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Do you have a "never, ever, never" for sale game in your collection?

By Minneapolispin

1 year ago

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#51 1 year ago

I give great consideration on my choice of pins!! Each one was bought for a reason,or feature!I did trade one for another at one point,but I bet I end up buying that one back at some time!! Answer NONE!!!!

#52 1 year ago

TZ for me BK2K for the wife.

#53 1 year ago

My wife will not let me sell CFTBL and AFM. She does not even play pinball but claimed these as her 2 games.

#54 1 year ago

I don't really sell my games in the first place but two games I know I will not sell are my lost world Jurassic Park Because it was my first game and my Mac attack because it's so rare and I took me a lot to find one.

#55 1 year ago

My 3 early ss Bally’s 2 are complete restores & the other is just about. All have original mint back glasses & cc pf’s 2 of the pf’s are originals. Hard to replace although I’ve contemplated in the past but recently realized how stupid I would be.

#56 1 year ago

1979C8B2-7DAB-4C1F-B49F-7AE88CC5C18A (resized).jpeg

#57 1 year ago

I'd sell my Addams Family Gold but not the two regulars Addams!

#58 1 year ago

I have 4 never ever pins.
Gorgar: my first game.
TAF: was the family favorite for years
LOTR & MET. My only 2 HUO games and my personal favorites.

#59 1 year ago
Quoted from Pbpins:

I'd sell my Addams Family Gold but not the two regulars Addams!

How much for the Gold? Just curious, i know someone who wants it.

#60 1 year ago

No, but The Shadow is pretty close. It's my wife's favorite.

#61 1 year ago

Mustang Pro being my one and only NIB experience plus all the extra mods I have added make it a keeper. Also it would be very hard to let go of Tron Pro, World Cup Soccer, and Rock.

#62 1 year ago
Quoted from Coz:

MY wife told me that I can’t sell “her” Star Trek pro or Dialed In. Those two are her favorite pins.

I'm in the same boat... TOM & BOP. They're "her" pins. Fortunately, TOM is one of my all-time favorites and still enjoy it all these years later.

#63 1 year ago

No, never. I'm much happier when I have no emotional attachments to any material possessions.

#64 1 year ago

I was able to function, survive, and be happy long before I owned pinball machines, so if I had to sell them I think I could.

I am just grateful that I am currently in a position where I do not have to sell them -- I enjoy the nostalgia, entertainment, and vibe that they bring. Playing IJ with Pinsound is like interacting with the movie in a way.

#65 1 year ago

LOTR which was my first pin. It was a surprise Christmas gift from my wife. Add to that my Star Wars LE witch was last years birthday present from her as well. She says I can't ever sell those (not that I would anyway).

She had had several "favorites" in the past but she doesn't play them enough and they weren't high up on my list so they are now gone. She'll get over it once I get her a CCR or SS.

#66 1 year ago

Ive done quite a few restorations and have several nice ones in my personal collection.Eventually any thing could get sold except this one. My son at the age of thirteen worked with me on it. I could not put a price on it.....ever.

2016 pictures 039 (resized).JPG

#67 1 year ago

As a child, I loved going to my aunt and uncles to visit, as he had a Bally Gold Rush in his basement. When he passed away, I inherited it. All these years, and a decent collection of games later, it would be the only game I won’t ever sell... well, never say never, but someone would have to offer me absolutely stupid, life changing amounts of money for me to part with it.

#68 1 year ago
Quoted from Russell:

No, never. I'm much happier when I have no emotional attachments to any material possessions.

...in the same time, no one asks you to love your pins like a person. You tend to intellectualize this thread uselessly

#69 1 year ago

BSD for sure. It's the one that BOTH my wife and I love. "This is too easy"

#70 1 year ago
Quoted from Russell:

I'm much happier when I have no emotional attachments to any material possessions.

I've always been that way. Most are replaceable and just taking up space. Some days I think get them all out of here. I've gotten rid of so many already, it's easy to let them go.

There are however a couple real nice examples of older EMs like Big Daddy, Fun Park, and Pit Stop that will probably still be here long after all the newer crap has been kicked to the curb.

#71 1 year ago

It doesn’t have to be emotional attachment. Sometimes it’s just that they’ve gotten too damn expensive for a cheapskate like me to to ever rebuy. So if I sell it, it’s probably gone forever.

#72 1 year ago

I'd like to say "yes," but that just isn't true. Over the years, I've sold several games that I thought I'd never part with, and I've kicked around the idea of selling off the bulk of my pins and vids on more than one occasion. Anything's possible.

#73 1 year ago

Interestingly a lot of pins here are on my "never buy list". When you think about it, that's a good thing for me.

If I had unlimited funds and space, there are very few pins that I would have gotten rid of over the years. I've sold some expensive games in order to be able to buy new expensive games without breaking the bank. On the other hand EMs don't sell for a lot of money, so selling them doesn't do anything but make space. For that reason the two games in my current collection that I have no plans of ever selling are Volley and 2001.

#74 1 year ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

doesn’t have to be emotional attachment. Sometimes it’s just that they’ve gotten too damn expensive for a cheapskate like me to to ever rebuy. So if

This... Or you just can't find one. It took me 3 years to find my Title Fight. It wasn't that expensive; you just can't find them. So even if I love Space Shuttle or Cyclone more, I figure I can always track down another one of those. But Heat Wave, Teacher's Pet, Title Fight? No way.

#75 1 year ago

Nothing leaves my dungeon.you can buy them from the wife when I'm dead.

#76 1 year ago

Even when playing these games on location, I can't think of one that I really wanted to look at or play forever.

But again after picking up a few collector quality original examples of machines that are 50-60 years old and they have been around here for several years , they just seem to be part of the furniture now. Those are my daughter's favorites, so that gives me one more reason to keep them around.

Never say never though, because someday I may just want to pack it all up and get the hell out of Dodge. And traveling lite is the only way to go.

#77 1 year ago

I wouldn't say never, but it will have to be a damn cold day for joker poker or TNA to ever leave.

#78 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

I wouldn't say never ever. There are a few that would be the last to go.
LTG : )

I’ve learned one thing in life..and that is not to ever say never.

#79 1 year ago

If there's one thing I've learned in life is a good purge or spring cleaning can be good for the soul. No matter what I have collected over the years, I found it's better to never let any of it own me.

Edit- this is all after playing 8 hours yesterday until I could no longer see straight or stand up any more.

#80 1 year ago

My FunHouse can never leave. German re-import, with a true Diamond Plate pf.

It got me back into pinball when my wife bought it for me for Xmas 2008.

She died in a freeway accident 14 months later, so...

Custom display message: Dedicated to Karen

#81 1 year ago

My wife as already put down a hard no on CFTBL ever leaving the game room.

#82 1 year ago

TZ. The wife wouldn't let it go either.

#83 1 year ago

I’ve been lucky enough to own some beautiful true one off restored pins

I have and would sell any of them in a heart beat . Plenty more fish in the sea

#84 1 year ago

Would never sell my Wade Krause collection. Too much invested. Hope to add Abra Ca Dabra next.

#85 1 year ago

Customized Crescendo that quiddity and I repainted the playfield...

c8747b035cfa574a8e91daa81a26c4f45e3aa5ba (resized).jpg

#86 1 year ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

My Mustang Pro. Now I have 2 Mustangs that I would never sell.....and both were NIB.


#87 1 year ago

i got several i'll never sell. congo, spiderman, lotr, guns n roses, luci. too expensive to replace nowadays.

#88 1 year ago

TZ, game purchased as overstock NIB in 1994. I have always declined offers.

#89 1 year ago

Right now that's my Night Moves!


031 (resized).JPG

#90 1 year ago

Never say never, but the closest the last one to go would probably be this fully restored jerk.

1F288599-272D-4D37-A77E-5522C4DF65B3 (resized).jpeg

9FA33B5B-C42F-4CE9-9FA4-17C6CA57D520 (resized).jpeg

#91 1 year ago

CV. Not many made. Got it in great condition. Only game I have completed (4 times) since I have it. I always enjoy playing it.

#92 1 year ago

Whitewater. I gained a brother like relationship from the guy I bought it from

#93 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

Nothing leaves my dungeon.you can buy them from the wife when I'm dead.

Can I buy them at the prices you told your wife you paid?

#94 1 year ago

LOTR, wife and I were dating and we'd(me) would play and she would watch. Just about everyday for a couple of months. Never leaving, machine has been around. Started in MN, went to WI, back to MN, then to iowa, then to NW iowa, than to Minneapolis, then to my current place.

#95 1 year ago

Yes I had these, Tron LE, HEP TZ. But somehow priorities change and things get sold that you will never be able to replace.

#96 1 year ago

Cv proto, piece of art. Can't let it go. My avatar says all.

IMG_1770 (resized).PNG

IMG_1771 (resized).PNG

IMG_1772 (resized).PNG

#97 1 year ago

I still love my MET/TWD premiums; but at this point, my all-time keepers are my Mike D MB and both my Tom Palmer (‘HEP north’ type work) restored TAFG and Williams IJ.
These would be tough to replace (particularly in Canada) and my fam all love playing these titles.

#98 1 year ago
Quoted from BowlingJim:

My wife will not let me sell CFTBL and AFM. She does not even play pinball but claimed these as her 2 games.

Same with mine. She doesn't play, but somehow IJ and AFM "are hers" and I'm not allowed to sell them.

#99 1 year ago

I made the mistake of selling all my pins a few years ago. I've re bought back the titles I know I loved and am adding an Iron Maiden LE. Also purchased a MMR and can't believe I never bought an MM years ago when I was into the hobby big time! Such a magnificent game...

Won't be selling them ever again unless I really need the money to buy a nuclear bunker.

#100 1 year ago
Quoted from gmkalos:

Right now that's my Night Moves!


lol seriously though that's awesome. I just recently got a Night Moves as well and it needs some love, but it's gonna have to wait a bit. Don't regret getting it at ALL...have wanted one for years.

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