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Does your girl play too?

By Wyopinball

8 years ago

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    #1 8 years ago

    My wife loves to play pinball with me. We met 20 years ago when she was at the University Of Wyoming and we rocked the Funhouse there in the student Union Center. If we pass a decent pin it's a mandatory that we play at least a few games. We have taken trips to Denver just to play pinball. I know guys that can't get there wife's or girlfriends to touch there own pins what so ever let alone travel just to play. She supports my habit, I mean hobby and I am blessed to have that. I don't know if we ever would have got married if she didn't.
    What about you guys? Do you get the support you deserve, or does she say, what a stupid waste of time.

    #2 8 years ago

    By 'girl' I thought you meant daughter. My wife doesn't care to play at all. My daughter Sarah, on the other hand, is the #4 woman in the world and #339 overall by IFPA points.


    She usually beats me on a regular basis.


    #3 8 years ago

    That's the one thing we have which we do together. Every night after the boys are in bed, the games come on. After she got Lost in the Zone a few times, she has really got into it. She even likes working on them now.

    #4 8 years ago

    My wife, no, never ever and probably never will. My oldest daughter plays in league with me and the youngest will when she's old enough.

    #5 8 years ago

    My wife does not play much as she (in her words) "does not know what to shoot for". However, she does enjoy playing IronMan and Tron. Why? She likes the themes (mainly IronMan) and feels that she can make some progress (fun) without having to understand all the rules. She also likes the fact that ball-times are relatively short as she is not an accomplished player. She also likes LOTR but finds it overwhelming and games are too long (which for her is anything longer than 5 minutes).

    She hates Congo, WPT, Road Show, STTNG (likes the theme though), TZ, JM. She also liked the older EMs when I had them (as she liked the sounds and chimes as well as the simple rules).

    I am just glad that I managed to find a few games that keep her a little interested. It is nice to be able to share a little bit of the hobby with her. We both have quite a few common interests so I am ok with pinball being more about me. She also enjoys playing them more when we have friends over to play (as do I for that matter).

    #6 8 years ago

    My wife loves to play. I got her hooked when we started dating, and she was the one that actually found me my first pin to purchase and encouraged me to buy it. She doesn't play as much as I do obviously, but she does love to play. My step daughter likes to play too. She gets pumped when I set up tournaments with the three of us at home.

    #7 8 years ago

    My wife would leave me for Brian Eddy. She'll always play AFM or MM when available. CFTBL used to be her favorite. That one seems to be a common gateway pin for ladies.

    #8 8 years ago

    The Wife likes to play but not as much as the oldest Daughter does. She is 11 and wanted to play in league this last season, she had a great time and ended up taking 1st place in her division and got a trophy. She was on cloud 9, playing in league also got her to play more at home so that she could "practice" for league.

    #9 8 years ago

    My next wife will.

    #10 8 years ago
    Quoted from schudel5:

    She usually beats me on a regular basis.

    Yeah but whom doesn't?

    #12 8 years ago

    I wish I could get my fiancée to like playing pinball, she says it makes her "nervous". I tell her it's the last thing in the world anyone should get nervous about. I try to teach her the most basic basics, like using one flipper at a time or knowing how/when to catch the ball, but it falls on deaf ears. At least my playfields won't wear down to bare wood any faster.

    #13 8 years ago

    My girlfriend loves to play and often discourages me from selling any of my pins. She beats me on a semi regular basis. She goes to shows with me and helps me shop out games. I am a lucky man.

    #14 8 years ago

    Mine does but it took awhile for her to (get it). When we use to go out and came across a pin she was like. .oh well guess I'll see you in an hour or 2 lol. She bought me a data east Time Machine for xmas and i set up a weekend at an arcade expo and it was all over! Makes collecting easier when your girls on board! Right ChuckWurt

    #15 8 years ago

    My wife keeps telling me to grow up. No chance she will play.

    #16 8 years ago

    Mine will and enjoys going to expos too. She'll put on a couple games buy has zero interest in learning what to shoot for. I think it would really make her enjoy it more, but she just likes to knock the balls around.

    #17 8 years ago

    My wife has a IMVE and Sopranos...the rest of the games are ours

    #18 8 years ago


    My wife seems to dislike cool shit for some reason.

    #19 8 years ago

    My wife very rarely plays. When she does, she only likes to play certain games (Flash and Avatar, mostly).

    My daughter (1.5) loves it. We play quite often. She has her favorites -- Wh20 and JD (my brother's game we temp traded). She's discovered the flipper buttons pretty recently, and tries her damndest to get both of them!

    I love playing with her, but her attention span is short. She likes to watch for about 1 or 2 balls, and then move on. I'm looking forward to continuing the tradition with her though. One of my favorite things is hearing my daughter ask me to go downstairs and play "paball".

    #20 8 years ago

    My girlfriend digs it & comes to pin shows & pin parties w/ me.

    #21 8 years ago

    Wife, not interested. Two daughters liked to bring all their high school friends and hang out in the game room. Three grand daughters love them.

    #22 8 years ago
    Quoted from Rarehero:

    My girlfriend digs it & comes to pin shows & pin parties w/ me.

    Yeah they all do till you get married...or divorced.

    #23 8 years ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Yeah they all do till you get married...or divorced.

    My lady isn't like that. She loves all things nerdygeeky

    #24 8 years ago

    My wife hardly ever plays. And when she does we both end up getting frustrated. She is a pretty terrible player (just keeps hitting the flippers nonstop with no real intentions). I try to help but the conversation usually goes something like this:

    Me: "Try to hold the ball with the flipper and pick your shot."
    Her: "I don't like to do it that way"
    Me: "But that is why you keep losing the ball, it's more fun if you can control the ball"
    Her: (Keeps playing the same stupid way)
    Me: (getting more and more frustrated as she doesn't take any of my tips/advice)
    Her: (Gets frustrated with the game because she can't control the ball and it drains quickly. Says the game is "unfair". Hates pinball even more than before)

    In the end I don't mind that she is not into pinball. It is my hobby and I can escape to my pinball room to play in peace and quiet. She has her things, I have mine. I like it that way.

    #26 8 years ago
    Quoted from codered9394:

    My wife keeps telling me to grow up. No chance she will play.

    NEVER grow up dude!!!
    women are evil dont believe them!
    youll be menstruating next!!!!

    #27 8 years ago


    My daughter does on rare occasions.

    #28 8 years ago

    My wife accepts my hobbies but is not a huge fan. However, when she thinks I'm not looking/listening, she will sneak in a few games of LOTR.

    #29 8 years ago

    My wife is really into pinball lately and it seems to be growing. Just this week she helped to shop out Jackbot and completely tear it down for a full rebuild. She seesm to be liking learning to wrench on them which is great. It was super fun to hang out with her and shop out the game.

    She is also getting better at playing and I caught her live catching the other day. She has a knack for learning rulesets really quickly and is getting better at playing which means she has more fun.

    I think she is also joining our area league next year so it will be great to spend more time with her and enjoy the hobby together.

    She also bought a Paragon this past summer and it will be her first full refurb/refresh. I will help her along the way and probably do the board work be she is the driver on that one.

    #30 8 years ago

    My wife and daughters never play. For fun I asked my daughter one day last Summer to name a pinball machine I currently own. I think I had 2 or 3 at the time. She said "Klondike". Yeah, four years ago I had one.

    #31 8 years ago

    Wife plays but never head to head. Single player games only cause she "hates to wait" if I'm having a great game and long ball times. Favorites are KISS and WOZ. Here she is at our Thanksgiving party playing her KISS.

    #32 8 years ago

    I was going to hit the like button for that pic above but didn't want to confirm my creep'ness.

    #33 8 years ago
    Quoted from MT45:

    Wife plays but never head to head. Single player games only cause she "hates to wait" if I'm having a great game and long ball times. Favorites are KISS and WOZ. Here she is at our Thanksgiving party playing her KISS.

    Quoted from PW79:

    I was going to hit the like button for that pic above but didn't want to confirm my creep'ness.

    Fine....i guess I'll start it.. where's the pics of our ladies Flippin!

    I mean respectfully of course ..lol

    #34 8 years ago

    Wife likes to play more than I do. She bought me my first pin. Very competitive as well. Will kick my ass if she can. I'm 50/50 between playing and repairing. I spend as much time working on them as playing them. Who am I kidding- I work on them way more.

    #35 8 years ago

    my wife to be plays once in a while but she'll tell you I play too much.

    #36 8 years ago

    My wife really has no love for playing pinball, my girlfriend however can't get enough of them.

    Just kidding, though seriously, my wife tolerates it.

    #37 8 years ago

    Yes my Husband plays pinball with me...read my Pinball saga on here. We have been together 31 years, and we met playing pinball. We travel to shows and take our games for others to play. I/we restore/customize our games together. I used to do it as my job for others, but I retired from that a few years ago. The first pic posted is actually our games at Expo in Chicago in Oct.


    #38 8 years ago

    My Wife plays all of the time. Its a regular thing to go downstairs and play ,on separate games , no two player games cause it takes too long.
    She hated my TZ for the first 15 years I had it, then one day I told her the modes and shots, and now it's her favorite game. She loves it, and I'm getting buried in the game when I am dead, TZ is here to stay.


    #39 8 years ago

    Is she a player, a goer, wink wink


    #40 8 years ago

    Nope.....not now.......not tomorrow..........not ever.........doesn't get it.......never will

    #41 8 years ago

    My wife plays occasionally, my daughter age 9 loves it, almost as much as I. But I think I got the passion from my parents. Here is my mom 85 years young enjoying her fav game (besides bingo)


    #42 8 years ago

    My woman actually plays. Doesn't have the skills I have honed since '77 or so. But she is cool with it. Of course, we aren't married.......

    #43 8 years ago
    Quoted from PW79:

    I was going to hit the like button for that pic above but didn't want to confirm my creep'ness.

    Aways OK to "like" ... heck, I like her too

    #44 8 years ago

    My wife likes to play but only as a single. She supports me and the hobby. We have been collecting and selling games for the past 15 years.

    Nice to know you have help ( not that she enjoys it ) carrying one in when no one else is around. She also helps shop and give advise choosing colors and Leds. Great girl, thats why were together 22 years . ( for the second time )

    #46 8 years ago

    My wife enjoys our pinball machines as well as my mom who plays whenever she comes into town. My mother-in-law bought a Taxi and keeps it in her living room!

    #47 8 years ago

    My wife was very skeptical as we drove 6 hours to get our first pin together, Iron Man VE, but she has since been 100% on board. She plays everyday and pretends to be hard to convince when it comes to buying a new game but shes a push over. I consider myself very lucky to have a wife that shares both of my hobbies, golf and pins.

    #48 8 years ago

    What's a girl?

    #49 8 years ago

    My wife loves having a game room, but rarely plays the pins. Ms Pac-Man or Megatouch is more her thing.

    #50 8 years ago

    My wife has been on and off on this one. When I first got into it, she loved it. Then we had a lot of mechanical/electrical issues, and I stayed up into ungodly hours of the night (think 4am-6am) trying to figure things out. That (my obsession with trying to fix things) set a very stressful vibe in our home for a while. Then I got out for nearly an entire year with only TFTC more as furniture than a pinball machine. I learned a decent number of tricks over that year, and Terminator 3 got me back in. We had a thorough talk about "diving in too deep", and I promised to take my time and keep things in perspective. We jumped back in, and she did with me at first, but some of the games we bought really burned her out pretty badly (looking at you MetPro), and it took nearly another year to get her back into it.

    Having just moved into our new home 09 Oct, we had a talk yet again, this time about what burned her out. I deduced it was that the rules were a bit too unexplained, and she thought she knew what to shoot for and how to progress, but ended up ultimately chasing her tail. This was confirmed just yesterday as she was playing ACDC on TNT mode. She hit the 3 TNT targets in sporadic moments with ball drains in between. The TNT lights kept resetting, yet she did not realize that was occurring as she had hit the TNT lights WAY more than 3 times, but it was over the course of 2-3 balls so she felt like nothing was happening. To help her, I observed her playing and made the connection. Once she hit all 3 on one ball, I had her cradle the ball, and I showed her the white inserts were now flashing on all the shots, and to start blasting away. She did, and she saw the appropriate "reward" animation for each shot. The key clicked in the lock right there; she now understood what to do, and it made the game more fun.

    She is getting back into pinball, but it is a slow and cautious process. She comes down 1 time every week (Saturday) and plays for about 20 minutes or so, and then that is it until next week. It may be slow, but it is something, and with TWD Pro - a game based on a show we both really like - coming home in January, I want to make sure she doesn't burn back out. She has not touched IM VE yet, and I think it's better that way. Maybe she would like the game - I don't know, but she loves ACDC as a band (going to see them March 2016!!!!), and that's good enough for me .


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