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Do you wear a Fitbit?

By mcluvin

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

I've been wearing a Fitbit since 2013. Paying any attention to it? F*** no! At least until this year. Anyways got serious about losing weight and getting in some sort of shape at the beginning of the year. I'm down almost 80 pounds since then with not much more to go to a normal BMI. Just wondering if anyone else in the community is doing it.

#4 2 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

Yes, for three years.

Are you having success with it? I didn't for a long time, then I found a weight loss reddit /r/loseit. I've lost a ton of weight since then.

#7 2 years ago
Quoted from RonSS:

Used to. Too much trouble synching. Later, always "needing " gps.
I'm just back to getting lazy

Dude sync that bitch! It's totally worth it. January 9th 2017 I was 284.4 pounds and feeling about as shitty as I ever felt in my life. I weighed in at 206.6 this morning. My journey isn't over, but I'm going in the right direction. I feel so much better now. Just do it....

#10 2 years ago

The phone is really not an accurate comparison. I set my phone down all the time while I'm still moving. Is your phone measuring your heart rate?

#12 2 years ago
Quoted from mbaumle:

Yea, it's not measuring heart rates, but it's doing pretty much everything else. I take my phone literally everywhere. It's never not in my left pocket, so my need for a fitbit is pretty minimal. You can always snag an apple watch, and that'll measure heart rate, and be infinitely more feature rich and capable than a fitbit (but also significantly more expensive).
I'm not knocking the fitbit, but I just don't think it does enough to justify buying one and wearing it all the time (for me, anyway). At the end of the day, it's different strokes for different folks.

It's cool. I've grown sort of addicted to checking my graphs every day and I got my Charge 2 fairly cheap.

#29 2 years ago
Quoted from Mbecker:

Started with surge a few years ago which i loved -- really nice to go running without a need for phone and still connect to a gps for stats and route overlay. Lost it paddle boarding a year ago and got the newer one with color, but no built in gps. Better accuracy tracking than a phone imo-- and nice not to always have to have the phone.
This years resolution was to do 10k steps or more a day, every day. It hasn't been easy but so far I've done it.. even if it's doing laps at the airport or late night walks before bed. It's surprisingly hard to get it everyday -- takes an effort that you don't always feel like making.. actually quite often lol. I think I'm feeling better because of it though.. and the competition with others is fun on the leaderboards

When I started at the beginning of the year, it would kick my a** to get an extra couple thousand steps a day. My back would be killing me. It didn't take much weight loss to make the back pain go away and I got into a pretty good system of doing at least 10K a day. I know some would laugh at walking as exercise, but it makes a difference.

#33 2 years ago
Quoted from clg:

Walking is great exercise! When I moved to New Zealand from LA 12 years ago my feet were sore the first few weeks as I was walking and taking public transport instead of driving. I then started walking hills and that turned into running them but you have to start somewhere!

When we were in Europe a couple months ago we'd do 15K to 30K steps a day. In the cities at least, I did not see many overweight folks. I burn roughly 500 to 1K extra calories each day from the walking. That's 1 or 2 meals for me.

#35 2 years ago
Quoted from Mbecker:

Nice!! Yeah walking is great for you. It doesn't hit cardio unless you're really chugging but at least you're getting exercise! And it's pretty pleaseant. We've got s dog so she always enjoys it

I try to walk at a fast pace when possible, but yeah, I rarely get in the cardio zone. I do get in the fat burn zone though and that's my primary goal. I'm eating ~1500 calories most days which is about as low as it's suggested to go. It's a fine line between feeling like crap and feeling good. So far it's working out well though. By far the best success I've ever had with losing weight.

#37 2 years ago
Quoted from RyanStl:

Work bought them for us and spouse, and if we average 7,000 steps over four months we get $400. After that the leech comes off.

7K steps is nothing, but truthfully on a sedentary day I'd probably get 3k-4k steps. It's at least better than that. It is such an eye opener though that most of my health issues over the last 17 or so years are really because I was f'n fat. You couldn't tell me I just needed to lose some weight. I had to realize it like a punch to the face. Anyways I'm 5 pounds away from being under 200 as of this morning and amazed I'm at this point only 7 months from what I consider a very low point in my life. I don't think it was the heaviest I've ever been, but it was damn close.

It's so easy. A pound of fat is ~3500 calories. Learn what you burn in a day and eat at a calorie deficit. If I burn 3K calories a day and eat 1500, I'll lose a pound every 2+ days. It has pretty much worked out to be true. You don't have to eat crap either. You just have to keep track of the calories.

#42 2 years ago
Quoted from pinchamp:

I picked my charge HR up for $50. Would love to try the charge 2 but can't justify the $150 price tag when this one seems to do it all (except swimming which I rarely do anyways)-
Shit I am 209 steps short and lying in bed.. gotta walk lol!!

I just spent the last hour knocking out 4K steps on the kitchen to dining room to tv room circuit. I know I look like an idiot doing it, but nobody is watching, and we are certainly not the only ones. Our local cell phone carriers have been blowing out certain fitbits. I got my charge 2 for ~$75 at T-Mobile. AT&T recently had them or a little over $50. I upgraded from a fitbit one and really like the HR monitor.

#43 2 years ago
Quoted from Geocab:

I need to get something like a Fitbit. I'd like something that is accurate with HR. Not sure what's out there. Apple Watch is out as my iPhone is a work phone. My personal phone isn't an iPhone.
I've started recording what I eat everyday so I can see how quickly there calories add up. My diet is awful.
Anyway, I need to make changes. I'm 5'9", 240 pounds and this is the most I've ever weighed. I'm disgusted with myself but I just can't get myself to make the necessary changes like quit drinking pop. The calorie counting should help me here because while I knew pop was bad, I didn't realize how many calories I added a day just from pop. Well over 1000. Ugh.

If it makes you feel any better, I'm 5'11" and I set my first goal as 235 pounds because that was the last time I felt "normal". I hit that target in ~3 months. It is math, discipline, and motivation. Sort that out and you are going to lose weight. I encourage anyone trying to lose weight to subscribe to r/loseit on reddit. It made such a difference for me. Good luck!

#44 1 year ago

I'm now wearing the same pants size as I did in high school (34). At my worst I was wearing 44, but generally stayed in a tight 42. 8 months ago size 42 pants barely fit me. It feels so surreal, but in the best of ways!

#46 1 year ago
Quoted from RyanStl:

Does putting the Fitbit on your kids wrists while they run around the backyard count. Maybe this should be for the Confessional thread, but I did that today.

You should at least get a few points for creativity

#49 1 year ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

Mcluvin, congratz on your weight loss!
What kind of thing went away after say 10lbs of weight loss? Snoring, back pain, high blood pressure, etc?
Im just starting out. And at 6 weeks in up a few pounds. 228lbs. 23% body fat. Lifting 5 days weeks. 40 years old and 6'3. Id like to be at 200lbs. My diet has only changed with alot more protein.
And does intermittent fasting work?

Thank you! The back pain went away pretty quickly. I want to say that was within the first 20 pounds which took ~3 weeks to lose.

I had stage 2 high blood pressure and was definitely a snorer. I was a mess for sure. I'd wake up with my heart pounding. I probably should have been on a CPAP. Blood pressure is now mildly pre-hypertensive so I take a half dose of my medication. I hope to be off of it when I hit my target.

We're roughly the same BMI, but you have 6% more lean mass than me. I'm sure you are in much better shape. That's really good you are tracking body fat. Sometimes when the scale isn't moving so fast, I can still see improvement with body fat %.

I don't really do IF, but I know it works for some. I maintain a fairly extreme calorie deficit. If I try to skip a meal, I usually feel like shi*. I do get away with a light breakfast, not always, but when I feel like I can do it.

Something that I think has made a difference is I sort of treat it like a hobby now. I visit r/loseit every day. There's good info, support when you need it, and new success stories to keep you motivated. It really made a difference for me.

Good luck!

#50 1 year ago
Quoted from clg:

To lose weight get rid of the carbs x1000.

Yeah, same here. I'm not really doing Paleo, but very little bread and dairy consumed here. Some milk in my coffee and usually a Greek Yogurt for breakfast is about it for me, though I do occasionally have some Halo Top or Breyer's No Sugar Added ice cream. When I want bread, it's the 45 calorie slices, and that's rare. I do usually have a breakfast biscuit on the weekends, but I make it fit the calorie budget.

Beer is a rare treat. I like the good stuff in quantity and I just can't make it work on a regular basis. Been sitting on a 12 pack of Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest for the last couple weeks. I want to drink it, but I don't really want to drink just one. It just totally f's with the diet. I weigh daily and can look at past months and tell you where I drank beer just from the graphs. And not that I actually gained 4 pounds from having 6 200 calorie beers the night before, but seeing that water weight f's with your motivation, at least for me.

I have had good luck with vodka + Diet 7-Up. Didn't really think I would, but it works. Not every day, but I keep it to weekends and I'm still losing.

I'm not too worried about reaching my target and doing maintenance. As long as you aren't anorexic, it's a good problem to have

Good luck!

#52 1 year ago

Thank you and same to you! I had a really shitty day today. That would have sent the old me over the edge. My resting heart rate is up right now, but still well within normal. Just a night and day difference from me at my worst to now, and I'm not even quite at my goal yet. Gonna be there soon though.

Finally cracked open those beers. Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest is quite good this year. Check it out if you get the chance.

#54 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

I had to google "fitbit". Looks like just another useless device that I would have no desire to own or wear.
But more power to you if it helps make you a better man.

Thanks! Certainly, it is probably useless for some, but for me it has been invaluable in becoming a better, healthier person. Even if it has helped only one, it is far from useless. I know it has been more helpful than that though.

#59 1 year ago

Active people can still be overweight, though being active does make it harder to get there. And I wouldn't necessarily describe someone working long hours at a desk job as lazy.

Fitbit enables you to easily track calorie intake/burn, weight/BF% (via Aria scale), sleep habits, heart rate, and I'm sure a few other things I'm forgetting. Very useful info when you are trying to lose weight.

If you are fit and lean, and always have been. Great job! You don't need a Fitbit. Unfortunately I do and I'll continue wearing it even after I hit my target. I like knowing my stats.

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