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dr, Some positive vibes.

By Roostking

67 days ago

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    #1 67 days ago

    Enough with the negativity regarding dr, let's post up some positive aspects of deeproot (dr).

    I'll start.

    dr has spent more money on a single pins development, then any company has before. Showing real commitment to the industry!

    #20 67 days ago
    Quoted from tp:

    Not sure if this was meant to be sincere or not. Probably not as your next comment can easily be takin as another underhanded attempt at humor. Again nothing funny about fellow pinheads getting ripped off. Drain...

    Positive vibes only. Do you not have a "positive" to contribute? I mean, you have money involved, surely there has got to be something positive you can think of?

    #25 66 days ago
    Quoted from Rock_ninja:

    I can think of one positive thing: they donated a playfield that raised money for charity a couple months ago. Everything else might be terrible, but they actually do have a good news story somewhere in the raza thread.....

    That really is cool!!! Thanks for posting that.

    #27 66 days ago
    Quoted from blueberryjohnson:

    They've only taken preorder money on a very small percentage of their announced titles (1 out of 38).

    Nah, doesn't count, they said they would take 0. So even 1 might as well be 38!

    #29 66 days ago

    Queue the:
    "So your saying there's a chance" meme of choice!


    "Take my handful of $$$" meme!

    Those are positively cool!

    #32 66 days ago
    Quoted from gprotein:

    If you ignored all the warning signs plastered everywhere since zidware 1.0 almost 10 years ago, and still yet didn’t have the instinct to ask for refunds a month ago. Then you no longer were ripped off, you gambled on a slim hope and lost. Put on your big boy pants and stop crying. You learned your lesson the hard way.

    Another positive. This is a thread regarding the original RAZA and jpop 1.0 , which is a full 24,000 posts, compared to 21,000 in the dr RAZA thread.


    That's got to be a record, 45,000 posts with not 1 RAZA produced. Well done and glad to be a part of it.

    Shout-out to PDX monkey for calling bs on post #8 of that thread, way before jpop hooked up with RM for zidware 2.0

    #34 66 days ago
    Quoted from blueberryjohnson:

    But the op of that thread says he's starting it because he got kicked out of an earlier jpop thread. So which thread is that and how many posts does it have?

    Insert "Mind Blown" gif.

    #36 66 days ago
    Quoted from Stuieb84:

    For the most part, the art & animations on RAZA looks pretty nice.....if they released a translite & I trusted RM with a payment (which I don't) then I would buy one

    Straight from the jpop zidware 1.0 thread I posted. Exhibit #54.

    Rommy getting cold feet after sending money, and getting the cold shoulder. Beware!

    "March 2013! That was my last email from Zidware. After I sent payment. I shot them an email today, wonder if they lost all my account info or just forgot?"

    Dont say you were not warned! 7 years ago, and 45000 posts later.


    #43 65 days ago
    Quoted from pinballrockstar:

    Yes! The positive topic!!!
    I seemed to be among the few who like to see deeproot succeed.
    If it was only for shutting up the haters man.
    How long is it humanly possible for people to troll and hope for the worst?
    (Sure it keeps Cary Hardy’s channel in business).
    If these guys at Deeproot build the RAZA’s and deliver them(including mine)i will not care if some people at deeproot are somewhat full of themselves…i don’t give a crap.
    I admit Kaneda’s RM compilations are cringe and rough to listen to though..lol
    Another thing:
    Yes Jpop drove Zidware into the ground,we pretty much established that by now…blablabla,JPoop….he could not run a business…
    Not much we can do about that.
    He is not evil,just proven incompetent to be the captain.
    On Deeproot:
    Sure,Deeproot…delays…problems…delays,it wasn’t very smart to integrate a pinbar,that shit gives you trouble..poor plan.
    But it differentiates these machines from the others?
    i like new visions on pinball innovation..even if they suck in hindsight,who cares? We tried?
    I like the theme,the colors,the look,the vibe of RAZA so i got one on order.
    It is cool..it will get build.
    And i will be happy to own one.

    Do you have anything positive to share about dr? This is a thread for positive vibes and things you see are positive about your dr experience. No name calling or negativity please!

    #52 65 days ago
    Quoted from pinballrockstar:

    Deeproot has a nice building!

    Renting and much wasted space. Negative.

    1 week later
    #63 58 days ago

    I literally lol'8d at the line in the SEC filing: "Second wife marriage, second wife divorce".

    1 month later
    #72 10 days ago

    Another positive. This debacle may keep "new shiny things, despite the math, buyers" from making the mistake again.

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