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DP USA Refund - Still Want the Game


4 years ago

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#24 4 years ago

Going to walk over to Modern and see if Barry is there and know what's up.

#29 4 years ago

No Barry at modern just grumpy owner

#79 4 years ago

I would not retry as it may still go to the wrong place. Wait and let them tell you whats what

#136 4 years ago

I got a refund and bailed on woolly just because of your posts. Fyi ; )

#199 4 years ago

Edit stayed in

#212 4 years ago

Edit stayed in

#263 4 years ago

edit stayed in

#675 4 years ago

edit stayed in

#722 4 years ago

edit stayed in

#728 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Whatever your opinion of Phil and his actions, at the end of the day he publicly quit this company 6 weeks ago, and has been left with the keys to the store all this time. When the initial refunds hit, there was confusion of why his name was even on them since he was thought to be long gone.

So, this is a failure of management at the top. This should have been dealt with 6 weeks ago, and we wouldn't be here today.


#782 4 years ago

I'm sure he offered the same advice to the guys in Australia. Idiot!

#902 4 years ago

Sorry cenobistite,
Just the stories would be concerning . Th meltdown is him touching the money. Maybe it cultural but here in the states you give two weeks notice but everyone knows within minutes security is escorting you out and every passcode is changed.
It's not the 24 hours but the time since leaving and this not being resolved that says they are flying by their sweatpants instead of handling important things .
The rest is believable based on this basic stupidity!

#907 4 years ago

It's good to hear they cut you off but equally concerning that they would then use your name . It's a mess. Plain and simple. Barry will have to tell a basic side of whats up, ship bop 2 stateside and then show they can continue on TBL before recovering and getting back on pace.
Losing a big part of the team was concerning because we all knew it has impact from our own experiences. This is exactly what the original shock feared. A small company dealing with this big a change in its direction.

#915 4 years ago

Calm down. Things are out now. Give them a day to get back you and sort out a game plan.

#1050 4 years ago

Well over here I call that commingling and it's wrong . Those deposits are to be towards the TBL project and were promised as fully refundable at any time . At minimum the money better be somewhere at DP .

#1052 4 years ago

Right now it sound more like they went from the wizard of Oz pre curtain pull back to post...

#1187 4 years ago

When is the next Stern released?

#1279 4 years ago

Getting Roger Sharpe on board is huge. I have played these twice and in the end I have reservations about the pre order thing. What I dont have reservations on is that the game is one of the greatest I have ever played.
Personally I don't have the stomach for the risk reward but it's one beautiful and fun game!
I truly hope this gets cleaned up and succeeds. best of luck guys and I do hope to buy one when they are at distributor for sale.

#1318 4 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

What a roller coaster.

I am encouraged by the move to bring Roger onboard.

I am still concerned about my money being safe and have asked about that via email. Not sure what to do now other than sit and wait.

I canceled my paypal dispute without realizing that I couldnt reopen one on that transaction. Stupid, but here I am. Gulp.

If I was you and not me I would stay in for a great game. Me I cant take this shit. I freak out. I know this now. I just cant pre order. But if you can this is a great game to be in on. I will get one probably six months after you and pay more and it wont have the chrome I wanted. But I will sleep at night and not stress over every stupid piece of news.

#1330 4 years ago

Edit: worth reposting..

#1338 4 years ago

Dang its similar but different. Whats the difference besides wording?
I dont get the multiple versions of the same statement??

#1361 4 years ago
Quoted from swf127:

And if you have someone offer you their TBL for 50 cents on the dollar, that might be a deal worth taking. However, while refunds are being issued I'd expect that to be a long shot.

Corporate registration has been updated in Wyoming as someone said. Barry and Jaap are now the two officers of Dutch Pinball USA.

Great news. They are handling their shit!

#1682 4 years ago

Oh the the Vape is awesome!

#1915 4 years ago

Glad I got off this thread for a while. Listened to the podcasts and thought about my interactions with DP.
Actually it Barry I hung out with at Expo and at Modern. He is the person I bought in to. Also I can't walk away from the fact that this is the best game I have enjoyed period. And it's practically done.
Yup a mess with DP USA but too much is there to not want to help this succeed.
I guess I will be like whysnow on wooly in that I do believe in these guys, the support they have in place and the game they are producing.
Soon this will be cleaned up and they will move forward.
Yup sounds crazy on Pinside but not as much when your wife talks to you about everything you saw and loved about DP and the basic facts of what's in place.
DP USA needs to be cleaned up. It will.

#1920 4 years ago

Exactly it's explaining exactly where things are. Sorry but for now hat part is what it is. They needed to tell folks why refunds are hung up for now. they did not call him names or respond to these meltdowns. Pretty matter of fact actually.

#1935 4 years ago

Here is my hope. They find a way to set up a new DP USA. Phil wants out and releases everything to be moved there. We start clean minus Phil . Best wishes for his health .

#1945 4 years ago

In! No ones losing money here and it's seriousl the next number one game for a long time! That's a fact.

#1950 4 years ago

Really, you of all people. You fight for the games you love. You did it with predator and Woolly but come over here with this? Fn hypocrite.
What I learned form you is some folks need to fight for the games they love.
There is certainly more in place here and game wise and capability wise.
I did pull back from a million pre orders and honestly I was chasing owning everything new. But this fro me is about a team I have faith in and a game that has to be.

#1955 4 years ago

Nah same thread. Shit happened but it's life and the end story which is unfolding is its being fixed and will move forward.
What! Everyone expected no drama ?
It's not like the dude said can I have a new carpet and bam he got one. It was a journey ; )

#1980 4 years ago

Because again we are demanding instant results . How about this. Pretend we know nothing as we have before this and we give them two weeks. You know normal time to handle their shit.

#1982 4 years ago

My impression is just that, they are working on it.

#1995 4 years ago
Quoted from SadSack:

Now you know something.

Have you ever been in? I was in on a few other games and when I got out I made sure I did not troll their threads. What game do you support. What do you ever add thats positive man. Try it. It aint so bad.

#2058 4 years ago

Again full meltdowm fueled by the usuals. Look worst case if more bail than stay in it will just mean slow smaller runs until they start shipping a few. Then they will sell like hot cakes. As he said on C2c the game is that good . It's a golden ticket . Hell they can sell a position if they have to. I'm tempted to throw a coupe hundred in if needed at this point.
Again let them sort out this partner mess and let's go from there. No ones losing money so relax . The bigger stress for owners is time lost on this crap from delivery date .

#2070 4 years ago

All guessing and yet we heard from someone who knows both sides and got a pretty fair assessment. Bottom line is they have some cleaning up to do. And they will.

#2114 4 years ago

Great! Now we can argue about name calling.

1 week later
#2261 4 years ago

Are folks re submitting to the same PayPal account? Would it not be smarter to wait and get a new one set up?

#2290 4 years ago

Too hungover , don't get it?

#2303 4 years ago

Actually it came up a few posts back and he explained it Mark. How about just reading and chilling out tonight . Not your usual self today and I've been there ; )

#2316 4 years ago

Funny as it sounds it's true and until phils meltdown those things were part of why folks fell in love with the theme and game. It's called marketing.
They had two girls and yes you get a t shirt . But honestly they are not going nuts on expenses even with these things.

#2336 4 years ago

Ignore what?

#2342 4 years ago

So far the only s storm is here.

#2367 4 years ago

More importantly we now have Roger Sharpe involved so its a safe bet those concerns are being more than handled.

#2369 4 years ago

Major point being missed. They have a game that is easy to sell. Even the worst case at this point just means slower production.

#2377 4 years ago

So folks really thought the money was just sitting there vs paying bills and ordering parts etc.
Yeah a run will hurt but they can also clear things up and move forward. Maybe they will need to find an investor or slow down.
That exactly why I am in. If you want to make a run and slow it down and be part of hindering vs helping then its a shame you got in.
Its been said by many,The game is one of then greatest so it will get sold. Maybe in small batches or with an investor or by pinheads getting back on the train and supporting them.
But the game is out there and many of us want it.
We all just need Phils shit cleaned up and to move forward.

#2380 4 years ago


#2383 4 years ago

So folks need to decide if they want it made.

#2391 4 years ago

Wtf are you saying?

#2397 4 years ago

If you jumped I on a game that you could order anyway you had to be doing it to support the idea. And if your joining the run on the bank you are probably doing it of group fear from the panic created here .
My only counterpoint is think about why you jumped in to begin with.
I said above I agree with the person who wants out.
at this point I worry more about your shaming comments and a possible overly delicate nature.

As for roger sharpe he is the leading guy in securing licenses in the business . Proven so and with direct connections where needed so yeah having him on board does actually mean a lot .

#2410 4 years ago

Good god. If you are honestly shamed in to staying get a refund and a pair of balls. Every one here is hopefully adult enough to read both sides see tomorrow's update and make a decision after weighing everything.
Meanwhile I certainly don't go on to those other games threads suggesting folks move their orders over. Now that is classless. Even worse why are you even commenting when you have not bought a new game since when? Or worse , ever?
I certainly appreciate both sides by brothers in the same boat but seriously your position is moot.

#2517 4 years ago

Made my payment. Full steam ahead!

#2536 4 years ago

How many people posting shite here are in or even waiting for a refund or just posting on a thread they have zero interest in. Fn amazing to me!

#2539 4 years ago

What you call posting I call a non buyer mucking up a thread for folks involved in this project.
The value of my post is that we involved would love to discuss this but have to sift through your stuff.
Look I get it we are all involved blah blah blah. But seriously I may make a comment but In don't park my butt in Jpops thread or the Hobbit etc if I am not a buyer. And jeez I even had money on Jpop.
It just gets tired to keep hearing non buyers harp on and on about what they know or don't even participate in but are experts dying to share.

#2541 4 years ago

What is the last new game you bought? How are you involved in new pinball except for these helpful thoughts of yours?

#2543 4 years ago
Quoted from Sjsilver:

Again with the Appeal to Authority fallacy. Someone petition DP to make an secret owners only club forum so that Hwawonyu won't ever have to listen to unworthy opinions.

Big difference than a few opinions and you two going on and on. Again, why? You know you are not buying it. So what is it. Some bizarre jealousy, envy or just wish you could play with the big kids?
I get folks that are thinking of buying or have bought lots of other new games and wonder about the model. But flat out non buyers?? Its freaking weird man.

#2547 4 years ago

Again, is it a comment or very involved in stuff you are not part of and wont be...

Quoted from Matt_Rasmussen:

It's freaking weird that you want some sort of good ole boys club where you can't comment unless you meet some type of status level. That's really weird...

No status level. Participatory! I want to talk to folks involved. I dont jump on a Star Trek Game thread and talk crap if I dont own one and wont be.

My point is its more than a comment. You two going on and on and you are not involved so why come on here and cause trouble. Fact!

Either way at least folks can now see you are commenting with no involvement.

#2551 4 years ago

Did you email Barry? Iceman was able to work his out. I think between deposits going in yesterday and the accountant involved you should get it soon. Email him and just expect a reasonable time for them to fix the accounting which is under way.
And no I dont want anyone to lose 5k.
I do think you should be able to come on here and ask us to push if you are not getting results and I think you will see even the supporters will be in your corner. Still not sure how two guys with nothing involved are the ones to help you but if you feel they are the solution I will shut up.

#2555 4 years ago

Actually he felt you were helping him with his solution.

#2558 4 years ago

Yup and you too Rob. Because you may have bought, you have bought and you probably will buy again.
My point is that's skin in the game, meaning it affects you in some way.
It has nothing to to do with exclusivity. Its about common ground.
Like I said anyone can comment, of course. Its one thing to have an opinion but another to get deep in to a thread on a specific subject and yet not be involved in any way.
Regardless I am wrong because someone involved found it helpful. Totally fine with being wrong ; )

#2560 4 years ago

Doh! Sorry : )

#2581 4 years ago

I think most of us took the update for what it was and the plaque a touch to add collectability. Was not asked for or expected and it certainly cost me less than a stern LE plaque

#2585 4 years ago

hey, if these two guys tell me they have friends in on this talking to them daily about it and that is why they are in here on all these pages keeping this going I am sold on their reasoning. Like I said what's the buy in?
Additionally we stopped this silly banter this afternoon. Nice of you to re hash.
Plus again I stand by folks who buy new games vs those that don't in new game threads. Again not good or bad but why are folks that don't buy from any of the newer game companies so involved in these threads? How about you. What game are you in on?

#2588 4 years ago

Congrats! See I understand someone who rides one roller coaster following another. To me predator seems more like Jjp in the manner of waiting for games to ship. TBL is not due to start production until summer.
Buy hey if ga,es are late come fall I promise to be twice the dick I ever was about woz dates. And that's hard to do but I am one of the only folks capable of being that dickish.

#2614 4 years ago
Quoted from Matt_Rasmussen:

Just because I cannot afford a machine

I apologize. In no way affording a machine has anything to do with my point. As an example there are die hard Williams guys who can buy anything they want. But they hate Sterns. So for them to be all up in Stern discussions seems odd.

Like I said comments are one thing but folks who have no interest in being a customer spending a lot of energy in a thread about a specific company with no reason does not seem helpful to me.
But like I said before another poster said it was so I stand wrong and I am ok with that.
Hell I have even thumbed up some of your posts. Yesterday I was just pissed to see this being dragged out while we know DP is working on it. So it was more my frustration of non involved digging up dirt while we wait to see what is really going on.

Its all good and its just pinball ; )

#2623 4 years ago
Quoted from Hwawonyu:

hey, if these two guys tell me they have friends in on this talking to them daily about it and that is why they are in here on all these pages keeping this going I am sold on their reasoning. Like I said what's the buy in?

Quoted from Hwawonyu:

But like I said before another poster said it was so I stand wrong and I am ok with that.

Nope, like I said I was involved when my friend was. And I am a buyer of new games. Came darn close to buying WOZ 3 times and went to EXpo planning on buying the Hobbit. In on this game and many more.
Regardless of those reasons for being involved I stay out of your Hobbit threads as a rule. Worst case a comment but I am not over there asking where December deliveries are.
Besides that I apologized to them as seen above. So once again despite our differnces and where I have supported your service you still prove you are an asshat once again.

#2625 4 years ago
Quoted from Hwawonyu:

So it was more my frustration of non involved digging up dirt while we wait to see what is really going on.

Quoted from Hwawonyu:

But like I said before another poster said it was so I stand wrong and I am ok with that.

You are freaking nuts dude. I flat out said its the emotional thing. Its all emotional. Its fn pinball.
I even said going back I thumbs uped the guy. Seemed pretty clear. Guilty of being human for better or worse. Yup.
I also flat out said I was being dickish. I certainly put up with lots of other folks doing the same when they are up in it. That's the beauty of the community. For most. Like I said before. I spent a couple of grand on glass from PDI and have not spent money on games or anything else with JJP mainly because of you. So keep being you ; )

#2626 4 years ago

On a different note has anyone asked DP about their playfields. I wonder what process they will be using. I hear some companies have huge chips breaking off like crazy.

#2629 4 years ago

Christ dude.
I apologized to the dudes. I was doing exactly what I should not have. had a bad day. Was a dick. Apologized but will again.

#2638 4 years ago

I like pie

#2650 4 years ago

Lumps taken where lumps due : )
And you are being very one sided. As I have said before. You know darn well I have defended your points on service.
Regardless, after the fact I agree that anyone should say exactly how they feel. The best part is you are now all over this thread doing what you seem to be very pissed at me for. Its our vicious cycle.

#2652 4 years ago

: )

#2658 4 years ago

Plus use your Amex through PayPal and you are really covered.

#2664 4 years ago


#2691 4 years ago

Ooh on notice by you, scary

#2695 4 years ago

My concern is the same as yours. Especially when you post yours on a forum. Saying you are out is normal saying they are on notice is just funny.
On a serious note are you do a refund or still in?

#2696 4 years ago

Donde esta señor Phil?

#2748 4 years ago

Very interesting your posts about stern and then DP. You really paid in full? Have you emailed Barry?

#2750 4 years ago

"my end of this arrangement, all my payments were made,"

"Agree, I am an asshole, an asshole with no answers other than finger pointing and 8500 short in the bank."

Nothing wrong with wanting some answers . Barry has answered all my emails within a day. I am sure he will get back to you. Your posts are a bit misleading though . So you have 4250 x 2 in?

#2760 4 years ago

That read wrongI apologize I meant that you are supporter of Stern and pinball by your comments. Part of my paying is was so folks that want out can get their refunds if so desired .

#2782 4 years ago

Those of us in want you to get your refund. We are hoping the legal parts of getting Phil out and clarity that lets you out is resolved very soon. I truly believe all will be well be the end of the month .

#2785 4 years ago

Wtf? Based on anything ? Would your seriously post something just made up from scratch?

#2798 4 years ago
Quoted from inhomearcades:

I don't understand people's need to defend DP to the death,

Big supporter but I agree. They need to push for closure.

#2962 4 years ago

Well the first reason is like you said... If you had money invested . You don't so it's not a shared opinion.
It's an opinion and you are entitled to it but we don't have to respect it.
It's very odd to jump in to a group and spend all your focus on negative especially if not involved. Tell me you had a similar experience at least or why you share someone's pain here. Otherwise it's hard to get.

#2976 4 years ago
Quoted from Curtis_Playfield:

Ugh who is this guy who keeps telling everyone they aren't entitled to having an opinion

Quoted from Hwawonyu:

It's an opinion and you are entitled to it

Stop turning it around. My point was answering why he was getting some grief. I clearly said its welcome here. But to answer his question, that person then needs to know that folks involved also are looking for folks in similar water to understand their feelings. I also clearly said share some of the point of view so we get where its coming from vs just jumping in and yelling fire which he did and thats great.

At this point you are saying its ok for his opinion which we did as well but not ok to have ours.

As inhomearcade said all sides and pressure needs to stay on this . We all agree. I want you to get your refund. The last thing I want is folks screaming fire and it all blows up and we don't get games and you don't get a refund and all because people with no vested interest just keep screaming.

Plenty of folks with no vested interest ask great questions its the few cases that stick out and make you wonder what they want. So ask? And he answered which is cool. Thats called a discussion.

#2981 4 years ago

How are you not hearing that we want your refund ASAP. We are equally concerned. More hopeful but also want this cleaned up.
You screaming fire as someone with the same money tied up as me, carries more weight to me. Sorry if that pisses you off but its how I and some feel.
Others making fair and even tough statements based on what they see or know also carries weight.
For me and it does not have to be for you, folks who never were on board before or in some cases even around showing up and yelling fire don't add as much benefit. And to be fair if they showed up screaming yeah its all good I would still ask them based on what? Are they in do they know people? Why do they just show up with this info now.
I get your pissed and you are freakng out. Been there. I won't even try to tell you to calm down because you every right to be pissed. I will say you may want to write Barry...alot! And not listen blindly to every unsubstaniated story.
Like I said there are plenty of really smart veterans not involved with good experience to lend to the discussion but if a stranger shows up get you riled just ask where its coming from.
Most importantly remember my vested interest hopefully is thatyou and I come out OK. thats not the case with the other person. Remember I got my money out and put it back in. I did invest in us. We lose they don't.

#2983 4 years ago
Quoted from Curtis_Playfield:

I for one am not going to listen to a blind faith wingnut OR a malicious TBL turncoat, I want to hear FROM THE COMPANY.


#2987 4 years ago

Um Mam, what happened to calm... Bad joke ..

#3000 4 years ago

She is actually one of the cool ones in this game.

1 week later
#3068 4 years ago

I think you have said that already. Thanks for stopping by to say the same thing again.

#3112 4 years ago

Yup! Hate the idea of hiding the songs .

1 week later
#3197 4 years ago

Hell yeah!

#3248 4 years ago

lol, I can practically walk over now and ask how its going : )

#3254 4 years ago
Quoted from mechslave:

infrastructure to DP as a company. Do they have a factory? Manufacturing equipment?

We already know they have this set up. Nothing there yet but in place.

#3279 4 years ago
Quoted from Razorbak86:

The DP website STILL says that deposits are refundable.

But no mention of time frame...

#3281 4 years ago
Quoted from highdef:

Yeah. That's really <not> legal.

Neither is pot in most states...

#3297 4 years ago
Quoted from inhomearcades:

People here keep acting as though the communication issues the company has is okay.

Nope. Want this resolved as fast as possible. I do believe that DP does as well though.

#3304 4 years ago

Also if you want to hear from them email Barry.

#3307 4 years ago
Quoted from Curtis_Playfield:

What's in your magical emails from Barry? The emails I get from Barry

They are not magical. But folks demand a reply, at least if you ask directly you get one. Not saying they are ready to divulge much.
Again, I will be as happy as I was hearing MMrs rolling down the line to hear this is cleared up and you folks get your money and we move on towards our games. Sucks in the meantime but I assure I am anxiously awaiting that day as much as you are.

1 week later
#3395 4 years ago

Awesome!! Now we move forward !!

#3411 4 years ago

Requested refunds better not get their place back. Unrequested makes sense. Not their choice.

#3413 4 years ago

No way!

#3423 4 years ago

Well I hope DP rewards those that stayed in and paid deposits in time by not letting requested refunds back in line.
Honor the price maybe but that's it.
Either way just happy to be moving forward . I went to NY hoping my expo experience was wrong but seeing and playing the game a second time confirmed it will be my number one title for a very long time.

#3427 4 years ago

Razorback you disagree ? Are you in?

#3433 4 years ago

Finally a stand up guy with a pair of balls!!

#3447 4 years ago

Thank you pinhead! Dp will do what it has to but God!!,what a dxxx after all that screaming and moaning to turn around and ask for all to be the same as those of us that made payments on time and chose to support vs bash this whole time.

#3461 4 years ago
Quoted from inhomearcades:

I actually did not post conspiracy theories, but thanks. If this is in fact how dp is going to handle thier mismanagement, they lost out on selling a few machines. No big deal,

Perfect example. They have not answered and you keep spewing shite. Shut up and go away.

#3463 4 years ago

Cant wait for my Chromed out game!!!!!! Whoop!!!!!

#3496 4 years ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

We apologise for putting you through this stressful time, and hope you decide to stay with us, but if you do decide to leave, your full refund will be processed immediately upon confirmation that this is what you really want...

Very Dude like.

#3509 4 years ago

Great now we get the whining phase...

#3513 4 years ago

May as well have as much fun. Why have have all losers filling up the threads let's even it out with the winners too.
Dude what happened to you ?

#3515 4 years ago

I bet they are looking at each situation. As you can see here since the refunds some of the negative nancies still post to Pinside conjecture vs wait for a DP answer. I agree with not wanting them as customers.
I hope the folks just caught in the mess that did not wrestle the pig in the mud get treated well.
Either way making the game will cure all . Moving forward.

#3518 4 years ago

Celebrating DP!image.jpg

#3520 4 years ago

Edit decided to enjoy my drink while dreaming of my awesome game...

#3525 4 years ago

Damnit now I love you : )
Great whiskey cures all!

#3533 4 years ago

Dear DP I will gladly host any intersted buyers at my home anytime.

#3596 4 years ago

Freaking genius !!

#3607 4 years ago

Sad man

#3620 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

You guys honestly think that these will actually be shipping in 4 months?

I certainly dont but would be happy being surprised. based on others success so far fall would be nice.

#3656 4 years ago

Maybe one of the several prototypes they brought to the US.

#3677 4 years ago
Quoted from brundaged:

But how does all this add up to financial stability? I could have missed something--

Yup you missed that those that wanted refunds got them. That is about as good an indicator as you can have.
For me its that plus meeting the team. Once I thought about their vision and drive and met them, I knew even if there were obstacles they would be overcome.

At some point you have to decide if you want to back it or not.

#3706 4 years ago

Not illegal everywhere ...
Have no proof that I have seen actual pot as well.

#3771 4 years ago

So now you are just stirring the pot Matt. This license is approved .

#3785 4 years ago
Quoted from Matt_Rasmussen:

I'm not even interested at 8K, looks like a bore fest.

But I will jump in the thread and keep harping about licensing and pricing etc etc etc.

Must be that "community" thing again...

True colors!

#3791 4 years ago

Forum does not equal the right to act an asshat. As a matter of fact the opposite as trolling is frowned on.
An opionion is welcomed but you made it clear you thinks it's a borefest, the price is wrong etc yet you have been posting all over this thread even with false statements about licensing .
It's clearly a troll mission .
A forum is open but most folks post in topics they are involved in or at least like. To stalk a thread with the intent to upset those involved in that subject is childish and bad form.
Not sure if you are jealous, just mean or just don't know better but seriously think about it. Lots of good pinsiders excited about pinball and new machines here trying to enjoy.

#3801 4 years ago

: )

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