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** (DW) Doctor Who - Whomobile Mod **

By swinks

4 years ago

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#101 4 years ago

Coming together nicely! Scale is spot on imo.

#102 4 years ago

Really looking nice!

#103 4 years ago

That is looking especially nice. Great touch!

#104 4 years ago

Well some sad news - shapeways multicoloured plastic is crap, colours are washed out and bleeding into each other and the plastic for some reason is really rubbery and tends to warped - so a big fail there and will not be touching that side of things at all.

So my dilemma is I am not sure what to do from here?

here are the available parts which does not include the tv series version of the vehicle. You can check out the available colours and can open other colours if desired.


I was really hoping to provide a fully finished part not needing painting but is not possible because if I bought these I would have to paint them (not sure I could do a professional enough job) and charge postage back to the US and Europe and probably price myself out if not already as my goal was originally for people to buy directly.

I am cool if someone wants to tag team with me and purchase a small run and paint them and then charge their fee and on sell them to those wanting to buy them. Or people buy them and have them sent directly to a person that will paint them and and be charged for that service. I tried "modfather" but he is not interested.

Alternatively if you have the painting skills, you can buy a set and paint yourself - could be a fun Christmas pressie / past time.

I am open to selling the designs to someone if they want to cast them, print them some other way other than shapeways and make a income on them (with all profits going to them) but I have put a hold on the tv series version whomobile until I get some feedback to see if it is worthwhile putting another 10 or more hours into the design and print testing.

So currently your options are
- If you got white ones you would need to paint the whole lot or have someone paint them for you - if you like model planes etc this would be a breeze just depends if you can be bothered.
- If you got the possible metallic ones you could possible leave it as is or paint certain highlights black and orange - the material is more expensive but the metal sparkle flake look does look really nice and the sparkle flakes smaller than the proposed preview images shown on Shapeways.

anyway let me know your thoughts or if anyone is interested in painting these mods for people to buy happy for you to chime in and volunteer.

#105 4 years ago

I would buy the metallic and paint myself. Probably add LEDs too unless that's already been done. I would also prefer the enclosed cockpit if available.

#106 4 years ago

I would be in for a white one and prolly comission modfather to paint it for me.

#107 4 years ago

I would buy mine and paint myself. Time to learn how to use my airbrush

#108 4 years ago

+1 buy and paint myself. My wife's BFA should come in handy

#109 4 years ago
Quoted from pinball_faz:

+1 buy and paint myself.

Anybody willing to paint a set and resell? I S U C K at painting.

#110 4 years ago

Buy and paint myself.

#111 4 years ago

Willing to paint my own not my preferred choice but I will do so

#112 4 years ago

here is a enclosed cockpit model, do people like a version like this ?




#113 4 years ago
Quoted from swinks:

here is a enclosed cockpit model, do people like a version like this ?

enclosed_cockpit_1.png enclosed_cockpit_3.png enclosed_cockpit_2.png

I prefer the open cockpit version.

#114 4 years ago

I like the enclosed

#115 4 years ago

I still need to tweak this version a little more but shapeways will have 3 Version's to pick from
- no cockpit or windscreen (calling it the star ways version)
- windscreen version (calling it the Alien version)
- cockpit version (1calling it tv version)

All of them will fit onto the same mounting bracket

#116 4 years ago

I prefer the windscreen version. Unpainted? Ok.

#117 4 years ago

Either version is fine with me. But the enclosed would be easier to paint.

#118 4 years ago

here is the tweaked design, oval top opening and tweaked the curves of the cockpit windscreen.

I would recommend the polished plastic - the preview image on shape ways shows the grains / flakes bigger than what it is and it also looks semi glossy.




#119 4 years ago

here is the link if anyone wants to purchase 1-2 whomobiles


there are 3 versions, no windscreen (calling it a star wars version), Alien version and TV Series version.

There are also a pinball mod version and a collector version:
- Pinball Mod Version has the mounting in the seat
- The Collector Version has a full seat and has a base design with a intake and 4 hover jets - purely my take on what could be there - BUT not meant for a pinball install unless you want to install else where in the game.

Have fun....

#120 4 years ago

thanks for the support guys for those that ordered them, look forward to some pictures of your paint jobs and install.

#121 4 years ago

a little update with some images to aid people with painting their mods, and I have been chatting with Modfather and he will chime in offering a painting service for your whomobiles as I am happy to team up with him as he has some cool skills in the paint department.

Modfather will chime in with a estimate to paint both vehicles as a package, with possibly a led install option as well. I believe that Shapeways will allow you to send your purchase to a different person within the US for same postal cost instead of you, then MF can paint and post to you for a reasonable fee. If it were to travel to Aus and I get painted and then send back to the US just postage alone would be around $30.

Here are some pics from different angles to help with painting. This is only my interpretation and will be cool seeing some of the variations being posted up in this thread especially with a few different vehicles to select from. In addition the metallic grey plastic option looks cool and will reduce the time painting but is a little more to purchase which is out of my control.

I will also check with MF if he would be comfortable taping the holes in the mount brackets and I can supply the screws, tap and allen keys so he can tap the holes and add the hardware to the packages going out to the people keen to use MF awesome services. This will save other people searching the right screws, taps etc

Also please note the pocket on the underside of the headlights, the idea is that a led can be hot glued into this pocket with light shining out of the 4 provided 3mm holes - meaning no less on the outer side.

Looking forward to seeing the variations that people choice to do.






#122 4 years ago

Modfather indicated a trial price of $35 to paint a set of whomobiles very similar to these pictures above though the underside doesn't need to be painted apart from the headlight pockets. If there is enough interest I will supply for starters 10 set of screws, allen keys and a tap to modfather at no charge so he can tap the holes and pack the hardware in with the painted whomobiles for you all so you have a one stop painting and hardware service at a very good price and save you chasing parts and mucking around.

Hopefully Modfather can chime in and indicate how he likes people to send units to him (direct from Shapeways or from them) and confirm this and we get to see some cool vehicles and maybe some custom ones as well.

have fun

#123 4 years ago

Im in for a set, will wait for MF to indicate how he would like shipment/payment. Thanks again for doin these!

#124 4 years ago

Sure, I can help out with painting these. Anyone needed help in painting can just PM me, and send them to me. I am sure I can paint any color combination you may like. I can do the brackets and led light installs as well. Feel free to contact me with any design questions pertaining to color choices.

#125 4 years ago

Thanks Swinks and Modfather. Just ordered a set and on the way to MF for paint.

#126 4 years ago

awesome, congrats and look forward to some pic's

#127 4 years ago

I just placed an order for myself for 2 x white alien versions and had them sent directly to Modfather with a postage fee of $5 so much better than coming to me in Aus for $15 USD, then back to Modfather for another $20AUD and then back again to me.

If you are outside the US you can place the order with Shapeways to ship to another person but the billing address must be the same same as the receiver address - not yours. It then directs you to your paypal and charges your paypal the shapeways.

If you register with Shapeways you can track you order progress as well as delivery status including register post to Modfather's door in which you will be notified when it gets there.

So soon we should see some variations coming out and looking forward to seeing what people do and Modfather's craftsmanship.

Currently 4 sets have been ordered:
1 x tv series version
3 x alien version

#128 4 years ago

I'm one of the alien versions but had ordered before The modfathers offer . I have not decided if I want to try and paint them myself or ship them to him. He does awesome work and I haven't painted minis or models in years lol.

#129 4 years ago
Quoted from Armouredhobbit:

I'm one of the alien versions but had ordered before The modfathers offer . I have not decided if I want to try and paint them myself or ship them to him. He does awesome work and I haven't painted minis or models in years lol.

thanks for the support Armouredhobbit and a few other guys,

I posted what has been selling as I personally liked the alien version over the tv series as it will show a little more cockpit detail and it seems other people are thinking the same - and I think it is cool to have a few choices as it becomes more personal once in a game.

thanks again and looking forward to seeing people's paint skills and sorry I couldn't provide this but know modfather would out do me in the creative painting skills and postage from Aus back to you guys just out prices this mod.



#130 4 years ago

I got the White enclosed (TV?) set coming. I'm going to give it a shot myself. Will post some photos when I get to it

#131 4 years ago

I have sent modfather 10 x sets of screws and allen keys today to issue with each sent to be painted at no cost to you guys that go with modfather for painting. Modfather will also tap each bracket ready for your install.

#132 4 years ago
Quoted from swinks:

I have sent modfather 10 x sets of screws and allen keys today to issue with each sent to be painted at no cost to you guys that go with modfather for painting. Modfather will also tap each bracket ready for your install.

You are da man!


#133 4 years ago
Quoted from Spitfiren8:

You are da man!

no worries glad it helps

1 week later
#134 4 years ago

a little update, I have finished all the different options as well as collector models, multicoloured sandstone models for the Doctor Who fans as well as a doctor who - Whomobile keyring with a loop on the back for connecting to your game keys. It is roughly 1:64 scale (63mm long x 30mm wide).

Have fun

images below are of the keyring

Whomobile Keyring - top.png
Whomobile Keyring - bottom.png

#135 4 years ago

I was asked the question of threading the mount & performing the assembly and it is very basic.

- once the parts are painted you ready for assembly
- tap a thread in to the whomobile mount from the top end of the cylinder section straight through to the side that will rest on the switch bracket / ramp (designed for metric - 4 x 0.7mm tap and screw or a equivalent imperial)
- remove the original whomobiles and keep the screws
- locate the whomobile mounts around the switches (see photo) and you may need to adjust a wire to a small slot designed in to keep everything neat. Use the same screws that held the previous whomobiles in place. You will notice the mounts have slots where the mounting screws go - this is due to that the lhs & rhs are different with holes in slightly different locations and angles - so the slots allowed for one bracket to suit both sides.


- locate the Whomobile over the mount and centre the seat slot over the vertical cylinder section of the mount. The switch will be located under the front bonnet (headlight) section of the Whomobile.
- use a small button headed socket screw (if supplied by myself or modfather), but no reason that it can't be a small headed phillips headed screw. With the kits supplied to modfather , these were 4mm dia by 12mm in length but if using imperial select 1/2" to 3/4"
- before nipping up the screw align the vehicle to your liking as they will be room to side shift it and turn it to suit your liking.


Here are a few renders to assist in the steps. Once I get my painted models I will do a mini manual of finishing touches and assembly but hope this helps those that have already supported this mod.

assembled render

Assembly 1.png

sectioned render

Assembly 2.png

transparent who mobile render

Assembly 3.png

#137 4 years ago

I think I'll have to put some form of LED in my Right whomobile when I fit it. I never really see the blinking "video mode ready light", so if I could attach an LED in the whomobile to that light it would be more obvious. I just use the DMD (in color, which helps) video mode ready screen usually.

Had a great buster of a 3 ball game last night, 22 Doctors, Davros in the time expander, 1.256 billion. Could have been better but I couldn't get the WHO upper ramp loops dialled in. Love this game.

#139 4 years ago

Just ordered 2 aliens for my machine. Looking forward to trying to paint them myself!

#140 4 years ago
Quoted from Clnilsen:

Just ordered 2 aliens for my machine. Looking forward to trying to paint them myself!

thanks for the support, look forward to paint and install pics

#141 4 years ago

I just finished up painting a batch of Whomobiles that swinks designed and Shapeways 3D printed. I put on 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of chrome base paint. I matched the look of the car from the show. The underneath of the wing sides are done in burnt orange spice. I painted the windshield grey and added some details in black , gold and grey. They are all clearcoated and look pretty nice. I am showing some capabilities of leds in the headlight areas. I am showing green and yellow 3mm leds in two different cars. I can paint anyone else whomobiles for 35 bucks plus shipping back to you.


#142 4 years ago

nice work - can't wait to hold a set in my hot little hands and a really great price.

Also to add to Modfathers comments is that he has enough hardware parts for 8-9 more sets including the allen key for the supplied bolts with each set and supplying the mount brackets tapped.

#143 4 years ago

amazing !!!!

#144 4 years ago

also for those wanting detail pictures for painting your own, I just found this thread last week on a UK Doctor Who Build Forum and has lots of build pics of the TV Series version. wish I found this earlier as could of helped in the design process ....



some colour differences are

- original Alien Version (Windscreen) - has a burnt orange under the wings but does not roll over the edge so like how Modfather has done these.
- tv version (Cockpit) - has burnt orange / red under the wings and just over the edge.

end of the day it is something that can be customised and between you and Modfather if you send it out for painting.


Also a note for leds, the car is designed to have a led hot glued inside the hidden pocket behind the headlight holes so light can flow through the holes but again, something that you can customise:
- leds in the hidden pockets
- 5mm leds like Modfather has temporary placed them
- 3mm leds in each hole (4 in total)

#145 4 years ago

I am showing 3mm leds in the holes shown above. 5mm looks to big. I temporarily put some leds in the hole to see what it would look like. The 2 led wires are put into each headlight hole to help seperate the wires from touching each other. I dont think 2 leds will fit next to each other in the space provided. However , as swinks stated , you can hot glue a couple of leds under the car and have the light come through the holes.

#146 4 years ago
Quoted from modfather:

I am showing 3mm leds in the holes shown above. 5mm looks to big.

my apologies, amazing when painted everything looks bigger

#147 4 years ago

It’s about time I join this thread. I'm the guy that approached swinks with the idea of a Whomobile. I saw his work on Shapeways and contacted him. What I didn't know at the time that we live within 10 minutes' drive of each other. Small world I guess.

Well enough of introductions what I wanted to do is share what I have done with his designs. Personally I always wanted the version with the canopy as its closer to the original from the TV series.

So far I have cut out the windows and painted it close to the TV series.
TV Series.jpg

The remaining steps are:
- Finish the paint job - still needs a couple of touch ups
- Build a windscreen
- Build a centre spot light for the roof
- Place LED’s and headlights in to the front holes
- Place some sort of ambient light to brighten up the cabin

I do have two optional ideas that I want to test out first to see if I like them. The first is actually painting up a 3rd doctor and gluing him in the cabin. I've got some scale people used for model trains set ups, so it should be possible. The second is to have a LED shining downwards onto the ramp.

Finally I just want to publicly thank swinks for taking on the project. I may have been the person that asked and shared some constructive criticism on the way but at the end of the day it’s been his ability to put it all together. So thanks mate.


#148 4 years ago

Really impressive Lukas!!!

#149 4 years ago

Cool stuff. Need to order

#150 4 years ago

nice work Lukas, looks the part and is fun seeing what everyone is doing.

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