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#2397 1 year ago

After much agony flipping between machines I've settled in on a DI LE as my first pin.

Just looking around trying to find the best place to buy. I'm in NorCal, but happy to have it shipped. Is it best to order direct from JJP, or a particular dealer I should look to?


#2401 1 year ago

Thanks for the support guys! Looking forward to this game room addition, and learning pinball.

8 years playing pool (played in the US Amateur), and sadly no room for a pool table. But I love kinetic shot making sort of games, and really like the technology found in the new tables. So hoping for a new addiction.

#2418 1 year ago

Hey guys, my DI LE is on the way.

What's the consensus on the stock protectors for the phone scoop and sim card hole on the latest batch of machines? Good enough or do I need to investigate Cliffy alternatives to address it?

Cliffy doesn't list it on his site. If it were a big problem, I would hope it would be a current product for him.


#2435 1 year ago

Such a huge reward for grabbing sim cards. Makes sense that it's so hard with such a huge reward. As a game designer probably a very delicate balance to try to split out the common vs extraordinary game.

Hopefully someone cooks up some mods for the noobs so we can pretend to play. But once this happens, what's the meaning of bragging about high scores?

#2502 1 year ago

Maybe a stupid question - but why not have WiFi to do auto code updates and cloud based global leader boards?

Seems like it’s almost a free hardware feature, and would be fun for the community to have online leagues built in.

Probably they could sell a WiFi module and do it now if they wanted.

Has it been done or is this a new idea?

Or Is it sacrilegious?

#2676 1 year ago

Hi guys, just received LE #822. So far we love it! One issue though.

About 50% of the times I power up the machine, the sub-woofer doesn't work, and has a continuous popping sound. Usually if I power cycle it from there it starts to work fine.

Anyone seen this? Is there a fix?

Also during boot there is a lot of "electrical" noise that bleeds into the speakers. Like it's not shielded? And when the machine is idle I hear a constant "hiss". Normal?

#2695 1 year ago
Quoted from mtp78:

Anyone notice a lot of sound vibration coming from the back box speakers when turning volume up past 28 or higher? I get a lot from mine..

I have a lot of static coming from my speakers. Even with volume at zero there is static.

Is this normal? If not anyone have a fix?

Thanks for the tip on the sub. Maybe my audio cables are all bad?

When I plug into the he headphone jack audio is clean and perfect. So now to figure out how to get that out of the speakers.

Also when the headphones are in, there is still static out of the speakers!!

#2700 1 year ago
Quoted from Ian720:

FYI- I too had a ton of noise on my DI during bootup, super high-pitched blasts of noise while it was reading data. Then a steady drone of white noise during runtime. I have a Hobbit that is totally silent through the speakers during boot/runtime that doesn't have a filter or any remediation. The DI physical design packs everything into the backbox, so all sorts of potential for electrical interference. So I talked to JJP & they sent me a filter for DI that plugs in between the soundcard & speakers. It's like night/day. You can actually hear the filter clamp down on the electrical noise when it comes online. If you put you ear next to a speaker, you can hear the noise faintly in the background, but the filter is like magic. Give them a call.

Perfect advice thanks! I called and they knew exactly what I was talking about. A passive filter is on the way. Guess it's a known issue.

#2726 1 year ago

I seem to get a lot of balls come into the drain, and don't register. I have to open the coin door, and nudge the balls to get it noticed.

Any easy fix for this?

#2777 1 year ago

Often times during a mode when I hit the theatre as need it, it constantly releases straight down the middle and drains.

Any fix for this? Under the test menu I increased and decreased the delay but it still happens.

#2780 1 year ago
Quoted from JayLar:

Have you checked so your game is level? Using a spirit level is essentiell on this game.

Yah I’ve been messing with the level to try and get it to hit the left flipper.

I decided to change the theatre to test lab mode in the menu. This adds a wiggle to the catch and release mode of the flipper. Seems to have fixed it!

My phone scoop does launch pretty hard. Usually it sticks to the right flipper, but it can bounce out. I’ll drop it down a little. Thanks!

#2799 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

Yeah I push the switch in and it doesnt do anything - i'll do as you suggested and try and trace the wire - thanks man!

Then probably the other end isn't connected. Trace the wires back and see?

I have a couple unseated connectors hanging out of the box. Just sensors/switches though

#2846 1 year ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

So my NIB dialed-in is playing great but there are two little issues that I noticed immediately.
1. One of the LEDs in what I would refer to as the laser pulse inserts is missing the red color. I sent a picture to my distributor and JJP is going to mail me out a replacement LED board. This is understandable as things happen in transit.

2. My audio has a horrendous amount of feedback and static. Now I see in this thread that people have talked about it being a known issue. I'm not sure if it happens on every game but mine is definitely super noisy when the audio is off. I submitted a ticket to JJP and they responded with an amazon link to buy my own filter. It's a pretty simple solution, but why the fk are they sending games out with a known issue and then expecting the buyer to pick up the tab on a part? They said they could order me one from the factory but it'd be faster for me to just buy it on my own.

I don't typically let little things bother me but the fact I just dropped 8k on a toy and the company basically acknowledges something is wrong with the game and expects me to alleviate it really rubs me the wrong way. I like JJP way better than Stern but ignoring known problems isn't a good way to conduct business.

Anyone else have this static issue and get the same response?

Yep mine had the same issue. I called them and they shipped me an audio filter, ($9 thing on Amazon). It's purpose is to remove ground loop noise. It fixed the same issue, and took 3m to install. JJP shipped me one, but it took 2 weeks to arrive. While I was waiting impatiently, I ordered one on Amazon prime and it came in one day.

Here's what I used: amazon.com link »

Just pop open the back cabinet, and you will see the 3.5mm cable for audio plugged into the main computer behind the screen. Plug it in and secure with some zip ties. Problem solved.

#2848 1 year ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

I'm thinking my two prong outlets might be the issue. It's going on location soon so I'll confirm once it's there.

Mine had proper grounding in the outlet, and still had annoying static constantly (like water always running). Maybe it's a loud factory floor?

Anyway - $9 Amazon gadget, 3m install. Fixed. amazon.com link »

#2851 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Just because you have 3 prong outlets doesn't necessarily mean the ground connection is good. It could be a poor ground causing the noise. There are testing tools to check the quality of the wiring job.

I have checked it. And recently redid the house electrical system (all new power boxes, new wire runs). Pretty sure it's good. And my checking was correct.

Anyway - when you call JJP, they tell you it's a known issue. This isn't a "house problem". It's just a problem with how the audio amplifier is implemented in the design. It's not properly isolated, and it needs this filter. JJP has confirmed this much to me.

#2855 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

But for most people there's no static, so the location wiring has something to do with it. We've never had the problem on any of the JJP machines. We did have popping issues on The Hobbit, but that turned out to be software.

Yes just a yield issue. Maybe multiple sources or some other factor. Anyway it’s design related. With an easy $9 fix. So really not a big deal.

I’ve worked on nasty EMI problems in my time, and it’s not the easiest/simplest thing to deal with.

3 weeks later
#3092 1 year ago

I just received the new JJP factory Cliffy's free of charge from the factory. Great service!!

So planning on installing these tonight on my machine.

Now seeing this mantis option. What's the difference? Why would I pick one over the other? Confused.

#3095 1 year ago
Quoted from Strummy:

I somewhat solved my theater magnet/straight down the middle issue by giving myself more tilt warnings and dropping the tilt bob down as low as it will go.

I did the same. Finally broke the 1.5 million point barrier. Hopping to get my first Armegeddon soon.

#3098 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Because it keeps the edges from getting ground out from repeated ball traffic. On older games with no protection, you often see like a half ellipse ground into the edge of the hole from traffic over time. But really, on newer pins, I'm in the "protect the top and sides" camp because the playfield clear on many, MANY of the new releases has been shown to be so chip-able. So that puts me in the Cliffy camp for most applications. It's incredible that JJP is actually shipping real Cliffies installed from the factory now on Dialed In. Industry-leading stuff there. They deserve props, for sure.

They are also shipping cliffies to all owners free of charge for the phone and sim scoop.

I just installed the phone scoop and it’s night and day easier to hit. Took a full hour.

Now to do the sim.

#3126 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

Even if you originally got the thick JJP protectors?

Just go to the JJP site and open a case. New protectors for DI is an option.

#3141 1 year ago
Quoted from mrgregb123:

It's tough for me to call them during business hours as I'm on the road often and don't have my info on hand. Was hoping a ticket would be good enough. Their ticket system is a whole different matter...terrible interface, only respond button also closes the ticket. So I've been responding to his email which also goes to the ticket. They are getting the responses because they show in the ticket....

This has been my experience all of the 4 times I've contacted JJP support. Immediate response to check the obvious stuff and then if that doesn't work and it might lead to a [gasp!] warranty replacement, they vanish. If something might cost them money, they hide apparently. Well it certainly will cost them money. How much will POTC sell for? $9k?

Thanks guys, I'll try to find some time to call.

The service has been perfect for me, recently. Including getting warranty replacement parts.

You absolutely have to call. It's far too difficult to debug this stuff over email.

#3142 1 year ago

Can someone give me a quick tutorial on how the skill shot bonuses work? Big points is obvious. But was does "holding spider value x" or "Bonus X" do?

#3175 1 year ago
Quoted from mamemaster:

1) When idle - I hear light static coming out of the speakers. The type of static you usually hear in electronics- but I'm not used to hearing that from a pin. I'm assuming that's a result of the monitor near the speakers?

You will need a ground loop isolator. I noted the part I used earlier in the thread.

JJP sent me one, but it didn’t work as well as the one I bought off Amazon.

#3180 1 year ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Just had a pretty decent game (2M) and collected 4 SIM cards. Had a very long running High Voltage Multiball and it seemed like I was awarded more than 1 SIM card while playing HVM. Is it possible to earn more than 1 SIM card while playing a "Quick" Multi-ball?



Doesn't seem possible, since you can't start a new mode, and complete it while a multiball is going.

#3193 1 year ago
Quoted from check_switch_26:

To understand what the "Hold Spider/Drone/Transit/Kilowatt" awards do, you first need to understand the underlying 'bucket' rules. Let's use Spider as an example; the others work similarly:

There are two score items associated with each bucket rule. For Spider:
'spider theater value' <- reset to base value at ball start, unless held
'spider bonus bucket' <- reset to base value at ball start, unless held; added to score during Bonus Count

Plus a counter:
'spider collect count' <- reset to zero at ball start

Action when Spider is hit:
- score some fixed points
- increase 'spider theater value'
- light Theater for timed shot

Action when Theater is shot when lit for Spider collect:
- score some fixed points
- add 'spider theater value' to 'spider bonus bucket'
- increase 'spider theater value'
- kill Spider collect
- increment 'spider collect count'
- if ('spider collect count' >= threshold) then light Theater for Spider Spinner, and reset 'spider collect count'

Action when Theater is shot when lit for Spider Spinner
- score some fixed points (larger than amount for Spider collect)
- add 'spider theater value' to 'spider bonus bucket'
- Spider Spinner stays lit until timing out

In relation to the above, Skill Shot works like this for the "bucket" (Spider/Drone/Transit/Kilowatt) rules:

Hit Skill Shot kicker when lit for 'Hold Spider':
- score some increasing points
- set Spider 'hold' flag ('spider theater value' and 'spider bonus bucket' will not reset on next ball)
- set timer for Super Skill Shot

Hit LOCK ramp or SIM Card during while Super Skill Shot timer active:
- score some points (ramp awards more)
- increase 'spider theater value'

Hold Bonus X works as follows:

Skill Shot
- score some increasing points
- hold Bonus X over to next ball

Super Skill Shot
- score some points (ramp awards more)
- increase Bonus X

Big Points is pretty obvious, and the value is shown on the screen for Skill Shot / Super Skill Shot.

Note that more than one item can be held by getting Skill Shot after locking a ball. Also, there is a Drone Mystery award that will keep any held items lit for the next ball ("hold the holds").


Wow Ted!! I assume you are a Dev for JJP? This is such an awesome response! Thank you! Finally it makes sense.

#3259 1 year ago

This topper from mezel mods looks awesome

8A8D8DFD-7600-4017-A670-71D472995798 (resized).png

#3263 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Is this the finished product or the mock up they showed earlier?

It’s on display in Texas. No idea what the status is. Check out the Facebook video on the Pinball Star to see it in action. Cool lightning animation

#3305 1 year ago
Quoted from Gusphan:

I'm not able to backhand the phone scoop on my game from the right flipper, or do a post pass from the right flipper. On other DI's I can.
The game is perfectly leveled at 6.5
Any thoughts on what I can do to correct this?

My back hand to the scoop always catches the post as well. Just no margin to make the shot. While other DIs it’s possible. I can post pass easily though.

No solution I have found yet.

#3371 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

If you do that, watch out for them becoming magnetized.

Yeah I tried ninja balls. 60 games in they were clinging together and causing jams. Back to the stock.

#3407 1 year ago
Quoted from chill:

I ordered Cliffy's and they took about two months to arrive. But they're worth it. Cliff is super busy and it may take some time for him to reply to your email. You'll also have to get in the DI protector queue so it may take some time before he can get to your order. But don't give up.

For the phone and sim scoop, just open a support case and JJP will send you a free set.

1 week later
#3493 1 year ago

I can backhand my phone scoop. Just barely. It’s actually a very low percentage shot since I have to just barely miss the sling. On other machines there is a much wider tolerance for error and it’s higher percentage.

I haven’t found a way to improve it. Maybe a different revision of the plastics on some machines?

Anyway scoop is easy to hit with the left flipper. Just forces me to do a lot of Post passes.

A few days into TNA and on that thing it fully exercises all back hand shots, drop catch, love catch All at super speeds. So I get my fix for the backhand shots from there.

#3495 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I’ve found a lot of success shooting toward the right ramp halfway and then tapping it in with the upper flipper. That shot presents itself a lot more than trying to backhand! I will have to practice that too

Yah, after a good skill shot many times I backhand the upper flipper into the scoop. Or I leave the upper flipper up and the ball coasts into the Big Bang lite targets.

1 month later
#4203 1 year ago

Hey guys,
I notice on some DI that you can easily back hand the phone. On mine it’s not possible and catches the right sling.

Is there a way to adjust this? The game is MUCH easier on machines where this back hand works. On my machine the tightest it goes without hitting the sling is the post left of the scoop.

#4216 1 year ago
Quoted from JayLar:

On my LE the ball frequently get stuck next to the kick-back, resting on the edge of the opening for the kick-back. Any suggestions how to fix this?

Mine is the same. I have to wiggle the machine to get it to nest. I'm at 6.5 degrees. I haven't really tried to fix it. Every good skill shot I'm pretty much wiggling the machine.

#4217 1 year ago
Quoted from fnosm:

Just Guessing,
check your flipper alignment at rest as it may have something to do with this issue. I have my flipper at rest aligned so it parallel with the return lane rail.
With this setup I can make the back hand shot to the phone.

Sweet, thanks for the advice. I will have a look at this. Meanwhile it forced me to be super accurate on my left flipper scoop shots!

#4219 1 year ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

I can't backhand either, but this makes me happy. My whirlwind has the same great limitation with the scoop. I always hated copies of TAF that allowed you to ride bear kicks with both flippers. Too easy! Be happy you can't backhand!

It’s true!

Well here’s my flipper setup. Does it look right?

F8ED84FE-AF90-4542-9D91-834CC3DE1D8A (resized).jpeg

#4221 1 year ago
Quoted from chill:

Your flipper looks like mine. To backhand the scoop on my game, I have to cradle the ball then let the flipper drop all the way and just as it comes to rest I flip back up. Too soon and the ball hits the sling. Interesting the way each game sets up a little differently.
Variables like steepness of playfield, flipper strength, side-to-side leveling, etc., all come into play.

I’ll mess with it. The back hand shot you describe will catch the scoop left Post or go into the pops.

It’s super level horizontally and at 6.5. I’ll mess with it.

I’m scoring ok on it. So not a big deal.

1 month later
#4816 1 year ago

I have 6 year old boy and a 10 year old girl.

By 19 miles, TNA is their number one favorite game.

Yah it’s brutal to is. To them it’s easy to understand, they get to play co-op, and it looks and sounds amazing.

Really the kids and their friends will play TNA hours and ignore the three other pins.

2 months later
#5522 1 year ago
Quoted from Hogbog:

Hold onto your butts!

Hmmmmm. Is this some sort of hint? Could it be a new disaster mode? Say with some prehistoric animals? Sneaky classic Jurassic Park reference there.

1 week later
#5685 1 year ago

In this video Pat Lawlor takes you from the first white wood to the final dialed in design. Really a fun listen if you have the time and would like to know how dialed in was developed.

#5707 1 year ago

Dialed In is frankly a brutal game with teeth. I have no qualms setting it to hold SIM card.

#5731 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Heres a crazy idea. With the next update pretty much completing the code would anyone consider paying X number of dollars for a second city block of disaster modes? Typically I would be against such an idea but Dialed In's code is super deep and offers a lot to do. A second city block of 11 additional disaster modes would appear on the LCD and change the entire look of the LCD as it would be another area of Quantum City. Maybe at the start of the game you select what block of modes you want to play.

I'd definitely be happy about the option to add paid new content to the machine. If machines ever get Internet connectivity, paid content expansion packs would be a great way for companies to monetize machines and increase their value/retention with owners.

#5839 1 year ago

Often times my Dialed In doesn’t register shots in the right orbit. Usually it happens when I hit a hard fast shot.

I checked the switch and opto on the orbit and they seem fine.

I have my flipper power set to max. Which makes a perfect orbit hit sling around fast.

Anyway to address this to prevent the game from missing the shot?

#5842 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Are you testing with a ball or with a finger/stick etc? I would think just some adjustment might be needed if it is not registering with a ball.

Testing with a finger. Everything seems good so not sure what to adjust?

ralphs007 maybe a software bug?

#5847 1 year ago
Quoted from pb_lawww:

Is it the orbit or the ramp that’s not registering? I had a problem with the ramp, as a fast ball would jump over the switch on the wire ramp. Bending the metal plate before the wire a bit up or down might help or just adjust the switch to register higher balls as well.

It's the right orbit. My understanding is that the ball hits the switch, and the opto "qualifies" the shot as made as it sits at the apex. So short shots are rejected.

I don't see how it could airball to the switch? The switch works fine with an easy short movement. So not much to tweak on the switch that would make it any better?

I'm thinking it's a software bug, and related to my flipper power. Where it's so fast it misses the timing window?

#5853 1 year ago
Quoted from pb_lawww:

Not sure which opto you are talking about. Right orbit has switch 52 as a rollover for right orbit enter and as a second switch the train two ramp made switch 47. switch 47 is the one i am talking about witch was not always registered at fast balls in my game. The ball was flying over the leaf. Bending it up helped and now even very fast balls sre registered.

Ahh brain fade. I adjusted switch 47 now it registers every hit. Thanks!

#6031 1 year ago

I updated to the new code tonight. WOW. BOB modes have so much meaning. Refinement all around. The drone magnet is way more active. LOVE IT!!

#6056 1 year ago

E3CBE9C5-EFFF-4E10-924C-8E6C279AB490 (resized).jpeg
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Machine - For Sale
Plainfield, IL
From: $ 40.00
Cabinet - Other
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Machine - For Sale
Milford, CT
From: $ 129.10
Cabinet - Sound/Speakers

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