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Dredd or Who dunnit 3rd machine?

By jespo_19

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

i have a lotr and a family guy already and love them so much and i was considering a more resonably priced pin <1500 to add some variety from the mega deep rulesets and hopefully get something that will be minorly less daunting for newcomers to grasp. although newcomers are a concern i feel as though i just want the best game for the $ no matter what. any opinions on either judge dredd or who dunnit from those who have the games or have played them? both the themes do appeal to me, i love comics and the art style is cool on dredd, while the murder mystery gameplay on who dunnit sounds cool too. thanks alot for any thoughts.

#2 9 years ago

Dredd is a fun pin with 4 flippers. That would be my pick. Never played who dunnit.

#3 9 years ago

A friend of mine owns both, so i've played them alot. I might go with Who Dunnit given your circumstances. Judge Dredd is prob a little better player. But Who Dunnit is pretty unique and you don't see them as often, you could always find a Dredd later. The gambling/Clue them of Who Dunnit will appeal to alot of people, and I think the game just looks great. Plus, I think it would round out your collection nicely. Whichever way you decide I think you'll be happy.

#4 9 years ago

It's the holiday season ... get two machines

#5 9 years ago

I have a JD and my parents have Who Dunnit as their only game. JD is the far better player and has better/deeper software. Who Dunnit has unbalanced scoring and lacks a wizard mode. Who Dunnit is far better for newcomers though, and even has a novice mode (timed play) built in. JD is not very newbie friendly and has short ball times. I think your answer comes down to the type of player that will primarily be playing the game.

#6 9 years ago

my dad would kill me if i got two! i've had to convince him we had space for every machine but i know they'll fit nicely. plus my college budget is pretty tight (lotr and family guy made it tighter). i wish the holiday spirit could buy me both BD but oh well. i'm leaning towards dredd myself but i really would like to have one that a guest can do something on. plus my girlfriend is sad cause i trade rocky and bullwinkle, so i'm leaning towards who dunnit. wish it had a wizard mode for me but seems really cool despite. thanks alot guys very helpful advice.

#7 9 years ago

Of the two machines, I've only ever played WD. It's an interesting game with some cool features and toys. There really isn't any other game quite like it. I would love to play a JD some day. I'm not a big comic book guy, but the theme seems well suited for a pin, and I really like the artwork.

#8 9 years ago

I'd go for the JD.

W?D is definately interesting...probably one of the most unique storytelling mechanics in a pinball machine since High Speed. Honestly, over most pins I would pick W?D, but since you are comparing it to one of the top budget pins in the B/W DCS line....Judge Dredd all the way.

JD has a surprising amount of depth (the really cool "Supergame" mode), lots of really difficult shots to master (the sniper tower combo shot), and overall its just silly and fun (wacky DMD animations & sounds like the new "Move your car" scene).

You will be surprised how casuals like Judge Dredd. It is sort of a hard game at times with the figure 8 orbit that feeds the ball to the outlanes sometimes....but casuals still like playing Dredd.

I'd check out possibly getting the Deadworld mod & seeing if your JD has the topper (else you can order them from MAD Amusements).

#9 9 years ago

JD was my second pin and I loved it. So, anyone can walk up to it and have fun. Never played W?D so no opinion here. I wound up selling JD to make room for another but will probably get another along the way because I miss it. Good luck!

#10 9 years ago

i think i've decided on the judge dredd, its closer to me and should only set me back around 1200. it has the eagle but not the mod. what is the super game/is it good?

#11 9 years ago

Super game is kind of a series of modes you can play, I think there are 4 or 5 different ones that you get at random. They all start with multiball and have different objectives. I havent really played them that much. I find the regular game more interesting. I think they were just a way that your average player could get multiball.

#12 9 years ago

Dredd is my favorite pin in my collection. Deadworld lock mod is a must.

#13 9 years ago

Nice finding a JD with the eagle topper, jespo_19. You just saved yourself close to $200 dollars.

Supergame is basically what hawkeye11 said.

Its a more expensive way to experience an easier to achieve multi-ball for novices (on location it cost twice the price of a normal game of JD). They include some added speech and DMD animations by ways of a TV news host announcing your "Super-Game" called "Anita Mann" (very clever naming). They also include one more crime scene especially for "Super-Game".

The highway traffic scene is only playable from Super-Game. It stars the "move your car" guy from CFTBL, as he goes into a road-rage randomly killing people in front of his car. At one point he takes a gun and melts another driver's skin off into a skeleton. I don't remember what animation is played when violence is turned "off" in the game options. Gruesome stuff, but thats Dredd's world for you.

#14 9 years ago

just found out a third pin is going to be too close to my furnace! thought there was room, but measured and not gonna work. desperately making room in my actual bedroom for some dredd.still only in the mom and pops house and working through college so hopefully it'll fly. ugh, wish me luck!

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