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DP USA Refund - Still Want the Game


5 years ago

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#277 5 years ago

Does this mean I don't get my t-shirt?!

I didn't get any refunds, day one order, I hope I'm not screwed.

#749 5 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

If you shut the business down then what happens to all the people that paid with square?

What about Paypal, have yet to get any refunds?! I also disputed the last charge(the one I could within 45 days) and that was already refused and closed. WTF?!

#975 5 years ago
Quoted from limelime20:

Phil, you say you want to clear out the DP-USA paypal account,
And all of the money in there is pre-order money, yes?

So, why isn't just ONE phone call needed to paypal, and say,
"Hey, please refund every deposit back to whoever sent it?"
they know exactly who sent it, even if you don't.

and that account should have a zero balance within 24 hrs, if not sooner.
And then you can close it, what am I missing??

This is the part I don't understand as well, time and time again it is said wants/plans to refund everyone, there is detailed records in Paypal exactly whose accounts they are, it would seem all the information is there and/or Paypal directly could help with these "mass refunds" I would think. I don't feel the efforts are being made to refund everyone, seems a select few got them and then it stopped. I don't like the smell of it one bit and want my money back.

#1114 5 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

So now they want to dissolve DP USA, Inc *after* they deliver all the pre-orders that were paid through them? That's the only way they will let Phil out? Why would that be?

Speculating but there were likely agreements signed for their partnership at the beginning. I had a situation with removing a partner(same going from 3 of us to 2 of us) from my business awhile back and it wasn't just as easy as signing a form, transferring money and being done with it. We had to cover our butts on his liabilities and what if situations from past events ever came back. It was a good 1-2 month process to assure all our best interests were covered to make it a fair split for us all. Sometimes it isn't just black and white no matter how someone wants to say it is. The partner wanting out of course just wanted money and to move on but we as the owners had to assure things were done a certain way to protected our vested interest moving forward.

#1286 5 years ago
Quoted from pinghetto:

I got the email. Love finally hearing from them. But, right now, I could give a shit about the game or the f*cking license. I want to know where my money is. Once we get that solved, then let's talk about how awesome the game is going to be and I can decide if I will be reinvesting with DP. Until that gets answered, this customer is becoming more and more unlikely to order again.

After Phil's email weeks ago about quitting..... HOW THE HELL DOES HE STILL HAVE THE KEYS TO THE PAYPAL ACCOUNT. SLOPPY.



+5,500 for most of us

Give me f-in money back and then I'll decide if I want to stay in, right now I have some ex-owner telling me he has it in his account. Sick of this nonsense

#1352 5 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

Is it wrong that I'm secretly hoping to have my place in line bumped up a bit?

No, give me your refund money and you can have my day one order spot. I'll gladly trade and get back in once the dust settles if I feel 100% comfortable

I want to know my money is safe first and foremost then I'll worry about getting a pinball game after if need be.

#1925 5 years ago

That response sucks, I'm sorry. It's great to give the information and an update what is going on but telling me they(which is really MY money) are being held hostage and don't have access and "Oh sorry all we can do is ask for it back" is BS. Figure it out if you want me to stick with you all, that is not reassuring in any manner.

1 week later
#2327 5 years ago

So I went to my payment page on DP earlier today and it has a status on my payments as "reversal cancelled" then had an option to cancel or retry next to 3 of my payments. I was excited as I figured my refunds were finally processed but then it won't let me Retry and when I hit cancel it just shows the payment as being due but I have NO refund still in my Paypal.

DP needs to get a f-n update out this is just annoying at this point and a clown show.

#2330 5 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

Does the free T-shirt count for something?

We get a free t-shirt?!

I'd like to know what "reversal canceled" means, does that mean I got refunded and un-refunded?WTF, this hurts my head I'm gonna go play some pinball.

GO Pack GO!

#2347 5 years ago

I think anyone that sends the Jan 1st payment is out of their f-in minds personally, but to each their own. I am still willing to support these guys but I need my original money refunded and know WTF is going on before I do anything else.

#2351 5 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

To be fair, another person's payment could cover your "no quibble" refund.

Good point, please everyone go ahead and make your Jan 1st payment, these guys rock and definitely have their shit together!

#2451 5 years ago

Oh cool, well can someone tell me WTF "Reversal Canceled" means on my payments screen cause I have no f-in clue. Do I get a plaque for not knowing if I have paid, I sure as shit don't have a refund and surer than shit not going to pay twice. Thanks for clearing up absolutely nothing.

#2454 5 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

Oh cool, well can someone tell me WTF "Reversal Canceled" means on my payments screen cause I have no f-in clue. Do I get a plaque for not knowing if I have paid, I sure as shit don't have a refund and surer than shit not going to pay twice. Thanks for clearing up absolutely nothing.

Let me say one positive thing is right after this newsletter I e-mailed them back asking what was going on with my payment status' and Barry did e-mail me back almost immediately saying they were looking into it and weren't quite sure what the status I had was. At least it was some progress.

1 week later
#2721 5 years ago
Quoted from el_brio:

What they are trying to figure out probably is whether or not DP USA is still a going concern and whether or not they can fold the US operation if need be without affecting the parent company. At this point, loaning money to DP USA might be a bad idea.

Uh ya, NO

That is just not real, I would bet 75% of their pre-orders were from US orders and well over 50% of the money was in Phil's hands. "DP USA" does not get to disappear and everything is fine, they wouldn't stand a prayer.

1 week later
#2806 5 years ago

Posted on Facebook not too long ago by DP, at least it is SOME word from the dungeon and the "Under Licensee Approval" is definitely telling but hopefully a good sign the license issues are being worked out.

Today and tomorrow the members of the Nederlandse Flipper Vereniging (Dutch Flipper Association) can play TBL prototype during the official opening of the new clubhouse. We want to thank NBC Universal for their official approval to show our prototype of The Big LebowskiTM Pinball during this event.
Today and tomorrow the members of the Nederlandse Flipper Vereniging (Dutch Flipper Association) can play TBL prototype during the official opening of the new clubhouse. We want to thank NBC Universal for their official approval to show our prototype of The Big LebowskiTM Pinball during this event.

#2992 4 years ago
Quoted from BoozeMarlin:

What's the latest response from DP? Have they made an official statement in the last 4 weeks??

You bet they have!


#3037 4 years ago

I have gotten enough correspondence with people at DP now and recently to feel more confident things will be fixed and come back together especially in regards to the payments. No solid evidence(like any of us ever have that) but I was told recently they had a solution that was being worked just was going to take some more time to get it all done and then the announcements would come.

Not that it matters, my money is in limbo so I don't have an option until one is presented to me but if it appears everything gets fixed and the US money solution is presented, I am still in. New shit is coming to light, hopefully will be sooner rather than later. Including the final and approved playfield.


#3074 4 years ago
Quoted from inhomearcades:

I got burned on 12k of pins last year because I was laid back and didn't push the people when things started to seem funny about the situation. Some of that is spilling over for me here for sure

Fool me once shame on you.....Fool me twice.....well you know.

We are all upset, all of us who are vested want word of where our money is but bitching over and over and over does not make it better. As far as I see it, DP seeing all the negative comments about people wanting money back probably just makes their situation worse in figuring out how to deal with it all and still trying to find the best way to bring this to market. But keep going on if you feel it helps. At this point all I can do is sit back and hope for the best, remained in as civil conversations as I can with DP directly, feel I have done about all I can beyond pursuing the legal side, not much else can be done but wait and hope.

#3076 4 years ago
Quoted from inhomearcades:

The only reason why I post in this thread is the few people here that continue to call people such as myself out for not knowing anything and that we should get over it. There are a few people here that just can't admit there are serious problems with the current situation at DP. Those are the people that are the worst to have to deal with in this whole situation.

I don't know what to think to be honest, like I said all I can do is hope. I don't blame anyone for being pissed, I was furious for a month and realized it wasn't going to help me. All I can do is hope and communicate with them the best I can to try and help rectify the situation if possible. There is obviously an issue that is for sure but everyone speculating about their current financial situation is nothing other than guess work. My guess and belief is they are rectifying the situation with Phil and the money and as soon as they do they will issue refunds to those that truly want them and I feel that if it appears they have it worked out and everything is back on track, many people who wanted out will stay in cause they really want the pinball

#3101 4 years ago
Quoted from DocRotCod:

In before the lock

No lock here, this is the 318th time people have insulted each other in this thread. Some is productive talk, the rest is just frustrations boiling over, it happens when money is involved. It is quite impressive how many posts there are tho with still 0 zero actual results.

Hopefully soon, I have a good feeling!

1 week later
#3136 4 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

My guess, the NSNL will say the same thing every other dp message has said for the past two months: we're working on it.

Good guess, I'm guessing that 80 people are going to guess this and tell us about their guesses about guesses that have been in the last 60 pages of posts. Lets see what it says and speculate on it after.

I guess that's my thoughts anyway

#3211 4 years ago

Haters gonna hate, waiters gonna wait.

It's positive news at least and I think everything is gonna be alright. I still am SO excited to hopefully have this pinball and really hope it does happen and is as great as it appears it can be.

Go DP!

#3233 4 years ago
Quoted from ozno:

The refunds are never coming. They don't have the money. Jjst as I predicted, they are going to drag this out.

I want to see official documentation concerning PayPal. This is BS!!!!!!!!!!

I get the concern and I'm not really going to knock anyone for going chicken little and the sky is falling on DP and this situation. But do you really think they would be continuing license approvals, hiring new people to handle the situations and keep dumping more money in if they knew that they were done and heading bankrupt. Doesn't seem too likely a scenario.

1 week later
#3396 4 years ago

I don't like playing the "I heard..." game but I will to keep some positive vibes moving forward.

There is supposed to be more updates coming possibly this Friday, but by Monday from DP. I can only guess it is related to the money and the refunds and money due as I was not told directly what all it might be related to. Hopefully other positive news about final licensing and production of the game!

Hell maybe the code is done and they'll start shipping within the month.....one can dream anyway.

#3403 4 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

It seems pretty unlikely that they'd kick you out of your preorder slot without a "final warning" of some kind, so why not wait until they make an announcement about that (or contact you personally) before putting your money back in

I'm confused what the thought is here. Are people expecting they can request a refund of their money, get it refunded, then jump back in later and maintain their spot in line if they so choose? I would not ever think that is an option, you are either in or out. Obviously they have to announce things are "back to normal" but I never thought there would be an option for requesting money back in their hands and just assuming they get right back in line later if they decide. DP needs commitments of people that are staying in I would think? Maybe I misunderstood what the thought was here?

#3448 4 years ago
Quoted from inhomearcades:

It's surprising to me that people think that those who requested refunds because the company was completely mismanaged and one of its very own owners told us to get our money back should be penalized. The concept of penalizing a customer because of the company's own debacle is obsurd. those of you who claim we didn't have faith that is complete and utter bs. I gave the company 8500 on faith and supported them, but when one of three owners does what Phil did, how do you blame anyone who wanted a refund after that? Unreal.

I think the thought of what is being discussed here is getting a little skewed. There is this "rift/difference" being created between those that requested refunds and those that "stayed in". We all were in the exact same boat, none of us had 100% promise of a game and none of us had our money in our hands. If the company was going under and the machine was never getting built I think we all wanted our money back in the end. There are not overachievers I believe that were ok with DP just keeping their money as they sailed off in the sunset in Bankruptcy.

We all wanted our money back if the game wasn't moving forward, the difference was created in that everyone that has been publicly screaming about wanting their money back now feels they can push DP to refunding it when they are now showing very positive signs that things are indeed ok and being worked out. Right or wrong, people that are now demanding refunds in my opinion don't get to just wait and hop back in line. They need to clarify now if they are in or they are out and I think DP needs to announce that everything is ok, moving forward as planned, you have one week to either stay in or get your money back and move on. If they want back in later, great that is always an option and I feel they should at least get a longer time frame once they are rolling off the line to buy back in at the same lower pre-order price as they did make the initial commitment but other than that I don't think they get their place in line or any of these extra bonuses they may offer for people that stayed in and didn't demand a refund. People that were forced refunds I think is different they need to commit back in now/soon once DP makes new announcements or same deal as I mention above. I am a day one/hour one order so I am not saying this to move up in line either.

To be honest I kind of want to maybe move back a little in line(think WOZ early production issues) to assure there are no production issues that are caught that have to be fixed later. But oh how I want that game sitting in my basement, still SO excited for this one! Hope things smooth out and the focus can be turned to them making the code amazing and making it as good as it can be!

#3464 4 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

Today I got an email saying that I owe two payments. Trying to work it out with Barry.

Did this happen to anyone else?

I didn't have this exact problem but I had problems with my page and the Paypal reflecting it properly, just got it fixed this past week, Barry was awesome in communicating up until it all got fixed.

#3492 4 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

I'm thinking that this one's not bad either

Where do you get these posters? I want some!

#3494 4 years ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

What I think DP should have done to help the 'I only want out if I don't need to be out' people (like me, but a 'non-refund requesting' version) is say to people who requested a refund: We are about to process your requested refund after resolving the issues we unfortunately had with the DP USA account. Once your refund is processed you will not be allowed back in line. If you still want your refund, please confirm by reply and it will be processed. We apologize for putting you through this stressful time, and hope you decide to stay with us, but if you do decide to leave, your full refund will be processed immediately upon confirmation that this is what you really want...

Exactly, 100% agree. This seems like the logical next step assuming all is good with them, which I feel it now is and will be brought to everyone's attention shortly.

I mean why would someone else get to take their money out, hold absolutely zero risk and keep all their perks, while I get to keep my money in and get nothing more. If this was the case I think everyone would want their money back and think DP would have a bit of a problem with having absolutely no firm commitments or people with skin in the game. That is the true I want my cake and eat it too scenario and is just not realistic.

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