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dose anyone own just 1 pinball machine?

By lladnip

9 years ago

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    #1 9 years ago

    ive noticed it seems like every add selling a machine seems to have 5 others huddeled around it.

    #2 9 years ago

    Once you get 1 you just can't stop until you have another and another etc.!!

    #3 9 years ago

    I owned one for about as long as it took me to find a second.

    #4 9 years ago

    A more appropriate question may be: How long were you able to go with just one pinball machine? LOL.

    I made it four months after buying my first machine, before the others started to arrive.

    Jeff R.

    #5 9 years ago

    I Had one, thought it was great and all I needed, and two months later...POOF! another one appeared. Then a couple months after that...POOF! another one. Then another.

    I think they are slowly trying to take over the world!

    #6 9 years ago

    Definitely an addictive hobby...

    Isn't it Great!

    #7 9 years ago

    I had one. Thirteen days later I had two. After a little over two months, I had seven. I'm down to six right now and it hasn't been a year since I got the first one.

    #8 9 years ago

    thats what i was afraid of, thx

    #9 9 years ago

    Yes, one pin is not enough. They do tend to breed!

    (watch the first 90 seconds)

    #10 9 years ago

    In case anyone hasn't already seen it, here's a link to the trailer for "The Pinball Collector" documentary:

    The opening animated sequence sums up the thoughts in this thread better than any words I could possibly use.

    Edit: LOL! You beat me to it, O-A!

    #11 9 years ago

    The funny thing about this trailer is that speaks the absolute truth and reality about the addiction of pinball with simple stick figures.

    Its fricking great!

    #12 9 years ago

    I had one for about 2-3 months then I got one every single month after that for 5 months
    Im slowing down now. I have 7 and two of my friends so 9 machines in just over a year...lol

    #13 9 years ago

    I was able to make it a year with only one. It would have been two a lot sooner if I didn't have to clear all my additions with my wife.

    I went another year with two, and then two more came along within a couple of months.

    Truthfully, the hardest pin to get approval for was the first.

    #14 9 years ago

    I have had only one pin for over 8yrs now. I must be the exception. Although I have picked up 5 video games along the way. Don't if one of my favorite pins happens to come around for a fair price I will crack.

    #15 9 years ago

    Seems like you either have 'none' or 'more than one'. As soon as people find out I'm collecting them again, it seems like they come out of the woodwork with "I know a guy who has one..." or "I just saw an add for one..."

    That's how I just came into 5 recently. They're all older machines with High Speed being the newest.

    Thank God my wife understands my hobby


    #16 9 years ago

    I had one for 4 years before I got my second. But that was because I was deployed a lot and I didn't realize it was so easy to buy them and you could get them for less than a few thousand dollars. Even though I have been playing them for years I thought you could only buy them new or from an arcade/bar if they were willing to sell it. Thankfully there was a broken one sitting in my buddy's basement when he moved into his new house or I would still be in Pinball ignorance.

    The rest of my collection was purchased in the past 15 months.

    #17 9 years ago

    i currently only have one. it's lonely and needs a mate

    #18 9 years ago

    I bought my first one about 5 months ago and have been looking constantly for another. It's an addiction!

    I have enough funds saved and an approval from my wife for and A list game, but have been thinking about buying 2 or 3 B list games instead

    #19 9 years ago

    "i currently only have one. it's lonely and needs a mate"

    No, it needs a whole family.

    #20 9 years ago

    "i currently only have one. it's lonely and needs a mate"

    "No, it needs a whole family."

    Don't worry... find it a mate and they'll have kids before you know it!


    #21 9 years ago

    Don't worry... find it a mate and they'll have kids before you know it!

    Especially if some of the rubbers are perished...

    #22 9 years ago

    I had one for 4 years....... Then I sold it and bought another. Then I bought AFM and now there is a space next to it.....fighting off the urge to buy another. Only reason I am winning as can't find what I am looking for in great condition!

    #23 9 years ago

    I had 1 for 2 months that was 1 1/2 years ago that's when it all started. I know have 15.

    #24 9 years ago

    I have one machine my parents bought me probably 8-10 years ago I was probably 12 at the time. Recently i acquired the bug and want another but i'm moving 1,000 miles plus in less than a year so I'm resisting more toys so i don't have to move them.

    #25 9 years ago

    I just bought my lord of the rings a month ago and I am already looking for my next one. I really want elvira and the party monsters.

    #26 9 years ago

    My first pin was Terminator 2. I thought it was going to end there. Boy was I wrong. Really wrong!

    My machines multiplied every 3-6 months from then on. During those breaks, in my mind, I was trying to figure out how to optimize floor space.

    I'll probably stop at the 7, which is what I am at now. One day....one day....I will add a Monster Bash. In the meantime, I will keep playing my other realized dream pin, Spider-Man.

    PS: You can't go wrong with Elvira and the Party Monsters (EATPM), ragged63. Friggin' killer pin!

    #27 9 years ago

    Just one for myself, nearly a year into the addiction. Not much choice, no place to put a second one.


    #28 9 years ago

    Huh? One Pinball machine...is that even legal? Doesn't sound like too much fun.

    #29 9 years ago

    Everyone knows your pinball machines will be happier and healthier if they have one or more machines to compete against for your attention.


    #30 9 years ago

    Like others have said, I had one...at first. Now I have three and sacrificed a fourth potential "spot" in my garage for a video game.

    I think once you have one, you realize you need some tools and parts to support it. So, after you have all that stuff you think, hmmm, perhaps one more ain't no big deal. It's all downhill after that.

    #31 9 years ago

    We lasted two months with only one. Now we have 6. There's crack in the flipper buttons, I swear.

    #32 9 years ago

    I acquired a half a dozen machines in my first six months of collecting. In my case, the first one was the easiest. Every other machine has been a major source of friction between me and my wife. One would think that the "Pinball Collector" animation was based on my own life story. Heck, I even bought my wife some diamond earrings after the fourth one.

    #33 9 years ago

    That's the deal I have to make with my wife. She gets Diamonds, I get a pin. I said, "That's not fair. You get to play with the pins." She replied, "And so do you."

    #34 9 years ago

    now my wife is scared and think i should focus more on photography.

    #35 9 years ago

    We've had a Chicago Coin Hollywood EM since last July. We really don't have room for a second pin where we live, but we've already planned what the next three or four games will be. Both Elvira And The Party Monsters and Elvira's Scared Stiff are two we both want. Cathy wants a Gottlieb Aquarius EM and I want a Bally Party Zone.

    There are a few Seattle Pinball Tribe people who have succumbed to the disease to where they have more than 50 pins each(!). Thankfully these same people usually host at least one of the year's Tourneys so it's not so bad. At least to us, can't speak for their spouses...

    #36 9 years ago

    I tend to buy things in quantity, as such my pinball collection has grown quickly. Luckily though I have no problem selling stuff off. It's a rare occasion when I actually regret getting rid of something. I have had time to think about what games I really really want to keep. I'm getting rid of 2/3 of my pin collection. Only 4 are staying.

    #37 9 years ago

    I Have only one pin its a bally party zone its my second pin Im looking for fish tales for the right price.

    #38 9 years ago

    The 2nd one was the hardest one for my wife to agree to...I think she knew it wasn't going to stop there...I have 4 now, and I'm going to be maxed on space at 5 until I get outta this small bungalow house!

    #39 9 years ago

    I buy one per year. I have two now. Third one will be there right before Christmas.

    I would buy faster but:

    1:Not enough money
    2:Not enough time to shop them
    3:It is hard to find in great condition

    #40 9 years ago

    The availability of machines near where I live is really poor, one of the reasons I've currently only got one. The other is that people want way too much money for their junk where I live...

    But, realistic bids have been put on machines near me and people are starting to call me back as they are finding that I'm not really lowballing them... Keeping the fingers crossed, but hopefully this weekend there will be another one, possibly two that move into our sunroom.

    People keep talking about how pins are like crack and all I can say is "I learned it from watching you dad, I learned it from watching you!"

    #41 9 years ago

    I bought LAH and owned it for 3 years...I wanted to make sure I was going to use it and it wouldn't just sit in the corner. I did, so after 3 years I bought another...Red and Ted's Roadshow. Before Roadshow even showed up at my house I bought Twilight Zone. A month later I bought Party Zone. A month later I bought Champion Pub. I now own 5 and have put a deposit on OZ. Now I'm looking to sell Last Action Hero and Party Zone. Addicted!

    #42 9 years ago

    I would have more if my house was bigger.

    #43 9 years ago

    Well, you guys are right about rapid acquisition. It seems that when it rains, it pours. I just struck a deal with a gentleman for an Alien Poker that I'm going to pick up on monday, heading to an estate sale in the morning to look at a Gottlieb Mibs, and a guy called me back today saying that he'd take the offer I gave him on an Ice Revue and am getting it on Tuesday. Plus a guy called me trying to sell me a CV, which I just don't have the money for or I'd pick that up too.

    The girlfriend is out of the country for a few weeks, so I'm ok for now littering the house with toys. But I know I'd have to move them, and don't know if I could find homes for 2 of em before she's back. Have any of you put yourself in a similar situation with a significant other? If so, did it turn out ok? Or how did you handle it?

    #44 9 years ago

    Mibs is a good looking game
    you can always save room and store them up on end

    #45 9 years ago

    Gifts, Gifts, and more Gifts. Works on most women.

    3 weeks later
    #46 9 years ago

    Only have one - Cyclone. Bought it when I was in high school and it's been in my parent's house until a few months ago. I just had it shipped from their house in NJ to mine in Chicago. Now for the first time in 22 years, it's under the same roof as I am and running extremely well. However, it's really gotten me thinking about a second. Probably a Twilight Zone in the next year or so...

    #47 9 years ago

    I naturally started with one, then after that I had different strategies to acquire new ones: Layaway, begging and pleading, bribery. Not that I'm separated I can get ANY and ALL I want. HA HA! ....I have 3 right now, I cannot have an odd number. I tend to put a lot of research into the ones I look at. Then when I have the money to burn, I go for it. They're far and few between though. I think I'll be satisfied at 6 games, but we'll see when I get there.

    #48 9 years ago

    All I've ever owned is one pinball machine, then one more,one more,one more and one more etc.!!!!! These damn things multiply like rabbits! It's like the chip commercial - Bet'cha can't eat just one

    #49 9 years ago

    I think I'll be satisfied at 6 games ...

    That's what I thought. Now that I have six, however, it hardly seems like enough.

    #50 9 years ago

    That's what I thought. Now that I have six, however, it hardly seems like enough.

    Ahhhhhh the addiction of pinball machines... I also have 6 but I need more... There is always room for 1 more!!!

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