Dixieland Bingo -Dim lights

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Dixieland Bingo -Dim lights

By TheWiz

86 days ago

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#1 86 days ago

So finally everything is working on my Dixieland except for one simple problem but as I have found out, nothing is simple on a bingo, lol.

All lights work but the lights for the "All Scores Double-Double" and "All Scores Double" are very dim. I am thinking these are the ones at K-5 on the schematic coming off the X2X2 random disc but am not positive since I can't get wire colors to match. They have 2.3 vac across them.

I have cleaned the X2X2 disc and inspected the wipers and also doubled cleaned all the Jones plugs. I will post a picture from my phone shortly. Any ideas for what to look at is appreciated.

#2 86 days ago

IMG_4174 (resized).JPG

image (resized).jpg

#3 86 days ago

So the wire colors do match and those are the lights. What is interesting is that both the 1-2-3 trip and 4-5-6 trip relays trip as soon as I turn power on, which does not seem right. Return for the light power go through contacts on those relays and the selection disc. Time to look at the selection disc again.

#4 86 days ago

Not sure what would happen if they didn't trip on the game before powering down, and your selection disc was above that level. I would imagine they would tirp immediately upon startup.

By 123/456, you mean the 7th and 8th coin feature (red diagonals) correct?

Yes, double-check your selection disc and make sure all fingers are clean. There are small feeder wires that go to the spider on that disc, and one may be partially broken. Give a gentle, but firm (what?*) tug on each of those small wires with the power off. If one snaps off in your hand, that was probably the issue(s).

* Tug lightly - or use a dental pick or spring installation tool.

#5 86 days ago

No, not diagonals. In the reset bank top and nextto the top qre the 1-2-3 trip relay and 3-4-5 trip relay. Switches on those relays provide power to the lights through the selection disc.

#6 86 days ago

Wiz, not being familiar with you game, I noticed , on the schematic,
that a lot of the lamps(bulbs) are in series. Make sure you are using
the recommended lamp(47, 44, etc.)I know on my game, if the
proper lamp is not used, some lamps are so dim I could hardly see
Terry K

#7 86 days ago

Terry's advice is spot on - the x4 (double double) lamp uses a 55 and the x2 uses a 47. Using the wrong size bulbs (both look like 47s in the pic) will cause some weird stuff to happen.

The circuit is balanced between the two types of bulbs and the resistance of one feeds another. The circuit runs through both lamps.

#8 86 days ago

I will some #55s in there and see. I worked on the selector unit some more and that help a little, but not much. There had been a problem is the past where a couple of the wipers shorted out a burned the ends off. Right now they are riding on the broken ends of the wiper since there are no contact left on them. I checked continuity and it is okay. I will address this at a later time.

#9 86 days ago

Some wiper design does not have a contact on the end, typically on very short runs from the center. I didn't think there were any of those on the selector for a Dixieland, but I've been wrong many times in my life.

If there were, that would explain what you are seeing. If not, I'd love to know how that got so roughed up!

#10 85 days ago

#55 lamps in the correct place did the trick, thanks. I should have realized something was up since they were in series. I was using my small schematic and did not notice the note about the lamps.

#11 85 days ago

@bingopodcast checkout this photo. It is from a couple of days ago when I was chasing a different problem.

IMG_4167 (resized).JPG

#12 85 days ago

Great! And yes, that's normal, believe it or not! Looks like someone mashed them a little, but they are supposed to sit across the rivets directly.

#13 85 days ago

with the burn on the adjacent rivet in the pic looks like the edge of he wiper was bent down and arcing to that rivet.

you probably don't need to do anything as long as the unit steps/resets without snagging... looks like most of the burned away metal is normally off the rivet surface anyway.

#14 85 days ago

It works fine. I cleaned the disc up and buzzed out all the connections. Stepping and resetting is fast and smooth. Thanks to everyones help the game is 100% working now.

The only thing left for me to do is figure out how to win on it and to understand why I get 20 for 4 in a row on card 1 instead of 16 like the instructions say I should get. I wll worry about that later. I am going to start on Tahiti now.

#15 85 days ago

Payouts for four and five in a row are Selectable - if I recall correctly you have to solder a wire to a different lug to change it on the replay counter for the card, but this is called out in the manual. Playing Dixieland is a lot of fun, enjoy!

#16 84 days ago

attached is what was on the back side of the stock market score cards. Dixieland is similar, but you have to solder instead of using a plug. It's not obvious in the manual what to do to change the pay, but the diagrams hint at the connection changes.

note also the dixieland cards probably say NA3, NA3A or NA3B in the lower left corner. NA=Nashville, so look for scans on that game page on bingo.cdyn.com. There's no score reproductions in svg/png format, didn't seen necessary. If they are needed, yell.

Probably missing an instruction card for dixieland, so either a good scan or a repro is needed for that.

the cards are in the manual, but the colors are missing. If you have a picture of the instruction cards with color, that'll help for making reproductions.

if your score cards say DI on the bottom left corner, upload a picture.

siscan-stock_market-2 (resized).png

#17 83 days ago

IMG_4223 (resized).JPG

#18 83 days ago

The old one was in bad shape so I scraped it off. It says NA-3 in the corner. The red is really faded but you can make it out.

#19 83 days ago

it's the D-2 card I need to see the pictures of - page 51 in manual has the text, but I'd be guessing at the colors.

your game is wired to pay like stock market/nashville 3A card, assuming card 6 pays 44/300 for a 4/5-in-line.

I modified the score card scans for Nashville and Dixieland on bingo.cdyn.com, so your choice whether your want 3, 3A or 3B scoring. Below is page two of the scans for dixie

siscan-dixieland-2 (resized).png

#20 83 days ago

Thanks @baldtwit . I wil l try you get you pictures of the X2X2 disk this week from the parts machine and will look to see what card it has on it..

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