DMDMK66, new DMD multicolor by Pinballsp is on the way.

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DMDMK66, new DMD multicolor by Pinballsp is on the way.

By pinballsp

2 years ago

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#48 2 years ago

lucky stop being a sour puss your pin2dmd project started off as a complete rip of pinDMD (identical hardware / connected to pinDMD software)

Even ill admit that this new hardware is probably the most advanced dmd setup at the moment (apart from colorDMD? nothing beats a good old FPGA lol)

But hardware is not everything! you need good firmware written for it or is pretty much pointless. Will be interesting to see how the software progresses and see how all of these wireless features are used.


#51 2 years ago

No fadecandy code in pinDMD firmware at all. Not sure where you got that from?

2 weeks later
#102 1 year ago

Why talk to topper via wireless when its like 3 feet away? Surely just running a few data lines / your canbus network makes much more sense?

Never use wireless when you don't need 2! Its good for setting up configurations or downloading new firmware etc.. But talking to a bit of hardware 2/3 feet away seems bit over kill? Just use good old wires lol (far more reliable)

Just my opinion though

2 months later
#115 1 year ago

Is there a ETA on your own firmware for these boards?

2 weeks later
#130 1 year ago

Was there any progress working with the Chinese led module manufacturers creating a better led module? (no bleed etc..)

4 weeks later
#158 1 year ago

How come half of it is un-populated? will it be fully populated once shipped? or are those optional extras?

3 weeks later
#178 1 year ago

Just make a conversion tool to convert any pin2dmd files into what ever format pinballsp uses. You can then convert all the pin2dmd stuff over.

#180 1 year ago

I see, so not many games have been coloured via pin2dmd colour editor?

#185 1 year ago

This is one of the reasons colorDMD costs what it does, your not just paying for a bit of hardware! your paying for the games to be coloured and your paying for the tools to be developed to a high standard that allows the games to be coloured (and im sure the colorDMD colouring software is very intelligent/efficient to use)

People are like ahhh colorDMD cost way to much what a rip off! Ill just buy a cheap pin2dmd. They then receive it then go through the pain of activating it / setting it up. Then go to colour a game and see how much work is actually required.

Then most likely then think ACTUALLY that colorDMD price was not to bad!

Be interesting to see what pinballsp firmware / development tools is like

its the same old saying

#194 1 year ago

What happened to the colour dmd display from FAST Pinball? Is this for sale yet?

1 month later
#220 1 year ago

I think auto detect is a bit pointless and a waste of time and effort, you know what machine your sticking it in just set this via dip switches or some software config. Dont solve problems that dont need solving!

#222 1 year ago

Yes I am looking forward to this release. The hardware looked very interesting from the few pictures that was posted.

#225 1 year ago

Are all these boards auto routed? (its putting traces under your crystal which is a bit naughty! and definitely not best practice )

3 weeks later
#234 1 year ago

Because every pinball company wrote there dmd update drivers slightly differently. There are a many ways to drive those plasma displays with the 6 signals they take. Each company had there own way of achieving the seperate shades etc... So you need to decode it slightly differently for each pinball tech.

The display it self is mono chrome so there are cleaver framing tricks to achieve the shades.

#243 1 year ago

What features does your firmware come with? (release not future)

- which manufacturers does it support
- pinMame support? (probably not to important here)
- colour editor?
- frame by frame colouring? Or just a simple fixed palette?

#260 1 year ago

This is why colorDMD is such a successful product. You just buy it and plug it in DONE, no messing about with loads of different hardware revisions or unfinished software or coming soon software or colouring your own shit or building your own shit or getting keys or hunting down information or install guides.

You just buy it / install it and it just freaking works!!!

so sooooo much more to a product then just the hardware.

1 week later
#272 1 year ago

Jesus Christ do you 2 ever stop taking little digs at each other lol pin2dmd / pinballsp playground lol

I only watch this thread to see all the arguments and fighting haha.

Keep it up, is fun

Btw what happened to fastPinball dmd display that looked very interesting, id like more information about its hardware / software (i guess it comes drama free? Lol)

#274 1 year ago

2 young kids is what happened!
Any way I did not promise it I said i would like to create one! (still will one day!)

That fast controller is very interesting indeed!

#276 1 year ago

yes, not sure these dmd displays will be around in 18 years though? be hologram versions i guess lol?

#282 1 year ago

Why would you ever want pinMame (running from a pc) to generate hardware pinball dmd signals just for a fpga to decode them to draw them back onto a lcd monitor.

Most inefficient thing iv ever heard!

If you want proper colorDMD support on pinMAME (which already drives a lcd natively)

You need to find a way to decode all the colorDMD rom files and do it all in software.

But it would be totally illegal! Unless you own the colorDMD rom! (which no one running pinMame would)

2 weeks later
#288 1 year ago

If you want to make the best colour editor id highly suggest trying to colour a simple game your self (not a few frames, but the whole game) you will very quickly see what works and what doesn't and what needs improving very quickly.

A developer testing a few features vs actually using them for 100 hours is very different.

I also think a very useful feature would be a feature where the editor trys to colour in the next frame automatically based on the previous frames colouring. Not quite sure how this would work yet but is definitely possible with a bit of thought and would really speed up colouring by artists. Simple version would be just scan for identical pixel patterns and colour in using previous frame colouring.

Also need some sort of photoshop style tool bar for all the colouring tools with keyboard short cuts to swap tools quickly. The basic aim is for people to colour in frames quick as possible in least amount of clicks, with the software doing as much work as possible for you!

#291 1 year ago

You can tell from the pcb silk its still 3 panels. Just been pressed together very tightly

#294 1 year ago

Look forward to seeing what you come up with on the colouring software!

On the 128x16 you just pull out the eeprom from your old board into your board?

What is "crypto nix"?

Did fastPinball ever get released?

#305 1 year ago

Import scripts can always be written for both directions....

#307 1 year ago

I personally cant see colorDMD releasing any thing to the vp community (ie connected to pinMAME)

Mainly because there artwork roms are one of there biggest assets and putting it into some sort of format that vp users could use it would almost certainly end up with it pirated within days and worst case end up on some cheap clone version of colorDMD hardware and sold for real pins.

Just my opinion but would end very badly for colorDMD just not worth it.

#311 1 year ago

Dont even need to look else where it happens here all the time

That cool RunDMD clock was ripped off and cloned and sold as GoDMD

pin2dmd started off by creating / selling illegal fake pinDMD2 clones before creating there own stuff.

Most innovations are ripped off around here sooner or later.

#316 1 year ago
Quoted from lucky1:

For my private vpin cab I was looking for a pindmd2 in europe and asking you where I could get one.
You said you don´t know of any source in europe.
Then I sent a mail to you on Friday March 27th 2015 asking

You answered

I took this for a "yes" and used it for my own private cab. I published this in to give other private v-pin builders the information I collected.
A german then had the idea to sell this as a kit. I had absolutely nothing to do with that, but asked later he said that he also had the written approval from you for that. But maybe also a misunderstanding.
About goDMD. True is that it is inspired by the idea of runDMD. Just like your pindmd was inspired by ideas like this .
Is that a ripoff ?
But due to the lack of being able to create his own animations Steve started his own project together with an editor which is go-dmd.

Here lies the issue me simply saying that kit uses the same hardware does not give you the right to give detailed instructions to the community how to steal pinDMD2 firmware and install on none pinDMD2 hardware. This is illegal but you don't care! And I gave up long ago trying to explain this Nor do i even care any more. Your friend took it one step further and starting selling illegal pinDMD2 clones.

Literally no regard for other peoples work or products! And you wonder why certain people dislike you!
Again I gave up caring long ago and moved on my with my life as there are far more important things to care about!

Russell Pirie

#319 1 year ago

No you did not just tell people to install ILLEGAL firmware you told them what kit to use and explained what the pinouts were and how to create a little wiring loom to connect to the DMD you explained in great detail how to create a knock off pinDMD2.

And what makes me laugh the most is when pinballsp came along and stole your pin2dmd firmware you cried! And created a thread here winging he stole your firmware. Yet you did the exact same thing to pinDMD2.

Its literally pointless saying any of this as you have no regard for any one else or their work/products and even the law for that matter!

Nothing will change!
I feel sorry for any new innovations around here as it will only be ripped off within months, pointless bothering.

#346 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

I am even studying a system to capture colored games from third party system (with a webcam if TFT based, with a special electronic circuit for Led panels based), and import all already colored animations to DMDMK66 color format files.

I cant believe any one thinks this is acceptable or even remotely legal??? Please tell me thats not the case. He has literally written on a public forum he will steal colorDMDs hardwork which colorDMD have invested thousands of hours and lots if $$$$ into creating just to have it stolen / sold or given away with another product.

This is incredible and not a community i want to be part of where this sort of behavior is rewarded.

Just the other week there was a thread on here where a guys website content was stolen much like what pinballsp is suggesting on doing with colorDMDs roms and there was an uproar like 100 pinsiders came together and resolved the situation!!! Yet here no one cares?

That one quote alone would make me want to have nothing todo with a pinballsp product! Built on stolen ideas and literally soon to be stolen content. Nice....

#349 1 year ago

It was not the personal use of the pinDMD2 that annoyed me it was the fact you created a thread on a public forum and with very clear and detailed instructions told every one else how to do it as well!!! Why do this? The only outcome of that move was that it would hurt my sales, as of course every one would rather go down the free route then help support a product in a niche market. That's what really annoyed me! And then the store owner just plain out right created/sold clones FROM YOUR INSTRUCTIONS (he would not of been able to do this without your help!) is where I drew the line and legal threats were made.

Stuff like this just sucks the life out of being creative/innovative in this hobby and destroys all enthusiasm I have to create products like this.

The other argument above about more people creating the same product will drive prices down. NO, maybe in the car or tv market where the big companies are worth BILLION's and can afford to slash there prices to compete. But in a tiny little niche market like this the products dont make a huge profit and most people do it for the love of the hobby not to make a vast sums of money and the only result of every one making the same shit is you will get a CRAPPY CHEAP SHIT product. So if you want a cheap product fine you can have one but it will be a piece of shit as well and i'm sure you dont want that! You get what you pay for!

#352 1 year ago

Weather it was available or not does not give any one the right to steal it or give out instructions on how to steal it.

Next time I try to watch a tv show from the states and i'm told its not available in the UK, ill just steal it from a torrent site instead but hey its ok its not available to me in the uk so its ok just stealing it instead!

Some really worrying logic there!

#354 1 year ago

No ones blaming me because i did nothing wrong. Even if I did point you to a vishay pdf It was just pointing you to a document that is open for any one to view any way. Its not a secret document its just a vishay DMD data sheet.

No matter what you say or want to play it (and its obvious you will never admit what you did so pointless conversation as it has been for the past 2 or 3 years) YOU stole my firmware and told the community how to illegally install it on none pinDMD2 hardware and basically how to steal pinDMD2 functionally and get it for free I dont care what you say or what excuse you have or tell your self. That is what happened and hopefully it has opened a few peoples eyes to what sort of person you are (and pinballsp is going down the same illegal road by the looks of it)

I give up going over the same thing over and over (as does colorDMD im sure)
Probably time I just block you as nothing will ever change. Im just waiting my breath.

#368 1 year ago

Aww man i WISH pinDMD made 300% profit!
(how the freak did you come up with that lol??)

Sadly no and you will probably find with your prices your making a far bigger profit. So that last statement was a tad pointless and incorrect!...

Also colorDMD has FAR more overheads then you that you forgot to mention ie actually paying to have there roms coloured unlike you who just want to steal them for free....

#369 1 year ago

Also we are not arguing or being "toxic" we are standing up for our selfs there is so much bullshit/ lies and illegal behavior in this thread (and prerty much any pin2dmd thread) it makes me sick. And needs correcting!

#376 1 year ago

Thanks for the free advertising

But again you have writen a bunch of total nonsense! I created the original pinDMD(pinMAME driving a real DMD) like 7 years ago! Your product is a direct copy of it and most likely uses 80% of my original pinMAME integration code.

I spent years and years improving the pinDMD code and hardware making it better and better and have sold way over 1500 units (pinDMD1,2 and 3) at a very fair price which reflect development/assembly costs and quality of product.

I am literally the last person you can say who does not care about the hobby and is in it for the money! (i have a well paying REAL job i dont care about the money!) And have spent the last 7 or so years working and improving it for fun and love of pinball DMD displays.

You have been around here 5seconds! And all you have done is copy existing hardware, existing firmware and now editors and colour roms. Everything you do is just a copy! Only original idea i have seen is the 128x16 DMD (and thats probably copied from some where).

I think you need a serious history lesson by the looks of it! As your "facts" as usual are very wrong.

#377 1 year ago
Quoted from Malenko:

Just sayin, she got a tracking number. I've dealt with GGS in the past without any issues. If you want to argue about the hardware , have at it, but its kind of childish to sling mud at sellers.

I cant even describe how bad this sort of behavior is! Would love to see pinballsp comments about lucky1,colorDMD and me! Probably just as "thoughtful"

Ps trash hardware? Really? Don't even get me started with your badly placed components and auto-routed boards...

#379 1 year ago

I have the right to defend my self in what ever thread i am being attacked and at the moment its this one.

#383 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

Be very careful with some "sellers", they get the money and never send anything, never reply to emails, and besides the hardware they make is pure trash.

Looks like you need to ban your self then this is the most rotten and envious comment in the whole thread!

People have the right to know what they are buying and in this case its becoming down right illegal.

#385 1 year ago

Least i'm a cool uk spy in the above nonsense ramblings

#387 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

Do not be fooled by poor quality copycat, only DMDMK66 will offer the best quality (hardware and firmware).

Really disappointing / nasty attitude from a pinball hardware creator

Not only does pinballsp's competition have just as good quality if not better hardware/firmware they have being creating / selling it for almost 7 years!!!!! copycat comment makes no sense :/

#391 1 year ago

Photos are just of basic static 4 colour palette nothing like pin2dmd or colorDMD do. Not really seeing any advanced features here just very basic features of what pin2dmd / colorDMD have done for past few years....

But BEWARE! Every one has copied pinballsp! (its true he said him self!) Even though they have had these features + far more advanced features for years!

#394 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

sure people will want to know about their hypocritical private behavior and practices devoid of all ethics.

But pinballsp you do all this your self? You trash talk your competition (with completely false information) and you talk about stealing competitors artwork. What you wrote above is the most hypocritical thing in this whole thread.

#399 1 year ago

Is there a proper install guide available? Ie explains.
- whats included
- which systems it supports
- how to install usb drivers on each type of os
- how to initially set it up
- how to configure it
- how to update firmware
- how to colour frames (probably should be a whole new document for this)
- warranty information
- FAQ section (for when something does not work)
- disclaimers

Example for old pinDMD2

Really basic document that every product needs to be supplied with. The best products always have the best documentation And the documentation is usually released WITH the product not a few months later lol

At the moment just seems to be a few scattered files in a github and its down to the user to make sense out of all of it. Not every one is technically minded.

Literally just above one dude was confused. But if the whole beta thing had been explained in a install guide that confusion would not have happened!

This is all friendly advice btw! (and i have given out quite a lot of it in this thread yet still get attacked/trash talked)

1 week later
#415 1 year ago
Quoted from lucky1:

The nature of a patent is that it has to be very specific and only this specific realisation is covered by it.
What you try to do is claiming that colorization in combination with pinball machines itself is protected by your patent by quoting single words like hash and mask. This wouldn´t work in front of a judge and you know that. Sadly the only alternative you see is telling lies. It seems to be the only way you are able to deal with competition. The history is full of those lies
With smartdmd you tried to claim that modified ROM images and pixels in the upper left corner are also covered by your patent because it uses tags and lookup tables.
Allow me to copy the post from PMD from here, when you tried to knock him off with your tenuous arguments
You can almost replace SmartDMD with PIN2DMD

After that great speech(PMD) did they ever release a product or even colour any games?

#433 1 year ago
Quoted from Dmod:

Here's russdx's VPForums post from December 2015, speaking out against Lucky's direct copying of his pinDMD code and integration in PIN2DMD.

Its really sad that nearly 2 years later nothing has changed. We just have another person copying copies of the original. Yet claims it was all his idea??? Very strange indeed.

And i totally agree with whats being said above about copying kills off innovation. I had quite a few visual pinball cabinet products in development at the time(2015) some if which where freaking cool but just dropped them to work on personal stuff instead.

#446 1 year ago

Something wrong with the bottom row it only ever appears in white?

#458 1 year ago

Yes pinballsp keeps repeating the same "maximum quality" quote yet row 32 is broken??

#489 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

Hi Crash.
DMDMK66 will never be compatible with that german product, for several reasons:
1.- My product is a commercial product, and that other product is a domestic product, for amateurs, in addition with a restrictive license
2.- I never work or share anything with bad people, like those two german guys. One day I will tell the story of those two guys, so that everyone will knows their true behavior, based on envy, hypocrisy, economic interests, betrayal, false accusations, and more. I will tell you one of these days, now I am very busy in the important things.
What product to buy?, You decide, I see it obvious.
1.- DMDMK66 is a professional product, you just have to see the hardware pictures, to realize the tremendous difference. The competitor product is a very poor quality design, made at home by people who have no idea of ​​anything, simply looking for easy money.
2.- DMDMK66 192x64 is 100% plug and play, the other product uses an external power supply, a totally obsolete idea, have not even been able to directly connect to 12V DC, denoting that they have no idea of ​​electronics, not even the most elemental.
3.- DMDMK66 does not need to pay the licenses, money you save, besides the time you lose with the activation of those licenses, and if someday you have to change the hardware you will have to pay again, if that product still exists (something I doubt a lot).
4.- DMDMK66 does not need to wait for any activation, it connects and works immediately, you will not have to wait and wait, sometimes it takes a lot of time, I have had clients that have taken up to 10 days to receive that activation for DMDST32, and if they have claimed by mail have received no reply.
As for the advanced coloration, I have been working some time ago in the Magic Color Editor tool, which will be compatible with ALL the DMDMK66 of the three resolutions (128x32, 128x16 and 192x64).
Keep in mind that my product is relatively young, with a first version of firmware released recently. The german product has been available for over a year, and yet the product they offer is tremendously bad for the time they have been working on it. Their color editor is extremely simple, if you read through the forum, you will see that someone who decided to color a game, needed more than 2 months to do it, so you can get an idea of ​​how simple that tool is
My Magic Color Editor will be accessible from the Internet, it will not be a software to run locally on your computer. This way you can use, with projects stored in the cloud, from any computer and operating system, Windows, Linux, MAC, Android, etc ...
It takes much more than some color images to offer a good product, a color animation to impress people, when behind there is only one product of very poor quality, is not enough. Anyone who reads and compare, will immediately see the dangers of buying that german product. And if you have doubts, you only have to see in this forum and others, the amount of claims that are on that german seller, who receives money and does not send anything, or takes months to ship, nor reply to the emails of complaints received, which are many. Are you really going to trust someone like that?
And one more thing, when someone has to come to a competitor post to advertise their product, it only denotes a total lack of ethics and morale, which is the usual behavior of these two German guys, so you can already realize what kind of people are, be careful with those people. My advice, avoid them.
As for the future of the german product, you just have to see the null participation that has its official forum, go to Vpuniverse and you will see how practically nobody publishes there, it is a DEAD forum. Like their product, a dying product, a product of very poor quality, which only tries to survive on the basis of behavior devoid of all ethics, null future.
I do not know what they are saying (the german guys), and I am not interested, because I have banned them (they are on my black list of ignored users), so I do not waste my time reading their nonsense and their awkward attempts to advertise their bad product in a post of a competitor. They are very bad people, toxic people to avoid without hesitation.
Now let each one decide and choose.
1.- DMDMK66, a quality product, well designed, with future, made by someone who knows electronics and programming (I'm electronic engineering and software programmer, for many years).
2.- A german product, very poor quality, with no future, made by people who lack even the smallest knowledge of electronics, and who are only carried away by money and total lack of ethics.

Wow yet another pointless nasty post from pinballsp nothing new here i guess. But to keep saying other hardware is crap and know nothing about electronics / yours is amazing and your a professional is completely wrong!

Because i do know about electronics / software and i can tell you even though (i am unhappy with pin2dmd) there hardware is no worse then yours! It does exactly what it is meant to(in fact it does far more then yours at the moment). The only difference is you design it from scratch onto a custom board which makes it more cosmetically pleasing and a more "commercial" looking product.

BUT you have made many many basic mistakes that a professional electronics/ pcb layout engineer would not make. I was going to stay quiet but after your constant bashing of the competition in such a nasty factless manner has changed my mind and i will compile a list of all your faults on your pcb and some are crazy embarrassing!!!

Even the initial software got released with a buggy row 64 how is that a quality product??

There is no installation guide just random bits of information scattered on a github??

Your idea of a professional product is very different to mine.

Note to moderators: none of my post is a jab at pinballsp, i just want to make people aware not everything pinballsp says is correct.

3 weeks later
#518 1 year ago

The old animations did not have any shading? (on some really early games) So would either be really quick or maybe bit slower if now the user needs to manually add the shading for a better effect?

#528 1 year ago

Its not the first plug and play DMD in the world!

ColorDMD has had this award looooong before this product. And colorDMD actually comes with a vast range of fully colored roms not just shade swapping which is all you offer!

I even think the latest pin2dmd has a onboard dc converter technically making it plug and play? This would make you the THIRD person to offer this

"You do not need to pay for key licenses, do not waste time waiting for an activation."

But you forgot to mension people only receive 20% of the features the competition products offer though! (you left that part out lol)

#537 1 year ago

The post was claiming first 128x32 not 192x64

#547 1 year ago

If your gonna trash talk your competitors at least have some truth to the claims. But pinballSP comes out with all sorts of stuff which is so untrue its embarrassing. It just needs correcting and its not a language thing.

Like first plug and play 128x32 colour DMD??? Nooooo nooo nooo not even close.

Like others have said stop with the embarrassing PR stop lying and trash talking every one and put that effort into your product. Actually finish all these wonderful "coming soon features" then maybe it will compete!

#566 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

Sorry, I can not provide more technical details about how the DMDMK66 is powered only from the original power connector. I think you'll understand why.

Don't worry we won't, its not exactly hard to figure out

#572 1 year ago

You can see from the pcb photos he is just using the 5v logic as the trace basically runs to the dmd 5v pin.

I too was wondering how much stress is this putting on the pinball machine drawing so much current, can it damage it? That 5v was just used to drive extreamly low current logic circuits on the original dmds not have upto 5amps sucked from it

As DMOD said the best solution is actually to just use the high voltage and drop it to 5v although part of your board is now live with high voltage but nothing a nice little perspex cover could protect.

#574 1 year ago
Quoted from tezting:

Why is 50% of the posts in this thread from the competition and/or people who has no interest in buying the product?

If some one goes around saying every one else product is shit i think you will find the competition will stand up for there self's and correct these false accusations.

Also these is nothing wrong with reviewing a product especially when it could potentially be damaging peoples machines!

1 week later
#602 1 year ago

Be nice to see the feed back in 3 and 6 months time after all the original components have been placed under some stress for long period of time.

#604 1 year ago

Stress of 12288 leds drawing upto 4amps from 5v/12v rails that are not really designed to have that sort of current drawn from them on some system's

7 months later
#709 6 months ago

Better off just waiting for oled prices to come down and just use sheets of oled, you can can draw the dots how you want, get the nice rich bright colour of oled. You would want to swap to FPGA though! (basically a colorDMD but with oled screen) Almost certain colorDMD will be keeping there eye on oled technology and will jump when prices have dropped.

3 months later
#746 3 months ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

I have some more surprises, but for now I prefer not to give details, to avoid being copied by those we all already know (they are experts in copying what others do, and then they complain otherwise, that they have been copied, we just have to see how they have COPYED the design of my DMDST32 board, as if it were the most normal thing in the world).

Dude, you where literally LAST to the after market led DMD's so this quote is quite laughable.

#751 3 months ago

Also you do not need a RT1020 Cortex M7 500mhz micro todo this job?? its insane overkill. pin2dmd has being doing the exact same job YEARS before you just on a little stmf4 (even on 192x64). Why do you keep throwing money and R&D at a problem that does not exist?? it makes zero sense. Its just a waste of time and money and probably just to say my cpu is bigger then yours (but i only use about 10% of it)

Or the firmware is crap and your just throwing more power at the the problem rather then fixing the real underlying issue / using a smaller micro correctly.

Nothing here is new or innovative, its all been done before! Only reason it appears semi professional (and i use that word loosely) is because of the custom pcbs which look 'fancy' BUT again any one with a electronics background can tell you they are all autorouted (just yuk and EXTREMELY lazy) and with badly placed components.

Fairplay your actually making stuff thats more then most people do JUST stop climing your the best/being copied all the time because your not!! its literally the opposite!

Post probably seams harsh and no one will understand it or agree with me, but any one with a software/hardware background will get what im saying! and see through the constant bullshit.

1 week later
#782 3 months ago
Quoted from Malenko:

He's still taking a swipe at me for no reason, so fuck him.

He takes a swipe at every one and literally thinks his product is the best and most innovative thing out there when i can assure you its not!

Notice how hes happy to import in every one elses hardwork, edit slighty, call it his own and then encrypt and sell as his own.

Morals of this guy are beyond me!

2 months later
#846 19 days ago

if you want it now just go buy a colorDMD and have it now???

the community will take ages to colour games so even with an editor you gonna be waiting....

1 week later
#848 11 days ago

"exported to the DMD, are encrypted and can only be used with DMDMK66 and DMDMX7"

That's the community spirit!

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Matt's Basement Arcade
From: $ 180.00
$ 229.99
Lighting - Other
Lighted Pinball Mods
Machine - Wanted
Nyack, NY
$ 999.00
Flipper Parts
$ 69.99
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
Lighted Pinball Mods
$ 25.00
Gameroom - Decorations
Pinball Photos
From: $ 9.99
Matt's Basement Arcade
$ 129.95
Cabinet - Shooter Rods
Super Skill Shot Shop
$ 999.00
From: $ 179.99
Lighting - Led
Comet Pinball
$ 35.99
Lighting - Interactive
Lee's Parts
From: $ 9.99
$ 999.00
Pinball Machine
$ 46.99
Lighting - Interactive
Lee's Parts
$ 69.00
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
The MOD Couple
$ 159.99
Lighting - Other
Lighted Pinball Mods
Great pinball charity
Pinball Edu

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