DMDMK66, new DMD multicolor by Pinballsp is on the way.

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DMDMK66, new DMD multicolor by Pinballsp is on the way.

By pinballsp

2 years ago

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#15 2 years ago

Nice hardware design, as always. Now you can proof that you are also a good programmer. So far it is just a ripoff of ecrutz´s RGB.DMD firmware with some fancy addons like Blutooth which are only supported in hardware not software. Curious how this project advances on the software side, since hardware design is much easier to make.

#25 2 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

Don't you think it would be wise to stay quiet, given your history of taking advantage of the open nature of others' work, adding bits to it, then locking it down and refusing to release source?
You also immediately accused Luis of IP theft when he came out with his boards originally (untrue), which were superior to the designs you were using ... you then said you'd work with him, didn't follow through, and then began implementing a bunch of his ideas in your software, again keeping it totally closed.

I think you have misinterpreted my post.

We worked together on the latest hardware features added like support for go-dmd adding a realtime RTC circuit and inputs for sensors etc. I also brought the hardware he added in his first design to life by implementing a webfrontend for the wifi chip. Pin2dmd and go-dmd fully supports his hardware. So why do you think there has been no collaboration. I even tried to visit him when I was in Valencia last weekend, but unfortunately he was not there. When I say now he can proof his programming skills, I truly mean it. I´m curious how his personal project is advancing because I know how much work it is to get where we are and the software side is much more time consuming than hardware design. Being able to use Eli´s work as a starting point saves a lot of time, but there is still much work to do for him. I think the main reason for Luis to start this project is not the collaboration, it is that he can sell his product to other dealers fully functional which is not possible with pin2dmd.

#27 2 years ago

A tone is hard to hear in a written word, that is the source of a lot of misunderstanding in e-mail etc. I have no bad feelings about this project and Luis at all. The only thing which got on my nerves was removing the pin2dmd boot splash and replacing it with his own together with "designed and manufactured" by pinballsp in the title of his post but we settled this out in a phone call months ago.

#28 2 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

How many games have been completely colored? I had only seen MET and SM ran into memory issues. The 4 color mode stuff looks like complete crap and best left as single color.

Colorization work is the always the problem. There are not many out there who want to take the challenge and colorize a game.
Since pin2dmd is out, there is only one person who did Avengers, Mustang and World Poker Tour and started StarTrek and SMVE as a project. Together with the SmartDMD colorizations, which can also be used, we have about 10 machines which support full color.
We are planning something which might motivate some more to start colorizing but there is still some work to be done.

#37 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Maybe others feel its so annoying when people blatantly look to steal from others in the hobby. But I guess as long as you get ahead from doing so, it's ok with you. Geez... so selfish.

... and what exactly is stolen from colordmd. Creating a checksum to identify data patterns ? That is common sense !
You can´t get a patent on an idea, only on the realization of it and the technical approach is obviously totally different.
Even if the code for the FPGA were public you would not be able to use a single line of it for ARM.
Face it, this patent does´t hold water and the only one selfish and profiting of it was the lawyer who filed it.

#49 2 years ago
Quoted from Rondogg:

I hear you and it's a great option. I mention your product any time I see someone claim Sega DMDs are $700.
I only wish the colors were less random, I would order one tomorrow. If my DMD dies it's the first product I would order. Any chance of getting something the community can program?

You can either use the pin2dmd editor or pin2dmd.exe to generate a 4 color custom palette and copy this pin2dmd.pal to the sd card.
The system will use these colors for the game.

Quoted from russdx:

lucky stop being a sour puss your pin2dmd project started off as a complete rip of pinDMD (identical hardware / connected to pinDMD software)

I´m not sour at all. I like this project. You are right the pin2dmd proof of concept started as a vpinmame device using the pinDMD protocol which is part of open source VpinMame code but we are far beyond that now. Until now I don´t understand why you did not use the same protocol and same hardware for pinDMD3 but maybe using a modded version of Teensy FadeCandy seemed to be the quicker solution. I´m still happy with the current 168Mhz STM32F407 and its 210DMIPS which is only slightly slower compared to the 180Mhz Kinetis K66 with 225DMIPS of this project.

#52 2 years ago
Quoted from NoahFentz:

Surely you mean the open source, not for commercial use without permission code, right?
Yeah, I don't think stealing and using the code commercially can be dismissed that easily. Nice try, though.

... says the man who is running a business selling vpin cabinets which are solely made to run vpinball etc and is taking money for unlimited download access to tables etc. Nice try too Paul !

#53 2 years ago
Quoted from russdx:

No fadecandy code in pinDMD firmware at all. Not sure where you got that from?

Sorry Russel I meant Aurora since your RGB frames use the same format

#55 2 years ago

Nice option but I don´t see the sense. When you are able to trigger every single event of the gameplay by keyframes on the DMD, why use the switchmatrix ? Or is this board intended for machines without DMD ? Why do you use a STM32F40X for this board ?

#58 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

Events by keyframe is your idea, mine is very different, I work with status of switches, lamps, and direct outputs because also this controller board will be useful for many more MODS, not only DMD or Topper. For me events by Keyframe are very limited, but events by status of switches, lamps and direct outputs allow more options to play animations, do not depend from original animations, and may mix status of several outputs to trigger animations. At any rate my DMD also will may work with keyframes and send wireless to Topper trigger for play animations, so both options available.
Also your topper idea is by serial wired, mine is wireless Bluetooth.
Why I can not use STM32 ?, I decided use Kinetis for DMD to avoid suspicions and your claims about firmware, but for another hardware I will use STM32, Kinetis, PIC32 of Raspberry, according to what I see convenient or simply according to my preferences by available libraries, etc.
Your ideas and mine are very different about DMD and Topper, this product is full developed by me with no relation with third party firmware, so I may apply all my ideas. So if I add hardware, firmware will support.

For me this new board makes sense for non-dmd machines to control a topper and maybe for other mods like LED stripes etc.
I´m personally not a big fan of all that wireless noise generated by wifi interfaces and blutooth and prefer to use it only when no wired connection is possible. I hate it when I start a wifi or blutooth search on my mobile and the list of devices is unneccessarily long. Imagine 20 pinball machines in a game room and all looking for connections. Of course you can use different processors but for code and IDE compatibility reason I would build all devices on a single CPU architecture. But of course this is your project and preferences are different.

#61 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Because a lot of stuff happens without the display? What about when you have stacking of events and prioritization happens for the display? Trailing the display for events would be very limited in what you can do... probably limiting you to more game state and major shot/toy functions. Nevermind how things like multi-ball would really start limiting what would be shown, and hence triggered.
A simple example.. what if you wanted to tie something to spinner hits? Not uncommon for spinners to be de-emphasized and now your custom event only happens 'sometimes'.
Maybe you want to follow the game's prioritization... so you get some of that for free.. maybe you don't (and now you get to decide if/when/how to handle stacking)

The spinner example is a good point. Anyways I think I will wait and see how all this progresses on the software side.
Getting the information technically is one thing, how to use it another.

#82 2 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

I think this product has a lot more potential than ColorDMD in some scenarios.
Their frame interpretation method is quite restrictive. For example, a number of independent sprites are the same shade as the background, so must therefore be the same colour, in the recently coloured BSD. It looks crap. Of course it's more of an issue on some games than others, but it looks particularly bad on BSD. As far as I understand it, this method should allow the full recolouring of frames, if you are so minded.

Currently the discussion about those features which are not implemented is purely theoretical. Luis is currently in a phase where has a lot of ideas and is only putting the hardware for them together. I´m sure some of them will die along the road of implementation, because they don´t work out as expected. That is always happening when trying to make ideas reality and that is why I personally prefer to announce features when I´m sure they work. I´m sure that if it not possible with ColorDMD to make it better it is simply not possible at all, having in mind that they have years of experience in that. But maybe it is just the authors taste.

1 week later
#103 2 years ago
Quoted from russdx:

Why talk to topper via wireless when its like 3 feet away? Surely just running a few data lines / your canbus network makes much more sense?
Never use wireless when you don't need 2! Its good for setting up configurations or downloading new firmware etc.. But talking to a bit of hardware 2/3 feet away seems bit over kill? Just use good old wires lol (far more reliable)
Just my opinion though

Absolutely ! Thats why we decided to use good old serial bus to connect our mods like go-dmd topper. Already enough wireless electro smog around. Simpler ist better most of the times

#105 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

Better if product may update wireless from cell phone, instead of must to remove device and connect to PC computer with a software.

We already implemented over the air upgrade of the ESP and PIN2DMD/Go-DMD firmware upgrade through wifi is coming soon.

Quoted from pinballsp:

And about wired connections, I need may share same data with several devices, so I prefer work with an addressable communication bus, and then the best, fast and safe is CAN bus, better than RS232 (only work with one device to device).

The serial port protocol we implemented is multi drop capable, which means we can control up to 255 devices.
If RS232 is good enough for Stern SAM LE Aux hardware, it should be good enough for us too.

Quoted from pinballsp:

At any rate, there are many ideas, must test all and see what work and what avoid if fail.
This is not only a DMD, but I try to do a multimedia product, to control DMD multicolor, Topper, and any Mod that want add. Also I will check about add SOUND options to replace original sound board by a sound system working with WAV files.
DMDMK64 is not a simple DMD Multicolor, but I want to become a full multimedia system.

As I already said software development and support is far more time consuming then putting the hardware together.
I´m curious when your first usable product is ready, which has features beyond rgb.dmd from Eli.

3 months later
#151 1 year ago

Just received a funny e-mail from another forum member asking if PIN2DMD supports Luis DMDST32 hardware.

The answer is YES and btw together with go-dmd from Steve, the author of the PIN2DMD editor, it is the ONLY firmware which brings DMDST32 to live. There are some illegal modifications of PIN2DMD firmware Luis made with a replaced splash screen or boot text ( see pictures) but there is definitely no other project which makes use of the DMDST32 hardware configuration. It is purely based on the schematics of our DIY STM32 Discover Board shield design.

So if you like the look of the DMDST32 hardware you can buy it without any doubts. As long as there is no change that we don´t know of it will work with our firmware.

cropped-logo2 (resized).png

large.IMG_7093.JPG.0f0fc22dd9b60006a91f2169de03a02c (resized).JPG

f5fdb2b3e9125c88968ba04a38728e3eo-1 (resized).jpg

image1 (resized).jpeg

#152 1 year ago

... and pin2dmd is the only project with which you can colorize your pinball DMD on your own and also
the only firmware supporting ALL major pinball manufactures like Bally, Williams, WPC, Stern SAM, Spike and WhiteStar, DataEast, Gottlieb, Capcom, AlvinG and Spooky Pinball plus Virtual Pinball. We already have spent over 1000 hours of our spare time to make this happen, just to give you an idea how long it may take to create something similar. In comparison to put the hardware together for it, took a couple of hours. Still PIN2DMD is not a commercial product and in contrary to the money you pay for a hardware kit, every cent you sent us for the activation of your device goes into charity projects like a orphans home or children with cancer. We don´t get any money from the dealers for the devices they sell. Steve and I do that because we enjoy electronics and pinball. We do this to escape from all the madness we have in our daily jobs and end even better if it also helps to do something good.

So if you want colorize your pinball yourself, like vbobrusev did with his Simpson pinball party , there currently is no alternative to pin2dmd. It does´t matter if you use DMDST32, another pin2dmd hardware kit sold from other dealers or build it yourself.

#155 1 year ago
Quoted from stoptap:

All these different systems is bewildering. How far away are we from a plug and play alternative to ColorDMD ?

From the hardware side pin2dmd is already plug and play from several dealers. If you are looking for a preconfigured system with activated software and colorization for your pinball machine it will most likely never happen for pin2dmd. You can compare it to the job the user has to do, if he has a ColorDMD which is configured for the wrong machine and has an old firmware. You just need to download and install it following the instructions and I´m sure the dealers will help you.

Quoted from mgpasman:

lucky1 , pinballsp , can't we all just get along?

Your wish as a pin2dmd user is granted

1 month later
#189 1 year ago
Quoted from Syco54645:

As I said there is no reason that it cannot at least attempt to color the next frame based on the previous. Hopefully the software for the pinballsp stuff works better.

There is a function called copy to next in the editor which can be used efficiently in ColMask mode to achieve this.
Talking about new ideas. It is one thing to say that it should be easy but another thing to make it happen. For sure there are ways to improve the editor and Steve is certainly willing to implement them. The easiest way to share your improvement ideas is to open a issue on github here

Quoted from urbanledge:

Are the complete DMD dumps available to down load or do you have to get them yourself?

With the current firmware together with the dump function of pin2dmd.exe it is a matter of minutes to capture all scenes of the gameplay with a laptop connected to the pin2dmd controller via usb. You just have to remove the glass and roll the pinball by hand to trigger all scenes. Took me about 15 minutes on my TZ and TAFG.

Quoted from pinballsp:

In the attached video, testing the Kinetis MK66 processor that will install my new DMD, the DMDMK66.
This is a new product completely developed by me, with its own hardware and software, this way the dependence on third-party firmware will disappear, no pay licenses or wait for activations.
The product will work immediately after connection. All updates will be free and can be downloaded online from the Github I am preparing.
The first firmware version will not support all the options yet, but it will be a 100% functional product that at least will be compatible with Bally/Williams, Data East, Stern WhiteStar, Stern SAM, and probably Spike, this last I must test yet.

The current state of the DMDMK66 firmware Luis is describing and showing here is not less and not more than the RGB.DMD code of pinside member ecrutz which is published on github compiled for the latest Teensy board (MK66).

Quoted from russdx:

(and im sure the colorDMD colouring software is very intelligent/efficient to use)

Who knows. Not many have seen it but I´m sure this took some time to achieve. Maybe the pin2dmd editor gets also there after 8 years of constant improvement.

#193 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

Finished the test with Bally/Williams, works perfectly. So its time for more tests, tomorrow I will test CAPCOM, with the CPU in picture, I must burn a ROM with the game, and I think firmware may work without any modification because of support Autodetect, this mean do not need config pinball manufacturer.

You should have a look at the source at you are using, to see that auto detect can only work on modes implemented. Gottlieb test code (not even close to ready) has been removed because of auto detection not working anymore with wpc machines. That is why we don´t use auto detection. To save you some time I can tell you that all other systems like Spike, Capcom, Spooky etc will not work without adding the necessary code and this is not just a job of adding a ready to use library. Spooky for example took 3 month of e-mail conversation with debug code from a AMH owner to have it running properly.

1 week later
#205 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

And I have add one more hardware option, with a new microcontroller, the most powerful, a Cortex M7, Atmel SAM S70, 300Mhz, 2Mb Flash, 384K RAM

The most powerful Cortex M7 is afaik the stm32h7 with 400Mhz. If you would make a board using one of these, I would definitely buy one regardless of the firmware

1 month later
#218 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

Meanwhile my friend is testing DMDMK66 in more real pinball, I wait for news about test in SAM, Spike and Capcom, and probably also will work without modify in Alvin and Spooky because Autodetect firmware option.

If you had any idea how the firmware from ecrutz you are using and its auto detect mechanism is working, you would already know what works and what does´t. From those that are untested by your friend, it will only be SAM, but that was already proven 1,5 years ago by the author of the rgb.dmd firmware. Furthermore if you dive deeper into the signaling of the missing machines you will come to the conclusion that auto detect will not work anymore. Interesting thing to see will be whether you are able to add a single new machine type or at least colored v-pin support to the given code for "your" first release.

#219 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

I have think to do also a small test board for the 128x16 DMD prototype, I will prepare next days and will send to manufacturer in a few days.

I would be interested in a "dot matrix driver" pcb without the dot matrix display to add a 128x16 real pinball mode to 128x32 pin2dmd for testing. Just a board with pd0,pd1,row data,rowlock, coclock and clatch as output. Together with your dmdst32 hardware the user could either mount it into the original frame and display the graphics in original size in color or extend the graphics to 128x32 using the pin2dmd editor.

#221 1 year ago
Quoted from russdx:

I think auto detect is a bit pointless and a waste of time and effort, you know what machine your sticking it in just set this via dip switches or some software config. Dont solve problems that dont need solving!

Absolutely. It is a feature Eli implemented in his code. It worked fine until he tried to add Gottlieb and found out it stopped WPC from working. One of his last commits on github was to remove the Gottlieb WIP code to make WPC work again.
I´m pretty sure when FAST pinball releases his RGB LED DMD in june it will have a newer code with more machine types supported and auto detect removed, but we will see.

1 week later
#229 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

And fortunately, for me, the routine that control de Led panels (Smartmatrix) in DMDMK66 firmware, according to the developer (Louis), will soon be available in its V5 version to be able to control LED panels P2, 64*64, Scan 1/32 required for the development of DMD 192*64, so that will save me a lot of development work.

I think you still have a long way to go And that is only the output routine, not to speak of the input signal processing and color processing etc.

Also I want to see if possible port source code to a Cortex M7, Atmel SAM S70, 300Mhz. Im checking currently how config DMA and interrupts.

Strange way of approach. Normally the hardware design follows the port and software functions, but you seem to prefer it vice versa

2 weeks later
#254 1 year ago
Quoted from Darscot:

Please do not give him any more possible projects. I have been trying to find anything that will let me colorize my Jurassic Park. All of these projects are really confusing. I feel like I have been waving around a few hundred bucks for several years saying will someone please give me what I need and take my money. No luck so far, in the end I think it will be ColorDMD they just seem the most organized.

Why don´t you take pin2dmd which is preinstalled on pinballsp's dmdst32 hardware and already used in 700 installations? User colorizations have already been done for many pinball machines using pinball browser or pin2dmd editor including some which are not available from colorDMD. Stern StarTrek and Gottlieb StreetFighter II for example. There is already a large community which can help you with your project.

#256 1 year ago
Quoted from Darscot:

I could just never find an online store with all the details and info on exactly what you need. I heard you get 4 colors, some said you can get more, I just never found a good example or place to purchase. I did ask around at one point but was told you get panels from X board from Y software from Z. I guess I was wary of just buying from unknown sources.

What you descibe is the DIY path to get a pin2dmd which is the root of our project. Some hardware suppliers found out that they could help the community by offering the hardware completely preassembled and ready to install.
If you don´t want to DIY you just have to order a dmdst32 at pinballsp or any other pin2dmd hardware supplier and will receive it with the latest version of pin2dmd preinstalled. If you ask Luis to give you the device ID before shipping and send me this device ID with a PayPal donation of 10 Euro I will send you the activation key, which you can forward to Luis and receive you device activated and fully functional.

I think with the latest confusion about hardware and features it would be a good idea if Luis would design his panels modular with the user to choose between STM32 (pin2md), MK66, SAM7 ... and the ability to change processor / software architecture later by just replacing the CPU. We followed a modular architecture and with all the features we added over the last two years it was a good idea to do so.

#257 1 year ago


1 week later
#267 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

Two days ago I received already the PCB for the DMDMK66 192*64, I will assemble and test along this week.
I have check the SD card access by SDIO 4 bit parallel, and its really VERY FAST, these are my Test Results, read/write between 16 and 19Mb/s. So, with so fast access, its enough to store files with full colored games, do not need external flash memory chip.
Also Im testing a new DC-DC switched circuit for this DMD 192*64, because the quantity of leds are 3 times more than the 128*32, so need a stronger circuit to connect directly to 12/18 VDC (do not need external AC Power Supply).
So, my DMDMK66 192*64 will be 100% Plug and Play, very compact and lightweight. Remove old DMD, connect DMDMK66 192*64 and work immediately, do not need external AC high voltage power supply, do not need connect any special cable, do not need key licenses, do not need wait for any activation, connect and work.
Im really very happy will all tests Im doing with DMDMK66 192*64, I think will be a very good product, high quality, very good features. And also Im working with the Software to color games for ALL my DMD, I have contact with a mexican software programmer to help me with it, because of Im very busy with hardware and firmware development.

If you plan to use it as a card reader without display output or any other process running this may be true, but
instead of measuring some theoretical values you could have had a look at the demands of your application and see that SD card communication has never been a bottleneck.

You need as maximum :
192x64 pixel = 1536 byte per frame multiplied with 24bit color depth and 60 frames per second = 2160kB/sec
So even if you communicate with the SD in 1bit mode it is more than fast enough.

But there are other hurdles to take ...

#271 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

Software for advanced color, the "Magic Color Editor" is under development. Its yet in the beginning, but with good ideas to give a good support to the tasks of advanced coloring, frame by frame (with Key Frame), for all DMDMK66 displays (and future SAM7).
Developed with QT C++, so will may offer it for Windows, Linux (for PC), and probably for Raspberry and Android devices.
» YouTube video

Nothing magic so far ! Just a simple pinMame dump file browser. Funny that you seem to have used pin2dmd real pin recording files generated with the pin2dmd tool in your demo.

#273 1 year ago
Quoted from russdx:

Jesus Christ do you 2 ever stop taking little digs at each other lol pin2dmd / pinballsp playground lol
I only watch this thread to see all the arguments and fighting haha.
Keep it up, is fun
Btw what happened to fastPinball dmd display that looked very interesting, id like more information about its hardware / software (i guess it comes drama free? Lol)

Believe me when I say that it is fun for me too, to watch the progress ?? of this project. Talking about marketing promises in contrary to reality, what about the color editor you promised your pindmd3 customers ?

Live would be so boring without teasing

Here is the last info about the fast controller I read. Looks like a nice concept

#275 1 year ago
Quoted from russdx:

2 young kids is what happened!

Thats the best cause for a project delay. Still enough time when the kids have their own home

#280 1 year ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

I really like your last sentence. A ColorDMD for VP would be AWESOME and worthwhile, however I don't think its technically possible since it uses the output from a DMD. Imagine playing all 61 colored games with more coming. Wow. Certainly don't want to derail this thread so carry on!

Technically not a big problem to generate the signals needed for a colorDMD from vpinMame but you would have to change the
sigma rom every time you change the table.

2 weeks later
#297 1 year ago

The only magic I see here is that it is more and more getting a clone of the pin2dmd editor from Steve

#302 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

Regardless of whether that's true now or remains true after further development, provided that it remains open source, any interested party can contribute or improve things, or continue it if Luis ceases development.
I see that as a major asset.

The Pin2DMD Editor is open source since the first day. AFAIK all code from Luis will be closed source. Editor and firmware.

#303 1 year ago
Quoted from Crash:

No offense but I'm already liking the interface of this tool vs. the PIN2DMD editor. For me it seems easier to comprehend and use.

We always asked for improvement suggestions for the pin2dmd editor and afaik all that we received have been implemented in the V2 of the editor.

#304 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

May be will be just on the contrary, its possible I add some option to IMPORT third party game color files to my DMDMK66 files format, to use in DMDMK66 some games already colored for another system.
I am even studying a system to capture colored games from third party system (with a webcam if TFT based, with a special electronic circuit for Led panels based), and import all already colored animations to DMDMK66 color format files.

Nice ! What is that called again ?

#314 1 year ago
Quoted from russdx:

pin2dmd started off by creating / selling illegal fake pinDMD2 clones before creating there own stuff.

For my private vpin cab I was looking for a pindmd2 in europe and asking you where I could get one.
You said you don´t know of any source in europe.

Then I sent a mail to you on Friday March 27th 2015 asking

Do you think I can use this board --link to STM32F4 discovery board--
with your firmware to drive the panel ?

You answered

The dev kit you linked to is actually the kit i used to develop the pinDMD2 and is the same hardware the production one uses.

I took this for a "yes" and used it for my own private cab. I published this in to give other private v-pin builders the information I collected.

A german then had the idea to sell this as a kit. I had absolutely nothing to do with that, but asked later he said that he also had the written approval from you for that. But maybe also a misunderstanding.

About goDMD. True is that it is inspired by the idea of runDMD. Just like your pindmd was inspired by ideas like this .
Is that a ripoff ?

But due to the lack of being able to create his own animations Steve started his own project together with an editor which is go-dmd.

#317 1 year ago
Quoted from russdx:

Here lies the issue me simply saying that kit uses the same hardware does not give you the right to give detailed instructions to the community how to steal pinDMD2 firmware and install on none pinDMD2 hardware. This is illegal but you don't care! And I gave up long ago trying to explain this Nor do i even care any more. Your friend took it one step further and starting selling illegal pinDMD2 clones.
Literally no regard for other peoples work or products! And you wonder why certain people dislike you!
Again I gave up caring long ago and moved on my with my life as there are far more important things to care about!
Russell Pirie

By stealing you mean simply dowloading the firmware from your website and by instructions you mean saying that I simply installed it using the standard STM firmware tool after you personally confirmed that it will be running ? I think you answered my questions without thinking about the consequences. I must admit that I also didn´t think that someone, who btw is absolutely not my friend, would have the idea to sell it without having the approval to do so. But if you really don´t care why do you bring this up again and again ?
I think thanks to freezy and me, you now have a pindmd3 driver which has the features your customers where expecting which saved you a lot of time you could spend with your family instead.

#324 1 year ago
Quoted from Dmod:

Well here's another voice speaking out against Joerg Amman (Lucky1) and his theft of other projects. Lucky1 and Steve also ripped off ColorDMD's patented method for real-time recognition and colorization of pinball frames. I'm not speaking about the general idea of coloring frames. This is a very specific method for uniquely identifying frames based on static content while ignoring dynamic content like scores.
The infringement is so brazen as the Pin2DMD editior and documentation use the same terminology of "hashes" and 'masks" described in the patent. I specifically contacted them to request that they remove the ColorDMD methods before distributing the V2 editor and was told to pound sand because they "live in Germany" and "don't need to worry about US patents."
Lucky1 and Steve have ripped off pindmd, the Run-DMD clock, ColorDMD's patents, and Steve has also gone on to help create "Rasberry PinSound", a complete knockoff of Pinsound. I found out about this last bit after hearing from the Pinsound founders in March, who were equally disturbed.
There's no misunderstanding here. It's absolutely astonishing to me the justifications that Lucky1 has contrived to defend their unethical and abusive behavior. They have absolutely no respect for anyone else's contributions, and are not worthy of community support.

Still your very personal opinion, without a single proof for it. You only try to protect your monopoly. but being the first one bringing an idea to life with a certain technology does´t mean that it is not allowed to create something similar using absolutely different technology. Hashing and masking data are common sense and not something you can patent. You haven´t been able to colorize a single Gottlieb game or Stern StarTrek for years now , which e.g. clearly proofs that PIN2DMD and ColorDMD are totally different. Even more thanks to PIN2DMD the users are not dependent on the "generosity of the self announced master of color on pinball DMDs" - Randy Perlow anymore. They can colorize their beloved games, which are not profitable enough for you, themselves. What undoubtedly is illegal, is that pinballsp wants to use ColoDMD colorization data for his commercial MK66 product which is what he announced a couple of posts above which I absolutely condemn to be clear since you don´t seem to be able to interpret my posts.

#327 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

I don't see where he said that.
Also, even if that were the case, can you explain precisely how that is illegal? Perhaps it is, but I'm not so sure ...
Anyway, I would imagine that the ColorDMD colour data ROMs do have some kind of protection.

Quoted from pinballsp:

May be will be just on the contrary, its possible I add some option to IMPORT third party game color files to my DMDMK66 files format, to use in DMDMK66 some games already colored for another system.
I am even studying a system to capture colored games from third party system (with a webcam if TFT based, with a special electronic circuit for Led panels based), and import all already colored animations to DMDMK66 color format files.

I would say that without the permission of the author this is illegal and maybe also reverse engineering.

#345 1 year ago
Quoted from Dmod:

To be honest, I never expected to need the patent as ColorDMD was a one-off project for a niche market. I never thought anyone would be crazy enough to invest time to copy it. The main reason the US patent was filed was just to have a documented record before disclosing it to others to see if it was worth the sizable investment I needed to make in order to try to share it with the community.

No of course not. You are the white knight which is only serving the community.

How come that every single attempt to bring color to pinball displays, no matter which hardware or method used has been knocked off by you. SmartDMD, DMDExtender just to name two of them. SmartDMD did´t use hashes or masks. It used modified ROMs with some visible pixels in the upper left corner to identify the palette. There you claimed that the lookup-table is infringing your patent.
So what else do you think is covered by your patent ? Color palettes, bits, bytes, data, the pinball dmd itself ? Your patent seems to be the only way you can handle competition and secure your beloved profit. How poor is that ? Now who is knocking off other innovations here ? The only thing you are serving is your own wallet.

For the records . Here is the discussion about smartdmd.

Ride on white knight !

#348 1 year ago
Quoted from Dmod:

stop taking from other projects without their permission.

PinDMD, Run-DMD, ColorDMD, Pinsound. It's too much.

Very handy to blame that all on me. What next do you blame me for ? Your president ? Again nothing but false allegations.

PinDMD - I admit that I used Russels PinDMD2 firmware on non PinDMD2 hardware for my personal private vpin cab, because I believed I had the permission to do so. But I never did sell anything. By the way building something for your personal non-commercial private use is absolutely legal no matter how many patents or copyrights you infringe.

ColorDMD - PIN2DMD is private non commercial project from me and Steve I started because there was no RGB LED DMD solution available on the market. It works for all systems and v-pins. Your solution came out half a year later and only supports Stern, DataEast and Bally/Williams.

RunDMD - Go-DMD is 100% a private non commercial project from Steve that he started because Run-DMD was missing features like an animation editor and full color.

PinSound - DataEast SoundPi is 100% a private non commercial project from smyp. Steve only uses it in his Jurrasic Park and fixed a few things. Look who started the thread here

taking form other projects - Neither did I ever make a colorization nor did I use your files in any kind. That is PinballSP

I asked you many times to bring legal proof for your claims, but the fact that you continue to spread nothing but false allegations blaming things on me which I have nothing to do with, proves that you have absolutely no proof.

#351 1 year ago
Quoted from russdx:

It was not the personal use of the pinDMD2 that annoyed me it was the fact you created a thread on a public forum and with very clear and detailed instructions told every one else how to do it as well!!! Why do this? The only outcome of that move was that it would hurt my sales, as of course every one would rather go down the free route then help support a product in a niche market. That's what really annoyed me! And then the store owner just plain out right created/sold clones FROM YOUR INSTRUCTIONS (he would not of been able to do this without your help!) is where I drew the line and legal threats were made.
Stuff like this just sucks the life out of being creative/innovative in this hobby and destroys all enthusiasm I have to create products like this.

You are totally right ! Problem was that pindmd2 was not available in the EU that days and I think also not in the US (not 100% sure). My first contact to you was with the question were to get a pindmd2 in Europe.

In fact I never published the correct pinout but only a wild guess. If you read the thread closely you will see that it started with the question if another pindmd2 user could measure the pinout. The very next post was from (djjoke) who was already planning to bring a clone to market.


I'm a step ahead of you.
Have already ordered another board to
To make the problem out of the world ....
Hope it works and Virtuapin does not stress.

He told me in a PM that he had the approval from you, which seemed to be a big misunderstanding. I personally was only happy to have a solution for my cab.

However my question in flippermarkt came handy for Noah from Virtuapin to delete my posts in vpforums about pin2dmd a few weeks later to get rid of the competition against pindmd3 which was already planned but not announced.

#353 1 year ago
Quoted from russdx:

Weather it was available or not does not give any one the right to steal it or give out instructions on how to steal it.
Next time I try to watch a tv show from the states and i'm told its not available in the UK, ill just steal it from a torrent site instead but hey its ok its not available to me in the uk so its ok just stealing it instead!
Some really worrying logic there!

Talk to DJJoke about that.

What about your logic ! I think you want to protect yourself from Noah blameing you that this happend because one thing you seem to ignore on purpose - You pointed me to that direction !!! I even asked you for the schematics for pindmd2, which you denied to give me, but pointed me to the vishay dmd display pdf instead. I think from Noah´s point you were also not allowed to give out that information.
Although you were aware that I was trying to use non pindmd2 hardware with your firmware, you helped me to do it.

#358 1 year ago
Quoted from russdx:

No ones blaming me because i did nothing wrong. Even if I did point you to a vishay pdf It was just pointing you to a document that is open for any one to view any way. Its not a secret document its just a vishay DMD data sheet.
No matter what you say or want to play it (and its obvious you will never admit what you did so pointless conversation as it has been for the past 2 or 3 years) YOU stole my firmware and told the community how to illegally install it on none pinDMD2 hardware and basically how to steal pinDMD2 functionally and get it for free I dont care what you say or what excuse you have or tell your self. That is what happened and hopefully it has opened a few peoples eyes to what sort of person you are (and pinballsp is going down the same illegal road by the looks of it)
I give up going over the same thing over and over (as does colorDMD im sure)
Probably time I just block you as nothing will ever change. Im just waiting my breath.

May I remind you that you started it again ? What ever "truth" suits you and colorDMD best to continue your life in peace, I´m o.k. with it.

#362 1 year ago
Quoted from mayuh:

Wow. I tried to say nothing in this thread, yet I can't.
Why don't you all just get along. Join forces. I can't believe any of you can make a profit in a niche niche niche market. I see colordmd has to make a living on selling their hardware, yet I doubt they could make any profit if they'd have to pay the artists coloring the frames using regular rates. I'm in the same position, i do the 3D translites. If Henrik had to pay my regular fee, the translites would be 800+. I do it, because it's a relaxing task compared to my every day job (others pay a consultant lol!), I have the know how and I'd like to contribute to the community.
Guys, from a customer point of view (I have 8 colordmds, 3 pin2dmd and a godmd clock) it's sad to see how much energy you spend fighting each other. Go have a beer, make a pot with the profit (I doubt there is any lol!) and share it the way you all contributed to the whole thing.
When I did the animations for the alternative DemoMan roms, I had to build a DMD simulator from the scratch. I'd have loved to use any of your solutions.
I know, I know... you 4 won't have a beer in the near future. But maybe, just maybe, you realize that all of you have something to share with each other and (insert egoistic reason here) others would benefit from that.


#371 1 year ago

Always (not only) one step ahead

PIN2DMD XL Baywatch colorization

#374 1 year ago

Now who is toxic ?
You are right Luis, your hardware looks better, but I prefer a future proof modular design, where different circuits are seperate and user upgradeable, over all-in-one custom made boards which only look better. But that is just my personal taste.

#393 1 year ago

Luis, I hope you stay healthy and never have to go to hospital, because this was the reason for all the comments you posted above.
They all received their devices and they are happy pin2dmd users now, just like hundreds of others which requested a activation key from me. About keeping promises, what about yours ?

Quoted from pinballsp:

First firmware version for DMDMK64 will be avaible soon, probably for the begining of January, also I think SEGA 192*64 will release for same date.

Or did you talk about january 2018 ? Obviously realistic self-assessment does´t seem to be a part of your personality.

#402 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

DMDMK66 192*64 SEGA compatible, is already tested and works 100%, so it is ready for sale.

Is this what you call 100%

There is an error in the last line

1 week later
#413 1 year ago

The nature of a patent is that it has to be very specific and only this specific realisation is covered by it.
What you try to do is claiming that colorization in combination with pinball machines itself is protected by your patent by quoting single words like hash and mask. This wouldn´t work in front of a judge and you know that. Sadly the only alternative you see is telling lies. It seems to be the only way you are able to deal with competition. The history is full of those lies

With smartdmd you tried to claim that modified ROM images and pixels in the upper left corner are also covered by your patent because it uses tags and lookup tables.

Allow me to copy the post from PMD from here, when you tried to knock him off with your tenuous arguments
You can almost replace SmartDMD with PIN2DMD

Dear Randy,
I’ve talked with Oga and we are both in agreement. If ColorDMD and SmartDMD can’t coexist in this “cutthroat world of aftermarket pinball modding” then we’ll give our color packages away for free – this would be our gift to the pinball community. We partnered up on this project because we are likeminded pinball hobbyist and we share the same vision. If we can make a few bucks along the way in order to fund our pinball addiction - great. If we can’t, well that doesn’t change our vision.
We can either play nicely together or we’ll colorize every SAM machine for free. I’ll let you decide what PMD does moving forward. Here’s a tip – the more negative you (or your supporters) get the more I’m motivated to colorize SAM machines for free. I like money, but I value my principals more. Again, this is a hobby for us, so we have absolutely nothing to lose. Can you say the same? Maybe you should focus your time and energy on your own product, making it the best it can be instead of worrying about what we’re doing. Maybe a little completion is just what you need to step up your game. Personally, I welcome the challenge. I’m not going to out “race” you, I’m simply going to hunker down and out work you. If you’re worried about SmartDMD now, you haven’t seen anything yet. Game on…..
PS - I hope you guys have a great 2015. I'm pretty PMD will.

#416 1 year ago
Quoted from russdx:

After that great speech(PMD) did they ever release a product or even colour any games?

PMD himself did ACDC and Metallica. Shrek,POTC, Family Guy and some more where done by the community.
PMD sold the kits in his shop.

#418 1 year ago
Quoted from Dmod:

The patent is defined by its claims which are required to be very specific. If you want to play games I'll cite them here. There's nothing general about them. And I'll remind you again, that prior to this work the only known method for colorizing pinball frames was simple graylevel-to-color mapping.
And the SmartDMD discussion that you're referencing was designed while Olivier (Oga) and I were exchanging emails about how to incorporate his idea of modifying game ROMs for reception by the ColorDMD using our existing hardware architecture. I still have all the emails. This was more than a year before MikeD got involved and tried to productize and sell SmartDMD.

... and again you take some parts of your patent which may be more or less suitable and claim that this a legal proof for whatever kind of infringement.

Let me explain it in a very, very easy way.

ColorDMD is a petrol engine.
PIN2DMD is a diesel engine.

I don´t expect that you understand that even if you had a patent on petrol engines it never ever would cover a diesel engine. Otherwise there would be no motivation for anybody to invent something that is similar to something that already exists. You may think different but patents are not a tool to avoid competition. Competition is something that drives inventions.

Now go on copying whatever parts of your patent into this or any other thread and believe whatever suits your ego best.

#420 1 year ago

As I said, I didn´t expect you to understand that diesel and a petrol engine are different despite the fact they both use a cylinder and a piston.

Sorry to say, but your personal satifaction is not really on our todo list. I think it is better you do that yourself.

#435 1 year ago
Quoted from Dmod:

Really? Here's Limpan's post on the first page of his Run-DMD clock thread from two years ago.

And who is Limpan ? Steve was talking about Torbjörn the inventor of Run-DMD and you quote a post of a run-DMD user ?

Quoted from Dmod:

Here's russdx's VPForums post from December 2015, speaking out against Lucky's direct copying of his pinDMD code and integration in PIN2DMD.

In that post he was speaking out against selling pindmd2 clones which was absolutely illegal.
As you can see here I´m neither the owner of that shop nor do I have anything to do with it
BTW pinDMD code was never public, so how could I possibly copy it ?

Quoted from flynnibus:

Which is patentable and has passed that check multiple times.

Yes, it passed because it is very specific like eg. replacing a dotmatrix display by a highres LCD display. PIN2DMD was the first controller which replaced a monochrome dotmatrix display by a color LED dotmatrix display.
So how could a patent cover something which definitely didn´t exist before ?

Funny that every time you abuse your patent to get rid of competitors, the same hand full of people show up to enforce your tenuous arguments. It is getting boring how you are desperately seeking arguments, because you don´t have real ones.
Have fun with your buddies here. This discussion is nothing but a loop and a waste of time.

#440 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Because you don't understand the scope or bounds of the patent.
The actual display technology (LCD vs LED) itself is not part of the claim nor boundary of the patent.

From the patent text:
6. The device of claim 1 wherein the early generation display is a dot matrix display and the later generation display is a liquid crystal display.

Quoted from flynnibus:

It's clear you don't even understand the points raised and are just retreating to emotional arguments and hiding under the protection of the limited applicability of US patents.

I´m not hiding anywhere and why should a US Patent not be applicable in the US ?

Everybody can see that the situation is not even clear for Randy himself. Here he said about SmartDMD technology (which PIN2DMD uses for Stern)

Quoted from Dmod:

The SmartDMD display device implements a limited subset of ColorDMD's protected IP (US 8,773,452 B2) to generate a tag from the first eight dots (in this case, a palette identifier), and retrieve color information for the frame.

and then he said that he wanted to implement exactly that technology into ColorDMD because he did´t have it.

Quoted from Dmod:

And the SmartDMD discussion that you're referencing was designed while Olivier (Oga) and I were exchanging emails about how to incorporate his idea of modifying game ROMs for reception by the ColorDMD using our existing hardware architecture.

If the situation is as clear as you and your buddies like to believe, why don´t you use the patent to take legal action in the US instead of telling stories?

#457 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

A product of professional design, maximum quality.


Quoted from russdx:

Something wrong with the bottom row it only ever appears in white?

bw (resized).jpg

4 weeks later
#516 1 year ago
Quoted from Crash:

Question, those modules are 32 pixels high. Did you maybe get the wrong photo for 128x16?

There are no suitable panels with 16 pixel height available, that is why his mk66, as well as pin2dmd, uses the 16 rows in the middle of the 128x32 panel. I already finished the software part for pin2dmd and tested with Checkpoint and Star Trek. Whenever Luis will have the firmware ready it will look the same

#525 1 year ago
Quoted from freddy:

my check point has that humming sound so did my R&B is there any way to quite it or stop it? its annoying !

Look for solutions here

#526 1 year ago
Quoted from russdx:

The old animations did not have any shading? (on some really early games) So would either be really quick or maybe bit slower if now the user needs to manually add the shading for a better effect?

Shading is replaced by using different colors for certain areas. The animation with the street is a good example for that.
Street grey, borders of the street brown and trees green etc for example. I´m planning to do the colorization for my checkpoint as a test, but currently the pin2dmd editor has a little problem in 128x16 editing mode which needs to be fixed first before I can start.
I also could imagine to use the complete display (128x32) for replacement scenes, but you would need to make a new bezel for that.
That will work for all 128x16 machines except Checkpoint which has the display in the backglass area.

#567 1 year ago
Quoted from russdx:

Don't worry we won't, its not exactly hard to figure out

You don´t understand russdx. Only Luis can do magic

#583 1 year ago
Quoted from Sonic:

....I had to spend $500 on a solution for my Frankenstein (2 plasma's down by this point)....I wanted it to be LED for colorization potential -potential lifespan increase - simple to install - let alone work. Luis' product did exactly that....I can't see what could be negative about any of this....clearly PIN2DMD has some issues that have been noted on these threads ad nauseam, ColorDMD ain't got a big DMD pot to piss in....I just don't get why anyone has got anything bad to say here?

Luis is a good hardware designer and you can see that from the fact that he presented more hardware versions of dmdmk66 than software updates. I admit that PIN2DMD has some hardware issues (plug and play) but those will be addressed by the PIN2DMD hardware suppliers. From our side it still is a non-commercial (we forward every cent of the donations to charity) DIY hobby project based on generally available components.

I think the bad talk is just a reaction to the fact that Luis advertises his product in such a aggressive way with a "nobody is better than me" attitude while on the other hand for example he is still selling his DMDST32 hardware with PIN2DMD preinstalled.

You know yourself that the product you bought is not 100% working, most of the features are only announced and not even Luis knows when they will come. I really hope you end up with what you paid for some day.

1 year later
#808 44 days ago

Look who has done the real magic

full color support on a DMDMK66.

#810 44 days ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

The usual ones are already here, trying to provoke, instead of dedicating themselves to solving their problems, which are many, for example, these of the link. More entertaining than going to the circus.
And expect me to put on my happy socks, these of the Beatles, although today I already have some of Star Wars, may the force accompany us to suffer these trolls..

You are absolutely right about the link you posted. Waiting 8 months for a order to arrive is inacceptable but this is not in our hands.
The supplier referred to is like the other pin2dmd hardware suppliers only taking the public hardware information from our website and selling it. You are also still selling the dmdst32 for example which is based on our pin2dmd hardware information. Having a choice is always good and that is why we did the port. Not to provoke you, but to give the owners of your DMDMK66 hardware a alternative while they are waiting for your full color solution. The problem for the normal end user now is that you blocked easy SD card upgrade for 3rd party firmware by activating encryption in the uTasker bootloader. That means that currently you need a programming device to change from your firmware to pin2dmd. It is your choice (or the choice of your customers) wether you open up on this point and make a easy swap of firmwares possible. Maybe your socks help you making this decission.

#812 44 days ago

I think conversations of this kind lead to nothing. We all share the same hobby and since it is a hobby it should be fun.
I truely believe that collaboration is the key for such projects. I must admit that designing pcbs is not fun for me but Luis
seems to enjoy it very much. Maybe it is the opposite when it comes to programming.

#817 44 days ago

I only shared the personal experience I had with GGS as a customer, which (in the end) was never bad. Like many others I either received the product I ordered or got my money back. PIN2DMD is DIY project with information how to build the hardware which is needed for it available for everyone. So everyone who want´s to build or sell pin2dmd compatible hardware is free to do so. That is why we neither recommend nor ban a supplier.
To be able to sell preactivated panels the suppliers needs to donate double the amount directly to the institutions we support with our project (orphans home, children with cancer). If they get the donation, we supply the key to the donator for free, no matter who he is. The rest is regulated by the market automatically.

1 week later
#835 32 days ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

I almost have everything ready, I have worked with some source files available, although those are not the PAL dumps, but the "truth tables", I had to use other tools to generate the final JEDEC files.

So you use the files I created during a repair of a original controller board and uploaded to IPDB a while ago here to create the JEDEC files.
It would be nice if you would make them publicly available to the community also on ipdb.

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