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DP USA Refund - Still Want the Game


5 years ago

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#582 5 years ago

Every company had trouble's with the licences.
Don't forget that this forum would'nt be here without the Dutch!

DP will deliver. I just hope that Phil will be fine, from the looks of his rage it almost seems he is to far gone.

#864 5 years ago

It's not that simple to take over a company over in the US if you are not a US citizen. So it isn't just a formal paper.
Every business argument is based on money. This argument started around begin november i think so all the info is 6 weeks behind. Ofcourse the licensing part is drama, it always is! Othen pinball manufacturers should have the same problems. Nothing to worry here. Also it's pretty obvious that you first make your software and after that you ask if its oke at the licenseholder. It are prototypes and not commercial machines, this makes a lot of difference. Also not all licising is based on US law but also Dutch/European.

As for this conflict, let's presume that the USA company isn't free and there ware some conficts about stakeholdership. That's pretty normal. Case closed but someone needed to start an epic rant.

In the end is't all about the money

#1133 5 years ago

Hahahaha. That's quick.
This topic is getting pretty racist.

#1139 5 years ago

Just watch out with all the PM's! The Dutch are everywhere!

#1198 5 years ago
Quoted from Cenobyte:

The licensing for the movie IS approved. They licensed the movie, but every call out or sound bite or picture on cabinet or playfield needs to be approved separately before they can actually use it in production. Most of the music IS approved, as I understand it. Some parts of the playfield must still receive approval. The Kahlua drink did not get approved, so this must be removed, as does the gun and weed on the playfield and the Time Magazine that is in there somewhere.

So: the game will turn out mostly like the prototype. John Goodmans call outs seem to need special approval, so these need extra work but aren't disapproved yet. They are simply waiting approval.

That's exacty what i know.
Not mutch to worry here because it are prototypes and not retail produced games.

#1520 5 years ago

That is'nt a question but a suggestion.

#1539 5 years ago

Dp has sourced out the production of the games. Thats no secret.

#1542 5 years ago

No the games are produced in the Netherlands.

#1559 5 years ago

I think DP made one big mistake. Building a prototype that looks this awesome so that people forget it's a prototype. It's not a final production and therefor not a retail product. A lawsuit about copyright one a prototype is a bit strange don't you think?? The DMD realy stated : "PRE-ALPHA SOUNDS, FX and SOFTWARE". As a dutchman i found it very funny to see Greg showing an empty cabinet ^^

The suggestion that all of this is done with pre-order money is not true, this project started a long time before there was a single preorder taken.

#1570 5 years ago

Pfuuu Americans can't read.

There is a lot of private money invested even before a single pre-order was taken!

#1578 5 years ago

Let's make it simple.

In 2013 there was a picture with a rug. Let we presume that at that time DP was already talking to Universal and got green light. They didn't do that with pre-order money.

I am sorry for the "Americans" line, afterall the most of you have roots in Europe from a few centuries ago Also this "behevior" is not because you are american or dutch, it's because we are all pinheads. Call it autism, call it hobby. We are all infected with the Pinball decease ^^

#1616 5 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Check...and...mate! Nicely played...
I love the Dutch, if for no other reason than Johannes Vermeer. It's all in good fun, and I plan to visit next summer so you can all kick my ass in person. (I know Robin will!)

Beelzeboob let me know when and i will arrange a trip to the Dutch Pinball Association, we got like 120 pins in our clubhouse.

#1621 5 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Will do, and thanks for the invite. But if I spend too much time playing pinball when I'm supposed to be zipping around Europe, I'll be coming home without a wife. I'll be in touch when we finalize plans!

This problem sounds familiar Let me know in time.

#1641 5 years ago

The man in the middle ^^

#1914 5 years ago
Quoted from brundaged:

Is anyone else nonplussed that DP's most-recent email laid all the blame for this on Phil?
I was hoping for more leadership along the lines of "We screwed up. We're sorry. We're going to make it right."
Instead they said "Phil screwed us. We're going to make it right, if he cooperates."

Are you dyslectic? That's not a qoute from the email.

#1918 5 years ago
Quoted from brundaged:

Oh, man, now the Dutch dudes are mad at me? I'm on your side!
The comment about dyslexia doesn't make sense. But you are correct: I paraphrased. I stand by my interpretation of the email.
I've paid for BoP 2.0 and every TBL deposit to-date. I wasn't interested in a refund, but if Dutch Pinball just wants to blame Phil and move on then I'm losing faith.

You wrote it as it was a direct quote, that was the problem. There's more needed to get this dutch guy pissed off :p

#2053 5 years ago

Damn the internet didn't even exict without the Dutch! (Even Pinside )

#2089 5 years ago

Maybe some facts for the people that are interested. :
- DP has outsourced the production to an other company in the Netherlands
- DP uses common industy parts.
- DP uses common assamblies for flippers, popbumpers etc. (that's why you have the B/W feeling)
- DP team sure as hell don't drive expencive cars.
- DP has 5 working prototypes. 3 in US and 2 in NL (4 more then most botique's)
- DP has a lot of pinball enthousiasts in there team
- TBL is using american size bolt, nuts and screws (not Metric!)

#2094 5 years ago

Well i am no pitcher, that was Phil

#2098 5 years ago

I only know the delivery is in Q2 2015

The other things i don't know so i can not response to that. Let's say we can't pick up mexican's from the street but i would love an internship at the factory for a week

Because of the low risk factors i thing DP will succeed even without all American pre-orders (so only European) but that is a guess.

#2116 5 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

The game will not be made in that scenario. I hate that it is that way, but it is the truth.

How do you know?

#2154 5 years ago

You are talking to a wall

#2187 5 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

Anything can happen, true statement. My statement about getting a game with complete code and flawless quality out of the box I don't count on happening - even with DP. There is even some speculation when BoP 2.0 ships it will still be providing code updates. Basically, I hope I'm proven wrong but I'm setting my expectations that code will be great - eventually - but not out of the box. This is not a slam just on DP - my expectations have been recalibrated for all pinball companies. The only complete games new out of box one can argue - is the vault editions by Stern.

I have been told that there is a realy large possibility some things would be connected to the internet for your own playerstats and awards (pin 2.0). See it as a player stats portal. I think it's not more likeley to assume the process will by automaticly updated.

Building software is the second nature of the DP core team.

#2190 5 years ago

#2195 5 years ago

#2197 5 years ago

Don't get me wrong, but the American's got screwed by an american, not by the dutch!

I say let's have a beer in Dutch style

#2200 5 years ago

#2254 5 years ago

Well well well, mary Christmas everyone!

#2256 5 years ago

Some guys should stay away from this forum when they are drunk.

But about this rumor. The DP site states the last depost is on or before 1th of April. This is the date they will start producing the games.

#2421 5 years ago


2 weeks later
#2842 5 years ago

There ware some "minor" updates in the code of the PROTO machine.

I played a lot of games yesterday even before the official opening of the DPA's "Funhouse". I heard a lot of positive news and DP is still on "track" to start producing in April.

But on the other side, It's not my job to place all details on Pinside.

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