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Dipsy Doodle Credit unit connections


84 days ago

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#1 84 days ago

Hi there, i'm trying to get a dipsy doodle back from the dead,sofar so good. Got some life back into it, but since creditunit was missing i cannot start a game the normal way,at this time after adding credits by pushing doorswitch the game kind of starts hanging on 1 player and most of the time behaves kind of weird,outhole and kicker staying energized once switch was made and keep on firing untill game is shutoff or reset relais is pushed.
now stuck on a credit unit that was completely missing,found a substitute but now i'm in deadlock,being somewhat colorblind, faded colors on the wires and not being able to read scematics correctly.
Maybe there is someone out there who can give me some clues how to properly reconnect the 11 wires to the correct lead?
Also someone has fiddled with two wires of a different color and made a crimpconnection.

20200728_152803 (resized).jpg20200728_152810 (resized).jpg20200728_154558 (resized).jpg
#2 83 days ago

It may be easier to get the rest of the game working before replacing the missing Credit Unit. That would let you solve smaller problems one at a time. Splicing in a Credit Unit from another game might not be as straightforward as matching wire colors especially if you don't know which game the replacement came from.

I think the only connection you really need from the Credit (or Replay) unit is this one:
Dipsy Doodle Replay Unit sw (resized).jpg
If you can find the two wires in red and tie them together that will allow the Replay relay to fire which should allow the game to start. In fact it may be the very connection someone has already made to your game. You'd want to double check with a meter to verify.

Quoted from DV8R:

outhole and kicker staying energized once switch was made and keep on firing untill game is shutoff or reset relais is pushed.

Does the Outhole relay release once the ball has been kicked to the shooter lane? If not check the lock in circuit in red:
Dipsy Doodle Outhole relay (resized).jpg
The Make/Break switch on the Score Motor should open to cut power to the Outhole relay.


#3 83 days ago

Thanks Mark, i will try to look into that,after hollidays, good thinking on not connecting credit unit just yet,i just thought things would be more easy for me because then things are like they should be,and a game would start by the credit button also allows me to check if all 4 players are good to go.

Game GI lites up by left flipperbutton,but to start the game i need to push on some credits inside of coindoor.
So now there is no way i can choose for multiple players
Actually the machine acts with some strange behavior i haven't figured out yet.Done rebuilding ALL units, pop's en half of scorereels, seems to work all fine, just having trouble with right position of switch on coin unit, think it was upside down. it should be closed in reset position and open at all others,being pushed upwards open by the small rod.
At this moment after cutting away some undefined non standard wiring,(see pics)things seem to get even worse and though most functions seem to be working, now accurs a loud transformator hum and magnet for bug and newly installed chimebox coil(getting hot) have lost half their power,when through switch is activated humming gets down to normal.
Give me some time, i'll get back to this.
P.s. Weird ITT thing cut away, leads back to normal and installed a proper used coil

20200603_202317 (resized).jpg20200603_202347 (resized).jpg
#4 83 days ago
20200728_191510 (resized).jpg
#5 83 days ago

When i first got the game, startbutton whas rigged with credits ,having scoremotor on all time. solved all that,but game does not start now by startbutton.

20200606_113959 (resized).jpg20200606_114011 (resized).jpg
#6 82 days ago

Machine is long gone, so this is all I can give you.

DSCF4046 (resized).JPGDSCF4047 (resized).JPGDSCF4048 (resized).JPG
2 months later
#7 3 days ago

Update; Thanks for Pics!
So, by now i've got the machine close to 100% working, and the gameplay is flawless
Resoldered the connections on the credit unit to my best knowledge and most things are functioning like they should.
Left Flipperbutton switches game on,Gi works,middle and right coinchuteswitches produce credits on the wheel,credit light comes on.(i did not yet tinker with freeplay on the two creditunitswitches),Game over lite is on,ball in play lites are off,number of players is still on at last gamemode.
After having credits on the wheel, pushing startbutton starts 1 player game,3 or5 ball depending on setting,game works perfectly, cycles throug all player up and ballnr count lites.
Now the problem; i can not get the machine to start 2-4 player games in the normal way by pressing or holding startbutton!
This i can only acieve by repeatedly briefly connecting two loose wires which should be attached to the left coinchuteswitch,these wires where previously jumpwired to the startbutton.
By this manner it is possible to make the machine react in normal multiplayer way,that is, number of player lites shift from 1 to 4 and game proceeds normal.No credits visiblecredits are added in this way but maybe are instantly deducted.
The strange thing is, after i had the "adjust 25ct plug" in 6 position,this was no longer applicable,briefly connecting the wires then caused rapid giant leaps on the creditwheelcount so that in 3 steps the maximum of 17 credits was acieved but no multiplayergame was able. So i put the jumper back to its original position.
The final minor thing is what bothers me is, althoug there is a switch on the creditunit which activates knocker when pressed manually, it does not knock when "add credit solenoid" is activated by coinswitch,does this have anything to do with the speed the switch is operated?
And though Matchswitch is set on, i've never ever heard knocker ingame.
Please advise

20201017_123943 (resized).jpg20201017_124230 (resized).jpg20201017_124417 (resized).jpg
#8 3 days ago
Quoted from DV8R:

althoug there is a switch on the creditunit which activates knocker when pressed manually, it does not knock when "add credit solenoid" is activated by coinswitch,does this have anything to do with the speed the switch is operated?
And though Matchswitch is set on, i've never ever heard knocker ingame.

There are a few more switches that have to be closed for the knocker to knock.

For a switch to work 3 things are necessary:
1) When open, there should be a small space between the contact points (duh)
2) When closing, the long blade's contact point should push the short blade's contact point enough to move the short blade
3) The contact points should be clean, which they usually will be if #2 is happening

pasted_image (resized).png

#9 3 days ago

Okay! tnx, now i see the relation between the problems with the coinswitches and maybe the knocker not functioning in normal game.
When i activate switch manually the Knocker works fine.

Still could use some advice to tackle problems mentioned above.

#10 2 days ago

If the knocker works when you activate the switch manually but not during a game, how big is the gap on the Replay unit end-of stroke switch?

Does the knocker work during a game if you run a temporary alligator clip jumper wire from the yellow wire on the transformer to the orange-red wire on the knocker solenoid coil?

#11 2 days ago

Yeah!, got the knocker working just fine,somehow after adjusting switchblades,and set option jack to replay then altered one of the coloured jacks to lower highscore setting, and all works fine, in match and in highscore.
Keeps me busy on my initial problem of not starting multiplayergame with startbutton.
Since this is my first Williams EM i own,it maybe sound a bit dumb question but is it normal to have 2nd to 4th player activated by startbutton or not?
The Instructioncard got me confused when it says; "Insert one coin and wait for machine to reset before inserting coin for next player."

#12 1 day ago
Quoted from DV8R:

s it normal to have 2nd to 4th player activated by startbutton


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