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Dialed In vs Twilight Zone

By SprSnc

2 years ago

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“Dialed In or Twilight Zone?”

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#1 2 years ago

I'm interested in adding a Lawlor pin to complement my only/first pin Star Wars Pro. Between DI and TZ, which do you think has the better playfield layout and ruleset? Themes are equally good to me. Thanks!

#2 2 years ago

this is one of those rare comparison threads where you can't make a bad decision.


#3 2 years ago
Quoted from bigehrl:

this is one of those rare comparison threads where you can't make a bad decision.

Agree 100%! Not only games with the same designer, but the same programmer. I have both-- I've had TZ for a long time and absolutely love it, but owned DI for two weeks so still in the honeymoon phase. I seriously doubt my opinion of DI will change, but know that it takes a year before I really know if a game will stick with me. TZ is a proven classic and I never tire of it, but DI is such a leap in technology. Also, DI has great flow whereas TZ is more stop and go. You can't go wrong with either. It may come down to what you can find locally vs buying new in box. (And the difference in price.)

#4 2 years ago

I have both, and I don't see either going anywhere. I've actually had Twilight Zone for over 10 years now, and I never get tired of it.

Dialed In has a bit more of a challenge to it on standard setup. Getting to the wizard modes is a much harder task and collecting all the SIM cards requires a lot of precise play. Twilight Zone has a bit more variation to it, but after owning it for a while, you'll find getting to Lost in the Zone isn't all that hard (though you'll be skipping modes to get there).

Both games are very casual friendly because someone can step up, flip around, and see fun and cool stuff. For a serious player, both games can also be set up to be quite hard and challenging, yet still fun. My TZ is set up so brutal that it humbles the best players in our league quite often.

Either game will provide a very noticeable change of pace from your Star Wars, and either one would compliment it well. I don't think you would have trouble selling either game for what you got into it if you find that it's not what you were expecting. But honestly, you can't go wrong with either game. Dialed In is the best new game in years, and I consider Twilight Zone to be the best game of all time. It's a true win/win scenario either way you go.

#5 2 years ago

I vote twilight zone.

#7 2 years ago

I don't know your repair skills so I would go with dialed in if your a newer owner

TZ can be a PIA sometimes

Both are awesome games TZ might be my favorite but DI is so damn good.

Either way you should be happy

wish I could afford to add either in my collection

#8 2 years ago
Quoted from bigehrl:

this is one of those rare comparison threads where you can't make a bad decision.

I have both and totally agree.

#9 2 years ago
Quoted from timtim:

I don't know your repair skills so I would go with dialed in if your a newer owner
TZ can be a PIA sometimes

True but DI comes straight from the factory with issues so it evens out

DI is awesome for sure...but TZ is still the GOAT!

#10 2 years ago

They are both good games. They are very different games in my opinion. Honestly, I would probably go with Twilight Zone because it’s a classic and everybody loves TZ. Dialed in is an excellent game too.

#11 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

True but DI comes straight from the factory with issues so it evens out
DI is awesome for sure...but TZ is still the GOAT!

I've been lucky. I haven't had to make a single adjustment. But hey, he has a Star Wars, so "dialing in" is something he'll be used to.

#12 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

True but DI comes straight from the factory with issues so it evens out
DI is awesome for sure...but TZ is still the GOAT!

Very true I have heard that DI can be a pain to get dialed in

#13 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

I've been lucky. I haven't had to make a single adjustment. But hey, he has a Star Wars, so "dialing in" is something he'll be used to.

I was lucky my SW didn't need any adjusting at all You never know what you're gonna get.

#14 2 years ago

Interesting post. I was planning to sell my TZ and buy DI. However, I have not played DI yet. I can't buy a new pinball machine without playing it 1st.

#15 2 years ago

Played both - I prefer TZ. But Dialed In feels more like a 'new' game for sure, better flow, more depth. But TZ never gets old for me. As everyone has said, you can't go wrong.

#16 2 years ago

DIaled in! Amazing lighting and effects and new modern lcd screen! Twilight zone is a nice pin, but these newer JJP pins make older Williams/bally pins feel outdated

#17 2 years ago

Both are great games. TZ would be a better choice if you want to tinker with your game. It’s older and going to require more maintenance and fixing, and it also has greater possibilities for mods.

Dialed-In will still require some tweaking and can be modded too but you’d probably spend more time working on a TZ than a DI.

Personally I like the future/retro feel of DI and think it has the best combo shots in all of pinball.

#18 2 years ago

The only thing I will say bad about Twilight is that i's slower than Dialed in....but I'm comparing a widebody to a standard so that has to factor in. Really tough call on this one.

#19 2 years ago

Dialed in is tz on steroids. Di by a lot.

#20 2 years ago

This will sound crazy but something to think about, I don't care for widebodys. They have a very different feel to me.
Do you like other widebody games?

Just something else to think about


#21 2 years ago

Just read "flashinstinct" post. Sorry didnt mean to be redundant.

#22 2 years ago

Twilight Zone because of the theme.

#23 2 years ago

Both are winners. DI is a lot like TZ being packed with features and lots of good shots. Both feel like a really solid, fun Lawlor game. I have to give the edge to TZ being an all star classic, better theme, and cheaper. You have powerball and a cool mini playfield. I never get tired of playing TZ and finally got one of my own. I would love to get a DI someday but need to play it more to see how it holds up.

#24 2 years ago

I'm not clamoring for either, but I would give the nod to TZ because of theme.

#25 2 years ago

Owned TZ years ago and miss it. Sounds, shots, everything, it's a really fun game.

Now own DI and it is even better. More flow (the ball just keeps going around and around with those combos), love the light show, sounds, artwork, rules and shots. But the theater and large display screen really put it over the top for me. I can't find anything I don't like about it.

So TZ is a "9" to me but DI is a "10".

#26 2 years ago

I vote DI. I want one myself. And I owned a TZ for quite a few years and loved it. DI has A LOT going for it.

#27 2 years ago

I wish DI was TZ themed.

#28 2 years ago

Have both beside one another .... Dile is a better shooter, much better flow, great magnet action , best lightshow ever, great code .
Tz is a top classic with tons going on , nice toys,tons shots and ways to approach it and the powerball is great.
Really cant compare them as one 25 years newer with modern tech and awesome features that make tz feel very dated. I havent played tz since dile arrived 7-8 month's ago which is y its getting sold.

#29 2 years ago

Having played both I prefer DI, but before you buy suggest playing it and TZ (if you can) just to make sure you like the way the pin feels. I have both Steve Ritchie pins, as well as a Pat Lawlor pin, and while I agree with you that variety is nice, most of the time I prefer the speed and flow of my Ritchie pins. Just something about them that works for me. That's why even though part of me wants to add some more variety to my lineup, I may end up getting SW as my next pin (need to go play it first though, plus come up with the funds). As my son reminded me, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Again, everybody has their pin play style preference, so if you try it and like it, then yes, go with DI or TZ (again between those two I would pick DI), the variety will be nice and you'll truly enjoy both of your pins. And if you try DI and TZ and don't love either, plenty of other designers/pins out there for variety.

#30 2 years ago

Own both, keeping both. You can't make a wrong decision here.

#31 2 years ago

Poll added for fun.

Thanks all for the input. Doesn't sound like I can go wrong here. Shame that neither are on location in the greater Houston area (apart from the pinball store downtown) to put more time on.

Price may be the deciding factor if I could find a nice TZ locally for $6K and save $3K-$4K (after tax/shipping) over DI.

#32 2 years ago

I would personally go for TZ then if there is that big of a price difference.

#33 2 years ago

Had a really nice TZ two years ago and it was a fantastic game but could make you really annoyed as it is very challenging and not for newbies to pinball. Got DI now and it's not making me annoyed at all, its wonderful and newbies like it as well. Add to that the modern tech and my vote goes to DI.

#34 2 years ago

I would have to go with Dialed In just because it is newer.

#35 2 years ago

Although I said "no wrong choice", I'd have to lean toward the DI, simply because my TZ's about to turn 25, and keeping _any_ 25-year-old piece of machinery up and running may be more of a continuing challenge than you're looking for in a _second_ machine.

#36 2 years ago

I’ve owned a TZ since 2003. I sold mine last year and got the one that Mike Chesnut used to own. Mike was a friend and the game is immaculate, so it’s bolted to the floor. I think it would compliment your SW pro better in a 2 pin collection.

I really like Dialed In as well and will probably get one at some point.

#37 2 years ago

I recommend TZ if you have never owned it before . It is such a classic and collectable . The music and sound effects by Chris Granner are a trip.
Good Luck in your choice .

#38 2 years ago

“No bad decison”++. Similar to other posters, I own both. Of all of my pins, TZ has been a maintenance nightmare. But: will never be leaving my collection (in fact, perversely love it even more because of the issues...and how they forced me to up my pinball repair IQ).

That said, since DILE joined the lineup in October I haven’t logged a single game on TZ. No doubt “honeymoon” effect, but I absolutely love the flow and the rules. SIM card collection one of the best designs for in-home longevity...cruel but fair way to create pressure in every game. (For the love of Lawlor, if you do get DI pls do not be tempted by the “save SIM” setting...bastardizes the experience IMO).

If you can find a decent TZ locally it will no doubt hold or increase value. And: can get one likely $3 or 4K less than DI. Would be a “no regret” decision, as long as the maintenance realities don’t scare you off. DI will be easier to find for some time. And: though I expect it to hold value, we’ll have to wait and see if that’s the case.

If you only have space or funds for 1, would honestly go DI. Especially if you have kids - with the light show, magnets, Selfie mode, etc...it’s made WOZ lonely (which - with grade school girls, never thought would happen).

#39 2 years ago

I don't think new machines are immune from maintenance nightmares. JJP games make me nervous with all the gear needed to run them. Some guys seem to have a lot of issues but also heard JJP worked out a lot of issues over the years.

What makes TZ a maintenance nightmare? I've always heard that but never any details other than the clock board which is an easy fix. I just picked one up and so far it doesn't seem that bad. I had to replace and tweak a few things but that's normal pinball stuff. Nice thing about TZ is that it's a really popular game with many out there so lots of parts available.

#40 2 years ago

I’ve had a TZ for about 5 years, then had to sell it. I miss it, and it is a great playing game. I had to do some basic repairs but it was pretty reliable. I just received my Dialed In, 2 weeks ago. I had a honeymoon phase for all the pins I have purchased, and even some regrets, within a couple of weeks, but I think the honeymoon phase for DI, will be way longer than anything else I have purchased. It really grabs me, in a good way.
I don’t think a pin has made me smile this much, in a long time. Now, in 3 years, I may change my tune, but I’ve got a real love affair going on with DI, that I really did not expect at all.

I did do some tweaking to Dialed In, like adding cliffy protectors, adjusting magnet rates, adding ninja pinballs, and I had an opto that came out of its place. Other than that, it’s been good. My build date was November. Really stoked about this one.
As always, I would suggest playing one, after learning the rules, before making a decision. Both are great games.

1 month later
#41 2 years ago


3 months later
#42 2 years ago

What did the OP decide on?

#43 2 years ago

Great choices here although game play is very different. Wide body vs standard body.

TZ has a great theme and a ton of unique features. Lost in the Zone is one of the coolest end modes in pinball. There is certainly a lot to do and great callouts from a bunch of the best games ever made.

DI has less of a theme but also a great variety of unique features. I've not been able to achieve as much on the game so the depth is likely there but I've never made it to the end. I will say it's a great game to shoot and the interaction with the game (selfie and emoji mode) will be a hit with your younger guests. This is why I voted dialed in. My kids love this aspect, as a 35 year old, I don't necessarily love it but seeing them enjoy it is all I need.

Good luck on your decision. Both games are great choices.

#44 2 years ago

Both are good games. The theme on TZ is the tie breaker for me.

#45 2 years ago

I’m shocked it’s this close. Just sold my TZ. Love the theme and gameplay was fun. But...In my opinion, the older games don’t hold a candle to the newer games.

#46 2 years ago

I love both pins, but I would easily choose DI because of all the modern tech. It gets pretty old fixing these WMS games. I hate to be the Kylo Ren of pinball but maybe it's time to let old things die.

1 week later
#47 2 years ago

I've owned TZ and now got DILE. TZ is wonderful but tough on new players. DI is also challenging but a bit more forgiving. The family likes DI much better. I prefer newer games with more bells and whistles so voted DI even if it's not as epic as TZ.

#48 2 years ago

I enjoyed owning my TZ a ton but after 10 years I wanted something new. However, I wouldn't have sold my TZ had not Dialed In not been built. Dialed In comes across as TZ 2.0 in my mind, a game designed and coded and worked on by many of the original TZ team. DI is such a cool and fun game designed by Pat Lawlor and coded by Ted Estes. I've been extremely impressed with the game so far.

#49 2 years ago

This comparison has stumped me the most of all of these. TZ absolutely slaughters with theme but DI succeeds on so many more levels with flow, depth and tech. Although old something about tz is still special. I just despise that power mini pf. Still it's such a classic. Haven't voted yet..... Great question

#50 2 years ago

I sold my TZ to get a DI, no regrets. TZ is a great game but I was done with it, time will tell how long DI lasts.

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