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#3356 1 year ago
Quoted from Mageek:

I am now on my second phone, JJ sent me a replacement. What I have now is color washed out in Yellow or Pink . I suspect the video card since it does not have anything supporting it other than the PCI connector itself. Usually a PC will have a bracket with a screw to hold cards in place, not sure why they didn't do that here, after all it is a pinball machine and will get shaken a lot more than most PCs will. To mitigate this I have added a couple strips of weather stripping to the PC cover to put pressure on the card and keep it from moving around. It hasn't occurred for a few days now since I did this. Time will tell if this fixes it for good or on to phone number 3.... Also added a pic of what I believe is the video card used -- MSI ATI Radeon HD6450

Interesting. I'm on my second phone as well for this very issue. I've reseated my video card with no results, but I didn't consider supporting it. Post back if your issue occurs again.

JJP is sending me a new video card in hopes that it will fix the wonky color issue. Mine didn't start happening until immediately after my update to 1.50, but I was experiencing blanking on the phone. Now my phone is always yellow or blue cast and will fix if I unplug the VGA cable at the back of the phone and reseat it. It still goes black once in a while too. : (

2 weeks later
#3532 1 year ago
Quoted from skondris:

So, I've tried to skim through this thread, but I didn't see this mentioned, forgive me if this is an old issue already talked through that I'm resurrecting, but, ever since the 1.52 update (I just did this last week), none of the GI LEDs are working on my DILE. :/
I've traced connections and checked them all, but still no joy.
any ideas on what I can try next?

If it happened immediately after the update, reinstall update. Also, check fuses.

#3537 1 year ago
Quoted from geoncic:

Sometimes (maybe 1 out of 10) when the ball ejects out of the phone scoop it barely hits the left sling post and will go straight into the middle drain.
Has anybody else had this problem? It seems level, but I'm using a 24" level across the entire cabinet to set it up. I may need to get a better level.
What about coil strength?

Do you mean the right sling? Sounds like you may want to up the coil strength a little. I had to lower my phone eject and adjust flippers after I updated code. This machine requires tuning of both flippers, phone scoop and theatre magnet, at least on my copy. Takes very little time, and I like the control.

#3538 1 year ago
Quoted from skondris:

I checked that board and all of it's connectors, all were seated good, I removed and reseated them all, still nothing.
which fuse is connected to these that I should check?

Did you try reinstalling the update?

I’m not sure how the fuse system works on DI as I haven’t had any reason to learn it yet. I’d just check them all, but as a previous poster said, it may not be the issue. Again, if it happened after the update, I would reinstall as my first course of action. Then I’d work backwards. What else did you touch? Did you raise the playfield? Did you adjust anything?

#3546 1 year ago
Quoted from mamemaster:

Ok- so I was having consistent trouble with my phone booting properly (I posted the issue here around page 61 or so) where only the lower 3rd would light up. The top 2/3's was blank.
Anyway, Stephen at JJP was able to send me a brand new video card and a new phone which I installed today. In case anyone needs a video card in the future I took a photo of the box- these are avail on Amazon for about $45 bucks.
With that all said- it seems to be working now. Interestingly something new its doing that it didn't before is that it says "auto configuring" then it clears (just like on a PC). My other phone never showed that- so perhaps there was something wrong w/the video card and phone. As of now after 15 or so reboots- its seems to be coming on each time.
He also sent me an audio sound isolator as I was getting a lot of audio noise. That gadget did the trick.
Before I switch these parts out I had to disconnect the VGA cord and reattach to get it to work. Obviously something wasn't quite right. Fingers crossed this was the fix and I'm done

I received a new phone and a new graphics card for my phone not casting colours correctly (usually red does not show), but it didn't fix the issue like it did with yours. I also tried several different VGA cords. Glad to see the fix worked for you!

#3548 1 year ago
Quoted from venom112:

Can someone take a look at this and see if I am imagining things. It feels and looks like the left flipper is not aligned quite right, I mean it feels like it is if by just a bit. Does the alignment look ok or does the left flipper look too low?

Definitely too low. Adjust it. I usually use a straight edge to make the flippers parallel to the guide rails, but DI has that hexagon, which makes it really easy. Adjust so that the bat is just touching that left point. Done!

#3561 1 year ago
Quoted from fnosm:

I found that by doing a fresh 1.50 complete install (fresh everything, redownloaded it, different usd drive etc...) then the 1.52 delta helped to correct my phone issues.

Were your issues similar to mine? Mine has the wrong colours, usually more yellow than it should be because it's missing the red. Sometimes the phone blanks and returns or stays blank. I can fix this issue every time by unplugging the VGA and reseating it. After I do this, it will show correct colours etc.

This did start happening after 1.50, so I have always assumed it to be software related. I did reinstall 1.50 several times, then updated to 1.52 with no difference. Actually, after the reinstall, the phone is perfect, but once I power off the game and boot it, the colour issue is there.

As I understand, your process was to reinstall 1.50 then immediately 1.52? I could try this again.

#3570 1 year ago
Quoted from hockeymag8:

I have been following this thread closely and playing a lot of DI on location - really love the game and leaning toward getting it but man - really does seem like a ton of adjustments and fixes. I know all games need adjustments (have had a decent amount on my AFMr). I do love the game and will probably eventually get it so thank you to everyone taking the time to post your issues and resolutions - extremely helpful. I read the AFMr threads religiously before and when I received my game and these postings really help a lot!

It doesn't need that much adjusting, and it's absolutely wonderful that you can adjust coils etc. If you buy a DI, you should do the following:

- Record the factory coil adjustments when you first turn on the game. The factory adjusts the coils so that the game plays well. Take a picture of the coil strengths.
- Play the game and make sure the theatre throws the ball back with pretty good velocity when it's supposed to. If not, adjust. See other threads on this.
- Your phone eject will likely be too powerful. Lower the coil strength until the ball burps out and hits the slingshot. Then add more strength until it lands on the flipper nicely.
- Lower the power of the left flipper to save wear and tear on the phone scoop and surrounding area. Lower it until you can't make the right ramp and raise it up until you easily can with pretty good velocity. This should prevent a lot of the air balls from this flipper.
- Add some oil/grease to the underside of the arm diverter, on the flat metal surface that the oblong rotator rubs against. It is metal on metal and grinds a dust over time. A LITTLE oil/grease helps with this.
- Cut the mylar around the theatre magnet. I haven't done this yet as the ball is cutting it for me. It likely won't be as smooth this way though :\

I always expect adjustments with any machine, and I'm VERY happy that JJP has embraced this. The mylar is a pain, but the rest is great!

#3580 1 year ago

The issue, to me, is the old protectors, which are still in my machine. They are sharp and create pretty good scratches on the balls. Then the balls scratch the playfield near the flippers. These scratches are very, very thin and could easily be buffed away. The clear is thick, so you don't have to worry about it. Look how thin the clear is on old W/B machines. They have scratches too, but you often can't see them because of the thin clear. It's not an issue at all, but owners of pins are like pixel peeping photographers: they seek perfection where perfection is simply not possible. It's a pinball machine. The playfield will scratch and dent from the metal balls.

Authentic cliffys will help keep the balls from scratching so heavily; I'm going to contact JJP to see if they'll send me a set as I hear they are installing them now at the factory. In the end, the clear on DI is thicker and clearer, which is great.

#3590 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I wonder if this is a software issue at this point? Under a full install of 1.5, before going to 1.52, does it still have the issue?

My phone performed flawlessly until I updated to 1.50. Then it never displayed colors correctly, even when I went back to 1.32 or whatever the previous version was. I personally think it's a software issue that is only affecting certain machines.

#3596 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

With the mylar removed around the magnet core isn't there a risk of chipping? Chipping around the magnet core of Metallica is very common if mylar hasn't been put down around it. When I owned a Metallica pro I put a square of mylar over the magnet core / around it then cut out the area around the core, never had an issue.

We're talking about removing the mylar on the magnet core itself, not the surrounding playfield.

#3620 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

I see you have tz. If you like tz, you will love DI. It’s like tz on steroids.

I'd say apples and oranges myself, but I agree that if you like TZ, odds are you're going to like DI.

#3623 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

The game is definitely different, but the layout is kinda familiar. The TZ of the next generation. A better pin than WOZ IMO

TZ's ramps are rear central. It has a second playfield. It's magnets are utilized for specific, aimed game play. It has no side ramp. It's bumpers are close left. It's a widebody. I guess they both have orbits and a right hand scoop?

Not trying to bash; I just think they are apples to oranges. Completely different pins, but they do have that Lowler feel...

#3643 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

What’s your upper flipper strength set at?

I dont' find that flipper power makes any difference with the sim shot. What makes a big difference is if you have the JJP protector on the sim shot or an authentic Cliffy. When I played a proto machine last year, it had no protector at all, and I could make the shot direct maybe 20% of the time. Mine has the JJP protector, and I make the shot direct maybe 5% of the time. I would imagine with a Cliffy it would balance somewhere in the middle at 12%. I would find this percentage acceptable, considering the value of the shot and the fact that flukes happen.

#3653 1 year ago
Quoted from BigT:

Has anybody changed the servings on the dialed in inserts to have some of the letters already lit. If so how many and do you consider this cheating? The best I have been able to do has been 4 SIM cards. I am thinking of having the game start with 2 letters already lit.

On location, this could be good, but in a home setting, I would consider it cheating. But it's your game, so what matters is how you feel about it. I haven't completed the letters, but I'm pretty confident I will when I swap for Cliffys.

#3661 1 year ago
Quoted from msj2222:

I am going to pick a DILE up and was wondering what I should be looking for as far a trouble areas or concern. Thanks in advance for any input

This question has been addressed at least twice in this thread. A little reading will get you what you need. Enjoy the game!

#3665 1 year ago
Quoted from msj2222:

Thanks for the suggestion and being a dick....I had better things to do than scroll thru 74 pages of posts. You input was... wow, amazing

Whoa, slow down there, bud. Most message boards suggest that you read posts before asking common questions, and I'm sure it's somewhere on Pinside as well. I commented "enjoy the game" to clarify that my post contained nothing but a positive tone, offering advice.

If you look at the first post, there is a list of links to much of what you're asking about. Also, I posted the following two pages back from where we are now:

Quoted from Tranquilize:

It doesn't need that much adjusting, and it's absolutely wonderful that you can adjust coils etc. If you buy a DI, you should do the following:

- Record the factory coil adjustments when you first turn on the game. The factory adjusts the coils so that the game plays well. Take a picture of the coil strengths.
- Play the game and make sure the theatre throws the ball back with pretty good velocity when it's supposed to. If not, adjust. See other threads on this.
- Your phone eject will likely be too powerful. Lower the coil strength until the ball burps out and hits the slingshot. Then add more strength until it lands on the flipper nicely.
- Lower the power of the left flipper to save wear and tear on the phone scoop and surrounding area. Lower it until you can't make the right ramp and raise it up until you easily can with pretty good velocity. This should prevent a lot of the air balls from this flipper.
- Add some oil/grease to the underside of the arm diverter, on the flat metal surface that the oblong rotator rubs against. It is metal on metal and grinds a dust over time. A LITTLE oil/grease helps with this.
- Cut the mylar around the theatre magnet. I haven't done this yet as the ball is cutting it for me. It likely won't be as smooth this way though :\

I always expect adjustments with any machine, and I'm VERY happy that JJP has embraced this. The mylar is a pain, but the rest is great!

See, even dicks have their good side

#3675 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Will b very tough or impossible the way my pin is set up. Need to beat enough modes or do enough things to spell dialed in.

I've been one letter away twice. Extra ball is decently attainable with this game. Also, double banking off the two big Bang targets or single banking off the drone rubber makes the sim shot doable. I like that I've had to find difficult workarounds to get Sims. If you don't have the skills, set sim to stay lit over balls, but you will always know, deep in your soul, that you needed training wheels to finish the race.

#3677 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

What lights extra ball?

Finishing three modes, I believe.

#3679 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Is it tied to the BOB lights? Or just lit there? Man those are hard to see
I also believe there is a combo-related extra ball

Just lit there I think.

Yeah, I think I lit it once when I hit the 10k left ramp 10 times. Not positive on that one though. I should learn the damn rules!

#3682 1 year ago
Quoted from BigT:

Do you cap how many extra balls can be rewarded....I currently cap it at 3.

The most I've manage to get is two, so what ever the default cap is is what I use.

#3692 1 year ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

"Has anyone reached Showdown, and any tips on getting to it?"
I have it set so that the SIM cards are available after a new ball starts instead of draining with each ball. Other than that it's setup standard.

That's a BIG difference, a far cry from standard. I'd say that makes the game 30-40% easier.

#3695 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Not the way my pin is set up... i have kickback set up more difficult and eb limited. Also set at 7.0 angle with very sensitive slings and magnets set up more active. With all that my game is evil and pretty difficult but i enjoy it this way.

Nice. Mine is jacked up too, but I find the standard difficulty of the rules to be great.

#3708 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Ha funny, never thought aboot it. I think the orbit loop from the left is lower at the point were the right orbit becomes a ramp...if you can visualize that.
The sad issue is many games suffer from a poor ability for the left orbit to feed the right upper flipper with any power. This can be due to a few things, like the problematic trap door, or somewhat limp right flipper, "not the same electricity as the factory " which is a common strange excuse from JJP. Mine has never worked like a normal orbit honestly...I "Think" they are supposed to though.

The orbit has an intentional incline to slow the ball down, which is very good design. You have FIVE possibilities with the left orbit: trap door gulps the ball, the incline slows it enough to settle in the skill shot (making for a strong feed to upper flipper), the incline slows it enough to settle in the pops, or you nail the shot with power and it comes around the flipper where you can shoot or let it come down to lower flippers.

It's simply not designed to be a Ritchie orbit. It is a multi-functional orbit, which suits Lawlor's style perfectly.

#3710 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

That's all fine and dandy, with default settings many people including myself are unable to make an orbit shot, eliminating one of your possibilities.

Interesting, my game is jacked in the back, and I have no issues with the orbit. Maybe your right flipper coil is nerfed too much in the coil settings?

#3712 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I broke down the mech and used a new sleeve, made sure the bushing was OK but it still didn't help ( I think Sarnoff said that fixed his), so yeah I had to increase the coil setting. It makes it around now probably like it should, not super quick and still goes in the skill shot a few times. This is at 6.5.

That sounds similar to mine.

#3722 1 year ago
Quoted from andrewket:

Shots to the theater are suddenly being dropped by the magnet and falling SDTM on my DI. It used to throw the ball up and around with the occasional drop down. I read the posts about cutting out the mylar, but I don’t think that’s the issue as the magnet is able to hold the ball just fine.
Anyone know the fix for this one?

Adjust the magnet settings in the menu. Search for theater magnet in the forum. Tons of info on that one.

#3723 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Does an EOS even have anything to do with flipper power in this system?

If your EOS switch is set too close, it cuts the high voltage power to the coil early. However, I'm not sure how much of an effect it has as the voltage surge already hits the coil.

#3747 1 year ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

I'm going to get a Dialed In!!!!! Having some serious debate in my brain about the Standard vs LE. $1000 more and JJP really seemed to add the value.
The manual is nice, I'd probably buy one if I got a Standard. So that's $100
I like powder coated trim, probably a $400 value?
The Invisiglass, meh I have a spare sheet of PDI so that's a wash for me.
Do the lighted ramps make a big difference? IDK
So idk.....it's like a $500 jump for me to go to the LE....what do I do???

LE for sure. You'll need invisaglass anyway due to the large screen. You get the ramp lights and powder coating and cool cityscape. I think it's totally worth it.

#3830 1 year ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Seriously, how a shot done by luck 99 times out of 100 can it be fun?
I also think if there was a thread about the worst important shot in pinball industry It would be highly ranked in my top.

You have to figure out bank shots. I have the JJP protector on mine, and I still make the shot about 1 in 10. I bank the ball off the stand-up to the left of the theatre or double bank off the Big Bang targets. I occasionally make the direct shot as well. I think the difficulty is spot on, considering the value of sim cards.

#3867 1 year ago

The JJP protectors have sharp edges, so they will mangle balls early on. I tumbled the balls more often for the first while.

Scratches are normal. They are just more visible on thicker, clearer clear.

1 week later
#3981 1 year ago

My Mylar is bubbling. Going to pull the magnet and chop it. The wear is uneven, so I wouldn't wait. You WILL have to do it.

As for Ninja balls, skip them and get a tumbler. Factory balls are fine, but the game is a little hard on the balls, like a cock tease.

#3985 1 year ago
Quoted from BigT:

Pinbuck is spot on...it sounds scary, but it is fairly easy and simple. I am a novice at this and it took me about 15 minutes to remove the mylar off the theater. Just follow his instructions, I would recommend wiping the magnet core with goo off to remove the adhesive. If you need help just message me.

If this sounds scary, consider it good training. Pinball machines need constant work, which includes removing and replacing woodscrews, diodes, coils, transistors and occasionally full mechanisms. Remember, it's a piece of plywood with pre-drilled holes. Just don't overtighten.

#4008 1 year ago
Quoted from Robo1:

I have a new problem on my Dialed In. The trapdoor is stuck in the open position. When I test the device it does not work, although i do hear the coil attempting to pull down. I also dont see or feel anything blocking the movement. The smaller latch coil does seem to be quite hot though. Any suggestions??

Watch this video.

There is an adjustment tab that JJP didn't bend into place to adjust the coil release. The video will walk you through the process of adjusting it properly.

#4023 1 year ago
Quoted from PinBuck:

Regarding support, my apron sticker has a couple bumps in it and they are sending me a new decal. I'm a little upset about it, not sure why they can't just send me a replacement apron with a nicely applied sticker ... Am I being unreasonable?

Absolutely. I feel sorry for the company having to deal with stuff like this. Use a heat gun and fix it if you're that picky. I just used a pin to remove a couple air bubbles. No offense, but this is nit-picking to the extreme. The new decal in the mail is above and beyond great service.

#4026 1 year ago
Quoted from PinBuck:

It's not a bubble in my case, there's actually something underneath it. I appreciate the feedback, even though you added some unnecessary attitude. Look, some a-hole applied this sticker and sent it down the line knowing there was an issue. To me, it's a defect that should have been caught/replaced before it was ever boxed up. Believe it or not, I've never professionally worked on these machines so there is a very good chance that my application of a sticker might not be to the level or someone that does it repeatedly. I personally like to take care of my machines and preserve the like-new condition, not have them look like I modified it after the 1st month of owning it. If I try to fix this myself based on your suggestion and it looks even worse, they surely won't do anything for me after that. So I guess I disagree with your opinion.

That's perfectly fine, and I'm not adding any snarky tone to my posts. It's a pinball machine. Removing some dust under the sticker isn't that tough, and as you've said, the company is willing to send you a new sticker. To me, you get two tries: peel up the old, remove dust and replace, or screw that process up and apply a brand new sticker. Small production issues are typical in the world of NIB pinball. Asking for an entire apron is unacceptable in my opinion. Again, not trying to offend. Just answering your question.

#4033 1 year ago
Quoted from Insanity199:

Well. Encountered my first problem since getting all NIB stuff resolved. My theater enter switch is stuck on. I have pulled off the theater and looked at the optos and they seem like they are in the right place. I followed the four wires down (two on each side) down to where it connects to a connector and that seems fine. Where to go from here? Bad opto?

Could be a bad opto. I'd check the solder on both sides. Might be a bad bulb.

#4036 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

No solder. Molded little black plastic opto assemblies.
LTG : )

Oops! Thanks!

#4048 1 year ago
Quoted from PinBuck:

Now THIS sounds exactly like my issue. I agree, it could be something other than the phone. I wonder if the temps are too high causing the video card to malfunction. If it were the port, I'd expect the issue to be consistent. Heat fluctuates and increases as the game runs, which could cause some video cards issues. This is an AMD card too (Radeon HD6450), which notoriously generate a lot of heat, but can usually run at higher temps.

My phone went black after playing for a while as well. From my experience and a few others, it is almost definitely your phone. Hook up a computer monitor to the VGA out and see if it happens. It likely won’t.

#4049 1 year ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

One other question. What controls the position of the diverted arm? Sometimes, even when I’m not in a mode, I believe the arm is down and diverts the ball. Other times it is up. I would have thought it was mode based, but it seems other things may affect it.

When lock is lit, the diverter arm goes down. It’s also used during Acid Rain mode and BOB wrench multiball.

#4084 1 year ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

So, I have trouble locking more than one ball. I think it is because after locking one, I have to start a disaster mode and then lock another all on the same ball. If I drain, I’m stuck with a two ball MB. So, by design, it seems for an average player like me, it is tough to get a 3 ball MB.

A man should be able to get by with two balls....

#4121 1 year ago
Quoted from tdunbar:

Working on a custom topper using a small old Dell monitor 14x9 and vga splitter. Thanks to Mamemaster for the idea!!
Any ideas how to mount this? Could do a wall lcd mount behind the pin and hesitant to mount it on the back box somehow?
when I bought the dell monitor I was wondering if the image was going to in landscape mode since the cheap $7 flea market monitor did not have the portrait to landscape control setting but the vga card flips it so it was perfect.
Image could be a little better but once I mount it somehow I don't think it will matter.

Working on the same thing. I'm going to attach mine with Velcro. Easy to remove with heat. Be sure you have a powered splitter, or your phone will go dim.

#4123 1 year ago
Quoted from BigT:

After playing a few games tonight, an idea came to me on the lottery/scratcher mode. I think it would be nice when you scratch the ticket if it gave you either points or an award. The awards could be any of these. Add a ball, light Big Bang, start a mode, award a lock and if you hit the lottery a letter on the Dialed In. Just an idea but scratching the ticket would be way more exciting, either points or an award.

Cool in theory, but it would make the game easier and base it more on luck rather than skill.

#4129 1 year ago
Quoted from mrgregb123:

A couple of adjustments that will drastically improve the enjoyment of the game:
1) Change SIM card setting to carry over ball-to-ball
2) Change Add-a-ball to start with "Add" already completed (only two shots needed).
3) Allow 2 kickbacks to be stacked.

I can see this for newbs, but I disagree with nerfing the rules. The game is way more fun when there is intense pressure to score a sim and/or relight kickback. I also dislike easy add a ball rules. On location though, these would be good settings to encourage coin drop.

#4141 1 year ago
Quoted from mrgregb123:

On average it takes more than 3.....due to a really awful design decision, the phone cannot detect a shot to it of a ball is already in there from the SIM or BOB hole. So it's common to hit the phone 4-6 times during multiball before you're actually credited for 3 shots. This is the main reason I changed it to 2 shots required instead of 3 on mine....because in all likelihood you made 3 shots anyway.

I just keep a note of what's going on in the sewer. If there is action under there, I shoot for jackpots. If not, I add a notch to add-a-ball. To me, it's all about knowing the game and playing to the code. I don't mind this at all.

#4218 1 year ago
Quoted from OnTheSnap:

Hey guys,
I notice on some DI that you can easily back hand the phone. On mine it’s not possible and catches the right sling.
Is there a way to adjust this? The game is MUCH easier on machines where this back hand works. On my machine the tightest it goes without hitting the sling is the post left of the scoop.

I can't backhand either, but this makes me happy. My whirlwind has the same great limitation with the scoop. I always hated copies of TAF that allowed you to ride bear kicks with both flippers. Too easy! Be happy you can't backhand!

#4222 1 year ago

I just do rolling backhands and nail them pretty often.

#4255 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Its good and unique but nothing special imo... pro iron m is 5600-5700 and premium is 7300 and di is 7500-8 for a standard which still has much more to offer for not much more . Just a huge difference in quality and detail between the company's pins from what i can see now that i have my first spike game. Dont get me wromg maiden is fun but cld have been amazing with a little more b.o.m.

I have DILE and IMDNLE, and DI wins on quality and bang for your buck (no pun intended) hands down. On gameplay, they are completely different machines. DI is classic lawlor smooth stop and go, while IMdn is speed and flow with difficult ramps. The loops on imdn are insanely fast and fun. One is not better than the other when it comes to gameplay, which is most important imo.

#4259 1 year ago
Quoted from avspin:

LE on it's way to me. Things I need to do from skimming this long post is remove mylar from the magnets, install cliffy protesters and change the balls.
Anything else?

You'll likely have to adjust your coil strength on each flipper and the scoop eject after you update the code. You'll want to adjust the theatre magnet too. Aside from that, I would recommend doing the trap door adjustment tab to avoid problems later on.

Actually, here's one of my previous posts:


It doesn't need that much adjusting, and it's absolutely wonderful that you can adjust coils etc. If you buy a DI, you should do the following:

- Record the factory coil adjustments when you first turn on the game. The factory adjusts the coils so that the game plays well. Take a picture of the coil strengths.
- Play the game and make sure the theatre throws the ball back with pretty good velocity when it's supposed to. If not, adjust. See other threads on this.
- Your phone eject will likely be too powerful. Lower the coil strength until the ball burps out and hits the slingshot. Then add more strength until it lands on the flipper nicely.
- Lower the power of the left flipper to save wear and tear on the phone scoop and surrounding area. Lower it until you can't make the right ramp and raise it up until you easily can with pretty good velocity. This should prevent a lot of the air balls from this flipper.
- Add some oil/grease to the underside of the arm diverter, on the flat metal surface that the oblong rotator rubs against. It is metal on metal and grinds a dust over time. A LITTLE oil/grease helps with this.
- Cut the mylar around the theatre magnet. I haven't done this yet as the ball is cutting it for me. It likely won't be as smooth this way though :\
- Adjust the tab on the trap door. There is a youtube video on this:

I always expect adjustments with any machine, and I'm VERY happy that JJP has embraced this. The mylar is a pain, but the rest is great!

#4272 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Ive had dile for almost year now with thousands of plays and stiill love it or more than the first 6 monthes. Madien is a great shooter but its missing that special felling that so mamy b/w pins and jjp pins have imo. I dont see it making it the long haul just like every other sterm pin i have owned. However it is the best pin from stern since twdp and met imo .

I agree with you with regard to quality, but not gameplay. I have always disliked stern - at least for the last decade - but some of their games have great gameplay. LOTR and IM come to mind. I see imdn as black knight 2000 meets Ironman, and I don’t see it as just another passing stern. Elwin’s design is too damn good, even with the stern cheapness. At least the imdns have service rails, metal ramps and metal lamp brackets etc. my le has a metal lighted apron too. I actually don’t mind the latch system for the lockdown bar. For once, I have very little to complain about except maybe bang for buck.

#4292 1 year ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

EMP is my favorite mode. First of all, I can complete it. Even though it is dangerous, it is only three shots to the theater. And, it totally keeps me on my toes. The magnet action is insane, and you can’t ever predict what path the ball will take. Super fun.

EMP is like power Ball mode to me. Super fun but hella dangerous. Music is great, and who doesn't like a greasy pizza delivery guy?

#4294 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballCharlie:

Love the pizza guy dialogue! Not sure who I like best; pizza guy, alien yokel or whirlwind trailer trash girl.

Anita Goodman is the best!

#4318 1 year ago
Quoted from ralphs007:

Could somebody with a DI do me a favor? I'd like to know what the measurement is, from the bottom of the cabinet near the back legs to the floor. This way, I could set up my adjustable sawhorse,and use it to hold up the back end of my DI,while I attach the rear legs.
Thanks in advance

Hip/thigh combo is faster. Live a life of danger!

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#4405 1 year ago

My trap flap is about to die... it’s half way cracked. Seems like it may be a flawed design

#4448 1 year ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

What is the average response time limit of the JJP tech support when a ticket is opened? Thanks

Usually a day or two.

#4492 1 year ago

Just use blades without adhesive. No issues whatsoever.

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#4648 1 year ago
Quoted from brucipher:

Might be a nice adjustable setting - "SIM Collect: One or All".

This is one rule change I could support. Better than sim carry over.

#4665 1 year ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Nah. I’m a glutton for punishment and like the challenge. Maybe someday when I’m sufficiently frustrated at never getting more than 2 or 3 SIM cards.

Once I replaced my JJP protectors with Cliffies, the game became what it should be. I can now get sims with relative ease.

#4695 1 year ago
Quoted from Insanity199:

I have had lots of out of box issues and several after delivery issues. Service through the online ticketing system works well sometimes and not well others. Calling is usually more effective. When new parts are needed, quite frequently I would have to follow up.
With all the above said, ultimately JJP has made things right and got me the parts and support that I needed.
Frank in support is a great guy and he has been out of office recently due to a death in the family. Paul in the parts department quickly jumped on a confusion in one of my parts orders and got me the parts I need.
They are a great bunch of guys that want to make things right. I do believe they are sometimes overwhelmed but are trying to do all the right things.

I had several tickets due to lack of response until I managed to have Paul get one. He combined my tickets and really took the reins to fix my phone issues. I was also sent new cliffies, a left ramp plastic to stop bounce outs and a new curved center ball guide. I now only need my trap door flap replaced, but that part is on backorder for the near future.

Unfortunately, Paul is no longer with JJP, so he referred me to either Frank or Steve.

If anyone is getting bad service at JJP, the best method is to phone them, so I've heard. I've only done email tickets, but if you think about it, phone information must be written down immediately, and it must be addressed soon, or it will be lost in the mix. Email can sit there on a computer waiting in an orderly fashion forever.

This game is far more complex than anything stern does, so it's going to have some issues. JJP still make the best machines as they allow for serviceable boards etc. These guys are a god-send. Without them, we'd only be lifting bare plafields onto service pegs to look at proprietary node boards without schematics. THANKS JACK AND CREW!!!

#4707 1 year ago
Quoted from Insanity199:

Since when? I just worked with Paul on June 20th.

He just told me yesterday

#4708 1 year ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

The guy who has answered me was Steve. No response since 3 weeks.
I’m outside US (I hope it is not working against me) and sincerely i don’t speak English enough well to call the support service ( in fact it is horrible).
So I just ask that someone answers me and gives me update.

Maybe Steve remembers that freedom fries thing they had going....

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#4750 1 year ago
Quoted from kharri:

Hopefully they will add more to the selfie mode too. Would like to save some of them

Selfie pervert mode? Extra points for detected genitals?

#4756 1 year ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

I meant on a per player basis.
So you stick your coin into the machine and it prompts you.
Here in Europe the camera presents many potential legal issues without that option (although I've only seen one on location!)

Europe has as much if not more video surveillance as most other first world countries... You're concerned about a pinball machine?

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#4901 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

You guys find that this game had a lot of dirt/dust on it? I've put on about 700 games, but within the first couple of weeks, the factory white rubbers we're already black. Never seen anything like this oney other games.
I stripped most of the pf, cleaned/waxed, and replaced all rubbers with new Titans and will see how long it stays clean.
Just curious to hear from others about this.

Brand New moving parts and magnets equals lots of metal dust. Two minutes with a rag and BOOM! All gone. Normal.

#4904 1 year ago

Anyone else get transparent vertical lines moving across the phone screen at times? They aren't very visible and seem to come and go on mine.

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#4957 1 year ago
Quoted from kharri:

The first thing they will tell you to do is check all the connections. Unscrew the thumbscrews and pull the connector off at the phone and put it back on. Then trace the wire and re seat any connectors. Be sure to power off first.

No need to power off. It's a VGA signal direct to PC. It will auto detect any changes and reset the signal. Before I recieved a new fixed phone, I had to reset the signal after Boot up all the time.

#4958 1 year ago

Does JJP post updates about dialed in like they do with jjpotc? It would be nice to know a ballpark of when the next DI update is slated for release.

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#5145 12 months ago
Quoted from Toucanf16:

Ok, I haven’t read this thread, so please don’t stone me if the answer is hidden in here someplace.
I just picked up a DILE and can’t get the backbox open. I’m positive it’s the right key. The key fits and turns a little, but I don’t want to turn it too hard being afraid to break something. Any tricks to get this thing open?

I just turned the key with a lot of force and it opened. The latch is catching on the plastic at the top of the back glass. I just lightly oiled the plastic and now it works fine.

#5147 12 months ago
Quoted from Allibaster:

Personally, I'd like to see something change with the first multiball. It's too easy and blocks starting a mode when lit. I understand it's probably there to give new players a taste of the fun and features offered by the game without progressing too far, but I kind of dread it.

Hmmm. New one to me. What makes it different than 90% of other MB’s in other games? I think there should be an Uber jackpot to build up to I guess. Also, you want to start modes in mb?? Eliminate it?

#5158 12 months ago
Quoted from Allibaster:

I'm not sure what I'd prefer, just complaining.
It just seems too easy. The lock automatically lights after the first mode, then when you lock it through normal gameplay, the phone is no longer accessible to modes. I'm always feeling like I need to get that multiball out of the way in order to progress through the rest of the game. There's no avoiding it. The multiball is fun, but it's awarded so early in the game play, every game, that it almost becomes a chore.

Ah, I get what you mean now. As others have suggested, turning off the BOB lock would likely help with your issue. I get it too, but I find that it is good if you just start a mode, finish the mode, start MB (BOB lock is good here as it helps) and get the SIM associated with the mode you finished/banged. I do think there should be more of a goal in MB, like after collecting all lit jackpots, a super uber Jackpot lights on the side ramp. It would be good if no other jackpots are available until the uber is collected. Repeat, and a super uber lights etc.

#5159 12 months ago

Well, I finally got my phone and topper (a modded mini-monitor) working properly. After three phones, I finally got one that worked. Hooked up the topper, and I found out that VGA signals cannot be split properly without a powered splitter. Then I found out that JJP did not use a properly shielded VGA cable. So I replaced the cable, ordered a cheap Chinese powered splitter and BANG! I have a functional topper with no RF interference and a bright signal.

Anita Goodman looks great on the big screen!
Dialed in Topper
Up close topper. Powered by 12v system in backbox
Dialed in Topper
VGA splitter in backbox. Powered by 5v USB from the DI PC
VGA splitter

#5181 12 months ago

Do all of you have a PF that is difficult to seat into the cabinet? I contacted support ages ago about this, and they said that it was an acceptable fix to some sort of geometry issue they had. I find it very annoying as it's tough to push my pf into the cab - really tough. I have an early run game, so I'm wondering if it's a rarity?

#5191 12 months ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

Mine is the same. I figured out an easy way to get the playfield in. Once I get the playfield in as far as I can normally, then I use my hands/fingers to push the rails forward while also pushing back against the inside edge of the coindoor opening. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tip! I don't know why I never thought of using the rails.

#5196 12 months ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

Is there any way to improve the delay on the phone app? Having a "for fun" tourney on location tonight and it'll randomly have about a half second delay every 10 or so flips.
Also: what does the green button on the app do?

I added an extension USB cable and moved the Bluetooth dongle to the upper part of the coin mech. This helped, but it still lags now and then. The first version of the app worked flawlessly for me. Bummer that they changed it.

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#5249 11 months ago

I finally set my Sim to stay lit after drains. Okay, I admit that the game gets 20% better with this small adjustment. My apologies to all the pus.. I mean people that I called pussies.

#5258 11 months ago
Quoted from Chisox:

I’m close. I thought after a month or so I’d master that shot or at least get decent at it.....not even close.

I have most of my other pins jacked up and set to maximum difficulty, so I strive for a healthy challenge in a home environment, but dialed in was frustrating me. I was able to finish all the modes once in a while, especially after installing real Cliffy's, but the furthest I made it on Sims was DIALED, and this only happened once. Usually I get about 3 Sims per game with stock settings. Out of a goal of eight, it's pretty brutal, and I consider myself a good player. Once I turned on sim memory and switched tilt to be 2 warnings per ball like all other modern pins, the game has opened up and feels like my other pins, difficulty-wise.
I am adamantly against nerfing collection games as you can play them till you die, but there are firsts for everything. These nerfed settings should be stock.

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#5381 10 months ago
Quoted from RJL:

Got it. Random and not targeted for the phone scoop. I am not surprised, but one would think eventually a direct hit would go in the scoop, even randomly. On mine it just bounces out. Thanks for the input, you all saved me time trying to fix something that's not broken.

Real Cliffy's allow it to happen more often. Myself, I'd rather it did not happen at all as I like my games tougher rather than easier.

#5404 10 months ago
Quoted from MEuRaH:

Wait, what? Are you saying that I can keep hitting the left ramp repeatedly for these points?

Yeah, roll over to right flipper to keep nailing it. Ten ramps I think tops it out. I've done it twice. 130000 or something. Worth it and fun.

#5424 10 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

The flippers feel different than what I'm used to; not as snappy as Sterns, but I'm learning to get accustomed to them. Still finding the shots. The sub is a subtle improvement to the sound. It's not as overly loud or punchy as I've heard in other games, but it definitely improves it and provides the missing bottom end. All of my moderns games have a sub, so at this point, it mandatory
The game is definitely awesome! Its been on my wishlist since it came out. I've played a handful of games on location, but its completely different at home. I can hear the audio and callouts and make small tweaks that I couldn't with a location game. It plays buttery smooth! I cant wait to explore the code and rules to more!
I'm going to order Titan rings to replace the standard rubber. One of them is already broke. The game doesnt look too bad to get to all of the rings, so that'll be a welcomed improvement.

It's the adjustable coils that make the flippers feel different. The ability to adjust is worth it. My right coil is weaker than my left, for example. Takes about a ball to get accustomed after playing a stern. W/b seem to be closer in feel, but still consistent and therefore different.

#5459 10 months ago

Game geometry and adjustable coils are going to make JJP games feel different. That doesn't mean there is an issue with the coils or flippers or that they are underpowered. In my experience, W/B and Stern games tuned the same feel pretty close to the same aside from occasional geometrical differences. JJP added so many possible adjustments that games are rarely going to feel the same. When I adjust a flipper, it makes a big difference in the gameplay. In my opinion, this is not an issue; it is a welcomed change. I've played other DI copies and just have to spend a few minutes getting used to the setup. No big deal. Now get back to looking up Anita Goodman's skirt.

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#5662 10 months ago

Anybody know if they've stated that this is the final code update? I know the manuals just went out, but I'm hoping there might be future tweaks.

#5687 10 months ago

Anyone find any issues with the manual?

Just got mine today, and there is a printing issue throughout the entire book. I used to work in printing, so I'm maybe picky, but it's pretty bad. It really shows in the last part of the book with the pictures and artwork. Bummed!

This shows the dirty rollers/low ink issue that runs over every other page of the book.
IMG_20181022_184230 (resized).jpg

Here is some smudging. I could only find two pages with it.
IMG_20181022_183904 (resized).jpg

#5690 10 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

my book doesn't look like that. In fact I'm still blown away by how much ink they used for this manual. It's like the opposite of being green but damn it I appreciate it! I am so impressed with JJP. Make that GnR so I can give you my money!

Thanks for letting me know. I'll contact jjp support.

#5702 10 months ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Had two SIM cards lit, ball drained. Launch the ball and hit the sim shot from the upper flipper first shot, then on the return hit the Big Bang and bounced into the sim shot not once, but twice in a row. So drained with two lit, then made the shot three times in a row with three shots. Had to change the game after that one

Switch it to Sims staying lit after drain. I resisted for almost a year, but I finally caved. I now have deep games and enjoy the machine much more. The shot is so difficult that it should have been this way stock. It truly makes the game waaaaaay better. For the record, I jack all my machines up to steep angles and typically set rules to as difficult as possible. The only game I've left stock is The Shadow, and the only game I've nerfed is DI. I've made Armageddon only once on the old code, and I still have only spelled D-I-A-L-E-D with sim memory on, so it doesn't make the game easy. Give it a try. You won't regret it.

#5712 10 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

I tried holding SIM but it felt like cheating. That feeling you get when beating a mode and knowing the next drain will lose your sim is such a rush.
Bring on the new code

I get that criticism. If they added more ways to get light sim it would balance the game better. Stock it feels like buck Hunter: the game is nearly impossible to finish. You should be able to light the sim with a number of jackpots in regular multiballs and after doing well on Bob modes. I wish they left it on stock. Then it wouldn't feel like a nerf. Its nice to see the phone background change into the different backgrounds once in a while, so I find the hold a lesser of evils. I refuse to narrow the outlines!

#5738 10 months ago
Quoted from robm:

Agree with this 100% - you are spot on. I've got all factory settings, and have owned it for almost a year now. Have got to Armageddon 4 or 5 times, but my best SIM card collection is 6 out of 8. To me, this is the perfect balance - the final goal is achievable, but i've got have an absolute cracker of a game to get there. The CIQC and Armageddon modes help you feel as though a decent game has been worthwhile, but not achieving the final mode means you need to keep on working. I love ACDC for the same reason - i've kept it all on factory settings, and had Encore lit once, but couldn't make the shot...i pretty much just smiled when i drained as i knew then it was achievable, even though i didn't get it.
Also, i've played a few other Dialed In's recently, and setup is critical for this game. Two were quite flat, played really slowly and it actually made some of the shots harder and less reliable.

I'm in the camp of disagreeing. I think in a home environment, you should be able to beat your game at least once a year, preferably a little more. How on earth is anyone going to beat it on route?

Every machine I have other than Dialed In is rarely conquered, but it does happen now and then. TZ more than Shadow, Shadow more than STTNG. I love the game, but I see the sim shot as the game's tragic flaw. It is not possible to dial in (no pun intended). Even the most skilled players argue that the shot is too tight and must be approached by finding bank shots and relying on fluke. In my opinion, to balance this issue, you need to be able to light it easier or have it carry over. They could help this issue in the code is what I'm saying.

A generally skilled player finishing a game once per year in a home environment is not asking for too much.

#5749 10 months ago

I love difficulty too. It just seems that the balance is off with stock settings. Look at a game like TZ. Completing the door is doable for most good players. I made extra balls harder to get and no xball carry over so that I complete it once maybe every six to eight months. With DI it just feels like I'll have to have a dream game filled with fluke to achieve something that I should, as a home collector and good player, see now and then. I believe code could fix most of this issue. Sim either needs to be lit more often or sims need to be collected elsewhere as well.

Pinball pal is the only person I've ever heard claim to nail the shot with consistency.

#5843 9 months ago

I find Superbands to make games quite a bit easier because of less bounce. I prefer the old bouncy rubber of yesteryear. My two cents.

#5880 9 months ago

Mine was one of the first ones and I had to contact my distributer. My manual has a pretty severe printing flaw. They offered to replace if I payed half shipping, which turned out to be hella expensive. Going to keep the flawed one. Still works I suppose.

#5938 9 months ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

Two of my favourite shots in DI are hitting Big Bang while in a mode and the ball drops right into Sim card, and hitting the telephone scoop with the upper flipper when the ball is slowly coming back down the right orbit. I am just starting to understand the nuances of this machine, what a great game!

My favourite: Sucking at a mode, shooting the theatre at high speed and holding the right flipper up so the ball bounces and finishes lighting big bag. Trap left, bump asshole to get him out of the way. Trap right. Nail big bang with one second left in the mode. Return off big bang shot, SDTFM.

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#6165 9 months ago

All my B/W games are easy as pie to seat. I contacted jjp about this and was told it was a design issue and is now considered as functional. It had something to do with clearance.

If you open the coin door and use the rails, its easier to seat.

It is definitely annoying.

As an aside, Capcom has the best pf access system.

#6171 9 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Thanks. I've never had that happen before. What's the best way to adjust them or bend them back?

Yeah, take them off and use a vice to get them back to square. Also, be sure to use the pf support!

#6179 9 months ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

Next thing i would do would be to loosen all of the screws that hold the shooter housing in place. pull the bottom of the housing out, stick a flat washer between the inside of the bottom area of the housing and the cabinet itself. tighten the housing screws back down (starting with the bottom one). This will cause the shooter rod to tilt down slightly and should alleviate the issue of the c-clip hitting.

I wouldn't recommend this as it will create ball spin, which will create other problems with the right loop/ramp.

#6180 9 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Hmmm. The hooks seem ok, but the metal seat they sit in may be slightly off on the side near the plunger. I'm not sure how to remove or take care of that.
I came up with a lazy man's solution and added a small amount of weather stripping to lift that side just slightly (see last picture). So far it works like a charm. Anything wrong with this approach? Thanks for all the help so far!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]
[quoted image]

Looks like you have a bent lockdown housing. Looks like a factory QC issue to me as the latches should have bent before the entire housing, but who knows. You'd have to take that out and bend it straight.

The only issue with your solution is PF leveling. If your PF is level in relationship to the cab, that would work. I would pull it and fix it or contact JJP support to get a new one. Should't be too hard to fix if you have some shop tools.

#6189 9 months ago

Just wanted to say I have this same issue, the hooks have never lined up and I have to slam the pf around to get it to settle. I’ll be following your search for a solution

If you mean when you seat the PF after raising it, the seating issue is a design quirk. There is no solution except to get used to finding a good way to get the PF seated. Open the coin door and use the rails to help.

#6205 9 months ago

DI is the only pin of ten in my dungeon without a sub. Soundtrack just doesn't need one in my opinion. News and "day in the life" music sounds just fine without. I dig the sound stock. I guess some mode music (EMP) and chaos would beneifit...

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#6324 9 months ago

Anyone ever see this on their phone? I had to reset to get rid of it.

IMG_20181122_190118 (resized).jpg

#6326 9 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

I just updated to 1.57. Some things seem easier. For instance, it seems to take less hits to start the Quantum Theater modes. Is that right? This probably makes sense as to make it easier to get to QTMB. Also, I now noticed a grace period after a mode ends. One of my modes ended and then I hit big bang a second later and got a completion award. This never happened before, so I believe it is new. Has anyone else noticed that?

Grace period has always been there. Theatre modes are easier.

#6328 9 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Thanks. Never realized that about grace periods before. It always seemed like when the timer ran out, I was cut off immediately.

It runs until you hear/see the end of mode scoring, which is a few seconds after the timer is done. It adds some intense pressure when you're used to it.

#6332 9 months ago
Quoted from koops:

Got qtmb for the first time last night. Started normal mb while it was running and then started a bob mode. Flasher Madness! I loved it!

I've done the same stack. DEADLY!

#6353 8 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

So, how do you qualify QTMB? I thought you had to make two shots in each QT mode, but it seems like all you have to do is activate each QT mode whether you make the shots or not. Is that right?


#6391 8 months ago

Why not adjust flipper strength? A weaker left flipper means less phone rejects, less ball jump and general wear and tear. My left flipper is adjusted so that it easily makes the right ramp with a straight on shot but no more than that. My pf angle is cranked up as well. No rejects etc. and no sticky stuff.

#6395 8 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Left flipper must be strong enough to backhand the left ramp. I need that shot so often when that dang electric guy is blocking the ramp from the right.

I can backhand that ramp with my flipper turned down.

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#6415 8 months ago
Quoted from jclausing:

Yes it is switch 48 and it does not register at all now.

Check leaf adjustment and wiring connected to the switch.

#6431 8 months ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

I think it goes well.
[quoted image]

I dunno. I'm not a huge fan of the idustrial looking pull-out handles, especially how they contrast with the white cabinet beside it... Just sayin'.

#6433 8 months ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Lets see your topper.

Who said anything about a topper?

#6437 8 months ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

That took me a minute to get the joke. At first I was thinking what the hell is that guy talking about? Funny.
And, I think that AFM topper looks surprisingly pretty good on DI.

Oh, yeah, that AFM topper? That thing looks dank. Good job, Skyemont!

#6457 8 months ago
Quoted from dluth:

So I replaced the ribbon cable (which had a wire loose) but my Theater screen is still blue...what else is there to do?[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Contact JJP

#6498 8 months ago
Quoted from ClarkKent:

On my machine the upper corner of the phone is slightly touching the glas when pulling out. Only slightly, it's like a rubber moving over a glass surface. If I slightly lift the glass from behind it is not touching it. Is it really mounted that close?

It shouldn’t touch the glass. You should be able to bend the bracket in place. 2 minute fix.

#6508 8 months ago
Quoted from ClarkKent:

Where to bend exactly? It's only slightly rubbing on the upper corner of the phone when moving the glass, nothing big.
And the yellow flash of QED is also very slightly touching the glass when moved to the right position (yellow flash bends back a little bit when reaching that position). Like this:
Checked the playfield underneath but it's correctly in the support rails, slope is also correct (bubble at the second marker). Weird.

If both are touching, your PF is too high. Pull the brackets off the machine, put them in a vice (protected for scratching) and bend the hooks up about 4mm. Reinstall and enjoy your game. If the phone is still touching, you should be able to just grab the phone and gently adjust it downward. I've done the phone adjustment myself, but I udjusted mine upward.

#6514 8 months ago

I finally found a way to make this game a rock-solid player. I took the post rubbers off on either side of the sim hole and replaced them with ones I ground down on my grinder. They widen the shot by about 5mm, which makes a HUGE difference. Now I can turn sim memory off. The shot is still very difficult, but the bounce rejects are cut in half, and roll ins have increased by about 20%. I checked with a ball, and you could go more, but I think 5mm feels right.
IMG_20181216_155155 (resized).jpg

#6523 8 months ago
Quoted from Shredso:

Just to make sure we are talking about the same spot, there is an empty female thread on the bottom left corner of the "Hurry Up" insert. This is between the outlane and the left inlane. I just checked the manual and I only see the post directly under it.

It's called the pussy hole. If you want to be a pussy, move the post to the pussy hole.

#6547 8 months ago
Quoted from ClarkKent:

You mean the two rails at the left and right of the cabinet on which the playfield rests? Or the ones on the playfield? I do not fully understand - do you have a photo or simple drawing what to do?
On the other side I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to shorten the flash a little bit and bend the phone a little bit downwards (but apart from that the phone is really no big problem as it is only rubbing slightly one the glass when removing it).

I mean the two brackets (hooks) that hold the pf to the lockdown bar bracket. Pull the pf up on its supports, take the screws out and bend them in a vice. Screw them back on and yer done. I would bend them at the corner of the L so that the hook is about 4mm higher. I'm pretty sure W/B have a slot instead of a hole on the brackets so that you can adjust them. Maybe I'm remembering wrong though. I've put some bad things in my brains over the years.

#6572 8 months ago
Quoted from Gogdog:

Ok, I might try some mylar on the cliffy to keep it taped down.
Someone else tried some mylar on the ramp but it wouldn't "build up" since its not thick like electrical tape.

If you tape down the Cliffy with mylar, it will just bubble up and look like turds. I'd just leave it. It won't hurt anything. If you must fix it, take out the cliffy and gently bend it back straight.

#6676 8 months ago
Quoted from check_switch_26:

V1.61 is fresh off the press. Nothing further planned at this point.

Ever? Is DI code complete?

#6748 7 months ago

Find out the depth needed with nuts/washers. Take an old flipper plunger and hacksaw of the desired size. The chunk will not flip in the coil as it is exact size. I've done this with great results on other pins.

#6751 7 months ago
Quoted from Gogdog:

Oh wait...after rereading your post...you are suggesting basically making a washer out of an old flipper plunger. I was thinking you were saying...taking that flipper plunger, cutting it to exact size to be used as the new coil plunger.
Anyway....the chunk you are talking about would still be able to 'fall over' in a coil sleeve. The #8 washers are a very close fit to the coil sleeve. In fact..probably tighter than a flipper plunger. Like this ->
[quoted image]
However...after thinking about it...I believe this washer really is a good solution. When I put in a nut, it wasn't near as tight, so it could fall over and then when the plunger hit it, it wouldn't flip back over, also due to its hexagonal shape.
With the washer...its a tight fit so when it falls over, it stays in the center of the coil sleeve, and...I dont' think it can even fall completely on its side because the plunger will hit it. Plus...I just tested it by dropping the washer into this coil sleeve vertically...it always falls flat on its face.
Thus, anytime I move the PF vertically, yeah...the washer might turn...but as soon as I put the PF back down, the coil goes in a vertical position, the washer will then rest flat against the coil stop no problem.

Sounds like a good solution, but if you’re only talking a mm or two, I’d just bend the bracket.

#6771 7 months ago
Quoted from Shredso:

I just got Armageddon for the first time. I was doing well, down to 2 balls and the power shut down to the flippers. Armageddon ended, no ball in play, both drained. Ball didn't end, no ball in shooter lane, no power to flippers. I tried tilting the game out because it was a decent score, nothing. I shut the game down and it seems to be working fine. 1.60 code. Is this a bug? Maybe a trough issue?

Last time I made it there, my machine froze after it ended. Had to reboot as well. I was hoping it was a one time glitch. I'll take the glass off and get there manually to check if it does it again. It was a huge disappointment to say the least.

#6843 7 months ago
Quoted from tadowhere:

What would the issue be if the phone keeps going blank/black during gameplay? If I power down and start back it it starts working again but it's getting annoying

Very old issue. I've had 3 phones and still get this occasionally. I'll probably go though the ticket system again... *Sigh*

#6865 7 months ago
Quoted from DrDQ:

Is it possible the phone is losing its connection from the vibration/shock of the balls hitting the scoop posts?
If I leave my game on for a long time the phone doesn’t seem to go out. But during gameplay it seems to lose the connection or reset (ie the VGA comes on and goes away).
It had not been doing that for a while, but the issue recently started back up again. Maybe the cable connection got loose...I pushed it back in again so we’ll see.
But I am thinking perhaps it’s the shock of the balls that triggers the phone outage.

The VGA screws into the phone, so I doubt it. I have swapped cables and tried a variety of tricks to get it to work. The most recent time I sent it back helped the most. I have a topper that broadcasts the VGA signal, and the toppper always works perfect, even if the phone blanks. I also get the phone reseting the VGA signal repeatedly, so I get the big VGA signal box covering the animations over and over. Better than blanking, I guess.

#6925 7 months ago
Quoted from estrader:

Anyone know how to fix the camera if the pictures it’s taking are the ceiling?

Are you playing on a dark room? The cam needs to "see" your face

#6992 7 months ago

My right flipper used to do the same. It would stop its hold once in a while. For me, it was the flipper button leaf switch alignment. The switches are kinda cheap, and the contact doesn’t seem to be as good as the old school Williams. Even if it looks fine, adjust it so that there is ample contact at full engagement. Again, even if it looks fine, adjust it. As for your flipper wear, how many plays are we talking? I’ve seen metal flaking like yours and simply cleaned it up each time and had years of use out of said flippers. I keep my flipper mechs pretty clean though.

#7014 7 months ago

The phone blanking is not hibernation. I have a topper that displays the same VGA signal, and when my phone blanks, the topper is fine. As for them using cheap parts, where is the evidence that they are cheap? Faulty hardware does not mean cheap hardware.

And the upper pf was definitely designed for nudging. They Whitewood their machines, and Pat Lawler knows Pinball better than any of us.

#7016 7 months ago
Quoted from ClarkKent:

Maybe, but if there is someone here who replaced the phone monitor four times - do you think all four monitors are faulty?
Maybe it has something to do with the cables but on the other hand sometimes I can see a message on all monitors that it's in power save mode, some seconds later it comes to life again.
I still think it comes from the operating system.

I've replaced mine three times and spoken directly to the guy trying to fix the issue several times. It's not a software issue. It's a hardware issue in the phone. It appears to respond to software updates though. Obviously, they still haven't fully solved it. Plug a monitor into the VGA signal and you'll see for yourself. The monitor will never go black.

#7026 7 months ago
Quoted from ClarkKent:

Ok, but then it should cause problems on all machines, not on a small number only.

He's not saying that his issue is exactly the issue here. There are some hardware issues with some of the phones and they haven't fully fixed it yet. Hardware is driven by software and faulty hardware most definitely responds to the software driving it. For example, my latest phone was great until I updated. I too thought it must be software, but it is not. Your argument about all machines can be transposed: if it's software, why isn't it affecting all machines? Again, plug a monitor in.

#7040 6 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

From my understanding, it is the cable in between the phone and main board that is the issue. Change that cable and you should solve your phone blacking out. It’s the faulty cable possibly causing the phone to short out. Try it and see...

Definitely not true. Try 15 cables and you'll see for yourself. The issue is that either the graphics card stops sending the signal or the phone stops receiving it, hardware-wise. They have ruled out the graphics card as far as I know. They replaced and repaired my phone. It has improved it immensely as I was getting blackouts every game. Now it's not very common, but still exists. I also used to get color casts (yellow) like crazy. I still see this on occasion too.

#7046 6 months ago
Quoted from ClarkKent:

What's the production date of your machine?

Don't have the date on hand, but mine was one of the first run. Very early production.

#7047 6 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Great post. I think the name & initial marketing caused many folks off to fly off in a negative direction. A pinball about cell phones? The bluetooth demoware for controlling the flippers remotely didn't help. If the game was called "Chaos in Quantum City", the pesky trolls wouldn't be as vocal.
I love the game. My ONLY criticism is the fairly monotone audio and callbacks (with the exception of big events like "Big Bang", collecting Sim Cards, and MB's).

The original name, "Killer App" would have made it waaaay better. Jack thought it wasn't family friendly, which I disagree. As for callouts, I love the news cast tone. Different strokes..

#7065 6 months ago

The negative responses to DI's theme is somewhat justified as it was/is a little confusing. "Killer app" would have helped to clear up some of the issue in my opinion. I've personally never cared, but seeing the proposed art in the manual made me wish they kept the "killer app" title. That being said, I think the new callouts help a lot with the theme.

#7071 6 months ago
Quoted from holminone:

What do you mean by new callouts? Which software revisions?
Btw, taking possession of one this week, and admittedly a little freaked out about all the “issues” with phone screens going blank, 1.61 slow performance etc. I’m assuming these issues are anomalies vs systemic? Also, what is the consensus on what software I should be running on? My plan all along was to keep it up to date, but now I’m having second thoughts. What do you all think?

There are callouts about giving the phone back that clarify that you have a bad phone (irony) that is causing problems in the city.

I'm still running 1.56. It is the most robust build imho. I'll wait for a build with less reporting of bugs.

#7080 6 months ago
Quoted from ralphs007:

You just described the last phone I replaced.My machine was built April 2018 too. I was told by a JJP tech,that's it's a heat issue that's causing the phones to blackout. Maybe they should have aimed the drones propellers at the phone,so that it would cool down the phone? In my case that still wouldn't help me,since my drones are dead.

Interesting diagnosis. My phone will blank early and then never again for an entire evening...

1 week later
#7181 6 months ago

DI is the only game I have ever adjusted to be easier than stock (sim carry over). Most of my games are adjusted to be significantly more difficult than stock.

In my opinion, you should be able to get close to or make it to the game's grail wizard mode every 150-200 plays, assuming you're a good player. For example, I made my TZ difficult enough that I get lost in the zone in that range of plays. This does not detract from the fun; it makes it WAY MORE fun. The intensity of getting that deep into any game drives my love of Pinball.

I absolutely love DI, but with the rejects from the phone and sim, the game is so difficult that it becomes demoralizing. I die 80% of the time via the left drain. This is because I have to maintain such long ball times to finish modes and collect Sims that is only a matter of time before I lose my kickback and drain. I'm almost to the point of moving the friggin post on that drain, something I consider outright pinball blasphemy!

For the record, I've made it to the modes wizard twice and spelled d-i-a-l-e-d once. I've had IMDN for far less time and have progressed much deeper and more often.

Compared to other Pinball machines, the balance is clearly off with DI. Again, I love the machine.

#7186 6 months ago

Just because I can't beat the law, don't mean I won't keep tryin'!

#7222 6 months ago
Quoted from Gogdog:

Ok....my replacement cliffy is already raising up. I installed it 2 and a half months ago, 600 short plays. I'm going to buy a mantis right now.[quoted image]

I find the slight rise has little to no effect on gameplay.

1 week later
#7322 5 months ago
Quoted from ralphs007:

Looks exactly like the phones,JJP has been sending me since I owned the game. I'm still waiting for my fifth replacement phone to be shipped to me!

I finally got fed up tonight and put in another ticket for my ongoing blanking. 3rd phone for me...

#7326 5 months ago
Quoted from DrDQ:

Did you try loosening all four of the phone case nuts? I did this and am testing to see if it has improved.

Is this a documented fix? This is the first I’ve heard of it. Sounds interesting.

#7327 5 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I was thinking similarly. I would test by swapping the theater cable over to the phone and running through a game with the glass off to see if it's the phone or something else (if the theater goes blank). After 5 phones seems it seems that there is an issue somewhere else.

Because I split the signal to my topper and the topper never goes black or has color issues, the issue is in the phone. It is getting the correct vga signal, but it somehow loses it. I’m thinking the vga connector in the phone may be the weak link. I would guess vibration is likely causing whatever the issue is. The big disappointment is that this issue is from day one and is still not fixed...

#7329 5 months ago
Quoted from DrDQ:

Someone else posted it in this thread, I believe. I tried it in one side and it worked for a while but then for the first time my phone colors washed out occasionally and the problem still occurred. I was able to loosen the other side slightly the other day and so far so good. But my phone seems to go through “phases”. I think the theory is that loosening the phone nuts gives the internal connections a little more space to avoid the jarring issues. I am convinced that hits to the post jar the phone and then the signal is lost.

Cool. I'll take a look at this when I get some time. I've been meaning to take apart the phone to see the connectors.

#7337 5 months ago
Quoted from ralphs007:

Does your phone work after you reboot the game? My last phone died on me, and it never came back to life. The one I have now is okay,unless I plan on playing for over an hour,then it blacks out,and the game needs a reboot.

It works after reboot. Sometimes the color is messed up though and I have to reboot multiple times. Very annoying. From my symptoms, I do not see it being heat.

#7352 5 months ago

Pinstadium preference is purely subjective. I prefer more contrast in lighting and despise the dot reflections from pinstadium lighting. I'd remove it on any pin I purchased. That being said, if you enjoy the ultra bright play, go for it.

1 week later
#7402 5 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

It's the way the sim card hole is angled. The shot is angled perfectly for the side ramp, but the sim card hole sits just below that shot and the hole isnt 100% aligned with the flipper. There's a smaller window for that shot vs the side ramp.
The camera hole in TZ is much wider and the shot is aligned perfectly with the upper flipper, making it much easier to hit consistently.

It sounds like you’re claiming that lawlors design is flawed. It’s not. The shot was designed without a protector.

2 weeks later
#7457 5 months ago

Sometimes you have to take two warnings or a tilt on emp. They need to work on timing the magnets better. It’s a drop through a pulsing magnetic field that requires your absolute attention, that’s for sure.

#7481 4 months ago
Quoted from ClarkKent:

Here is a picture how the diverter looks on my machine - you can clearly see that the lug is touching one side of the wires.
[quoted image]

Getting it between the wireform will help, but if the ball arrives going very slow, it still gets stuck. Pretty rare, but it needs momentum to get edjected off the wireform.

#7497 4 months ago

Proof that the shot is just that hard....


#7499 4 months ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

yep, a direct hit from the upper flipper is not easy, even more with cliffy installed
but as said already (and done it more than few times just few ago on mine), go for the subway with the left flipper, by a rebound on the drone flat rubber
on mine it works perfect, as this was made on purpose... heu... wait... do we already say that Pat surelly design it that way !!! ...
and this shot works also when QED is on the right position
DI is a fantastic game, and the more i play it, the more i know it

It was posted for the comedy of Bowen, not as a serious criticism.

#7523 4 months ago
Quoted from pinstyle:

Can anything be done about the sound on this thing? Or are we dead in the water until an adjustment is made at the next update? Too much highs and not enough lows..
Just an observation, it seems if my game is on for a long time (3-4 hours), my phone starts to produce noticeable waves in the display background. It is most noticeable on the red or green background while waiting to activate a multiball. I would guess and say that heat is causing an issue with it. If I feel the glass above the phone it is very warm.

I contacted jjp about something similar and other phone issues. They now do not respond to my tickets. I've heard from others that they are getting the same treatment. Bummer as they were awesome with support until recently.

2 weeks later
#7608 4 months ago
Quoted from SilverWings:

This morning I was looking at game reviews of DI and others, and found something I cannot explain: Why is it that the player rating on DI continues to decline, while submitted ratings are consistently high? For example, here's a screen shot of the rating trend on DI, from this morning (lower graph with the blue line):
So I recorded all the ratings submitted from the last 4 months - ie, since Jan this year. In that time there have been 27 ratings added, with an average of 9.005. Yet, the ratings chart shows a continual decline in rating in the same time period: from January to April, DI has gone from 8.575 to 8.541.
Is the rating system screwed up? This cannot be correct, at least as far as I see and understand what's being presented on the ratings page. The last 27 submissions average 9.005, so the game average should be moving UP not down. ???
[quoted image]

The fact that LE's decide ranking destroyed any semblance of an accurate list anyway. This kind of thing becomes moot.

#7612 4 months ago
Quoted from SilverWings:

What I'm putting focus on here isn't the actual ranking of the pin. Its what looks like a bug in the Pinside software to me. Why is the ranking going down, when the data should be driving it up?

Well, you are addressing an anomaly in the ranking of the pin, so it has to do with ranking. The LE issue introduces are far worse anomoly, so I'm just saying it doesn't matter either way. The ranking system is completely broken. Hopefully he'll fix this smaller issue and maybe one day the bigger one.

#7644 3 months ago

Agree that the game is great, but there is one code alteration that is needed that would take this game from great to epic. The left flipper should change the lit Bob targets just like the morph targets in Pinball Magic. If you could move the lit targets, you'd be able to at least have a chance to get through the Bob modes. This would bring the Bob features toward the forefront similar to the theatre mb rule changes. If you've played PM, you'll know just how great this feature would be, as PM's targets light kickback in the same way.

#7674 3 months ago

The rejects on the scoop are a combination of ball speed and scoop positioning. The scoop is often positioned too far forward, so high-speed balls will often bounce out. I just backhand the scoop. The early shot slows down the ball. Get used to post passing and backhanding and showdown will be in your future.

2 weeks later
#7743 3 months ago
Quoted from jorant:

So is this game pretty much done for code or do they still need to add anything?

It's 95% in my eyes. They just need to make the Bob targets changeable and some sort of final goal to station multiball.

#7744 3 months ago
Quoted from Patrunkenphat7:

DI is clearly one of the best pins ever made... I have space and budget for 4 high end pins, and I’m eyeing JJP games. Do you all feel that DI is somewhat similar to what we’ve seen on Wonka? Would people here consider owning both in a small collection or go for more diversity? Thanks in advance!

Lawlor designs games with similar strategy, but they are always very different. I can't think of any of his games that play and feel too similar. DI and Wonka would be fantastic. I don't love Pirates as much as others, but pinheads rave about it. That would be a killer lineup. All that being said, it is nice to have some older machines for a different feel. I'd suggest TZ (older Lawlor) and maybe a Stern IMDN for some snappy, high speed and deep code.

#7766 3 months ago

Yeah, the newer code is way better for SDTM drains, but you do lose kickback a lot because of it. It is a lesser of evils. My advice is to keep your game level, update your code (I'm one shy of the newest, and it's running fine), and pull your sleeves up and say "oh shit" when EMP starts. Oh, I also have my tilt setting on "per ball." Per game is not really fair with a middle magnet game. I have to do some nudging during EMP for sure. I used to hate the mode, now I see it like the power ball. It's crazy fast and difficult, but rewarding when you finish it.

#7779 3 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

I’m becoming a big believer in this idea. It has been weeks if not months since I’ve gotten to one of the crazy Bob MBs. I really like them and would like to see them more. They are a lot of fun and would add tremendously to the game if you could get to them. Also, I never advance beyond 2x bonus multiplier since it is so hard to achieve.
Here’s hoping they are listening and do it. It would seemingly be an easy tweak.

Yeah, I use this feature in pinball magic way more than I thought I would. It would complete the code for Bob. I usually get one Bob multiball, 2x, and x ball, but that is based mostly on ball time and fluke as the lower target is almost impossible to hit, plus the angle of that low shot is extremely dangerous. I'm good at shooting the upper and middle though. JJP please play a few rounds of Pinball magic to see just how great this feature would be!

#7813 89 days ago
Quoted from jorant:

Has anyone here NOT taken the mylar off their magnets?

The ball will shred the Mylar, so it's either coming off neat and clean or shredded.

1 week later
#7839 82 days ago
Quoted from drizzt76:

I'm going to order one. The springs are correct. Honestly looking at it I don't know you could screw it up. Thanks!

Check your assembly of the rod and housing according to the manual. Sounds like they may have a assembled it incorrectly at the factory. That shouldn't be happening, let alone so quickly.

#7842 82 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

it's kind of meaningless, it worked for me using my android phone, but I never used it. All you can do is flip with it, not very fun and just gimmicky.

After the very first code update, it work flawlessly and it was super fun if playing with more than one player. The utilization of bang and lack of nudging changes the game completely. Standing further away from the machine or beside it is super fun too. The issue is that there are so many freakin' phones and different handling of bluetooth. I really wish they could put some resources toward it as I, for one, miss it dearly. Seeing the jaws drop when people first see it is worth it.

I can get mine to work if I reboot/recoonnect cycle my phone. After I get it to connect, it's laggy enough that it's not worth it

1 week later
#7924 69 days ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Anyone heard of this happening on 1.57 before?

Same thing happened to me. Very sad day in the game room. Hopefully it's been reported. For the record, I did not report as I'm not running the most current software.

#7931 67 days ago
Quoted from PinLen83:

At 1.57, I feel it’s 100% complete. Any additional polish is just GRAAAAVY at this stage. There’s literally nothing more I could personally ask of the game. I’m sure they’re some nuances I could point out if I tried hard enough...

Absolutely needs the changeable Bob targets. It's the last "need" rule to complete the game. After that, gravy.

#7947 64 days ago
Quoted from Nickrc3:

#922 - 1.61 - Been playing DI now for two months, usually getting destroyed and somewhat frustrated over very brief ball times and killer SDTM drains.
I decided to follow some advise from this thread and set up the machine for player-friendly operation - 6.5 pitch, flipper strengths, and 'easy-difficulty' mode. Left 3-ball active.
After two weeks on these settings, I achieved a 2M+ score and made it to Showdown.
My questions:
Is there a source of information or can someone explain these advanced modes, what to expect and what to achieve? PM me if necessary.
I must say, didn't quite know what was happening in this specific mode other than it appears as the player is now observing the control room of Quantum Electric Co.? What is this about? The fast pace, constant feed of multiball's is incredible!
I've got to say, DI is by far the most advanced pinball machine I've ever played in four decades. Seriously, this machine is absolutely awesome in every aspect - cool, original theme (though I still don't thoroughly understand it), code/modes, toys, graphics, quality of audio, shaker integration, call-out's, and especially the lighting. The lighting-blows me away!
I love my AFMr-LE, but DI is in a league of its own and certainly justifies its price tag.
What a product!

Tried the low pitch and couldn't handle it. My games must be jacked for speed, and I find the game plays waaaay better. For new to moderate players, this game requires quite a bit of practice as DI has unique shots and rebounds that can be lethal, not to mention JJP's unique (good) flipper feel. My only issue with the machine (and you've all heard this way too many times, I know) is the BOB targets. I die 80% of the time via left drains, expecially with the new Q.E.D. guy behaviour pushing the ball to the left quite often. When I cannot relight kickback because of a nearly impossible shot, I know it's just a matter of time. This is super frustrating, so much to the point that I was considering selling. This is supposedly on the next code list, so I'll hold out. I've made armageddon twice, and I've almost made showdown a few times. Left drain prevents showdown for me.

1 week later
#8026 56 days ago
Quoted from Marvin:

no, it shuldn't be that way out of the factory, the game is too easy that way.

If it is, either you have it set up too easy or you should be competing with the pros.

1 week later
#8128 44 days ago

I don't agree with Marvin's tone and delivery, but I do generally agree with what he's saying. You can put an old sock behind the flippers if you want to, but it won't improve your game. I think you should have sensitive slings and sensitive tilt in a home environment. This will teach you good nudging skills. If you're getting drains, you need to adjust your play.

On a side note, I actually find slings that do not respond well to the ball hits to be more challenging. The rebounds create odd angles that require nudge-slap-saves to keep the ball in play.

I don't think anyone's a wuss or anything for adjusting their own game, but I just wouldn't recommend nerfing. Play more instead.

P.S. - I have my game set to tilt warnings per ball and Sim carry-over, but these are code adjustments

#8166 40 days ago
Quoted from PjM:

camera is on in settings! test report shows no camera found! Headphone suggestion I will do tomorrow.

Follow the line from the camera to the computer. I'm not sure how it's connected, but follow the cord. Sounds like you have a bad connection.

1 week later
#8317 28 days ago

Awesome to see an update. Also bummed about the rotating bobs as it would fix the only flaw in the game.

#8428 26 days ago

They should never have upgraded the cpu mid production. That is just asking for inconsistent software performance. The only good solution would have been to upgrade the older machines. Bad, bad move JJP. To me, it feels like the company is ignoring problems because there are quite a few with each of their games and the fixes will be expensive. Love the company and my DI (1.57), but I’m pretty pissed that I have been punished with weak hardware because I ordered fresh out of the gate. Never again. Next time I’ll wait at least a year.

#8459 25 days ago
Quoted from MEuRaH:

If they had installed all 2.8Ghz processors in their machines, you'd be happier?

If you mean that all games have the same performance for cost by either keeping it the same or upgrading early adopters, then yes, I'd be happier.

#8527 22 days ago

One Point Five Seven

#8584 19 days ago

Thanks to all that have posted about the CPU swap. I think I can speak for eveeryone on here that your efforts are really appreciated. I had minor slow down on 1.56 and a little on 1.57 (same places ppl are mentioning).

It looks like the CPU may not be the problem if a swapped CPU still produces the delays in video. To me, the Celeron should be able to handle the machine easily as there's not nearly as much going on as a full blown PC. Still wish mine had the better CPU...

It'll be interesting to see what a GPU swap does as the hardware title implies (graphics processing unit) that it would likely have more of an effect on graphics. If I remember, the GPU is only a 512mb. I'd say a gig of memory should be the minimum, considering the amount of graphics this machine pushes to two screens. Maybe the phone uses onboard, while the backbox uses the card?

Ted has been mum on all of this, so he must be busy tightening up Wonka. We're probably going to have to wait until Wonka has 90% complete and stable code. Anyone have a Wonka and can comment on its code progression?

#8591 19 days ago
Quoted from Coindropper:

CPU has been good since I have done the swap. No issues on about 25 games so far. I am getting an updated GPU today to test with the old processor to see if it helps at all with the slowdown on the old Celeron. If it does, it's much cheaper and even simpler to install. I will update once I have it today and get it all swapped out.

Yeah, that will be a cheap and easy fix. Used GPUs are easy to pick up for dirt from gamers who upgrade. Excited to hear your results. If I was in Texas, I'd buy you a steak and a beer, my friend.

#8601 18 days ago
Quoted from Coindropper:

So GPU test on hold. UPS shows package delivered, but it’s not here. Check cameras and never saw a package dropped. Thinking it was delivered elsewhere...

Damn! And on a Friday!

#8613 18 days ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Just updated. Everything is fine. Got 3mill on my first game on this code.

And are you running the celeron?

2 weeks later
#8808 2 days ago
Quoted from Reznnate:

. JJP will not OWE you a new CPU.

They owe all of us a game that works as planned (meaning with latest code features), especially for the price. If that means a cpu in the mail, so be it.

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