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#1847 1 year ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

I've just fitted my replacement smartphone and all is well. I've read others ask about the animations on the phone screen but couldn't relate before because my screen was down, now I'm noticing some of the face animations not running. For instance the sergeant major type guy who talks during the meteor mode, I've seen that mode start with just a static image of him but sometimes with him animating. Glitch/bug? Also does the scientist that talks during singularity animate? he didn't for me just now.

Same here. What I noticed is that only one face animation for each person is animated, the rest are static. It is the same animation for each person that is animated everytime. Hope they fix this.

#1870 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

I got it to work now. Question: are the animation characters ALL suppose to talk now with the mouths moving???

Still no full animations in 1.52.

3 months later
#3119 1 year ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

I had a weird one happen tonight. The spring steel flap on the “Bob” trap door (under Station on the playfield) snapped in two. Can’t figure out how THAT happened unless it was hit really hard while partially open, perhaps during a multiball.
Has anyone else had this happen? Anyway I’ll call JJP on Monday. They’ve always been great about supporting my pins.

I had this happen also. Not sure how or why, but JJP sent a new one right away. They will send you the whole trap door, not just the flap steel.

#3122 1 year ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

Another update would be nice about now to fill in all those missing animations.

I was wondering about this, too. Is there any confirmation that the animations will be added at some point?

8 months later
#6264 8 months ago
Quoted from msj2222:

If someone would share the new code with me, I would appreciate it. Thanks



#6290 8 months ago
Quoted from MEuRaH:

Quick stupid question: Once I download the update and extract it, do I need to delete/remove all other files on the disk or not? The drive I'm using has my backup files for work.

I didn’t have to. I had the BM66 1.0 update on the same thumb druve and it worked fine.

#6291 8 months ago

Was the magnet behavior adjustment removed in the new code? I can’t seem to find it.

#6293 8 months ago

Thanks Lloyd! Did there used to be one for the playfield magnets, too?

3 weeks later
#6487 7 months ago

The non-working drone issue on my DI was the result of cold/bad solder joints. With the playfield glass off, go into test mode and run each drone separately for each test. If you push on the top of the drone body and the drone works, it is a solder joint issue. To fix this, you need to remove the drone from the playfield, disassemble it, and resolder the joint. It is much like the stern ball trough opto solder issue.

I desoldered mine, reflowed with leaded solder, and the problem has never recurred.

1 week later
#6621 7 months ago

So, what’s the consensus: Stick with 1.57 or go to 1.60?

1 week later
#6784 6 months ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

Is it safe to install the latest code at the moment or is the video lag still a possible issue?

I just reverted back to 1.57. Loaded 1.61 and had every issue described above. Went back to 1.57 and all is good.

It would be nice if a further update/fix was confirmed. Last post I saw by JJP rep appeared to indicate 1.61 was it.

#6786 6 months ago

I was also disappointed to see the drones basically shut off in 1.61, rather than addressing the issue with a better made part. All three of mine quit working and all three were the result of cold solder joints. Reflowing has fixed every one of them.

#6797 6 months ago
Quoted from redrubicon550:

Was this an issue inside the drones? Or under the play field? I want to investigate my own issues here as well.

It’s inside the drones themselves. There is a pcb in the drone body. It looks like they are toys basically modified to turn on/off by wire, rather than a switch as originally intended. The wires are very crudely soldered to the pcb. My guess is that the drones fail because of a combination of poor/cold solder joints and vibration.

You can check by going into test mode and gently pushing on the top of the drone body. If a bit of pressure makes the drone intermitantly work, it is probably a bad solder joint. Mine failed, one by one. I fixed them over 6 months ago and have had no trouble since.

#6868 6 months ago


I use these for working on games with any side art or blades

2 weeks later
#7064 5 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

OTOH, you have a title like Munsters where everyone was gushing when it was released. Now that the initial frenzy has died down, more and more people are "meh" about the gameplay.

Played it yesterday. Very “meh” IMO.

2 weeks later
#7252 5 months ago

So is 1.61 doa, or is there another fix coming?

2 months later
#7624 87 days ago
Quoted from jorant:

So if you were to buy just one pin, would you do a diled in LE or a pirates SE?

I had DILE for over a year. Owned a POTC SE and just upgraded to a POTC CE. For me, DILE just wasn’t fun. POTC has it all.
Don’t miss DI one bit.

#7626 86 days ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

robin might know?
I noticed a similar discrepancy with JJPOTC LE.

Here is one I can’t figure out, the pinsider staff rating for a JJPOTC SE is 6.329. The pinsider staff rating for TMNT, #306 in the top 100, is 6.363. Is this correct? Does this somehow equate into the rankings?

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