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4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

Updated 31-10-15:
Installed a painted set of Whomobile's in a friends game and they fit well and look great.


Available from Shapeways:

either paint yourself of via someone like Modfather or anyone else out their in the pinball community

added 8th Nov, 2015 v1.0

DW Whomobile Mod - Manual V-01.pdf

head to Post 153, page 4 for all posts after this update.
Original thread Post (development):

A local guy ages ago asked me to do this mod and thought it would be a cool challenge and been tinkering on it for about 8 months. This would replace the 2 x whomobile switch covers on the ramps and may have lighting for the front lights and cabin - see how I go. Check out the models of the design to what I will do a test print and trial fit very soon.

It still needs some components coloured still, as well as seats put in but need to do a test fit first. I not sure if I will put a screen on it as doubt that I could make it in the right materials???? as the modern makes it look bigger than what it will look like in real life. And it is my interpretation of the original.

The size will be scaled from the doctors original design and fit in the game and cover the switch. I did not have anything to measure purely these 4 photos - hence a challenge.

let me know if you are interested as will start a list of possible interested parties.

the original switch cover

the proposed new modded switch covers

the original vehicle

#15 4 years ago
Quoted from dendoc:

Send a set up north too please. Want me to pop one of my originals in the post for you?

cheers but already have an original, thanks and are available here for the purists


#31 4 years ago

cheers for the support everyone, I will keep you updated.

I am working on some of the fine details now of the model (will post in a few days time) and then hopefully in the next week print off 1-2 samples and do a test fit in a local guys game to ensure I am clearing the cabinet, switches and hiding ugly switches etc.

As for the design, my goal is a 1 screw from the top to remove the top off the base panel. The base panel will pickup the 2 current model mount points. Therefore I am trying to best engineer for maintenance if required. If anyone has seen my snackbar mod you will know that I try to design my mods to be user friendly and hopefully look cool. Though on this one it has a heap of funky curves so a little more challenging.

#34 4 years ago
Quoted from Atomicboy:

Are you hallow ing out the underside so that it actually sits over the switch, and not just hovering above it?

I want to hollow out as much as possible,
a) to reduce cost
b) and hide the switch.

#38 4 years ago
Quoted from bpull:

Looking awesome Swinks! I can scratch this off the to do list also... time to turn this clay into something else.


nice work and hopefully less hours than my model

1 week later
#45 4 years ago

like that one

a few things happening in family life so some slight delays, some progress images though - details

whomobile 4.png

whomobile 5.png

#47 4 years ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

looking good, are you going to add lights in the front for the headlights?

what I have done is allowed for is the white section 3mm dia and are about 5mm deep and then enters into a pocket so one option is to put one globe into the pocket and the glow comes out of the holes or insert 3mm leds into the holes with the legs going down the shaft and to be wired in under the the WM. There is also a cavity at the bottom of the seat to underneath to allow the cabin to be lit from below - hope to add a nice glow.

In the process of hollowing out to then finalise a mounting design.

The design will be the same width as the current WM but then be longer as it is to a similar scale to the original as trying to keep everything in proportion.

#49 4 years ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Maybe make the lights an option?

I will get the design done first and ensure I have a good workable fit to the ramps and then check out price, but at least there are 2 options designed in and gives the customers some options to customise as well.

#52 4 years ago

up to v10, with the seat details in with just the following left to do
- steering wheel and some little dash details
- racks in the rear tray
- mounting system to ramps

I just printed a sample to check out the looks and so far pretty good, but will have to see it in a game to check that the size is not too big


#56 4 years ago

yeah the enclose cockpit will hopefully be added to the design as a add on like the original car, but if I went that way it wouldn't have windscreens in it and then the pillar frames would be thin so not sure on success in making.

behind the seat should almost be enough room to cover the switch

#63 4 years ago

I changed some curves in the cockpit near the step in, started mocking up the roof concept and changed the way I am going to hollow out underneath to reduce cost. I did a test print and the scale looks good but my mount idea needs some fine tuning. so things left to do are: the rear racks, roof (a small challenge), some more hollowing out, mount bracket then a 2nd test print and test fit. The goal is the mount fits to the ramp where the existing whomobile is, then the new who mobile fastens on to the mount with one screw (which I hope will be via the hole in the roof and the screw / screw hole will be in the seat so a really simple install (a few minutes).

I also have a reed / magnetic switch but think this might not get much support as the cost will go up and the market smaller as people want a plug and play not solder and crimp mod.




#66 4 years ago

it will be an order / sell item

#68 4 years ago

finished the details and the proposed mounting point is in the middle of the bench seat so with a black screw not obvious

I did take a step back and removed the roof pillar to concentrate on the details and mounting and is now totally hollowed out with the centre of gravity being right over the screw down location making it stable.

details done - storage racks, 2 tone dash, steering wheel, instrument panel, seat and arm rests and tweaked a few dash angles and made some hollow outs so if people want to paint up and install a mini figure in it they can.

v13 top back.png

#69 4 years ago

ok went to a fellow Pinside members place today to check brackets and fitting and made some progress under the hood. We were going along with putting the boot section over the switch but we worked out we would have to chop some of the back of the vehicle out which wasn't ideal. There was room under the bonnet for the switch so now changed direction to mounting the bracket using the previous whomobile screw holes but now with the bracket resting as well on the switch bracket and the extending out the back and resting on the ramp so lots of rest load points. We will slot the mounting points in the bracket as the lhs is angled compared to the rhs so allows the owner to adjust and change the look. We also will slot the bench seat as once the windscreen is on this will not be seen but this will also allow the owner to adjust the angle to suit their liking.

In addition moving the vehicle's bonnet over the switch fills a void in the back lhs corner and still clears everything.

The bracket will be slightly visible but you will have a colour choice of black, red or blue to suit the ramps.

Also having the bonnet over the switch allows for wiring to come up to the cabin or headlights without being seen with room to spare. Add I also squeezed in a hollow section behind the dash allowing for lighting as well as up through foot wells.



#72 4 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Looks great! Any chance at lighting?

it has been hollowed out including through holes in the head lights and hollow cavity in the dash so people can light up behind possible gauges etc.

depending on the price of parts I may pre install some small leds with a small length of cable for people to then connect up to a feature - haven't got that far.

I am still not commenting on price until the design is finished and I make a few sets to see how it looks, gauge what people think etc

#76 4 years ago

ok here is a little teaser (- it is real and not just models ) from last weeks trial test fit where we decided to house the switch under the bonnet instead of the boot so it is just sitting there or me holding it in place. It does not block any playing view and we think it will fill a void of nothing at the back.

we think the scale looks good and any smaller and we can't fit the switch underneath and one of the main goals is to house the switch to remove the ugly. The scale is very close 1:40 of approximate size. The original vehicle was 14 feet long x 7 feet wide (approx 4300mm x 2200 mm wide). The whomobile model will be approximately 116mm long x 57mm wide x 37mm high.

And it won't be made on a home printer so it will have colour and look sharper in detail and have solid walls etc. This was a rough 0.25mm layers print to to see how we are going.

back lhs corner

rhs whomobile ramp

#81 4 years ago
Quoted from bpull:

So Awesome looking! This will do for Dr who, what the Tron arcade cabinet mod did for Tron.

Thanks Brian as well as everyone else, really appreciate the kind words.

I don't pump out a heap of different mods but try to achieve a cool, detailed mod - the tron arcade cabinet is very a cool mod, would love to get a tron one day. and I probably will never get back what I have put into this but it now about the challenge to finish the design so it reflects the original vehicle and looks cool.

hoping to organise another test fit (bracket and switch covering) this weekend and then I can concentrate on finishing the windscreen designs and then get some samples made.

#84 4 years ago

looking at SLS printing but Shapeways has a new feature for the designers only where they can 3d colour and laser bind the nylon particles. So if I specify red lights with a black shadow line thats what it will be or the silver racks in the boot with a black shadow line that is what it will be. I would then Kryon UV clear coat the final print to stop any fade, enhance the colour a bit more, and give it a nice classy look. So in theory the colours in the model images is very similar to how it should come out.

here is another designers sample straight off the 3d printer & colouring process, with no clear coat


I did a creature tail fin mod and will be ordering over the weekend 2 custom bodies section in which I can specify a custom colour for the body but also for the logo and a shadow line. I also factored in all black on the inside so no light shines through except where the logo is so hoping that the light will pass through the logo to the outside. Finish off with a clear coat and should look great, fingers crossed.

custom aqua.png
custom pink.png

#89 4 years ago
Quoted from catboxer:

Ahh yes, I forgot about the Zcorp color SLS. Those are nice, but can be fragile. I think your model is solid enough and the clear coat should help protect it. Edit: Oh this is Nylon...and not that bonded resin...should be very durable.

glad you added the editted your post and I prefer not to have people getting worried un-necessarily.

Shapeways offer 2 full colour materials:
1. is a plaster powder bonded with glue with a slightly grainy finish which has been very successful in offering fairly detailed parts which are vibrant in colour. Products in this is subject to fading if wet. iMaterialise offer the same process, calling it a different name for whatever reasons and they do it in a standard finish as well as a UV clear coat which strengthens it up and protects it from fading and moisture as well as giving it a smooth finish. This UV coat is a Kryon Clear Coat which I intend to be using even though it is not required for the nylon version.
2. is the nylon which there standard product is white but they also offer 8 colours done via a dying process because if you cut into these it is white inside as well. The full colour printing process is diiferent as is performed while 3d printing, with this option at this stage only being offered to designers at this stage to trial so trust me if I am not happy it won't be done in this process. This plastic is very strong so please do not be concerned and with a coat or 2 of UV clear will smooth it off, make it stronger again and make it look great I am sure.

I have plenty of designs that many people have already ordered from Shapeways and this is far stronger than home 3D printed products as the home printers create a number of 0.1mm shells (outer skin layers) and then a beehive pattern fill - so very hollow and subject to heat.

Some people will be familiar with PinballMikeD AC/DC lcd mod with the band stage mod. Mike and I worked together on this project and many people already have the stage dress mod which is available here



Also 100 people are familiar with my CFTBL Snackbar Mod which is the same nylon but in white with a couple of coats of colour and this is close to the ball action but I designed that to be 5mm and thicker near where the ball action is. It is strong and durable.

P1070564 - Version 2.JPG

Bonded resin is a different process again which I use for the lens in the CFTBL Tail light mod and fits the purpose for the type of material.

Tail Light Mod.jpg

I also make the Goldeneye satellite dish in the nylon with quite a number of sales and no reported issues to date and that is copping direct ball hits.

Trust me I wouldn't promote a item if it was not to my expectations or subject to failure, so I hope this removes any concern some may have plus where the whomobiles will be placed would be a 1 in 1000 + games chance of getting a ball to these locations and even then confident that it would handle the impact just fine.

#90 4 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

Will the model have a smooth finish?

I am positive it will be smooth, as like the snackbar mods I want it to look professional

Also I have some other designs coming soon in the trial option so I will see very soon what the finish is like and what can be achieved.

#95 4 years ago
Quoted from Boiler415:

Hmm, depending on when this gets done it's looking like a possible Christmas present.

my goal is definitely to have 1-2 options available before Christmas

#96 4 years ago

a little update

- original alien car is almost done with the windscreen but the windscreen would be white unless someone wants to do a decal - but will be so small as the front windscreen is about 16mm wide.
- and a cross section showing the hollowing as well as a small pocket behind the dash for people that want to light up a gauge or something as well as the black pockets that lead to the back of the headlights for led lighting possibilities and under the bonnet for switch clearance.

v18 half.png

the original Alien whomobile

2 weeks later
#100 4 years ago

ok so on the 3rd print we got a nice fit with allowance for you the customer to adjust the angle to your liking, some minor tweaks still to be done to the mount bracket but heading in the right direction.

here is the lhs side with a windscreen version installed and angle mounted so once lighting goes in you could see the head lights.

there will be 3 versions available
- without a screen as you get to see the dash etc
- with the windscreen only (like the original personal vehicle)
- with the enclosed cockpit like the tv series (still yet to finish this design)

lhs who1.jpg
lhs who2.jpg

here is the rhs one installed as well and to add the one mount screw is in the seat and it is slotted to you can side shift the whomobile and twist to your liking to house the switch. The switch is now under the bonnet as we found there was more space there and the bracket made a little more sense to suit this mod.

Overall we think the mod is looking nice and at a nice scale, any smaller and it would not cover the switch.

I will not be printing these so end product will be solid with allowance for head lights and under lighting if you wish.

rhs who2.jpg
rhs who1.jpg

here is the mount with the whomobile seat centred over the cylinder riser.

the bracket is cut away in the centre so the who bracket can rest on the metal switch bracket for some added load support. the bracket is also slotted at the 2 mount points to allow for any game variance but also the screw holes on the lhs are not straight - rather slightly angled so one bracket suits both sides.

The bracket will be solid nylon as well and be available in red, blue, black, white and maybe the metal flake.

who mount.jpg

#104 4 years ago

Well some sad news - shapeways multicoloured plastic is crap, colours are washed out and bleeding into each other and the plastic for some reason is really rubbery and tends to warped - so a big fail there and will not be touching that side of things at all.

So my dilemma is I am not sure what to do from here?

here are the available parts which does not include the tv series version of the vehicle. You can check out the available colours and can open other colours if desired.


I was really hoping to provide a fully finished part not needing painting but is not possible because if I bought these I would have to paint them (not sure I could do a professional enough job) and charge postage back to the US and Europe and probably price myself out if not already as my goal was originally for people to buy directly.

I am cool if someone wants to tag team with me and purchase a small run and paint them and then charge their fee and on sell them to those wanting to buy them. Or people buy them and have them sent directly to a person that will paint them and and be charged for that service. I tried "modfather" but he is not interested.

Alternatively if you have the painting skills, you can buy a set and paint yourself - could be a fun Christmas pressie / past time.

I am open to selling the designs to someone if they want to cast them, print them some other way other than shapeways and make a income on them (with all profits going to them) but I have put a hold on the tv series version whomobile until I get some feedback to see if it is worthwhile putting another 10 or more hours into the design and print testing.

So currently your options are
- If you got white ones you would need to paint the whole lot or have someone paint them for you - if you like model planes etc this would be a breeze just depends if you can be bothered.
- If you got the possible metallic ones you could possible leave it as is or paint certain highlights black and orange - the material is more expensive but the metal sparkle flake look does look really nice and the sparkle flakes smaller than the proposed preview images shown on Shapeways.

anyway let me know your thoughts or if anyone is interested in painting these mods for people to buy happy for you to chime in and volunteer.

#112 4 years ago

here is a enclosed cockpit model, do people like a version like this ?




#115 4 years ago

I still need to tweak this version a little more but shapeways will have 3 Version's to pick from
- no cockpit or windscreen (calling it the star ways version)
- windscreen version (calling it the Alien version)
- cockpit version (1calling it tv version)

All of them will fit onto the same mounting bracket

#118 4 years ago

here is the tweaked design, oval top opening and tweaked the curves of the cockpit windscreen.

I would recommend the polished plastic - the preview image on shape ways shows the grains / flakes bigger than what it is and it also looks semi glossy.




#119 4 years ago

here is the link if anyone wants to purchase 1-2 whomobiles


there are 3 versions, no windscreen (calling it a star wars version), Alien version and TV Series version.

There are also a pinball mod version and a collector version:
- Pinball Mod Version has the mounting in the seat
- The Collector Version has a full seat and has a base design with a intake and 4 hover jets - purely my take on what could be there - BUT not meant for a pinball install unless you want to install else where in the game.

Have fun....

#120 4 years ago

thanks for the support guys for those that ordered them, look forward to some pictures of your paint jobs and install.

#121 4 years ago

a little update with some images to aid people with painting their mods, and I have been chatting with Modfather and he will chime in offering a painting service for your whomobiles as I am happy to team up with him as he has some cool skills in the paint department.

Modfather will chime in with a estimate to paint both vehicles as a package, with possibly a led install option as well. I believe that Shapeways will allow you to send your purchase to a different person within the US for same postal cost instead of you, then MF can paint and post to you for a reasonable fee. If it were to travel to Aus and I get painted and then send back to the US just postage alone would be around $30.

Here are some pics from different angles to help with painting. This is only my interpretation and will be cool seeing some of the variations being posted up in this thread especially with a few different vehicles to select from. In addition the metallic grey plastic option looks cool and will reduce the time painting but is a little more to purchase which is out of my control.

I will also check with MF if he would be comfortable taping the holes in the mount brackets and I can supply the screws, tap and allen keys so he can tap the holes and add the hardware to the packages going out to the people keen to use MF awesome services. This will save other people searching the right screws, taps etc

Also please note the pocket on the underside of the headlights, the idea is that a led can be hot glued into this pocket with light shining out of the 4 provided 3mm holes - meaning no less on the outer side.

Looking forward to seeing the variations that people choice to do.






#122 4 years ago

Modfather indicated a trial price of $35 to paint a set of whomobiles very similar to these pictures above though the underside doesn't need to be painted apart from the headlight pockets. If there is enough interest I will supply for starters 10 set of screws, allen keys and a tap to modfather at no charge so he can tap the holes and pack the hardware in with the painted whomobiles for you all so you have a one stop painting and hardware service at a very good price and save you chasing parts and mucking around.

Hopefully Modfather can chime in and indicate how he likes people to send units to him (direct from Shapeways or from them) and confirm this and we get to see some cool vehicles and maybe some custom ones as well.

have fun

#126 4 years ago

awesome, congrats and look forward to some pic's

#127 4 years ago

I just placed an order for myself for 2 x white alien versions and had them sent directly to Modfather with a postage fee of $5 so much better than coming to me in Aus for $15 USD, then back to Modfather for another $20AUD and then back again to me.

If you are outside the US you can place the order with Shapeways to ship to another person but the billing address must be the same same as the receiver address - not yours. It then directs you to your paypal and charges your paypal the shapeways.

If you register with Shapeways you can track you order progress as well as delivery status including register post to Modfather's door in which you will be notified when it gets there.

So soon we should see some variations coming out and looking forward to seeing what people do and Modfather's craftsmanship.

Currently 4 sets have been ordered:
1 x tv series version
3 x alien version

#129 4 years ago
Quoted from Armouredhobbit:

I'm one of the alien versions but had ordered before The modfathers offer . I have not decided if I want to try and paint them myself or ship them to him. He does awesome work and I haven't painted minis or models in years lol.

thanks for the support Armouredhobbit and a few other guys,

I posted what has been selling as I personally liked the alien version over the tv series as it will show a little more cockpit detail and it seems other people are thinking the same - and I think it is cool to have a few choices as it becomes more personal once in a game.

thanks again and looking forward to seeing people's paint skills and sorry I couldn't provide this but know modfather would out do me in the creative painting skills and postage from Aus back to you guys just out prices this mod.



#131 4 years ago

I have sent modfather 10 x sets of screws and allen keys today to issue with each sent to be painted at no cost to you guys that go with modfather for painting. Modfather will also tap each bracket ready for your install.

#133 4 years ago
Quoted from Spitfiren8:

You are da man!

no worries glad it helps

1 week later
#134 4 years ago

a little update, I have finished all the different options as well as collector models, multicoloured sandstone models for the Doctor Who fans as well as a doctor who - Whomobile keyring with a loop on the back for connecting to your game keys. It is roughly 1:64 scale (63mm long x 30mm wide).

Have fun

images below are of the keyring

Whomobile Keyring - top.png
Whomobile Keyring - bottom.png

#135 4 years ago

I was asked the question of threading the mount & performing the assembly and it is very basic.

- once the parts are painted you ready for assembly
- tap a thread in to the whomobile mount from the top end of the cylinder section straight through to the side that will rest on the switch bracket / ramp (designed for metric - 4 x 0.7mm tap and screw or a equivalent imperial)
- remove the original whomobiles and keep the screws
- locate the whomobile mounts around the switches (see photo) and you may need to adjust a wire to a small slot designed in to keep everything neat. Use the same screws that held the previous whomobiles in place. You will notice the mounts have slots where the mounting screws go - this is due to that the lhs & rhs are different with holes in slightly different locations and angles - so the slots allowed for one bracket to suit both sides.


- locate the Whomobile over the mount and centre the seat slot over the vertical cylinder section of the mount. The switch will be located under the front bonnet (headlight) section of the Whomobile.
- use a small button headed socket screw (if supplied by myself or modfather), but no reason that it can't be a small headed phillips headed screw. With the kits supplied to modfather , these were 4mm dia by 12mm in length but if using imperial select 1/2" to 3/4"
- before nipping up the screw align the vehicle to your liking as they will be room to side shift it and turn it to suit your liking.


Here are a few renders to assist in the steps. Once I get my painted models I will do a mini manual of finishing touches and assembly but hope this helps those that have already supported this mod.

assembled render

Assembly 1.png

sectioned render

Assembly 2.png

transparent who mobile render

Assembly 3.png

#140 4 years ago
Quoted from Clnilsen:

Just ordered 2 aliens for my machine. Looking forward to trying to paint them myself!

thanks for the support, look forward to paint and install pics

#142 4 years ago

nice work - can't wait to hold a set in my hot little hands and a really great price.

Also to add to Modfathers comments is that he has enough hardware parts for 8-9 more sets including the allen key for the supplied bolts with each set and supplying the mount brackets tapped.

#144 4 years ago

also for those wanting detail pictures for painting your own, I just found this thread last week on a UK Doctor Who Build Forum and has lots of build pics of the TV Series version. wish I found this earlier as could of helped in the design process ....



some colour differences are

- original Alien Version (Windscreen) - has a burnt orange under the wings but does not roll over the edge so like how Modfather has done these.
- tv version (Cockpit) - has burnt orange / red under the wings and just over the edge.

end of the day it is something that can be customised and between you and Modfather if you send it out for painting.


Also a note for leds, the car is designed to have a led hot glued inside the hidden pocket behind the headlight holes so light can flow through the holes but again, something that you can customise:
- leds in the hidden pockets
- 5mm leds like Modfather has temporary placed them
- 3mm leds in each hole (4 in total)

#146 4 years ago
Quoted from modfather:

I am showing 3mm leds in the holes shown above. 5mm looks to big.

my apologies, amazing when painted everything looks bigger

1 week later
#150 4 years ago

nice work Lukas, looks the part and is fun seeing what everyone is doing.

#151 4 years ago

a little update:

I got 1 set of the painted whomobiles from Modfather in which I am happy with them (though I did ask to remove the gold glare markings off and blacken the headlight pockets as well as the seats) - sorry to be a pain Modfather but wanted it to be close to the renders. So for those wanting to get Modfather to paint up detail the colour scheme that you want for your set as I was a little vague and Modfather added a little bit of his creative flare which was not quite my vision but that was my mistake.

That aside I just wanted to share 2 photos to share my intention with the head lights.

- underneath shot shows a 5mm led resting in the provided pocket which will be hot glued in soon (excuse the screwdriver holding the wires down). With 2 leds it will add a glow to the underside to the ramp as well as project through the holes.

P1100974 copy.jpg

- topside photo just shows the light coming through the 2 provided holes - which will be on both sides.

P1100975 copy.jpg

#152 4 years ago

a little update:

heading to Lukas's place today for some install photos of painted whomobiles, once I get some photos I will work on a basic manual of how to install along with how to fit leds underneath in behind the headlights. Once the manual is finished I will release in this thread in the first post.



#153 4 years ago

Updated 31-10-15:

Installed a painted set of Whomobile's in a friends (Lukas) game and they fit well and look great. Working on a manual and will be up in the next few days. This model doesn't have lights installed as yet as they need to be hard wired and this set of Who's is for another fellow pinsider in Aus.

Lukas showed me his intention of directing a light from underneath back into the cabin and it also looks very cool as well as his custom windscreen. I am sure once Lukas has completed his mods that he will post here to show others other custom options.

Also on installation the rhs vehicle has about 5mm of side shift allowing the owner to slide over to their liking. As for the lhs vehicle the owner can side shift, pivot around up to about 30 degrees achieving you desired look.


#155 4 years ago

nice work on the tv version Jgaltr56

here are a few photos that will be in the manual, that I will put up by the end of the weekend but this will give you some ideas


#156 4 years ago

On seeing Lukas's modified enclosed cockpit model with the windows cut out it dawned on me how to make a version with windows cut out. I so far have done a version for the collectors as a trial and soon will have a version for the pinball mods selection giving everyone 4 different options to add to their game.

My apologies to those that would of preferred this version, all I can say is "sorry" as I wasn't going to do it as I was struggling for a good way to do it - maybe suffered a bit of whomobile burn out at the time. But there will soon be a version for those wanting that.

Also for the collector version people can order a version with soon CUSTOMISED - 1 line of engraved text underneath, where you can add - Whomobile, for John, Doctor Who


#157 4 years ago

please see attached v1.0 of the manual for a guide to prep, wiring (my approach), and installation. This manual was also added to post 1 as well.

enjoy and thanks for your support

DW Whomobile Mod - Manual V-01.pdf

#159 4 years ago
Quoted from robgest:

Mine so far. Still have some work to go with real lighting and a little touch up… but I feel good about it.

awesome works, love the extra details, front little orange lights and the step labels

#161 4 years ago
Quoted from BALL_LESS1:

You know whats going to happen? You are going to make these so good looking, the rest of the table is going to look like crap! (A good problem to have, I guess)

lol, Doctor who is a cool game, it deserves some mods as been a bit low on mod options.

1 week later
#171 4 years ago

just got some collector samples in today, with one being the cockpit with window openings, and looks pretty good with just one minor change and then I will open the pinball mod version in the next day or so.


#172 4 years ago

just finished the final Dr Who pinball mod version with a cockpit but with the windows cut out. Compared to the one pictured in the previous post, I increased the radius at the top centre of the windows and beefed up the centre pillar as had a little bit of flex - though beefed up on the underside and chamfered the edges so not obvious.


Have Fun


1 week later
#173 4 years ago

good time to buy if you want any whomobiles - 20% off and free shipping

20% off all parts and free shipping



1 week later
#175 4 years ago
Quoted from pinballshark:

Wish I had seen this in time as I would've bought some. Any other sales coming up?

I never know until they have them, but in the past have had ones around Xmas / New Years

but generally every 2 months seems to be some sort of deals on offer.

2 weeks later
#177 3 years ago

well if you really love Doctor Who - now you can get a blue print t-shirt



1 week later
#179 3 years ago

looking great, nice work

#181 3 years ago

very nice mate, looks so much better

2 months later
#184 3 years ago

looks great, thanks for sharing...

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