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Diner Go Boom

Letter received on Thursday August 29th 2013.

Thursday August 29th 2013


Have a diner machine that will no boot up all the way. Only on of the 3 lights stays on and a few lights on the playfield work, others do not and no sound or display. I had the MPU board worked on with new sockets/chips at u26, U27 along with replacement PIA chip. This board works in repairman's diner machine but not mine.

I got the board back after repair, then machine began to start with some coils in lower playfield trying to fire, then nothing. Still one of three lights on LED diagnostics, some playfield flasher were on for a second, then nothing. Has a few GI lights on, but still no display,

sound, etc. I did notice that Fuses F3,F4,F8 on the Aux. Power board were blown now. What could cause these to blow.

I would greatly appreciate any tips on getting this up and running. Thanks for your time and expertise!


Dear Hungry

I would unplug some of the lines going out from the CPU and then see if the game boots up.

I am thinking you have a bad problem in the game, or you mixed up connectors or got ribbon cables on backwards and blew some stuff up. The gray ribbon cables have a red stripe on one side and this should go to pin one each end.

Next up you might need to try it, and your other boards in your repair guys game to figure out what is damaged and what needs fixing. Sorry.

LTG : )

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