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Do you have a pin that you'd never sell (or trade)??

By Animal

4 years ago

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#51 4 years ago

Yes for the right price everything is for sale

#52 4 years ago

My POTC. My first pin in new condition and everyone seems to gravitate toward it at parties. That being said FIRST $7000 takes it

#53 4 years ago

My true HUO TAF... never had a quarter rolled thru it.

#54 4 years ago


However, if could only own one single pin, that might not be it, I might go with LOTR or TZ, which would both be very hard to part with, but for the right price . . .

#55 4 years ago

For me my Funhouse is my keeper. Only way I'd get rid of it was if I found a better example somewhere of it.

#56 4 years ago


Had it the longest (11 years). Still have that same 'rush' playing it as the day it arrived.

#57 4 years ago

That is a tough call. I have a few that would be tough to let go.

Flash Gordon. Love the game speed and was the first pin I ever played.

TAF/STTNG. Well... They are... FUN

#58 4 years ago

I love my two but IM is staying if push comes to shove. Oh and I don't see a ton of Acdc owners throwing that title out as a def keeper. If someone wants to sell near Memphis, I'm a buyer.

#59 4 years ago
#60 4 years ago

I was always able to say that. (never)
Been in a funny mood about pinball lately.

#61 4 years ago

at fair market value, my bsd is bolted to the floor. I'd still sell it, though.

Any of you guys saying NEVER must be ruling out unreasonable offers or are just kidding yourselves. Either that or you have more money than you and your family could need for several lifetimes. I find it hard to believe that there isn't an obscene dollar amount that would pry them loose. For me, I'd need $3K to get my BSD out the door and i think it's worth about $1800 the way it sits, give or take a couple hundo. Take note, that wasn't an offer to sell, just throwing out what it would take for me to sell my favorite when not really interested in selling.

#62 4 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

Any of you guys saying NEVER must be ruling out unreasonable offers or are just kidding yourselves.

Or you are taking the thread to serious...

#63 4 years ago


It's initial draw was that it is the closest thing to a Cincinnati Bengals pinball machine I could find haha. Then once I started playing and saw how there are seriously at least two different shots that each of the four flippers can make, I was hooked. Back handing those spinners and hearing them score for days, the shear difficulty of getting the reserve bonus lit and hearing the game almost explode when it adds up your bonus. The game is amazing and it will never leave.

#64 4 years ago
Quoted from Hwawonyu:

Or you are taking the thread to serious...

who is this serious you are speaking of?

#66 4 years ago

IM for me, HS2 says my wife.

#67 4 years ago

Those of you who are younger can imagine holding onto things "forever," but that gets harder to do as you begin to face retirement and the possibility of moving and downsizing. For me, that's still ten years away, but it is something I am starting to think about. I hope I can hold onto at least three pins, but even that might not be possible. TOTAN would have to be one of them since that is my wife's machine. Maybe IJ or TZ for me. Maybe WOZ. Maybe MMr (really hard to say since I haven't yet seen it). It's going to be a tough call. I just need to enjoy them while I can.

#68 4 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

Any of you guys saying NEVER must be ruling out unreasonable offers or are just kidding yourselves.

Nope, no joking.

There are some that value something in life more than ANY amount of money.
I genuinely own games that even an obscene dollar amount would not pry from me!

Even if I could easily take that money and go buy the same title for much less while putting 10k in my pocket, I still won't sell some of my games.

They have real value to me beyond $$$.

For example, my TAF was the 1st game I bought. It was a tilte I loved back in the day and what got me into collecting and fixing now. It also now has a great playfield and I enjoy the memories of others playing it at my house or now on route. That particular game will NEVER be sold.

Many things in life are worht moret than $$$

#69 4 years ago

I'm not sure why, but Dirty Harry will never leave my collection. I have a great example of it, shots are so tight....just really love this pin. I also love the fact it's Eastwood who is doing all the callouts...and it has some subtle humor to it

#70 4 years ago

NGG. That being said, if someone is forking over 5K for it, then see you later, I'll go find another one

#71 4 years ago

any of my machines I would sell if someone offered me a stupid amount of money... except my GoldenEye, because finding another HUO GoldenEye would be essentially impossible

#72 4 years ago

my huo fully modded tron le is not going anywhere ever. i basically have everything else on my collection page up for sale including another nib tron le. Looking to narrow my collection down from 19 to around 5 pins. the ACDC, SC, WH2O, BSD, STTNG, and MB (and now possibly ij and creature) on my collection page are already spoken for. Let me know if you are interested in any of my other games on there. Thanks, Ant

#73 4 years ago

The 13 pins in my game room I plan to keep until I die. I might be tempted if someone offered me $20K for my BBB, but then I'd have to plan on never having another even if PPS remakes it some day.

Baywatch and Barb Wire and X-Files don't fit in the room, but they're still fun to play and it's not worth selling any of them for the relatively cheap prices they usually go for.

Maybe it is different for people who buy a pin and then play it to decide if they like it or not. My friends and I used to drive all over the place to play a lot of games in order to decide which ones we would like to permanently own. That's how I ended up with the pins in my game room. I'll admit that I wanted to like Mustang because of the theme (my wife and I own 4 Mustang cars), but I still played several games on a couple different Mustang pros before I decided the gameplay was good enough for me to purchase a premium. I've owned two 'vettes in the past ('62 convertible + '64 coupe) but never wanted to own a Bally Corvette pin because I felt the gameplay was only okay.

#74 4 years ago

beelzeboob-i wonder why you are happy
chuck- - you need help bro

#75 4 years ago
Quoted from Saveleaningtower:

I have everything but my HUO Tron LE up for sale, looking to narrow my collection down from 19 to around 5 pins.

Will the sale of all those games bring in enough money to save the leaning tower?

#76 4 years ago

If someone offered me enough money, perhaps anything would be for sale because I could pick up another with the money in as good of shape or better and go from there, but...

I LOVE my JP, it's about as in a good of shape as possible, and I always wanted to own one. Back when you could buy really nice ones for about $1200, I had an offer with cash in hand of $3500 for mine - I would guess that would be like $7500 today. Thought about it a bit and still turned it down, figured I couldn't find one as nice that was also the first I had...

I have worked on and restored about 5 of my games from the ground up more or less, and all of those would need a crazy offer to get me to part with them. Why? Because when I fixed them up, I paid for *everything* that I wanted, and I spent the time making sure that what I cared about was perfect for me. If I was to get rid of these and rebuy them, it wouldn't just be money I'd be out, but time to tweak them to be exactly how I wanted them to be.

Now, if someone walks up to me and offers me $250,000 for JP, I reserve the right to sell it which I'm positive that I would - but no *reasonable* offer will make me sell it or the others like that

#77 4 years ago

Jackbot. Unless I can find an unfaded mint one, the one I have will never leave.

#78 4 years ago
Quoted from thadawkins:

For me it's STTNG. Great art, voices, music and gameplay! The total package.


I never say never but certainly have no plans to ever let STTNG go. It was the #1 pin I wanted when I got into this hobby and it's lived up to my expectations as an owner.

IM may have just joined the list....it's got everything I like in a pin....speed, sound, brutality!

Oh...and all this BS about "for the right price everything is for sale"....WELL of course it is! Point being if you would immediately replace a title if you sold it......that's what we are talking about here.

If some idiot wants to give me $6500 for my STTNG.....it's for sale! I would then go out and buy another and pocket the difference.

#79 4 years ago

My 1st pin was CFTBL, so it would be the last to go...

#80 4 years ago

You'll have to pry my Whirlwind out of my cold dead hands

or pry my cold dead hands off the flipper buttons

or something

#81 4 years ago

I have a couple: attack from Mars, Metallica, and Spider-Man. They all seem to have Lyman in common.

#82 4 years ago

shadow. I have had spiderman for 2 months and its for sale. I haven't posted it here yet

#83 4 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

I have a couple: attack from Mars, Metallica, and Spider-Man. They all seem to have Lyman in common.

Great code is a good 65% of a great game IMO. 15% sound/music. 10% art/theme. 10% x-factor.

Those are all great games...I'd take your MM over AFM just because there's more to do and has a little better strategy, but it's almost a toss up.

Out of my line-up WOZ and SM are the last ones that would go.

#84 4 years ago

I don't think I would ever let my Gorgar go. Was my first pin and my first restore. Wife and I used to play Gorgar at a local bar before we got married. She wasn't too crazy about me buying a pinball machine but when she found out it was a Gorgar she gave me 2 thumbs up!

#85 4 years ago

Per my wife and son, Stargate and LOTR must stay. I probably will keep those two until the bitter end. Two pins worth keeping in my eyes also, thankfully.

#86 4 years ago

wow, love all the comments. What surprised me was all the different pins mentioned. Many not in the top 100 even, but thats why I asked. Loved the pics.

For me, I have a hard time seeing myself getting rid of my LOTR LE and STLE. I waited and waited for a nice LOTR LE to come up for sale, seems that there are fewer pins in Canada (Toronto). As for my STLE, its my first (maybe last) NIB, was a personal reward for hitting my sales goal and I love everything about it, the theme, the speed, rocking Vengeance, and now patiently waiting for that new code.

The space thing, as mentioned by some, is an issue or Id have Royal Flush for sentimental reasons, but instead keeping my eyes open for a nice TZ or MM(r)...

#89 4 years ago

My mint Tom Palmer restored IJ and near flawless TAFG. So beautiful to look at and even more fun to play. Permanent fixtures.

#90 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Centaur never for sale.

Yeah , that one was a tough one for me to sell ,It's such an awesome game . But really the more time that I put into a game the harder it is for me to sell and at the time I sold that it was the game that I had put the least amount of time into (work wise that is , I played the shit out of it ) But for me the one game I don't want to sell is Star Trek the Next Generation because it is the greatest pinball machine ever made (by far ) . Anything else I own I would sell for the right price .

#91 4 years ago

Read my profile story to understand why Bugs Bunny is special.

It's now in HEP's queue to be restored.

#92 4 years ago

My Getaway will never get away from me.

#93 4 years ago

My MB will be the last to go......

IMG_2701.JPG IMG_2702.JPG IMG_2704.JPG IMG_2705.jpg
#94 4 years ago

Mine would be my WOZ. My wife is the biggest Wizard of Oz fan and is the reason I bought this pin.

#95 4 years ago

I've found that for me never never means never.

#96 4 years ago

Waaaaat? Ah screw it,I'm not even gonna try to explain how wrong this guys statement is.

Quoted from MikeS:

Nope. I'd sell all of them for the right price. They are just toys and you can always find new games to replace them.

#97 4 years ago

Black Spiderman and Iron Man until I sold them both. Reality is every game can go if you have limited space, variety is the spice of life.

Currently the game that will never leave for me is ACDC.

#98 4 years ago
Quoted from JoeJet:

Reality is every game can go if you have limited space, variety is the spice of life.

I've decided I enjoy letting them come and go so that I may try more games. You can always get another one.

#99 4 years ago
Quoted from JoeJet:

Black spiderman and Iron Man until I sold them both. Reality is every game can go if you have limited space, variety is the spice of life.
Currently the game that will never leave for me is ACDC.

ACDC is my #1 at this point to. Last to leave.

#100 4 years ago

I have a stable baseline group and games in the other slots have come and gone

Shadow (had for 11 years)
Monster Bash (7 years)
BSM#2 (sold first one to get a better condition machine, had for 9 years)
CV (6 years)
MM (Game that got me back into pinball, 7 years)

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