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dose anyone own just 1 pinball machine?

By lladnip

9 years ago

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    #51 9 years ago

    had one now i have three wife is going nuts

    1 week later
    #52 9 years ago

    I am avoiding the temptation for as long as possible I started with spacie machines first, one was going to be enough. Now I have four... The other thing holding me back about a second machine is due to the layout of my apartment the pinball machine has to go in the lounge as it can't make the 90 degree turn into a narrow hallway.

    had one now i have three wife is going nuts

    Are you sure it's the machines? In my experience wives and girlfriends naturally start going nuts without an external influence.

    #53 9 years ago

    "POLYGAMY"; When your wife allows you to own more than one pinball machine.

    #54 9 years ago

    As of this weekend I now have 2 pinball machines. Picked up a Bride of Pinbot and I love it.

    #55 9 years ago

    Congrats on the new acquisition vster23!! I only have one but find myself checking online routinely for people selling pins in my area. Its tough for me because I want to upgrade or get the pin working perfectly so I spend so much time and money on it that a second never comes. I think eventually I will add another if the right deal comes along. Otherwise why would I find myself checking online so often?

    #56 9 years ago

    I have one (Gottlieb Genie) and will likely stick with that. I have another hobby that pinball has to share my resources with. When I get bored with Genie then I'll sell her and get something else. In the meantime, I get variety by going out to play at the local establishments around town.

    #57 9 years ago

    Not anymore!!!

    TFTC_playfield.JPG Laser_War.jpg

    1 year later
    #58 8 years ago

    So while doing a search I can across this thread. From you year ago. Please look below and see how funny these replies are. Something must be done to stop this disease.

    Quoted from stangbat:

    I'm down to six right now

    And now you have 7


    Quoted from fusion301:

    9 machines in just over a year

    Now 12


    Quoted from donjagra:

    I went another year with two, and then two more came along within a couple of months.

    And now 7


    Quoted from nutshell79:

    I bought my first one about 5 months ago and have been looking constantly for another. It's an addiction!

    I guess cause now you have 7


    Quoted from Shapeshifter:

    Then I bought AFM and now there is a space next to it

    Space for 5 more.


    Quoted from ragged63:

    I just bought my Lord of the Rings a month ago and I am already looking for my next one. I really want Elvira and the Party Monsters.

    And this one is cool cause that's what you got.


    Quoted from HHaase:

    Just one for myself, nearly a year into the addiction. Not much choice, no place to put a second one.

    So did you move this year or find space?

    #59 8 years ago
    Quoted from terrable:

    had one now i have three wife is going nuts

    So how is the wife now

    #60 8 years ago

    I own as many as my lifestyle affords me...right now that is one.

    #61 8 years ago
    Quoted from NY2Colorado:

    I own as many as my lifestyle affords me...right now that is one.

    Can't wait to bump this thread in a year and see you have 5

    #62 8 years ago

    I owned one for five years before I got the second. I know of three friends that have all owned just one for more than a year.

    Of course, two of those friends are storing a couple of mine for me

    #63 8 years ago

    On the hunt for #2 right now...

    #64 8 years ago

    June 2011 I was a 1 pin owner.
    Feb. 2012 became a 2 pin owner. I see this current status remaining so until 2014. I'm taking
    my time on the next purchase. There's nothing out there that I really want.

    So far it's been easier not wanting another pin that it's been in kicking a soda/caffeine habit.

    I gave up all soda with high fructose corn syrup in it 2 weeks ago. Gave into an urge 2 days ago
    with a large pepsi from Arby's. Been drinking lots of water with crystal light in it. Not too bad.

    #65 8 years ago

    I have a friend that just has one, it's "al's garage band tour" because he's in a band, and his name is Al. He also really wants a tommy, but he's a little sticker price shocked. He bought his AGBT for only $700 shopped just 3 years ago.

    #66 8 years ago

    When my basement is finished, I might have to go back to one

    #67 8 years ago

    I only have one Machine now but I just started with the Pin Hobby .

    And I don't have the Money right now to buy a second. Need to save up some first.

    #68 8 years ago
    Quoted from Letter_K:

    I owned one for about as long as it took me to find a second.

    Well said, and ditto. In my case - about a month. Started with a Hurricane, brought a Funhouse, then more....

    #69 8 years ago

    I had one then 3 then 2 now 3 again. Think I will have to start robbing banks to get more pins

    #70 8 years ago

    Three pins looking for number 4 check the internet everyday looking for the next.

    #71 8 years ago

    Just one ... ?!??! Pfft - YEAH, for about a week D: ...

    #72 8 years ago

    Own only one pinball machine??? Is that possible???

    #73 8 years ago
    Quoted from Rum-Z:

    A more appropriate question may be: How long were you able to go with just one pinball machine? LOL.
    I made it four months after buying my first machine, before the others started to arrive.
    Jeff R.

    Ya I think I lasted 1 month or 2.....then 2nd machine came

    #74 8 years ago

    I only have 1 machine, High Speed! It never gets boring, it kicks my ass, then I come back and kick it's ass. It's a love hate relationship we have. It is one from my teen years that I played alot, sure I would like atleast 2 more like LOTR and EATPM.

    #75 8 years ago

    I only have one pinball machine at the moment (MB). I've got 16 video arcade games though, so I keep busy. The most pins I've ever had at once was 3 (TAF, CFTBL, and BSD).

    I plan to sell some of my vids over the next few months and grab another pin... most likely a TSPP or Scared Stiff.

    #76 8 years ago

    Just one. Beautiful IJ.

    Could've probably bought three with the price I payed for it.

    No regrets though.

    #77 8 years ago
    Quoted from Jgel:

    NY2Colorado said:I own as many as my lifestyle affords me...right now that is one.
    Can't wait to bump this thread in a year and see you have 5

    maybe 2....

    #78 8 years ago

    I had one for about 12 years.... then got three more in the last six months!

    #79 8 years ago

    I had one for 2 yrs.

    Now I have 2.
    By next week, I should be up to 4.

    I swear thats the last one..... for now.

    #80 8 years ago

    Before I got my first pin I went to visit my friend to see his awesome collection and was floored that he had 20+ games. In my mind I was thinking cool but isn't this a bit excessive and I would be happy with just his TOM Been in the hobby less than two years, sold many things I thought I never would such as my pool table and up to 8 pins in my game room and have two others sitting folded at my friend's house. My friend told me before I got into this that you either have many or none because having one is just silly. He also pointed out recently that he noticed how desensitized in pricing of games I bought recently and how I use to rationalize spending $1500 on a game and now I drop $7000 on two games in a heartbeat.

    #81 8 years ago

    I had Jurassic Park by itself for about 6 years.....

    Then baloon'd to almost 20 pins after a few bulk deals....

    A bunch of horse trading and buying / selling got me to the beautiful lineup I have now!

    Quoted from mwong168:

    My friend told me before I got into this that you either have many or none because having one is just silly.

    Your friend sounds like a wise man

    #82 8 years ago

    I have one STTNG and it is sitting in a perfect pinball nook in my basement. I would like to get 1-2 more but really don't have too much of an itch for the given the cost and added upkeep. I bet I will go a few more years unless I see an amazing deal come along.

    #83 8 years ago

    Had just one (an ES) for about 20 years. Since March, 2011, addiction has set in and I now own ten! Or, is it nine? I lose track. Gotta double check my profile, haha.

    #84 8 years ago

    That's what you call "great taste" in pins. As far as collecting goes, I went a full year between my first pin and second pin and 2 years between my second and my third. At this point, unless some financial disaster happens(fingers crossed) I will never have less than five pins at a time.

    #85 8 years ago

    I've had one pin for the past eight months. Now I have a WOZ ECLE on order, but I will sell my current pin just before WOZ arrives. Owning one is OK with me, it fits in my den. I get variety by playing other pins on location. It also helps support the local operators.

    #86 8 years ago
    Quoted from Jgel:

    nutshell79 said:

    I bought my first one about 5 months ago and have been looking constantly for another. It's an addiction!

    I guess cause now you have 7

    Yes, I'm addicted! But I am out of space for now, until my basement is finished

    #87 8 years ago
    Quoted from Jgel:

    Can't wait to bump this thread in a year and see you have 5

    #88 8 years ago

    I owned one for less than 30 days....
    Have 2 now.
    Only been into all this for 2 months now
    No more $$$

    #89 8 years ago

    I just have one still my "Mario Andretti" which I find to be a really fun & fast game. My Zizzle Pirates doesn't count. Will eventually get another pinball machine one at some point in time.

    #90 8 years ago

    Bought 5 this month alone!!!

    #91 8 years ago

    I found this rites of passage of pinball ownership from another site I am on. What step are you guys on?

    1. Initial curiosity, followed eventually by trepidatious purchase of a single pin.

    2. Promise to wife that 1 machine is all you are ever getting.

    3. Realization that owning 1 pin is ridiculous. You either own many pins or none at all. You opt for the former.

    4. Begin process of justifying to wife why having 1 pin is silly. She capitulates. You buy between 2 and 5 more pins.

    5. An interim period lasting between 2 and 6 months where you are almost satisfied with owning half-dozen B or C-list titles.

    6. Through visitation of the homes of other collectors, you realize you will never be happy with your stagnant and finite collection of tattered and boring pins.

    7. The process of justifying the purchase of more pins by employing the "logic" that they are actually investments and you will be able to flip them eventually.

    8. The search for areas of your basement that are being under-utilized. Statement such as "She can really do the laundry in the garage, right?" or "Do my kids
    really need that much square footage in order to play happily?" are often posed during this phase.

    9. The epiphany that no matter what you do, your wife will think you are an idiot. In fact she already does. Do you really think she will respect you more if you
    have 5 machines in the basement as opposed to 10, 12 or 20 ? You become enlightened. You have nothing to lose.

    10. Nirvana : You have been set free. Your mind and body are awash in the pure bliss of the knowledge that an infinite supply of pins await your purchase.
    No longer shall you be afraid, oppressed or remorseful. You are a man. You are a hunter. A collector, and you answer to no one.

    #92 8 years ago

    I have only had 1 for the last 9 years! Now I want to get another but I can't really find the games I want for a good price. I am kicking myself for not pouncing on a couple games in the past. I was interested, but busy. I have to rent a Uhaul for transport, so its a whole thing.

    Lesson Learned: When you see what you want you have to strike like a Cobra!

    #93 8 years ago

    It always starts with 1, next thing you know its an addiction.

    1 year later
    #94 7 years ago

    yearly bump

    Quoted from Donnyman:It always starts with 1, next thing you know its an addiction.

    yep kindy like a pinball drug- should start PA recovery program, maybe i could get deal on others that kick the habit go cold turkey and sell machines? my recovery dont look promissing

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