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Do you have your ideal collection?

By Mizzou0103

3 years ago

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    “Do you have your ideal collection?”

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    #51 3 years ago

    I think the ideal collection would be own almost every game ever made. But that would take some space!

    #52 3 years ago

    This may sound weird with all the good recent games of late, but would love to find a collector Class of 1812

    #53 3 years ago

    I'd say no.

    Ideally, my mystery castle would leave for a nicer example of the title.
    Houdini, Radical sample, and one other would leave for a TBL.

    I'd go back to building up to 9 after that, but it would be ideal.

    #54 3 years ago

    Peoples tastes always change with time, new games get released, old favorites get played less, space becomes limited, cash flow issues, etc etc etc.

    It all comes down to how much space you have & how much money you want to put into your collection. Your "ideal" collection is a result of those two factors. For me it's not so much about owning specific titles anymore, but having the right amount from each era to have an ideal balanced collection. That plan gives you some leeway to swap titles down the road, but still be happy with your collection.

    I have room for 8 pins. My ideal collection would be...

    2 modern pins (2000-present)
    2 DMD classics (1992-1998)
    2 System 11's (1986-1990)
    2 Bally/Williams/Stern (1980-1983)

    I'm getting there eventually, just takes time.

    #55 3 years ago

    I'm very happy with my collection. But of course, it changes over time. My most recent change was selling Tron after owning it for 7 years and replacing it with an AFM. A living collection will always need some turnover, even when that turnover involves moving out a great game.

    #56 3 years ago

    Yup, I generally hold onto my games & don't mix things up much. I recently decided to cull 3 (1 sold, 2 pending)...and while it was hard to decide & they're games I still like, it's fine - I won't lose sleep about it. I generally don't like the new releases, so the temptation to sell & get something new isn't there. Happy with what I've got!

    #57 3 years ago
    Quoted from zarco:

    Like many I'm out of space and would like to have a few more pins.
    Have been collecting for 30+ years and have had quite a few.
    Sold off the ones we didn't like and kept the best. The games I'd
    like to find are Adams Family, TZ, Road Show and TOM but prices
    for these have gone nuts so will have to do without these titles
    for now.

    We have had over 200 games come through our house and our collection has morphed like crazy over the last 30 years.
    We did manage to keep our Addams and TZ though.

    #58 3 years ago

    Yes. There's nothing I really want other than the games I have coming...MBRLE and a Wonka LE.

    Of course there will always be new games made in the future that I'll want, but for what exists right now...I'm good.

    #59 3 years ago

    I'm definitely all set. I think...

    #60 3 years ago


    I want a JJP game
    I want the new Elvira game
    My doughter wants a Starger Things pin

    #61 3 years ago
    Quoted from pascal-pinball:

    My doughter wants a Starger Thongs pin

    I absolutely love pins with thongs! I'm in!

    #62 3 years ago

    Ideal Collection?
    Voted yes to this one. Like the rest of us, I'm always searching for the next cool, best, unique pin. However, I'm very pleased with how the collection has turned out.

    About 20% of them are what I consider to be unique titles, not truly sought after but are personally interesting to me - and, that's all that matters. Title like Harlem Globetrotters, Volcano, Wipe Out, Truck Stop, Fire, Flintstones, Strikes N spares (the bowling one) and Dr. Dude are all so unique and thus interesting to me.

    I also have a mix of "popular" pins and for the most part I get why they are that way ... I enjoy games like Metallica, Spideman, Ghostbusters, etc. There are a few exceptions like Medievel Madness which IS fun but I don't play it a lot - my guests do. New players can step up to that game and I can tell them what to do in 30 seconds. By the end of the second game, it's pretty likely they have blown up their first castle. Love to see them accomplish something so cool. For that reason games like that (and TOM to be honest) get to stay.

    I've even got a few that I purposefully pursued that not many folks actively search for - I spent almsot 2 months trying to buy an Atari Middle Earth. Wasn't even working. Backglass and PF were nearly perfect though and I really wanted to get my hands on a bit of pinball history that Atari represented- if even for a short time. I shopped and repaired it over a 3 week period. Beautiful game with not so beautiful gameplay - its history is why it stays.

    I also have the games that I put my heart and soul into restoring so those make me happy to see in the gameroom - Bride of Pinbot, Jokerz and Cactus Jacks come to mind there. Hours and hours of meticulous work tie me to these titles

    The history of my games is as fascinating to me as playing them and I spent a few months at the end of the Bride restore corresponding back and forth with the "voice of the Bride" Stepanie Rogers (who is now an accomplished singer/songwriter). She was kind enough to sign my sling plastics and even shared a new song she was working on at the time.

    I guess my collection comes with an assortment of emotional connections so - no matter what the titles, yes, I'm satisfied. It's ideal to me.

    #63 3 years ago

    The only game I would change in my collection is I would like to get rid of my TWD pro for a TWD premium.

    #64 3 years ago

    Always torn between AFM and MM as core pins in a ideal collection. Both are good pins, but given space constraints, often wonder if holding either vs opting for variety is a better option.

    #65 3 years ago

    I want more games but not enough to actually buy them.

    Lots of new stuff *almost* checks all the boxes but not quite.

    When I look at my collection there's nothing I want to sell. Guess I have my ideal collection.

    #66 3 years ago

    Yep. I completed it a couple years ago....

    #67 3 years ago

    13 more to buy and I will be at maximum capacity.
    My ideal collection is always maximum capacity +1.

    #68 3 years ago

    Tough question....in the past, every time a new game came in, one left....now it seems like more games are staying, and less leaving....so I guess i'm getting closer?

    It would be cool to have a newer LCD game like Munsters - currently our newest game is MeTLE. But I have some EMs I like, some SS games, several 90s "A" list games...lots of variety, so pretty happy with what we have.

    #69 3 years ago

    i think once i get most of lawlor's games, i will have a complete collection. honestly hes the best. i have a wonka on order, and a long way to go to complete the lawlor archive, but i'm still young, and still finding places to put pins!!!

    #70 3 years ago
    Quoted from pinzrfun:

    It would be cool to have a newer LCD game like Munsters - currently our newest game is MeTLE.

    Put a ColorDMD in Met....then it'll be an LCD game!

    #71 3 years ago
    Quoted from Rarehero:

    Put a ColorDMD in Met....then it'll be an LCD game!


    #72 3 years ago
    Quoted from tamoore:

    Yep. I completed it a couple years ago....

    No your missing FBII

    #73 3 years ago

    I have every game I want on 5/30/19, but that could change with a new release.

    I’m still waiting patiently for Jaws and I don’t care who it comes from.

    #74 3 years ago

    I am satisfied with my collection until the next trade deal comes along.

    #75 3 years ago

    It’s Never over! The addiction is strong and never ending!

    FC6D4FC9-4D54-4322-A9A5-8AC93D2818FF (resized).jpeg
    #76 3 years ago

    Yes. I count myself lucky to have pins. I like what I have, and it’s hard to part with them now and then, but I own what I like - so life is good!

    #77 3 years ago
    Quoted from Coz:

    I buy, sell and trade so the collection is constantly changing. No keepers here. At home I’m limited by space and funds as well.


    same situation, with 2 pins home, and 1 to my sister house...
    and i'm a "player" not a "collector", than no pin is really a keeper for eternity

    #78 3 years ago

    After playing alot of my"collector" machines this past weekend (believe it or not, many play their games)....I'm changing my response to " very satisfied with my current lineup"....not very driven for a new one, as I'm still enjoying what I have.

    #79 3 years ago
    Quoted from MK6PIN:

    I'm very satisfied with my current lineup.

    That's kind of not fair. I'm guessing that a lot of people would be very happy with a lineup identical to yours.

    #80 3 years ago
    Quoted from littlecammi:

    That's kind of not fair. I'm guessing that a lot of people would be very happy with a lineup identical to yours.

    Thanks....your's looks amazing, as well.....

    #81 3 years ago

    I might be selling GnR tonight, so it will be a bit less perfect. I am starting out in Real Estate, and need to have a bit more cash on hand. At least it will be going home with a friend.

    #82 3 years ago

    Only have four currently: T2 and TZ - purchased NIB; Funhouse and Eight Ball Deluxe - purchased used, but have had professional restoration work done to them. Once owned a Cybernaut (first pin I ever owned - purchased used from an operator who had a very limited inventory) and The Getaway, but had to part ways with both when pressing life matters necessitated it (sold Cybernaut to get a little quick cash to put towards The Getaway; sold The Getaway to get some quick cash for another life event. The Cybernaut sale was done eagerly, The Getaway sale reluctantly.) Black Knight Sword of Rage Premium is the first NIB game I am adding to my collection in 26 years.

    #83 3 years ago

    No, it’s always what I have plus the next one.

    #84 3 years ago
    Quoted from Vino:

    Always torn between AFM and MM as core pins in a ideal collection. Both are good pins, but given space constraints, often wonder if holding either vs opting for variety is a better option.

    How many times are you going to play either of those games in a year? If it's less than many hundreds, you are probably better off just playing AFM in leagues, on location, at friends houses, or at pinball shows. If you are not in to those things, you are probably doing this pinball thing wrong.

    I can honestly say that I have played AFM probably 80 times this year so far and I do not own the machine and I RARELY play it "just for fun". It may be the best game ever made but even if that's true, why do I need to own one when I can play it hundreds of times without even trying very hard.

    #85 3 years ago

    Now that I realized I miss having a MET I'm not sure now. Damn it.

    #86 3 years ago
    Quoted from Buzz:

    Now that I realized I miss having a MET I'm not sure now. Damn it.

    Add it back into your wishlist, and start the hunt for one. Life’s too short to miss a game you like.

    #87 3 years ago

    for me, no game is forever.

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