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DMD Extender Update...

By DoctorPinball

5 years ago

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#2 5 years ago

Keep at it, David! You've got a great product and we're getting the word out. You should post some pictures and videos on here, too.

For anyone interested, I've got a thread here showing the DMD Extender in JP, including a solution for a DMD LCD and an apron screen simultaneously!

The cost is comparable to a new plasma and I don't imagine I'd ever go back to one of those for any game I can fit an LCD into. It's also a great product for tinkerers, DIYers and those who like flexibility. Don't let someone else decide which colors are good together in your game, make your own choices!

One enhancement that I think would make configuring the DMD Extender a lot easier would be real-time adjustments to colors, screen position, and screen size. I envision plugging a USB keyboard or mouse into the RPi and being able to make changes on-the-fly. It would alleviate a lot of the guess and check to getting the screen positioned correctly and getting colors to look right on the LCD.

Again, great product! Thanks for making it!

#11 5 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

This looks like a cool kit, but you still need 4-5 other items from other vendors like the screen, dvi converter,raspberry pi, cables and board. It would be much better if the kit had everything you need for an install. I understand thats difficult and you'd have to stock these things, but shipping individual components will really add up for us USA customers and we won't be able to install it without all of the pieces. Plus the cost is variable where you get the additional items. $260 US is the base cost without the 5 items mentioned which would add another $150 US.
You've made great progress!

The price of $260 David gives is the total cost. The DMD Extender costs about $100 USD, so if you add your estimated $150 of other components, you come to $250.

#36 5 years ago
Quoted from Miguel351:

"Bespoke" is the English for the more American term: Custom.

Funny, I actually had to look it up to figure out it was British colloquialism and what it meant! I came up up with definitions about tailored clothes. I've watched a number of British shows, too, and guess I never picked up on this one.

And just so that I have something to say that's on-topic, that LOTR color palette looks awesome! Try getting that scheme on another DMD replacement product. Flexibility and precise user choice is where it's at!

#44 5 years ago
Quoted from softwaretroll:

LOL....Not true. I didn't have much success on my POTC. Yet!

winteriscoming.....I need a British translation...."sympathetic" scheme for a Dracula????? I never noticed the DOHO before. I wonder what that is.
Here are the settings for the first BSD screen shots above.

Now we have to figure it how we can mount the LCDs in these pins, and buy some more!!!!

redonblackspeccy1.JPG 29 KB

redonblackspeccy2.JPG 15 KB

I have to admit, I don't know those either.

How does the DMD mount in these games? In my JP there are posts around the outside and a bracket behind. The LCD fit between the posts and it was possible to tighten the bracket down to secure the the LCD in place. The worst I had to do was cut the speaker panel a bit so the LCD could stick out above it. An alternative would be a custom speaker panel. There's someone who posted in Crash's thread showing a couple of custom panels.

#50 5 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

I probably had to remove the SD card at least 10 times to get everything dialed in. A couple of times the Pi didn't boot, and reseating the SD card solved it. So these boards may have weak SD slots as well.

I'm going to try adding an SD Extension cable. I hate getting everything back together, decide I want to change something, and then I have to take the backglass out, fold down the speaker panel, and open the backbox to get to the SD card every time. I'm hoping with the cable, I'll be able to have the SD card sticking out just above the LCD panel, so only the glass has to be removed to make changes.

It's pretty expensive for what it is, but I'm going for it. I'd say once you had your configuration down, you could remove the extension and use it in another game.

amazon.com link »

3 months later
#65 5 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

I don't see any way that an LCD will physically fit behind a speaker panel that small. Plus the controller circuitry would have to be integrated or designed separately, which isn't going to happen. We already have LED replacement displays by PinLED.

I just picked up a Hook, so now I'm interested in DMD Extender support. The width of the 128x16 display is the same as the standard one, so we're only having to deal with limited height from an installation perspective. I measured and I believe Hook could support the same type of LCD I put in JP after a few backbox bulbs are removed. The LCD would just stick out above the speaker panel more, but the overall installation method should be the same.

My hope is that some kind of adapter could be spliced into an existing display driver (working, but with an outgassed display maybe) to get the appropriate signals to the DMD Extender.

#69 5 years ago
Quoted from Schwaggs:

Any plans on incorporating the circuitry to directly interface with common laptop panels to make a cleaner installation? I know this isn't the primary purpose of your board so totally understand if you don't have plans to do so...

I doubt he'd be able to compete with China on a cost effective solution. Check out pics of some of the installations. Even with the LCD driver board, it can all be made to fit pretty well.

7 months later
#75 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Every try it on the 128x16?

It's currently not compatible. The 128x16 will require an extra input pin that the DMD Extender doesn't currently utilize and isn't wired for. Then software would have to be updated to accept the signals and display appropriately. Also the signals can't just be taken from a simple connector. You've got to figure out all the points on the board where the necessary signals are and tap into them. I don't think Dr Pinball is interested in it at this point due to the complexity required on the customers' end, and I can completely understand that. I've also discussed it with Oga83 (of SmartDMD fame) and have even figured out signal points and done some tests with him, but nothing of note has come of it yet. I think we both had things come up and just haven't gotten back to doing further tests.

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