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DP USA Refund - Still Want the Game


4 years ago

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#1217 4 years ago

This is what happens when you fund a stranger that's an ass!

#1226 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

...and that was worth creating a new account for???

It's not a very new account I just don't post. This party seems so fun though.

#1268 4 years ago

I have been lied to outright by DP about my deposit and I'm curious to see if anyone is in the same boat: Phil cashed my check after Expo (10/28), and Barry is claiming that my check was not cashed. Am I alone in this, or are others in this situation?

#2099 4 years ago

Wondering what you mean about not being able to pick up "mexican's" off the street?

1 week later
#2315 4 years ago

But but...refund? How could anyone still want a refund?! Didn't you see the amazing SHIRTS they mailed! DP's hunky dory!

#2548 4 years ago

Silver and Rasmussen are two of the only people making sense in this thread. Their level headed assessments are much appreciated; I like to read opinions that parse out all sides of this. I don't want to hear from the "emotional ties to DP" guys, and I don't want to hear from the guys who view the TBL situation as yet another opportunity to prattle on about how little the five thousand dollars means to them. If DP can't scrounge together any answer regarding where my deposit is (which I requested PRIOR to the Phil debacle, I'll reiterate) then I for one want very much to see Silver and Rasmussen asking these questions bc frankly I'm a little too pissed off to ask myself in a productive manner.

#2559 4 years ago
Quoted from Hwawonyu:

Actually he felt you were helping him with his solution.

SHE! Dammit!

1 week later
#2780 4 years ago
Quoted from JDee:

Are the refunds being processed already?


Quoted from Nilroc:

Been quiet on this thread. Maybe refunds are being looked after.

No. I was told to be quiet and keep waiting.

#2813 4 years ago

You don't slap a huge sticker over the main characters if "everything is worked out". You put the sticker over the images if Universal has a problem with how you're executing the license.

#2818 4 years ago

I dunno...I requested my refund prior to all of this hullabaloo. And nothing. So to say that DP's problems are exclusive to this thread seems a touch short sighted.

#2852 4 years ago

Tom what do you think would have happened if Phil had not spoken up? Don't you see that they were very VERY clearly abusing the terms of their licensing agreement? To the point where they have to cover it in stickers! They're producing more stickers than games at this juncture, in fact.

Where, in your mind, was DP heading ignoring Phil and ignoring his public request to be removed from DP? Were they on a good path? I'm just not seeing that. I appreciate your commentary on this by the way, some of the rah rah cheerleader nonsense is veering into maniacal territory a few comments above.

#2872 4 years ago
Quoted from Plungemaster:

We all agree your issues should be fixed. Nobody is denying that.
But telling that on about a thousand times in the same topic, wont help you.

We are the only ones providing factual information. EVERYTHING ELSE in this thread is drivel and emotionally fueled bluster.

#2933 4 years ago

This thread is a result of a derailing of the company though, isn't it? Who exactly are you calling a troll?

#2971 4 years ago

Ugh who is this guy who keeps telling everyone they aren't entitled to having an opinion if they don't have a deposit down? To me that's even lamer than this DP mess; I hate to see hobbyists acting like that to one another.

#2979 4 years ago
Quoted from Hwawonyu:

Stop turning it around. My point was answering why he was getting some grief. I clearly said its welcome here. But to answer his question, that person then needs to know that folks involved also are looking for folks in similar water to understand their feelings. I also clearly said share some of the point of view so we get where its coming from vs just jumping in and yelling fire which he did and thats great.
At this point you are saying its ok for his opinion which we did as well but not ok to have ours.
As inhomearcade said all sides and pressure needs to stay on this . We all agree. I want you to get your refund. The last thing I want is folks screaming fire and it all blows up and we don't get games and you don't get a refund and all because people with no vested interest just keep screaming.
Plenty of folks with no vested interest ask great questions its the few cases that stick out and make you wonder what they want. So ask? And he answered which is cool. Thats called a discussion.

Pal! Stop turning it around?? Read back through your posts, you're all over the map and your only constant is that your opinion outweighs that of a person who didn't plop the deposit down. Folks are not simply "screaming fire" because of this thread, some of us are "screaming fire" because the way DP has chosen to handle (or not handle) the situation is...I mean it is pathetic. If you were confident that DP were solid you'd let everyone participate in the discussion, not just the people you cherry pick.

I know some of you guys think you're doing a great honorable service of some sort to Dutch Pinball, but to me it's coming off as a disservice. They REALLY need to speak up and stand up for themselves, and stop letting you guys do it. I for one am not going to listen to a blind faith wingnut OR a malicious TBL turncoat, I want to hear FROM THE COMPANY.

If I wanted crickets I'd play Frontier dammit!

#2982 4 years ago

I was pissed, don't really give a hoot anymore. "I'm calmer than you are" one might say

#2986 4 years ago

Pinball "slave"...are you suggesting that I don't have money tied up? Ugh you people!

#2989 4 years ago

There wasn't a joke to be had IMO unless your bar for jokes is below the floor

Also I'm no dude, I'm an overweight stoned looking meth addict woman, you must not read enough Pinside

#2997 4 years ago
Quoted from Skins:

Mom? Is that you? When did you join pinside?

Nope! I am not a parent, something that should bring all of you great relief.

My last communication from Barry was on January 7 2015 for the record.

#2999 4 years ago

Skins, if ya knew me, you'd know that I'm just here tryin' to do the same. If it isn't clear I can take a heck of a lot of crap here and I come out generally unscathed. I'll buy anyone in this thread a nice boozy drink if we ever meet.

#3014 4 years ago

Hopefully everyone's enjoying their tee shirts!!!!!!!

#3021 4 years ago
Quoted from kbliznick:

Did you receive one? Double check the box, maybe there was a check in there for you.

I'm sure mine's still in the mail! Or perhaps they kicked my goldbrickin' ass of the list prior to the big ship day. Dunno!

1 week later
#3061 4 years ago

Tulip wine! Lol!

#3081 4 years ago

I am not expecting any news from DP any time soon, they have made it very clear that they are not giving up any information much less returning any money in any reasonable timeframe. And at this point I'm at peace with that. Did they blow through the money and screw everything up? Hope not! Are they going to realign themselves and get the game out? Hopefully. Why they'd just "sit on" any good news they have over there is beyond me, so I just assume the news isn't too good right now, and that's ok.

What I'm NOT at peace with is you DP apologists telling me how to think and feel about it. Honestly Plungemaster? It's at the point where you're playing this in such a willfully ignorant manner that I don't even want to be associated with you in terms of game ownership. I don't know if it's a language barrier or what, but the stuff you're typing is nothing! Half-thoughts and grandpa insults! Just stop trying to defend them; people like you are the ones causing the most damage to DP at this juncture. I guess you think you're helping them? But your manner is just so ignorant and abrasive that I don't even want to own the same games as you and it's YOU driving the final spike between me and TBL, not DP.

Looking back, TBL was pretty damn solid in build, and it looked sharp. But the attitude around the whole thing was always off. I'd like the game but there's just too much unsavory "other" happening, and IMO the game is not actually good enough to bury all of the crap that's coming along with it. If DP has anything even remotely positive to share, they'd best be at it quick, before their "biggest supporters" accidentally tank this whole thing for them by pushing the remaining "maybes" into firm "absolutely no way in hells".

1 week later
#3234 4 years ago
Quoted from ozno:

Good news.
The refunds are never coming. They don't have the money. Jjst as I predicted, they are going to drag this out.
I want to see official documentation concerning PayPal. This is BS!!!!!!!!!!

Were you expecting deposit refund info to be part of a PR reveal? I would be furious if they sat on refund info and saved it up for another one of their occasional PR blasts. A "new shit newsletter" is not the appropriate forum for handling an issue like these refunds.

I want my refund as bad as anybody, and I'm incredibly impatient by nature. But even I wasn't anticipating and refund info in this newsletter. When they finally have an answer for us, they had better not dress it up with Lebowski jokes....they should just get straight to refunding and get this out of the way.

Also no pot leaf lol...sorry that's weak.

#3253 4 years ago

Don what's your plan for prioritizing deposit refunds? Squeakiest wheel, or are you going in some particular order?

#3305 4 years ago

What's in your magical emails from Barry? The emails I get from Barry say so little that I am usually more annoyed after reading them, just a little smooth talk. Conversely, after just a couple PMs in a conversation initiated by this Don guy, I can see they finally made a positive step toward righting the ship.

1 week later
#3399 4 years ago
Quoted from Razorbak86:

Hopefully your refund request has been processed, too.

I did in fact hear from Barry, yes. Trying to work something out currently

#3468 4 years ago

Just clarifying, I did NOT get my refund back. I got an email from Barry saying he was prepared to refund me but he wanted my bank account and routing info to process the reimbursement lol....ummmm no. Maybe things work a little differently there, but yeah...no.

So I said "hey I'd rather give you $4k than the entire contents of my bank account". His response was "nope, your order is completely removed from our system now as all other refund requests, you can't buy a game", which I thought was an interesting move. I don't give a hoot about the $10 rug but I'm not sure what DP gets from barring my purchase altogether? Glad to be out of it even though I'm mega bummed on the next Stern title too. Hmm. What to do.

#3470 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

So now DP are Nigerian scammers who want to empty your bank account. People on here are paranoid!

Holy cripes, how are you managing to miss the point this bad?

#3473 4 years ago

Well just to clarify AGAIN I wasn't accusing them of scamming, I just thought it was funny after all this time to get a message reading "ok everything's all good just give us your account and routing number" lol.

I don't want the game, but I always felt bad about defunding them based on my wavering decision. In other words, I wanted it at Expo but changed my mind almost immediately. Then waters muddied. Then I was unable to get my refund for months. But over time I was fine with then having my $5k if it was helping their company build games for others. I just moved on and figured whatever happened would happen.

I still do not want the game, but I was surprised that I'm now simply not allowed to order the game is all. Please to not frame this like I'm accusing DP of acting like Nigerian scammers; think before you type.

#3475 4 years ago

Why don't you guys send me all your banking info then?

Geez, sorry...I'm not trying to start a Europe vs America contest here. I honestly just thought that after this whole period of dead silent rollercoaster shit that it was a comical way to emerge from the woodwork. Draining the thread.

#3489 4 years ago

Hi since everyone is all over me about this, thanks guys, I'm all good. I don't have the same bank account so the account info was not on the check. That's cool that none of you have ever dealt with any bank fraud or identity theft , but I have had a lot and I don't mess around emailing my account info all over the world. My experience with PayPal involved the emptying of an old bank account at my ex-bank btw but thanks so much for all the helpful slams.

Please no more PMs, I appreciate it, but don't really want this to be dragged out any further. I just thought it was kinda funny but I can see why no one here has a sense of humor at this point.

#3500 4 years ago

If someone has your account info, routing info, and utility bills in your name (with accompanying address info) from a ransacked mailbox? Yes. And I did switch banks. Thank you so much for looking out. I have no interest in your bank info; I thought maybe you'd be able to tell that was in jest.

#3501 4 years ago

LOL I just caught the Lee Buck part....haaaaahaha. Good stuff.

#3532 4 years ago

Yeah, I was essentially told to eff off, which I understand. I wasn't the kind of customer they care to retain, and that's fine with me. Realistically we only have a few thousand people through a week! So it might not be good exposure for them. I don't take back anything I ever said about 'em; I just don't think this one's in the cards. I think my customers are going to be a little disappointed? And I'm still willing to buy the game, but they were all "no". Then, like I said, reading all the back and forth here is a real turnoff. So I'm going to just buy other games! The weather here in SoCal is too good to sit around fretting about this

#3540 4 years ago
Quoted from Sjsilver:

To be fair, you did call them a fart-box of a company. That's totally worse than how they treated you over the last few months. You totally deserve to be blacklisted. Maybe now you'll finally get that t-shirt, but it will say "I'm the real fart-box" and they will get the last laugh.

Bwaaaahahaha I did bring out the big gun insults lol! Hey I ain't sorry; I stand behind my word. I might start making fart-box mods for them (long overdue in the hobby anyway, let's face it) to go with my line of pot leaf decals

Hope to see some of you at Lebowski Fest!

#3581 4 years ago

I don't think anyone cares anymore, but for the record Barry did reach out and let me know that he miscommunicated inadvertently, and that I was still welcome to buy the game should I care to. Which...I don't care to. But he's laid off the no soup thing.

#3592 4 years ago

'Slave has a point; ya see a lotta doobies in Lebowski but you don't ever see the five point leaf. I think it's lame to pull the leaf but it's obvious why they had to...too many narcs at Uni!

#3641 4 years ago

I'm also anti marijuana. Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaahhhaaaahaha no, I'm kidding, but seriously good luck with that, guy!

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