reproduce.

#2241 1 year ago

This has probably been stated, but the #1 action that absolutely must occur with the deadworld mod is...

WHEN THE CRANE PICKS UP A BALL, IT MUST FALL THROUGH OPTO ON THE FAR LEFT. If it EVER rolls down the front of Deadworld (meaning the crane drops it, but it doesn't go the expected path but rather rolls down the left of Deadworld), the game will be screwed up.

In short

1) The optos need to work 100% of the time
2) The crane must be calibrated correctly to drop the ball through the left opto 100% of the time

I had a rather unique problem. My crane's magnet core had become slightly magnetized and occasionally would hold onto the ball even when the solenoid was powered off! This caused the ball to not fall through the expected OPTO but rather roll down deadworld. The arm would swing to the left, the solenoid was "release" the ball --- but it will be stuck to the core. The arm would swing back and the ball would eventually fall off --- rolling down the front of Deadworld. I fixed this problem by heating the "core magnet" element with a butane torch (removing the magnetism). I just realized I didn't write this up on my site. I'll add it...

I'd say you need to have the crane test operate correctly at least 20+ times (in diags) in a row before you are good with the crane. This is the test that picks up a ball, moves it to the drop spot, and drops it into the correct opto opening.

2 months later
#2308 1 year ago

Really like mine after owning for a year.

I buddy said "I thought you were so excited about it when you got it just because it was the newest game... but it's impressive you still love it a year later"

3 weeks later
#2343 1 year ago
Quoted from cynric:

L7 and the Deadworld lock ring work fine together. Balls are getting picked up by the crane if they dribble down there accidentally, yet the last one that starts multiball is sent there on purpose.

But what’s the purpose? Deadlock lock “mod” exists so the pinballs orbit dead world. Which is awesome.

Adding the lock ring without the right rom doesn’t do anything, that I know at least.

Maybe this is dealing with the desire to go back to l7 later?

I may have missed the context of your post

3 months later
#2462 1 year ago

I love the artwork on Judge Dredd.

I love the gameplay on Judge Dredd.

Judge Dredd is an awesome pin.


1 month later
#2542 1 year ago
Quoted from newy16216:

Ken I had the same problem even with the non ghosting rom installed, took me ages to figure it out , ended up removing j136 connector and all problems went away

By doing this you are disabling something (or somethings) that are connected to lamp columns 7 and 8. But I expect you've realized that.

I looked at the schematic for more info but it, unfortunately, says nothing is connected to J136 --- which appears to be wrong.

#2545 1 year ago


I opened up by JD backbox and verified nothing connected to j136 — consistent with schematics. I was too quick to believe the schematics were wrong!

Also, there is no connector hanging around that could be put there.

1 month later
#2623 11 months ago

haggy38 sorry to hear!

I find it's never clear what should go into these "machine specific" threads and when a new thread should be created. The informal rule I've followed is that "light topics that should only trigger a few posts as responses" should go in the "machine specific" thread. Anything that is deeper (such as electronic issues that span multiple pins) I'd put in another thread. In my opinion

IMHO it's fine to start another thread and then post in the machine specific thread with a reference ("hey guys, please look at this thread").

In your case, since you potentially caused a driver problem that isn't specific to Judge Dredd, you'd perhaps get wider audience posting under tech.

I'll ask some questions since I don't see another post yet...

1) When you took the driver board out to replace C2, are you sure you connected all the connectors correctly? Is anything off by 1 pin or plugged into the wrong place? I know most of the connectors are keyed, but I don't recall if every single one is keyed

2) Are you skilled at desoldering / soldering? I only ask because if you say "Yes, it's 2nd nature to me" I'll assume it's unlikely you shorted something

#2626 11 months ago
Quoted from Haggy38:

I marked all connector to avoid this type of mistakes, but it might made a mistake between J133 and J134, till I rechecked the schematics. I’m skill on electronics, I already restored IJ, DESW, and recently BSD, got all the tools desoldering station, oscilloscope, etc.
But I’m really surprised the outcome.., I’m rechecking my work and connections

As you found, J133/J134 are electrically the same. Sorry you have run into this.

... Altan

#2645 11 months ago
Quoted from JediPimp:

... I recently went back to L7 ROM from L1AT ROM because I like the small bug fixes they made on L7 and fixed some of the modes (eg. double missles work on pursuit with the ? Target) that were still in prototype on L1. ...

Thanks for posting this. I wish there was a complete list of the changes between L1 and L7. The release notes seem to skip over several aspects, minor or not.

... Altan

2 weeks later
#2679 10 months ago

How does the planet attach?

1 week later
#2694 10 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Hi Guys,
Quick question for the pros. I noticed my JD occasionally calls out "Rock" while adding points even tho there's no ball in play. I have a hunch it might be related to the drop targets, but I just can't seem find what triggers that callout with google searches and also searching Pinside. I could go in and start moving wires, but I would like to be a little more methodical about it. After playing, it goes away rather quickly, so I assume it might just be a switch that needs adjusted. No error dots, but I have not went into the diagnostic yet to test switches.

Mine definitely says rock while the ball is in play but only when I hit a target. I think it's the mystery target when no mode is active? I'd need to check (and will try to check soon).

If yours randomly says rock, I think you have a over sensitive switch.

Also best to mention the ROM version, I've got L1/deadworld.

#2699 10 months ago
Quoted from JediPimp:

Isn't it "drock"? This is a swear word and a substitute for the f-word or the sh-word in Mega City according to the Dredd universe.

Could very well be "Drock" as I've never heard that word and I'm certain that, if I did hear "Drock", I'd assume it was "Rock"

#2702 10 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Yep, after Jedi's (and others) comment...I'm rather certain it's Drock. Good call.
Took the glass off when it acted up after first turning on. Tried to manually get it to go away...which I did, but not certain when. Not the drop targets, not the "?" target, not any obvious roll-over switches or the captive balls...seemed to be around the back somewhere. But not sure due to the likeliness of going thru multi optos or switches. Will try again Monday.
MT45 - thank you for the link - I'll check that out. I'm rather interested figuring out the history of Dredd.
Thanks to all that chimed in, much appreciated!

Go into diags / switch test. Slam your palm / fist on the playfield (to give it a wack). Note which switch activated. None should.

#2706 10 months ago
Quoted from WolfManCat:

The flippers flip on the switch test

You mean if you go into the diagnostics and do the flipper coil test?

Quoted from WolfManCat:

and they register when manually triggered by hand.

What exactly registers?

You mean that if you use your fingers to push the flipper all the way up, the EOS triggers in the switch diagnostics?

In switch test, does anything register when you press the flipper buttons?

#2709 10 months ago
Quoted from WolfManCat:

Yes, flippers trigger on coil test and on the switch test they register when manually flipped physically by hand. I do not get any response from the flipper buttons when pushed on switch test.

Yeah, where should I start?

See if you have +12VDC on pins 6/7 on the flipper board. Connect DMM to pin 6/7 (either) and 3/4 (either).

Also make sure J116 on the driver board looks good.

3 months later
#2813 7 months ago

Wow! I've never seen this happen

Quoted from HighProtein:

My Dredd has has ao much play this happened to the bottom left flipper coil stop!
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