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DP USA Refund - Still Want the Game


4 years ago

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#28 4 years ago

I paid the first two payments with Paypal and no refund here yet. Hoping for a quick response on this one.


#74 4 years ago

I gotta say, when Phil gave his speech at expo, the part that impressed me the most was "no more drama". Buying a new pinball is supposed to be FUN. With all the shit going on lately with EVERY company except SPOOKy... This shit is getting old. I'm tired of these manufacturers not talking, coming out with shit products (no more beta testing), missing deadlines, incomplete software, etc etc etc... Especially with idiots like MYSELF plopping down $7k on a game. I need to get my head examined and start speaking with my wallet. With shit like this happening with DP... A statement from them or some sort of communication needs to happen very soon. I've got $4500 sitting with them right now that WASNT refunded. I know nothing more... Does Phil have that money?? Do they have a record of that money?? Why were some refunded and others weren't?? I still love ya DP, but we need are supporting you as a start up company.... GIVE US A LITTLE SOMETHING IN RETURN!! PLEASE...

I feel a bit better now....

#77 4 years ago

In all fairness... I guess the part that concerns me the most is... The longer DP waits to respond to this... They are going to loose people hitting that "retry" button for their past payments. I want to see this company succeed more than anything. And hate seeing these bumps in the road.


#83 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

F it, they'll get it worked out. Time to pop a top and not worry about it

You're probably right, iceman....

#96 4 years ago
Quoted from karl:

He also said that they are going to put out an official announcement later today

That's great to hear. Really all I'm looking for. Thanks for the update.

#342 4 years ago


I think its great that Barry got ahold of you. But, I wish he would post here directly. I want to stay in on this, but there are a lot of unanswered questions.

I have $6500 tied up with DP right now (I take full responsibility for that) between BoP and TBL. I didn't receive a refund today from Phil. And I cannot dispute with Paypal because its past the grace period.

So what now??? How do I get my refund?? Who do I contact? Because (as Barry's letter stated), a dispute with Paypal is not possible.

I'm just looking for answers. $6500 isn't pocket change to throw away or at least know where things stand.

I'm so bummed. Was so excited to see what was going to come out of New York this weekend... Now this. F*CK!!!

#630 4 years ago


Can you just answer me the question of what steps I need to take now to get my money back for now and out of DP USA. If you have the money, but no records of who it belongs to, what do I do? Even if I wanted to stay on board with this project and resend my deposits, I can't because the defunked DP USA still has my money. Any advise or direction is appreciated.

#652 4 years ago

How did you dispute it? My payments were both Sept 27th.

#661 4 years ago

I tried to open a dispute and it closes immediately because I paid too long ago.

#666 4 years ago


Can you at least confirm that you have sent my email address to PayPal for a refund then? If you cannot do it automatically. I have sent it to you via a PM and IM on Facebook. It is:


I paid both payments September 27th. My $2k was at 20:52:28 PDT and my $2.5k was at 20:25:46 PDT. I can provide you with the confirm (item) numbers for each transaction also if needed.

#910 4 years ago
Quoted from Phil-DP-USA:

Barry has control of the whole dutchpinball.com domain, and after I left, he locked me out of my email account, which is ok, but I just found out this morning that he used my old email address to create a new PayPal account.
So, anyone thinking they were making payments towards their account with Dutch Pinball USA Inc. has actually been paying directly to Barry.
That's why no payments have come to DP USA in December. From the customer's perspective everything looks normal.
The real Dutch Pinball USA, Inc. account with the Tax IDs is G88R6QGWR8T7A.
Barry, you've cut off my access to the account list, taken my email address to open a new account, are taking all the new payments to DP USA, BUT ARE STILL LEAVING ME WITH THE LIABILITY FOR EVERY SINGLE PAYMENT?
WTF DUDE. Is THIS why you've been stalling me for SIX WEEKS? And you KNEW I had oncology on November 24 and was on "vacation" until at least January. This is a new level of LOW.
Someone, anyone that knows Barry and Jaap: Let them know. Either these guys take full control of this company, so it doesn't matter where the funds are deposited, and they can legally stick the cash in their mattresses for all I care, or I am officially filing a complaint with IC3.gov for this.
Now you all know why I went public. It was the only way to find out what the hell was going on.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 12.48.... 26 KB

emailconfirmation-694.jpg 61 KB

Before you do all of that, would it be possible to get a refund from my two deposits made September 27, 2014?

Thank you.

#1260 4 years ago

I got the email. Love finally hearing from them. But, right now, I could give a shit about the game or the f*cking license. I want to know where my money is. Once we get that solved, then let's talk about how awesome the game is going to be and I can decide if I will be reinvesting with DP. Until that gets answered, this customer is becoming more and more unlikely to order again.

After Phil's email weeks ago about quitting..... HOW THE HELL DOES HE STILL HAVE THE KEYS TO THE PAYPAL ACCOUNT. SLOPPY.

#1420 4 years ago
Quoted from burningman:

This whole thing is a pile of shit...
Like most of you, all of my information was coming directly from Phil. Or the newsletters that were sent out from Phil. I don't recall Barry or Jaap standing in front of everyone at Expo acting like the big shot talking about licensing, talking down about Pinball manufactures or having private meetings with individuals telling them secrets of what was to come just to get the sale.
I know if my partners told me to get up on stage and say things that are not true, I would say "you do it." And although I am not lifelong friends, from what I do know of Barry and Jaap, they are not head strong. They understand that this is a small community and making enemies in the business is not a good idea.
What? Songs are not licensed? Phil told me they were? The more I hear the more I realize that Phil was a yes man. He will tell you anything to get you in on a pre-order. What other cool stuff has Phil told you to get in? I have a laundry list of cool things that he said were coming but will not talk about it because who knows if any of it is true. Christ, he was letting some guys get in on pre-orders with out collecting a dime.
Oh yeah, all you guys who are still looking for T-shirts....Phil was in charge of that too. I finally got fed up with it and just bought my own. If you are still waiting for a shirt, rest assured you will get them. Scott is on it. I witnessed him making out labels at MP on Saturday night, but I don't think the guys that are asking for refunds will get theirs.
Regarding taxes, WTF. If you signed up with your own SS number on a company and never once thought about the taxes at the end of the year, well...as they say, you get what you get. Was this really something he just realized? Also, as others have pointed out, you don't just throw your hands up and say I want out. Not quite that simple.
As most know I am a pre-order from day one. Fully paid, just waiting for my machine. Anyone that does jump ship, regardless of fear of the sky falling, thinking that DP are crooks, making allegations of fraud or just hanging back saying I will just wait till it gets to a distributor, you may want to be a little less forthcoming. We all have reasons for getting out, but to expect to hang back and have DP allow you to come back in at the same spot on the list that you were in is bull shit. If you are out, you are out, and I would suggest to Barry and Jaap the same. You want back in, get in the back of the line, pay your $9,000, (if thats the price then) and you will get a machine. I would not expect any kind gestures from DP to those who are non-believers, and it will piss me off if DP is a nice guy to all of those who had no faith in them.
And to all the ass hats that think I am affiliated with DP or getting special treatment I am not. I believe in these guys, the company they are building, and the teachings of The Church of the Latter-Day Dude. No more, no less.

Half of the people never asked for refunds. The other half of us (me included) were told to ask for refunds from the first DP email addressing this "Phil" issue. Getting a refund was never my intention. But, with that email from Dutch Pinball stating that if I hadn't received a refund (from DP USA - the one Phil sent without anyones knowledge) yet, that I will need to fill out a Paypal dispute. Which I can't. Then, once I get it, reapply it to my account. I feel left in the dark with no answers.

This isn't our fault. You make it sound like we are trying to back out because we "don't believe"?? And should be punished? Quite the opposite. I'm trying to get a refund because I got an email from Dutch Pinball that told me to. And from there, I haven't even been told what the next step would be if I wanted to keep my place in line...

Maybe I read your post incorrectly, and if I did I apologize.


#1425 4 years ago
Quoted from burningman:

Sorry Brian...I got a refund from Phil as well and resubmitted it back on my pre-order page. I am making reference to guys that are bailing because of the allegations going on/sky if falling mentality. If you are asking for a refund because you can't take the heat...then you need to get in the back of the line. If you are only doing what you were told to stay in, welcome to the Big Hairy Sack Club.
This will all get straightened out. Barry will be working the e-mail's over the next few weeks. DP wants you to stay in, and anyone on the pre-order list that are making their payments are good.

Getting the BoP 2.0 early January, for me, is going to speak volumes. Well, and along with my $4500 for TBL not disappearing. This email / Paypal fight is getting exhausting.

#1978 4 years ago
Quoted from brundaged:

This makes my point: We shouldn't have to wonder about this. Barry just needs to say "On behalf of Team Dutch Pinball, I am making this right". He needs to convey he's doing whatever it takes. Fly to Switzerland and visit Phil in the hospital if you have to. Apologize. Clear the bad blood. Pay Phil off if you have to. Just get everyone on board to clean up the mess. And leave all of us out of it. We just need to know it's going to get done.
Uncertainty about what will happen next is toxic to confidence.

I couldn't agree more. Well said.

#2204 4 years ago
Quoted from Matt_Rasmussen:

I'm not.sure I understand the logic of how Phil screwed over a customer. He returned money, not stole it. That's not screwing anyone over.

Phil has NOT refunded anything prior October pre orders. I am a customer that has gotten NO money back. And asked for it many times. There are many others in the same boat as me.

#2276 4 years ago

I am happy to say, I also got my shirt today!! Still missing the $4500... But, damnit, I got a shirt! Its a start.....

#2404 4 years ago
Quoted from jazzmaster:

I could not agree more. This thread is filled with more conjecture than a conservative radio host's daily rant. People have jumped to so many wild ass conclusions concerning TBL and DP; and all because of a loose cannon partner who decided it was best to air his personal business grievances in a thread on Pinside without providing any proof of his accusations.

DP not being able to access ANY funds in the DP USA account to either refund them or apply them to the game I have ordered is a huge concern. This is not made up fear or panic. They have stated in multiple emails that as of right now I should be looking for ways to get my money back. And have NEVER specifically stated that my money still stands on a pre order if not recovered. I'm not worried about how long the refund has taken. However, they have said "they are working on it".

I am speaking as someone that is fully involved with this. I am not someone that didn't order the game. I am also not someone that got the auto refund earlier this month. My money is currently missing. I don't know if its even still there. Dutch Pinball hasn't even been able to tell me anything. Phil, Barry, Jaap, and everyone else has turned silent.

#2405 4 years ago

But... I did get my shirt!!!

To clarify: if things do get sorted out, I want to get back in on this game. Its such a cool project. Everything that has happened this past month is just such a disappointment.

1 month later
#3707 4 years ago
Quoted from Troutfarm:

Just paid back in to maintain early achiever status. Fuck it Dude, let go bowling.

Yup. Me too. I'm pretty happy with their communication now with the newsletter. And about a 10 minute response on any email I've sent. And what the hell, I can always get a refund. Right,????


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