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#5486 11 months ago

Yes I’d love to know as well. Since these pins are so expensive, I’m looking to buy one of the two. I like DI as a great game cause I’ve played it at a friends, but looking at pirates too. It seems to have even more active toys and depth. Can someone who owns DI tell me why they’d chose it over Pirates or vice versa?

A couple of questions I’d like answered by you DI owners: So what’s your verdict?

1. If you had one table either POTC or DI, which would it be and why?

2. Which one will have greater longevity for the family?

3. Which one will have a better resale value?

4. Is the depth on POTC better than DI, so the game will hold interest longer since you’ve seen/played both?

5. Have you ever grown bored with DI and want a newer challenge or has it staying power for you?

Trying to decide what to buy. At these high prices want to figure out best value for money. Thinking POTC everyone knows and so it is more likely to resale much easier than say DI, which few know (I do like original theme of DI). But would be nice to just buy one and keep it for the long haul.

Thanks for your help in advance. If you answer all questions correctly, you’ll get many free plays on Batman 66, lol. A table I have already and enjoy. But must say I’m impressed more with JJP’s high quality and not sparing on the details. JJP tables do not seem to have the copy and paste approach that Stern takes. Can’t wait for Toy Story. That’s a definite buy!

#5497 11 months ago

Wow, you guys are great helping me out and your answers are well thought out. Really enjoy reading your advice, since I’m fairly new to this hobby. Any more ideas on how the toys stack up against each other on POTC versus DI?

1 week later
#5624 11 months ago

1. What’s the verdict on a playfield protector for Dialed In? Does anyone use one or are they needed or do they just muck up game play and your play field? (I don’t use a screen protector on my iphone lol).

2. I’m just purchasing DI so do I need in this new of a table cliffys or are the stock ones good?

3. What are the best mirror blades to purchase and where?

4. What are the overall best balls to buy and experience?

5. Do I need to order and replace (like required on all Stern tables lol - this will be my first (Tesla) JJP and think it will end (Yugo) sterns from now on - honestly could they make their high priced tables any cheaper? Stern IPs can be good, but table quality is subpar. I purchased Batman 66 and had to replace: speakers/sound system, all rubber/gaskets, balls, add all kinds of extra lighting to light play field properly, tone down very loud flipper components (if play at night, no one can sleep), which JJPs are almost silent by comparison, and on and on, so done with Stern unless they up their game, they charge near JJP levels and give subpar quality, I’d rather have better game play/investment/quality rather than pay a ton for an IP) all the rubber/gaskets?

Thanks for your help in advance. Very excited to join all you Dialed In owners. Studied all the JJP tables:

A. WOZ - Never liked the movie and the table doesn’t seem to be at the level of play that DI is at.
B. TH - plain and simply not a good investment and boring gameplay.
C. DI - could be the best designed game ever, certainly in this century. Great investment and theme: “Oh, and for those still unsure, DIALED IN! IS NOT A GAME ABOUT A CELL PHONE. Sheesh.”
D. POTC - since they dropped 3 spinning disk and opening treasure chest, it is not even close to Dialed In. Really didn’t need the IP expense on that table. Could have themed it as a Pirates table and sold even better, because all license money could have gone into better table experience
E. Toy Story - YES, new movie next year, will be first in line to buy! Would not be good JJP company strategy to launch WW first and have hype train steam lessen by moving to 2020 release date.
F. WW - we’ll see - if it is original movie might be fun.

1 month later
#6419 9 months ago

I just purchased Dialed In and all in on the fab and funny theme. The game has high energy and is on the upside of making you feel good, while making and taking the great satisfying shots found all over the place. The theme is great fun and the new code adds to the flow of the game with better balancing. Light show is marvelous. Truly a masterpiece of a pinball game. When you watch others play it, they have smiles on their faces instead of frustration. What makes this game work on all levels; is that it is so approachable no matter your skill level. The new code enhances all areas. If you think of it as a “Get Smart” style of a theme, which has plenty of disasters happening, along with slap stick humor, think you’ll have more fun playing. Who doesn’t like Maxwell Smart and agent 99?

#6465 9 months ago

To all of us Dialed In owners: please head over to the link below and vote for Dialed In versus B66. Fun voting for which code/game is better. As good as Batman 66 is, Dialed In should win this contest by a country mile. I own and like both tables, but Dialed In edges out B66 with tons of toys and play field shots to make for smooth buttery game play. Dialed In is hands down better than B66 clunky back of the table shot selection. With front SDTM danger shots to start with. B66 theme integration is the best of any Stern table, but Dialed In - “Get Smart” type theme integration is on par with B66 too (Max used a (shoe) phone as a tool too, to deal with disasters, against Kaos - Control vs. Kaos). Both have campy humor galore.

Batman: Robin, Let’s clunk past the left orbit to get the batmoblie to clunk clunk (silver ball) out of the bat cave.
Robin: Holy clunking Batman!

Voting polls can be such fun, but don’t really prove anything. It’s a matter of taste after all. Some perfer fast arcade style tournament ready tables and others like deep varying home play style tables.

4CF85029-E4B2-4EC5-AC77-A8456922F173 (resized).jpeg

#6469 9 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Sim Shot - now that the game has been out for some time what are the best ways to get that shot to go in? Curious what others are doing besides me (which is lowering the glass and flicking the ball in with my hand!)...

For me, banking it off the drone bumpers.

1 month later
#7036 7 months ago

Thought I’d share with our main thread some thoughts on the great theme of Dialed In. Didn’t realize the other WW thread was inactive. Dialed In’s theme is the only perceived weakness by the trolls, so they constantly pounce on that drum and bang it incessantly.

Notice to all you DI trolls: please stay out of this and all JJP threads (lol). We don’t need your nonsense here (lol). DI theme is the only thing you can bash, because you know Dialed In plays the best out of most any game made. Has some of the most ball interactive toys. The most shots. Buttery smooth flow, and on and on. So the only thing you can bash is the theme. Which is not a weakness either, because it is so well integrated into the table.

BTW, if you’d only open your narrow minds a little, you’d realize the theme is awesome, unless you don’t like all the disaster or campy sci-fi themes of the past. Dialed In stands tall in the theme business and it is refreshing to have an original idea, instead of all the copy and paste movie themes out there. Grow up and stop bashing one of the best pins ever made just over the theme. You and I know there is nothing else you can say negative about one of the best pin’s ever made. At the very least it is in the top three of all time. No I don’t work for Jack, lol. But he is a friend of mine.

The theme is easy to explain. I just tell people it’s very much like “Get Smart” causing and controlling disasters with his shoe phone. Campy humor just like that show. The guy with the red shirt is Max, which accidentally purchased the Kaos (Dialed In Electronics) powerful secret new (shoe) phone. Control Chief is trying to get you to end the disasters, using the power of the Kaos secret phone. Control’s Chief is also using the “cone of silence”, in the Quantum Theater, showing you things to destroy or secret boxes to discover.

Kaos is trying to get you to return the phone and hunting you down. When they find you, they use Kaos laser wespons and fire upon your defenses (flippers). Agent 99 is Mandy, always there for you. And so forth...everyone gets this well known TV series parallel and has fun with the game from that point on. That helps them understand and love the theme. More attention, fun and smiles on their faces than any other game I’ve noticed too!

There you have it...

#7038 7 months ago
Quoted from ralphs007:

Nice,can you do me a favor and ask Jack what's the problem with the phones?
Thanks in advance

From my understanding, it is the cable in between the phone and main board that is the issue. Change that cable and you should solve your phone blacking out. It’s the faulty cable possibly causing the phone to short out. Try it and see...

#7069 7 months ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

I have had no phone problems with mine. And 1.61 runs fine on mine

Same with mine, with a build date of nov 2017. Zero phone issues and no issues with 1.61.

1 week later
#7191 7 months ago

Dialed In is really second to none.

The game is packed to the max with toys and layout galore. No one can beat Pat’s design and here’s hoping he does it again on WW. Look at all the superb toys in Dialed In that interact with the ball. Never hear anyone bashing any aspect of DI, only the theme on occasion, when they don’t seem to understand it’s a disaster theme for whatever odd reason.

The SIM card shot is challenging for sure, but without it, the game may be on the easier side since it shoots so well. I’m going to order the smallest Titans to put on the two posts to see if that helps. I have a cliiffy on it and also the phone scoop. Put a piece of tape to help remind me on the upper right flippers sweet spot and makes aim much easier, like a scope on a rifle. Saw that on a friends table and it works!

#7207 7 months ago

After reading everyone’s input on the SIM card shot, decided to look further at what can be done to make it sweeter and I had a simple breakthrough. I simply traded the two out-lane O-rings (smaller rings) with the two located at the SIM card shot (much fatter rings) and wow, big difference! Improved going in by at least 50%! No matter if using upper flipper, bounce in from Big Bang or ricochet from drone bumpers.

I mentioned before that I put “gun” sight targets like my friend did on the upper right flipper that help too. The lower one set for SIM card and the upper one for the phone scoop. Really helps, like shooting a gun with a scope, lol.

Yes, the outlanes still have plenty of challenge with even fatter o-rings. Ball will still drain plenty. Lol

image (resized).jpg

#7209 7 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Great idea! Unfortunately, those pesky small rubbers are tough to install around the SIM care (the wireform is in the way). One of the rubbers just fell into the subway Is anything easy? No matter how long I work on pinball machines, I can't resist dropping shit. Guess I was rushing...oh well.
One small tweak to your idea is to keep the smaller rubbers on the outlanes as well. Will have to play to see how it works with the larger ones...

Lol, one of mine fell into the subway too! Had to lift my table and then poke a twisty tie in to get it out. But now SIM card shoots so much easier!

#7213 7 months ago
Quoted from fnosm:

I'm pretty sure that pinball machines are made with "Instant Hole."
Worst product ever made.
The instant hole appears around 2:40 in the below.

Just watched the instant hole! Great fun, thanks for sharing! They don’t make cartoons like that anymore. Clever and great voice work.

#7248 7 months ago
Quoted from Gogdog:

Ok, so you are thinking if I raise the switch vertically it would improve switch hit success?
From your posts a year ago, it looks like your ball issue was mainly fixed by moving the wireframe.
My current theory is that its a problem with the fast moving balls going airborne off the ramp but of course I could be wrong.
If I am wrong...and it is just the ball is moving too fast for the switch to get compressed enough to register...if I move it up vertically it would hit more of the ball surface, though also increase the chance of pushing the ball out of the wireframe...

Take a slomo video and you’ll see that the ball is hitting the first corner where it enters the wireform after leaving the ramp. That’s where it becomes slightly airborne. Had same issue and fixed mine where it’s smooth as silk and switch works fine too, no matter ball speed.

1. Remove switches from wire form.
2. Remove wireform from PF
3. Use taped plier teeth, then bend (switch closest to betty) switch mounting tab downward approx. 5 degrees.
4. Remount wire form and screw switches back on.
5. Loosen station 1 top most mounting screw, by 2-3 full turns.

Trick is to make sure ball doesn’t snag on the corners of the top switch arm. Make sure switch arm is perfectly aligned, so ball glides along the flat surface of the switch arm and not catch on the corners.
CBE0CC57-E24F-484F-8564-E3106C3BFF66 (resized).jpeg

#7250 7 months ago
Quoted from Gogdog:

Appreciate your post, though the switch I'm talking about is the right ramp switch, not the left ramp switch (betty switch).
Though...I like your idea of just bending the switching mounting tab a bit to get the switch arm higher vertically.

Make sure the right side switch is also perpendicular to the ball. Same issue.

1 week later
#7332 6 months ago
Quoted from DrDQ:

Someone else posted it in this thread, I believe. I tried it in one side and it worked for a while but then for the first time my phone colors washed out occasionally and the problem still occurred. I was able to loosen the other side slightly the other day and so far so good. But my phone seems to go through “phases”. I think the theory is that loosening the phone nuts gives the internal connections a little more space to avoid the jarring issues. I am convinced that hits to the post jar the phone and then the signal is lost.

I wonder if you could put some rubber grommets between phone to have them relieve stress hits to the posts?

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