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Dixieland Bingo - Tilt fault won't let me register games or play

By Wasman50

1 year ago

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    #1 1 year ago

    Looking for ideas on getting my Dixieland up and running. I bought my dream pinball that I used to play in the 70's. It was a 5 hr drive, played it, disassembled it for placing in my pickup (removed head after unplugging 4 connections, and removed the legs). Reassembled in my basement, played for about 5 minutes, used all my games, and then the "tilt light" started flashing. I couldn't get games on counter either by adding quarters or manually tripping the wire at coin mechanism. Everything on machine lights up at start, counter kicks in about 20 seconds after turning on, immediately followed by tilt light flashing. I have reconnected plugs, changed fuses even though they looked good, and played with tilt bobber and wire to make sure nothing was touching wrong spot. Manipulating bobber by hand while tilt flashed, did nothing. I placed 3 balls in a winning combination trying to get games, and that failed. Numbers where balls were placed, didn't even light up on their respective cards.I am a complete amateur on working on pinball electronics. I dont know one relay from another. This machine is a DL1356, from 1979 ( carved on the side). It was converted to a digital. There is no paperwork (schematics, etc). Seller said he never had this problem, and to check for loose connections somewhere? I tried lifting playfield (after removing 4 screws on border), but it wouldn't budge. Just wanted a better look for something obvious. Looking through the front door, there's not much wiring under the playfield. I live in Erie, Pa. 3 people in the area who said they may know someone to work on pinballs, resulted in 0 calls to me. Very frustrating that I can't even get anyone here to look at it. Maybe saying "digital" scares people more? It's been 3 weeks now with an "inoperative" Dixieland. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also open to possible repairmen who may service my machine. Erie is about 1 1/2 - 2 hrs from Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Buffalo. Thanks for letting me vent. I have plenty of other pics if someone needs.
    Jack (old guy just trying to relive his youth)

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    #2 1 year ago

    Sure looks like there was a fire on one of your boards - I'm guessing the components in the burned area are toast and likely the continuity/traces are shot as well. That'll need someone familiar with repairing boards to go over it and clean it up.

    Without paperwork for the conversion, it's hard to know what might be wrong, but based on my experience with other solid state games, I'd say that's a good starting point.

    Did that happen since you've owned it?

    #3 1 year ago

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm pretty sure that "black condition" was on the board when I bought it. When we played a few games at home, at the end of the game, and the tilt light flashed, we didn't see or smell anything like "burning or fire." I just checked connections in the darkened area, and didn't see any burned connections. Fuse nearby is good also. I'll attach a few more closeup pics of the area. If something did burn up, I would think one of our connections was bad, on reassembly?

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    #4 1 year ago

    problem is without documentation, there's no way to know what a flashing tilt light means.

    usually on solid state games an error code would be displayed on the credit display.

    since the game was working until you ran out of credits, I'd check the plug connections between the head and the cabinet and the cabinet to coin door. Pull the plugs and look for discolored pins and/or burnt plastic shells.

    also, you have all the balls in the game they are the same ones that came with the game?

    lifting the playfield was normally done by removing the 4 screws on the two long edges, pulling back the shooter and hooking your finger in the ball return hole. Lift front of playfield then slide out while lifting to clear the head overhang.

    without docs, a repair guy can only do what you can do ... fiddle with the plugs, fuses and verify none of the tilt switches are stuck closed. After that, unless there are reset/diag switches on the boards or inside the coin door, it's just guessing and reverse engineering the circuits ... which wouldn't be cost effective. You could just buy another working game for less.

    is that the game power switch under/in front of the pendulum tilt?

    #5 1 year ago

    Hi! Interesting comment about the solid state showing an error code at the credit display. I will post a pic for you to see. There's "00" on the right of the counter, and a "1" to the left of counter, but also a faint "L" appears sometimes, to the left of the "1." The bright light to the left of the display, is the tilt light flashing. No documentation is a problem. The balls are the same game balls. I can't get that playfield to budge (raise) after taking out the 4 screws and pulling back the plunger. No movement! I read somewhere some games had a latch underneath for release, but I didn't see one.The bolt you see sticking out, on wall by the bobber, was supposed to eliminate games, after a payout, when pressed from outside. Its decomissioned. The power switch is under the machine on the right. I will also unplug and replug everything again, and hope to get lucky. Thanks for the advice!

    #6 1 year ago
    IMG_8948 (resized).JPG
    10 months later
    #7 4 months ago

    Check the tilt bob to make sure its not in permanent tilt mode. I would even remove it from the ring or put tape around it to make sure. When you reconnected the head, did you mark all the connectors? I think the three large connectors can be plugged into the wrong positions. The coin door has a tilt switch in it, make sure that isn't closed. I don't think it's a board problem because the game is booting.

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